46 Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas That You’ll Want to Steal

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Celebrate love under the sun’s warm embrace with our guide to enchanting summer wedding decoration ideas. As the season of blossoms and sunshine unfolds, couples planning their dream summer weddings seek inspiration for creating memorable and visually stunning celebrations. In this article, Viva Wedding Photography will explore many creative decor concepts, from whimsical outdoor setups to elegant indoor arrangements, ensuring your summer wedding is nothing short of magical.

Summer Wedding Decor Ideas for the Ceremony

1. Provide Welcome Beach Bags

summer wedding decoration ideas with welcome bags
Outdoor wedding ideas for summer (Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

When planning a summer wedding in an out-of-the-way venue, keep in mind that your guests may require certain items. Include a variety of food (sweet and savory), water, Advil, Band-Aids, safety pins, sunscreen, insect repellant, and band-aids in your welcome pack.

2. Use Fairy Light Backdrops

Wedding ideas for summer indoors with fairy lights
Wedding ideas for summer indoors with fairy lights (Source: Pinterest)

Fairy lights are often associated with winter weddings, but they can also create a magical ambiance for summer weddings. Pairing fairy lights with bright, pastel, or white colored flowers creates a romantic and fresh backdrop for summer wedding ceremonies or as a picturesque setting for guests to take photos.

3. Keep Wedding Aisle Decor Simple

summer wedding decoration ideas with simple aisle decor
Simple ceremony aisle decor for summer nuptials (Source: Martha Stewart)

Don’t be afraid to go all out with your summer wedding decor, especially if your venue is exceptionally stunning. We encourage allowing views to speak for themselves. We appreciate how this couple chose simple summer wedding decoration ideas for the aisle to avoid distracting from the venue’s spectacular vistas.

4. Angular Ceremony Arch

Wedding ideas for summer on a budget
Wedding ideas for summer on a budget (Source: The Magnolia Venue)

Are you searching for a unique way to enhance your altar? Perhaps you should think about investing in a statement arch. This angular shape is sure to capture everyone’s gaze as you and your significant other stand underneath it. Moreover, you can certainly reuse it at your wedding reception to maximize its value.

5. Decor Walkway with Lanterns

summer wedding decoration ideas with lanterns
Summer wedding decor ideas with lanterns (Source: The Knot)

Guide your guests with a charming lantern walkway from the ceremony venue to the reception space.  Just imagine how beautiful the lights will be as golden hour arrives—the effort of making a route will be worthwhile.

6. Draped Wooden Arch

Simple summer wedding decoration ideas for the ceremony arch
Simple summer wedding decoration ideas for the ceremony arch (Source: Lookein Shop)

Wooden arches have a charming rustic appeal that we’ve admired for some time. To add a touch of summer flair, consider adorning it with light chiffon fabric in your favorite color. The white used here really brightens up the natural greenery, and adding a pop of color to match your summer wedding theme could also be a great idea. 

7. Wooden Benches

summer wedding decoration ideas with Wooden benches
Wooden benches for summer wedding ceremony (Source: Hitched)

For those planning an outdoor or barn nuptials in the summer, wooden benches can be a charming alternative to traditional chairs for seating. These summer wedding decoration ideas could be suitable for your ceremony, reception, or both if you’re interested.

8. Natural Aisle

wedding ideas for summer on a budget with pampas grass
Summer wedding decor with pampas grass (Source: Hitched)

Looking for wedding ideas for summer on a budget? Consider not spending anything on decorating your aisle! It may seem unbelievable, but utilizing natural surroundings as your pre-made wedding aisle can make it an accessible option. With its large pampas, grass, and potted plants, this wedding aisle exudes a beautiful summery vibe that requires no additional decorations.

9. Provide Parasols for Guests

summer wedding decoration ideas with parasols
Outdoor wedding ideas for summer with parasols (Source: Martha Stewart)

Having a destination wedding in the summer is fantastic; just remember to protect your guests from the sun. This couple handed out parasols to help with that. The umbrellas were placed in an embroidered basket with the words “pazzo di te,” which means “crazy about you,” as a nod to their Italian location.

