Wedding Guest Etiquette: 16 Best Guides Manners and Customs

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You should know proper wedding guest etiquette if invited to a wedding. There are specific dos and don’ts to remember, from what to dress to how to act throughout the ceremony and reception. So, in this post, we’ll provide you with a full guide to etiquette, so you can make a good impression on the bride and groom and enjoy the big day without any hiccups. Let’s check with Viva Wedding Photography!

What is “Wedding Guest Etiquette “?

Wedding guest etiquette refers to the collection of social traditions and expectations that govern how guests should act before, during, and after a wedding ceremony and celebration. These etiquette standards govern how guests dress, present gifts, RSVP, and behave at the wedding ceremony and reception.

Following these traditions is a way to show respect to the newlywed couple, their families, and other guests and guarantee everyone a memorable and joyful experience on this wonderful day. So, arriving on time, dressing appropriately, following the seating plan, abstaining from taking photos during the ceremony, and respecting cultural and religious traditions are all important aspects of etiquette.

The Right Tips For Following Proper Guest Wedding Etiquette

Be RSVP Promptly 

Respond to the wedding invitation as soon as possible, and follow the couple’s instructions or deadlines.

By RSVPing promptly, you let the couple know if you will be attending their wedding, and they can make the necessary arrangements. Besides, responding to a wedding invitation within 2 weeks of receiving it is considered courteous.

Be Dressed Appropriately 

Follow the dress code specified on the invitation, and avoid wearing anything too revealing or distracting.

Wedding Etiquette With Be Dressed Appropriately
Wedding Guest Etiquette With Be Dressed Appropriately – Photo by: Bridal Musings

For example, if the invitation specifies “black tie,” guests must dress formally, such as a tuxedo for men and a long evening gown for women. On the other hand, if the invitation states “beach casual,” it would be appropriate to wear more relaxed, casual clothing. Hence, it is always better to err on dressing too formally than casually, as it shows respect and appreciation for the couple and the occasion.

Be On Time

Being on time for a wedding ceremony and reception is an important aspect of guest etiquette. Arrive at the ceremony and reception, and respect the couple’s schedule by not delaying the event’s start.

You may arrive at least 15 minutes before the time listed on the invitation. This gives you time to park, find a seat, and get comfortable before the ceremony starts. Besides, if you are late, you should let the couple or someone at the wedding party know as soon as possible so they can make any necessary changes. Hence, being late to a wedding can cause problems and take away from the experience for everyone, so it’s important to try your best to get there on time.

Be Mindful Of Social Media 

Avoid posting photos or videos of the wedding ceremony before the couple may do so. If the couple has specified any social media guidelines, follow them.

Wedding Etiquette with Be Mindful Of Social Media
Wedding Guest Etiquette with Be Mindful Of Social Media – Photo by: Here Comes The Guide

Some couples want their wedding to be unplugged, where guests are asked to put away their phones and cameras and be in the moment. Even if you can use social media, you should still be careful about what you post and how you share it. Finally, don’t post photos or status updates that could be seen as inappropriate or offensive, and respect the privacy of the other guests.

Offer Congratulations 

Congratulations to the couple is an important part of wedding guest list etiquette. So, congratulate the couple and offer your best wishes for their future together.

The happy couple will appreciate sincere and heartfelt congratulations rather than a generic “best wishes” message. Besides, extending your warm wishes to the happy couple’s parents, bridal party, and any other relatives you may know is also appropriate. Taking the time to congratulate the couple demonstrates your genuine joy for them and your interest in their wedding day.

Give A Thoughtful Gift

Give the couple a personal and meaningful gift, or choose something from their registry if they have one.

Give A Thoughtful Gift
Guest Wedding Etiquette with Give A Thoughtful Gift – Photo by: Argos

Spending a lot of money on a gift is unnecessary, but you should ensure it’s something the recipient will appreciate. If the couple hasn’t set up a wedding registry, you should still consider what they might like and what would make a nice addition to their home when deciding on a present. Besides, including a card expressing your best wishes to the happy couple and the gift is also considerate.

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Be Respectful During The Ceremony 

Being respectful during the wedding ceremony is essential to guest etiquette. So, turn off your phone, remain quiet, and show respect for the couple and the event.

Be Respectful During The Ceremony 
PBe Respectful During The Ceremony – Photo by: Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Also, respecting the couple’s religious or cultural beliefs is important, even if they differ from yours. This can mean following certain traditions or customs or knowing the ceremony’s setup.

Be Considerate During The Reception 

Be mindful of others during the reception, including seating arrangements, noise levels, and personal space.

Additionally, it is important to be mindful of the couple’s plans for the reception and to follow any specific guidelines or rules they have established, such as adhering to a specific dress code or avoiding certain areas of the venue. By being mindful of others during the reception, you help to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that allows everyone to feel comfortable and have a good time.

