A-Z Popular Wedding Dress Styles Guide You Should Know IN 2023

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Some brides have been daydreaming about their wedding gown since they were engaged. However, we also know plenty of you have no idea where to begin looking. If you have no idea what wedding dress styles you want, you may feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of silhouettes, waistlines, necklines, and sleeve lengths available. Even if you have a certain dress in mind for your wedding day, you might change your mind once you try on other options.

Since your wedding only happens once, you’ll want to ensure everything is perfect. So Viva Wedding Photography provides valuable guides to consider when choosing the ideal dress. Let’s shine with these ideas below!

Wedding Dress Necklines

1. Asymmetrical Necklines

Wedding Dress Styles With Asymmetrical Necklines
Styles Of Wedding Dress With Asymmetrical Necklines

Ideal with: The brides with slim and attractive shoulders

Wedding dress styles with asymmetrical necklines feature a strap on only one shoulder. This is a subtle way to showcase your shoulders and breast without going overboard. Most asymmetric necklines have a strap that goes over the shoulder, but they can also be made without any straps. You might look like you have even wider shoulders if your neckline isn’t symmetrical.

2. Bateau Neck

Wedding Dress Styles - Bateau Neck Dress
A Bateau Neck Dress

Ideal with: The bride has pear-shaped body

The bateau neckline is one of the most elegant and classic choices for a wedding dress. It has a high neckline that skims the tops of your shoulders and collarbones. The bateau neck draws attention to your shoulders; therefore, it might not be your best neckline choice if you have broad shoulders.

Bonus: The pear-shaped body shape has the disadvantage that the first round is small, but the second and third round is getting bigger, and the shoulders are narrow. Therefore, to overcome this drawback, you should choose dresses with sleeves to cover the small shoulders.

3. Bardot

Wedding Dress Style With Bardot Necklines
Wedding Dress Styles With Bardot Necklines

Ideal with: The bride has slim shoulders, medium or small bust

The Bardot neckline is worn off the shoulder. This makes it look like the straps have been moved from the shoulders to the upper arms. People with wider arms should avoid this style because it can make their widest point stand out too much.

4. Halter

Halter Wedding Dress Styles
A Halter Gown

Ideal with: The bride has medium to full bust

The halter dress has a universally flattering design that emphasizes your shoulders and a low, round neckline. Wrapped across the front of the neck, the dress looks to be strapless at the rear. This is a fantastic alternative if you prefer your dress to have less coverage in the back.

5. High Neckline

Wedding Dress Types With High Necklines
Wedding Dress Types With High Necklines

Ideal with: The bride has pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped body

The Victoriana style favors a high neck that stops below the chin or even higher. It has a low V-neck that looks great on folks with long torsos.

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6. Illusion

Wedding Dress Styles - Illusion Dress
An Illusion Dress

Ideal with: The bride with column/rectangle-shape body

The illusion dress is more understated than both the jewel and sweetheart necklines. A sweetheart neckline is a great middle ground if you don’t want to go strapless but still want to show off your collarbone and shoulders. The material around the sweetheart neckline is usually made of transparent material. This is one of the elegant wedding dress styles the bride should consider for her big day.

7. Scoop

Styles Of Wedding Dress With Scoop Neck
Styles Of Wedding Dress With Scoop Neck

Ideal with: The bride with column/rectangle-shape body

A scoop neck is a low, rounded U at the top of the neck. Its depth and width make it a good choice for everyone. It draws attention to your collarbones and makes your neck look longer. This might be an excellent method to flaunt your bust size without revealing too much skin if you have a large bust.

8. Jewel Neck

Wedding Dress Styles - Jewel-Toned Dress
A Jewel-Toned Dress

Ideal with: The bride has inverted triangle shape or column shape

The jewel-toned dress features a low, round neckline. This is an excellent alternative if you have smaller breasts and are looking for a modest wedding dress.

9. Square Neckline

Modern Dresses For Wedding With Square Necklines
Modern Dresses For Wedding With Square Necklines

Ideal with: The bride has apple-shaped body

Wedding dress styles with square necklines will draw attention away from a round face and highlight the shoulders, making them appear wider.

10. Sweetheart Neck

Wedding Dress Style With Sweetheart Neckline
A Dress With Sweetheart Neckline

Ideal with: almost all body shapes

Brides adore this wedding gown style because it makes them feel beautiful and romantic. Straps are optional with a sweetheart neckline, which makes a heart across the bust. It’s appropriate for women with fuller busts because it just reveals a small amount of skin. The neckline’s curves and contours give it softness and balance. This makes it an excellent choice for people with square or triangular faces.