10. Provide Hats

Thoughtful summer wedding ideas with hats
Thoughtful summer wedding ideas with hats (Source: Brides)

If you’re having your ceremony outside, there are many options for how to keep guests cool. For some people, a hat is the optimal choice. We really appreciate the off-white fedoras that were distributed at this event. They served as a fashionable solution for staying cool and could be worn even after the wedding ended.

11. Provide Bug Spray 

summer wedding decoration ideas with bud spray
Bug spray for wedding guests (Source: Martha Stewart)

During hot summer days, it’s considerate to offer wedding guests bug spray to shield them from pesky mosquitoes. Place a wooden crate containing many repellent bottles on a table near the ceremony entrance. Put up a charming sign to make sure people don’t miss this important station. These summer wedding decoration ideas will surely make your guests feel special.

12. Set Up a Flower Wall

Summer wedding ideas with seasonal flowers
Summer wedding ideas with seasonal flowers (Source: Brides)

Want to make a powerful visual statement? This wall is covered in beautiful flowers. Perhaps you could use one as your altar or include one in the reception area to offer guests a stunning backdrop.

Viva Wedding Tips

Looking for a flower that’s perfect for the summer season? Hydrangeas typically struggle in hot temperatures, whereas calla lilies, orchids, garden roses, and sunflowers thrive in warmer weather.

13. Balloon Decor

Wedding ideas for summer indoors with balloons
Wedding ideas for summer indoors with balloons (Source: Hitched)

Balloons have uses beyond kids’ birthday celebrations. These summer wedding décor ideas are both fun and playful. Opt for white balloons for a clean and sophisticated color palette, or choose a rainbow of colors for a more vibrant look.

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Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas for The Reception

14. Fresh Color Palettes

summer wedding decoration ideas in bright tones
Decorations in bright tones for summer nuptials (Source: Events Atelier)

Opt for lighter, airier tints instead of darker ones for summertime nuptials. Summer wedding decor ideas in neutral tones or vibrant hues, such as blue, coral, or yellow, are our favorites. Avoid using warm, heavy tones until you’ve determined what works best in your room.

15. Coconut Water Station

summer wedding decoration ideas with coconut
Decor ideas with coconut for summer events (Source: Martha Stewart)

Having a coconut water station is a refreshing twist on summer wedding decoration ideas, offering guests a cool, tropical drink to enjoy. Not only does it serve as a thirst-quenching delight, but the coconuts themselves become a part of the decor, adding a natural and exotic flair to your wedding ambiance.

16. Turn the Bar into a Focal Point

summer wedding ideas with cocktail bar
Summer wedding bar (Source: Martha Stewart)

Want to be the ‘it’ couple? Have an outdoor bar at your wedding where guests can chill and toast under the golden sun. You can adorn the bar with floral arrangements and foliage garlands or position it against a breathtaking background.

Viva Wedding Tip

 Don’t forget to provide water and non-alcoholic options for guests who do not consume alcohol, in addition to serving cocktails.

17. Pressed-Flower Sign

summer wedding decoration ideas with pressed flower signs
Summer wedding cocktail menu sign (Source: Brides)

Elevate your summer wedding decoration ideas with the enchanting allure of pressed flowers. These statement acrylic signs showcased the signature cocktail menu, complemented by lovely floral accents. The intricate details of the pressed flowers provide a delicate contrast against the sleek signage, offering a blend of modernity and timeless botanical beauty. 

18. Sunglass Escort Cards

DIY wedding ideas for summer with sunglasses
Decor ideas with sunglasses for summer nuptials (Source: The Knot)

Explore delightful DIY wedding ideas for summer by incorporating sunglass escort cards, transforming a functional necessity into a stylish statement. Embrace the sunny vibes of the season by infusing your escort card table with a touch of flair – guests will not only effortlessly locate their tables but also revel in the fashionable shade provided by these chic accessories.

19. Fruit Escort Cards

summer wedding ideas with Fruit Escort Cards
Seating arrangement display with fruits (Source: Bridal Guide)

In the summer, numerous flowers, fruits, and vegetables are at their peak, making it simple to include them in your wedding decorations. How about considering a truly inspired idea? These citrus escort cards would be perfect for when citrus is in season, and peaches would be a great choice during peach season!

