What to Do If Your Registry Gifts Are Backordered: Ultimate Tips

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Many people buy goods from the registry in advance so that they can be sure to have a present to bring to the bridal shower or to give to the couple either before or directly after the wedding. However, sometimes, the demand for a product exceeds the supply, or there are disruptions in the production or distribution process. As a result, your registry gifts are backordered. This can be frustrating and stressful, especially if you want to give the perfect gift for the big day.

But don’t worry! There are ways for you to deal with this situation and still have a wonderful wedding experience. In this article from Viva Wedding Photography, we will share some tips for both couples and guests on how to deal with backordered gifts. Whether you are looking for alternatives, exchanges, or refunds, we have got you covered.

Tips for Couples with Existing Registries

If you have already created your wedding registry and some of your items are back-ordered or canceled, here are some tips  to help you navigate this situation :

Be patient 

According to wedding gift registry etiquette, one of the simplest ways to handle back ordered items is to wait for them. If you really want a specific item, such as a coffee maker you had daydreamed about, you might be willing to wait for a few weeks (or even months) until it is restocked. 

Do not let backordered registry gifts stress you out
Do not let back ordered registry gifts stress you out – Photo by: Brides

It may be a blessing in disguise for some newlyweds to receive their gifts long after their wedding. When guests buy a present, the happy couple is frequently in the midst of making plans, possibly moving, or even traveling on their honeymoon. Therefore, a delay in delivery might be appreciated.

Consider an exchange

Couples can consider an exchange when registry gifts are backordered
Couples can consider an exchange when registry gifts are backordered – Photo by: Nuptials

You can exchange your items or opt for an alternative gift registry if you don’t want to wait for backordered gifts to arrive or if you need them immediately. Many wedding registry websites allow you to exchange one item for another that is available sooner. Alternatively, if you change your mind about the present or receive duplicates, you can also exchange them after they arrive.

Communicate with your guests

It’s good wedding gift registry etiquette to send guests a thank-you card even when you haven’t had a chance to open the present yet. Just say something simple like, “We can’t wait to use the gift you gave us!” and emphasize how much you enjoyed celebrating your happy day with them.

wedding gift registry etiquette
Always thank your guests even if registry gifts are backordered – Photo by: Good Housekeeping

You can update your registry page with a note explaining that some of your items are backordered and when they are expected to arrive. Another option is to contact your guests individually to let them know about the status of their gifts and whether you would like to exchange them or not.

It is advisable to maintain a calm and composed demeanor when it comes to the matter of backordered registry gifts. Always keep in mind that the meaning behind the gift is the thing that really matters.

Add more options

wedding registry etiquette: couples can add more options
Couples can choose an alternative gift registry – Photo by: Brides

Another way to deal with backordered registry gifts is to add more options to your registry. You can diversify your selection by adding items from different categories, price ranges, and brands. We highly recommend adding items that are less likely to be affected by supply chain issues, such as digital gift cards, subscriptions, experiences, or cash funds. By doing so, you can give your guests more choices and avoid disappointment.

Tips for Guests When Registry Gifts are Backordered

If you are invited to a wedding and want to buy a gift from the couple’s registry, but some of their items are backordered or canceled, here are some tips to tackle this situation:

Check the delivery date

registry gifts are backordered: guests should check the delivery date
Check delivery date carefully before ordering to avoid backordered registry gifts – Photo by: Amazon

Before purchasing a gift from the registry, wedding registry etiquette advises verifying the estimated delivery date to ensure it aligns with your desired timeframe. The availability of certain items may vary depending on the supplier and the chosen shipping method. In case the anticipated delivery date is excessively distant or lacks certainty, you might want to look for an alternative gift registry.

Ask the couple

wedding gift etiquette: guests can ask the couple
Consult with the couple on how to deal with backordered registry gift – Photo by: Love My Dress

If you are unsure about what to do with a backordered item, it is always advisable to consult the couple directly for guidance and clarification. Find out if they are willing to wait for it or if they have a preference for an alternative gift registry. Additionally, consider asking them whether they have updated their registry with more options or if they have a cash fund that you can contribute to. By following this approach, you can steer clear of purchasing items that do not align with the couple’s desires or necessities.

Consider a gift card

Gift cards can be an alternative for backordered registry gifts
Gift cards can be an alternative for backordered gifts – Photo by: Elevate

According to wedding gift registry etiquette, it’s totally fine to give a gift card when you can’t find a suitable item from the registry, or you do not want to deal with the hassle of backorders. A gift card is a flexible and convenient option, allowing the couple to buy whatever and whenever they want. You can choose a gift card from the same store or website where they registered or from a different one they like. It’s advisable to add a message or a design to the gift card to give it a more personal touch.

Give a local gift

guests can give a handmade gift when registry gifts are backordered
You can give a local gift instead of a registry gift – Photo by: Homebnc

Another option is to provide a present made within a close distance of where the couple lives. Craftsmen working on a small scale and based in one area are less likely to rely on components imported from abroad. They might also deliver or ship the items more quickly and at a lower cost. It can be said that by opting for a local gift, you can kill two birds with one stone, avoiding backordered registry gifts and saving your budget.

Send a note

wedding gift registry etiquette: guests should send a note
Sending a note for the couple is a nice wedding gift registry etiquette – Photo by: Southern Living

It is a nice gesture to include a message with your present, even if it is something as simple as a gift card or an item that has been backordered. You are welcome to send the happy couple congratulations, best wishes, and expressions of appreciation. It’s also a great idea to explain why you chose that particular gift and apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay. This note can make your gift more meaningful and thoughtful.

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Registry gifts are backordered is a common challenge that many couples and guests might face. However, with some patience, communication, and creativity, you can still have a positive and memorable wedding experience. Whether you are a happy couple or invited guests, Viva Wedding Photography hopes that our tips will help you enjoy the wedding events completely without freaking out about delayed presents.

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