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11. V-Neck

Wedding Dress With V-Neck
Wedding Dress With V-Neck

Ideal with: The bride has inverted triangle shape or column shape

Two diagonals that cross at the shoulders make a V-neckline that dips to show the neck and chest. Take care to choose how much skin you like to show off, as the plunge can go from a slight notch too as low as your navel. V-necks, on the other hand, are great for apple forms since they make you look taller.

12. Queen Anne Style

A Queen Anne Dress
A Queen Anne Dress

Ideal with: The bride with apple-shaped body

This neckline usually comes in lace and has a high collar in the back and a scoop or V-neck in the front. It is an elegant choice for modest wedding dress styles.

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

13. A-Line Wedding Dresses

Modern Dresses For Wedding - A-Line Dress
Modern Dresses For Wedding – A-Line Dresses

Ideal with: almost any body shape

The shape of an A-line dress looks like the letter A. They have a waistline that widens toward the skirt and a tight-fitting bodice. It looks a lot like a ball gown, but the skirt isn’t as puffy, and the width of the skirt widens more gradually. This makes it more like the ball gown’s younger sister.

This look works very nicely for pear body shape or inverted triangle-shaped brides. The A-lines shape is very flattering because it skims over the hips and draws attention to the breasts instead of the waist. Avoiding strapless gowns can help brides on the shorter side appear taller.

14. Ball Gown

Wedding Dress Styles - Ballgown
A Ball Gown For Princess Look

Ideal with: The bride has a pear-shaped body

A ball gown has a nipped-in bodice and a dramatic, floor-sweeping skirt. It’s a classic “princess” look. If you have a larger bust or wider shoulders, this style will make it look like your upper body is more balanced. The dress may look too big if you are on the shorter side.

You can’t go wrong with this look if your fairytale wedding inspiration comes from the past. A lacing-up corset and a full, pleated, or gathered ballgown skirt can help show off your curves and cinch in your waist.

Bonus tip: The ball gown will not be for brides of short height and not suitable for hot weather. Therefore, you should consider carefully before choosing.

15. Basque Wedding Dress Style

wedding dress styles 18
Basque Wedding Dress

Ideal with: Brides tend to be tall, leggy, and slim. Or brides with column-shaped body

The bodice of a basque dress is often tight and falls just below the wearer’s natural waistline. The front of the dress has a soft V-shape. Even though this cut makes the body look longer, it draws attention to the waist. Thus if you’re self-conscious about your stomach, don’t wear it.

16. A Column Or Sheath Dress

A Sheath Dress
A Sheath Dress

Ideal with: The bride has a perfect body

A form-fitting design with a clean line from the collar to the hem. It looks good on tall or short, slim figures, but the fabric doesn’t always stretch, so it can be a bit harsh. A column or sheath dress is a great choice to show off your slim figure, but you should avoid them if you’re self-conscious about your hips.

17. Mermaid Gown

Wedding Dress Types - Mermaid Gown
Wedding Dress Types – Mermaid Gown For Hourglass Figures

Ideal with: The bride has standard measurements, tall figure, hourglass-shaped body

A mermaid gown has an even more snug fit than a trumpet dress. The dress is form-fitting up to the knees, where it begins to gather. Women who have an hourglass figure will also look fantastic in this cut.

Bonus tip: If combined with the design of the bust or the deep V-neck, the dress will highlight the bride’s 3 sexy rings.

18. Fit-And-Flare/ Trumpet Silhouette

Wedding Dress Styles - Trumpet Silhouette
Trumpet Silhouette Dress

Ideal with: The bride has hourglass and pear body

Wedding dress styles with a trumpet silhouette are between those with an A-line or fishtail silhouette. The fabric is tight around the bust and waist, and then it “trumpets” out to the floor at the mid-thigh. Dress designers may use any of these terms interchangeably. So when trying on dresses, pay close attention to where the flare begins. The knee-high hemline of a trumpet dress makes it comfortable to walk around in.

19. Princess Line Dress

Princess Line Wedding Dress
Princess Line Wedding Dress

Ideal with: All body types

Dresses with a princess seam are distinct from ballgowns. A princess-line dress doesn’t have a clear waist because the princess seams go from top to bottom. The close fit of the seams to the wearer’s curves creates a tailored look. It is excellent for women with bigger busts because it makes the middle area smaller while making the bust area bigger.

20. Short/Tea-Length Gown

A Tea-Length Gown
A Tea-Length Gown

Ideal with: The bride has a petite figure

These are modern dresses for weddings with shorter skirts. Tea-length dresses are usually between the knee and the ankle, while minis are shorter and can only reach the upper thigh. A bride who is shorter than average might look better in a dress with a higher hemline. Also, a bride getting married on a hot beach might feel more comfortable in a dress with fewer layers.