20. A Clear Seating Chart

Simple summer wedding decoration ideas with acrylic sign
Simple summer wedding decoration ideas with acrylic sign (Source: Etsy)

For a summer wedding set in the beautiful outdoors, it’s important to ensure that nothing obstructs your view, including the seating chart. The guests will locate their seats and appreciate the scenery at the event through the acrylic setup. To further emphasize the outdoor atmosphere, floral planters were incorporated into the display.

21. Seating Chart with Palms

summer wedding decor ideas with palm leaves
Seating arrangement display with palm leaves (Source: Pinterest)

Among the many timeless summer wedding ideas, palm leaf decorations are a sure bet. They have a tropical vibe, are colorful and lively, and can be used as shade if you’re resourceful enough. The way this creative couple utilized them as a seating chart is truly inspiring.

22. Summer Succulents

Outdoor wedding ideas for summer with succulents
Outdoor wedding ideas for summer with succulents (Source: Brides)

If you’re worried your plants will wilt in the heat, ask your florist about heat-resistant varieties. Succulents are a bold choice that can endure even in the hottest days. You can use succulents in a vase as an escort card display. They add an excellent and eco-friendly touch and can also be used as wedding favors.

23. Set Up a Spread

summer wedding decoration ideas with fresh spread station
Fresh spread for summer nuptials (Source: Brides)

In the spirit of summer wedding ideas, setting up a spread of light and refreshing snacks is a delightful way to welcome your guests. Offer a curated selection of cheeses, charcuterie, crisp veggies, and other delectable treats that are perfect for nibbling during the cocktail hour. It’s a tasteful and inviting way to kick off the celebrations, embodying the casual elegance of a summer soiree.

24. Pam Leaves Installation

Summer wedding decoration ideas with palm leaves installation
Summer wedding reception decoration ideas with palm leaves (Source: Brides)

When it comes to summer wedding decoration ideas, the palm leaves Installation stands as a breathtaking choice, especially for destination weddings. These lush green fronds, suspended gracefully above the head table, infuse your celebration with tropical elegance. This natural decor element is a simple yet impactful way to bring the vibrancy of the tropics right to your wedding venue.

25. Flower Chandelier

summer wedding ideas with hanging flowers
Decor ideas with hanging flowers (Source: Brides)

For those seeking wedding ideas for summer indoor celebrations, consider dazzling your guests with an installation of vibrant blooms and verdant greenery that drape gracefully from above. This design strategy emphasizes verticality and scale, perfect for grand spaces with soaring ceilings, as it fills the void and fosters a sense of closeness among your guests. The addition of rattan lanterns complements the florals, marrying bohemian charm with romantic elegance.

26. Hang Flower Garlands

Summer wedding decoration ideas with flower garlands
Summer wedding decoration ideas with flower garlands (Source: Ruffled Blog)

Garlands made of flowers give off an enchanting, fanciful vibe. Add a charming touch to your summer wedding by hanging them up. To enhance their uniqueness, you can attach them to string lights to create a twinkling effect at night.

27. Al Fresco Dining

summer wedding ideas with  Al Fresco Dining
Outdoor summer wedding reception ideas (Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

Consider hosting your reception outdoors if the weather is favorable. There’s truly nothing quite like dining al fresco in the summer. This location is ideal for arranging an outdoor dinner. The incorporation of nature into the table setting through the floral table runner and wooden chairs is truly delightful. It’s absolutely perfect!

And if you’re looking for DIY wedding ideas for the summer, you could recreate this yourself. You can consider gathering greenery for a table runner and creating something similar for your garden wedding.

28. Poolside Party

summer wedding decoration ideas for poolside party
Poolside wedding party (Source: Wedding Forward)

One of our all-time favorite summer wedding ideas is to book a location that has its very own pool and sundeck. Envision a wedding with a pool party theme. If you’d rather not have it on the actual wedding day, you may always arrange for a pool party to be held either before or after the ceremony.

Viva Wedding Tip

The wedding website and formal invitations should inform attendees if swimsuits are requested.

29. Lawn Games

summer wedding ideas with lawn games
Lawn games for summer gatherings (Source: Pinterest)

A backyard summer gathering wouldn’t be the same without some lawn games. For those hosting a wedding outdoors or in their backyard, consider providing summery games such as cornhole, giant Jenga, or ladder toss for guests to enjoy between events.