Thank The Hosts

If the wedding ceremony and reception are hosted by someone other than the couple, thank them for their hospitality.

Thank The Hosts
Thank The Hosts – Photo by: Marry Us Gary

Thanking the hosts of a wedding is an important part of wedding guest etiquette. The wedding hosts, typically the couple’s parents or the couple themselves. This can be done in various ways, such as writing a heartfelt note or card, sending a gift, or simply speaking to the hosts and expressing your gratitude in person.

The biggest “Don’ts” Of Wedding Guest Etiquette

Dress Like The Bride

One of the key don’ts of etiquette wedding is to dress like the bride. Wearing white is traditionally reserved for the bride and might be seen as an attempt to upstage her on her special day.

Dress Like The Bride
Don’t Dress Like The Bride – Photo by: Love My Dress

Instead, consider wearing a different color or dress style that complements the bride’s attire and allows her to shine on her big day. Additionally, it is important to consider the dress code specified by the couple or the wedding invitation and to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Post Photos Of The Ceremony

Wait until the couple may share their photos before posting any online.

Besides, before posting photos, it is always best to check with the couple and respect their wishes, as it is their day. Additionally, it is important to be mindful of other guests and to avoid posting photos that may be unflattering, or that could compromise the privacy or dignity of others.

Rowdy Behavior

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption and rowdy behavior that might detract from the celebration and disrespect the couple and other guests.

Wedding Etiquette Guest with Don't Rowdy Behavior
Wedding Guest List Etiquette with Don’t Rowdy Behavior – Photo by: CNN

To avoid rowdy behavior, arriving at the wedding in a positive and respectful state of mind is best. If you feel overwhelmed or overly excited, it is important to step back and calm down. In short, it is always best to treat others with kindness, respect, and consideration and be mindful of your behavior.

Talk Too Much

Be respectful and attentive during the ceremony and speeches, and avoid talking or distracting others during these critical moments.

It’s polite to allow the bride and groom and other guests to have time to interact and enjoy the celebration. If you talk too much, try to take breaks, engage in activities, or initiate conversations with others to promote a more balanced and enjoyable atmosphere.

Bring Uninvited Guests 

Only attend the wedding if you have been invited, and only bring additional guests if they have also been invited.

Bringing uninvited guests to a wedding breaches wedding guest etiquette and can disrupt the couple’s plans and arrangements. Doing so can cause added stress for the hosts and impact the overall experience for all guests. It’s best to respect the couple’s wishes and only attend the wedding with the formally invited guests.

Photograph The Ceremony

Respect the couple’s wishes and wait until after the ceremony to take photos, especially if they have requested no cameras or phones during the ceremony.

Wedding Etiquette For Guests With Don't Photograph The Ceremony
Wedding Guest Etiquette For Guests With Don’t Photograph The Ceremony – Photo by: Nations Photo Lab

Besides, the couple has likely hired a professional photographer to take event pictures; if so, you should give them space to work. In addition, the flash photography and the sound of camera shutters are distracting and detract from the intimacy and solemnity of the ceremony. It is best to save photography for the reception, where it can be done discreetly and with the couple’s permission.

Give Inappropriate Statements 

Keep the focus on the couple and avoid making political or controversial statements or using the occasion for self-promotion.

Negative or critical comments should also be avoided regarding the wedding or any part of it. So, make the happy couple’s big day as memorable and fun as possible by keeping the vibe light and courteous.

Best Advice For Hosts To Promote Correct Wedding Guest Etiquette

Advice For Hosts To Promote Correct Wedding Etiquette
Advice For Hosts To Promote Correct Wedding Guest Etiquette
  • Communicate expectations: Communicate the dress code, photo policy, and any other expectations or requests in your wedding invitation or through other means.
  • Provide clear instructions: Indicate the schedule of events and any specific instructions you have for the guests.
  • Hire professional staff: Hire professional staff, such as a wedding planner or a venue manager, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that guests are guided through the proper etiquette.
  • Lead by example: Demonstrate good etiquette and encourage others to follow your example.
  • Gently remind guests: If you notice guests breaking etiquette rules, politely remind them of your expectations.
  • Have a plan for disruptive behavior: Have a plan for dealing with disruptive or inappropriate behavior from guests, such as asking them to leave or seeking the assistance of professional staff.
  • Provide ample seating: Provide enough seating so guests are kept from standing or cramped.

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To summarize, understanding and adhering to wedding guest etiquette is critical for ensuring that the wedding day succeeds for all parties involved. Whether you’re a close family member or a distant acquaintance, being aware of wedding customs and expectations can help you show respect to the couple and their families while also ensuring that the day runs smoothly. You may be confident that following the ideas and recommendations mentioned in this article will create a good impression and have a great time celebrating the happy couple on their special day.

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