Wedding Dress Sleeves

21. Long Sleeves

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
Long-Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Ideal with: All body types

Long sleeve wedding dresses are a great way to keep your arms covered while still looking gorgeous. Long sleeves are lovely for traditional brides. However, they can also be worn by people who want a more modern look, wildly when cutouts, plunging necklines, and low-cut backs are added.

Even though fitted and sheath sleeves are popular now, you can stand out by choosing bell or bishop sleeves instead. Alternatively, the 3/4-length sleeves are an excellent choice for wedding dress styles.

22. Cap Sleeves

Styles Of Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves
Styles Of Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves

Ideal with: Any body types

Cap sleeves are a classic detail often found on modest wedding dresses. They are an alternative to traditional short sleeves because they stop at the shoulder instead of going down the arm.

23. Spaghetti Strap

Wedding Dress Styles With Spaghetti Strap
Dress With Spaghetti Strap

Ideal with: The bride has inverted triangle shapes and slim shoulders

A spaghetti strap dress is held only by its thin straps, which look like spaghetti. These straps are so small and thin that they look like dental floss, but they give your shoulders a little support. You should steer clear of them because they won’t provide peace of mind if you have a huge bust.

24. Strapless Dress

Strapless Wedding Dress Types
Strapless Wedding Dress Types

Ideal with: The bride with apple shape, pear shape and inverted triangle shape body

A strapless dress does not have any straps at the neckline. Instead, it is fitted over the bust, under the arms, and zips up in the back. No matter how short you are, your strapless gown should be tailored if you don’t want embarrassing leaks in the armpits and back. Wedding dress styles like this one are classic and look great with a big necklace or other jewelry.

25. Off The Shoulder Style Dress

Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress
Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Ideal with: The bride with column/rectangle shapes

The sleeves of the off-the-shoulder dress cover the upper arms in part. Even though it is cut more loosely than a sweetheart, this shape does an excellent job of drawing attention to the collarbones and shoulders of the wearer.

Latest And Greatest In Wedding Gowns For 2023

Wedding Ballerina Ballet

Ballet-Inspired Wedding Dress Styles
Ballet-Inspired Gown

As seen on several 2022 and 2023 bridal runways, the ballet-inspired gown was a top trend that year. Infinite tiers of tulle are still the way to go for maximum romance and effect. And next year’s brides should turn up the volume for serious princess vibes. Tulle is a must-have for every maximalist bride because it adds volume to her ensemble. To make a dress fit for a fairy tale, think about puffy sleeves, pretty frills, and luxurious fabrics and textures.

A Two-Piece Suit

Modern Dresses For Wedding - Two-Piece Bridal Suit
Modern Dresses For Wedding – Two-Piece Bridal Suit

Match or clash? It’s up to you to make a choice. We adore this unexpectedly stylish ensemble, and the bridal suite has seen an exponential increase in popularity in 2021, 2022, and beyond. Following the trend of Covid-inspired “mini weddings,” a pair of custom-tailored troops is the chic and modern wedding dress styles from the ceremony to the reception.

Vibrancy Of Color

Wedding Dresses With Colorful Hues
Wedding Dresses With Colorful Hues

Many marriages have been turned on their heads in the past two years. So brides are likelier to go against the grain and choose more out-there wedding trends. For the coming season, the all-important dress has a lot of pastel colors to match. Like this beautiful blush Charlotte dress, the traditional white wedding dress was not seen on many 2022 and first 2023 wedding catwalks.

Ball Gowns With Flowers

Wedding Dress Types - Floral Gown
Wedding Dress Types – Floral Gown

All 2022 runway shows had light, girly flower patterns, so they’re not just for spring. Traditional bridal looks can be taken to the next level of luxury with a few simple additions to this fabric. Floral lace and wedding decorations are becoming more valuable as they solidify their place in next year’s high-end bridal fashion.

Bohemian Wedding Dress

Boho-Style Wedding Dress
Boho-Style Wedding Dress

The bohemian trend is here to stay; it’s romantic, whimsical, and effortlessly gorgeous. With its beautiful lace or tulle fabrics, a bohemian dress is perfect for a casual ceremony on the beach or in a barn. Think ease, spontaneity, and lack of effort when it comes to ideal wedding dress styles.

Mini Wedding Gowns

Styles Of Wedding Dress - Mini Wedding Gowns
Styles Of Wedding Dress – Mini Wedding Gowns

As more brides-to-be want to break tradition, shorter wedding dresses like tea dresses, ballerina shapes, and even mini-dresses are becoming popular.

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To ensure that your dream wedding dress is ideal on the big day, you must carefully consider each detail. Every bride dreams of looking her very best on her wedding day. When it comes to wedding dress styles, it isn’t hard at all. Hopefully, with the above ideas from Viva Wedding Photography, you will be able to locate the most exquisite gown for your special day.

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