30. Season-Inspired Guest Book

summer wedding decoration ideas with Surfboard guest book
Surfboard wedding guest book (Source: Brides)

Consider having your loved ones sign something more fitting to the season, such as a surfboard, instead of a traditional guest book. After the wedding, hang it up in your home to enjoy for years to come.

31. String Lights

summer wedding decor ideas with string lights
String lights for summer wedding reception (Source: WedBoard)

In the playbook of summer wedding decoration ideas, string lights are an absolute classic, essential for creating that magical starlit ambiance. They are the perfect addition to any summer nuptial, inviting guests to dine and dance under a canopy of lights that replicate the starry night sky. 

32. Set Up Some Shade Areas

daytime summer wedding decoration ideas
Daytime summer wedding ideas (Source: Brides)

Hosting a summer wedding often involves having part of the day outdoors. Ensure there are shaded areas available for guests to escape the heat. Providing a tent for dinner or ample umbrella-covered seating offers a welcome retreat from the intense heat.

33. Comfort Lounge Area

summer wedding decor ideas for lounge area
Lounge area for summertime nuptials (Source: Bride & Blossom)

A comfortable lounge area is an inviting addition when considering wedding ideas for summer indoors. This lounge becomes an oasis of relaxation where guests can kick off their dancing shoes and sink into comfort. And for those cooler summer evenings, having a stack of soft blankets nearby ensures everyone stays snug and warm, adding a thoughtful touch to your space.

34. Summer Dessert Station

Summer wedding decoration ideas with ice cream station
Summer wedding ideas with ice cream station (Source: Brides)

Inviting friends to a spectacular party? When the party gets hot, have the caterer set up a dessert bar with refreshing options like sorbet, popsicles, and ice cream to quench everyone’s thirst between dance parties. An option that is more suitable for adults could be shaved ice that is spiked with alcohol.

35. Set Up a Photo Booth

summer wedding ideas with an outdoor photo booth
A photo booth for summertime nuptials (Source: The Traveling Photo Bus)

A photo booth is a delightful highlight among outdoor wedding ideas for summer, offering a playful way to capture memories. Adorned with an array of florals and drenched in the season’s vibrant palette, it becomes more than just a fun activity—it’s a picturesque part of your decor. It’s a timeless wedding feature that perfectly marries entertainment with the beauty of the season.

36. Use a Neon Sign

Simple summer wedding decoration ideas with neon signs
Simple summer wedding decoration ideas with neon signs (Source: Tanli Joy Photography)

A popular choice for summer décor is a personalized neon sign. The sign, whether personalized with your name, a unique slogan, or your wedding hashtag, adds an energetic touch to your event. Moreover, it’s the type of decor that can be showcased in your home once the wedding is over.

37. Tent Illuminated by String Lights

summer wedding decor ideas for tents
Decor ideas for summer wedding tents (Source: The Knot)

A tent is an excellent investment if you’re planning a summer wedding outside. Tents not only provide protection against various elements, such as hot weather or an unexpected downpour but can also be easily decorated to match your theme. When it comes to decorating the interior of your wedding tent, adding romantic string lights can create a warm and inviting atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas for the Tablescape

38. Keep Your Tabletop Simple

Simple wedding ideas for summer on a budget
Simple wedding ideas for summer on a budget (Source: Brides)

Summer weddings often have the most picture-perfect locations, so if you’re planning to tie the knot outside, you’re in luck. Use light, neutral linens to set a basic tablescape that will not detract from the stunning natural scenery.

39. Floral Stationery

summer wedding decoration ideas with floral stationery
Summer wedding reception decoration ideas with florals (Source: Hitched)

Floral wedding themes are versatile and can be used for weddings in any season, but they are especially charming for a summer wedding. This collection of floral wedding menus, place names, and table numbers is exquisitely crafted – showcasing a perfect balance of floral elegance that complements the greenery on the table seamlessly. For a summer wedding theme that is understated and lovely, opt for simple florals.

40. Colorful Candles

Summer wedding ideas with colorful candles
Summer wedding ideas with colorful candles (Source: Brides)

Summer is all about color, and one great way to incorporate it into your tables is by using candles. Colored candles can stand alone or float in water on the table, adding a vibrant touch and creating mood lighting as the sun sets.

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41. Wildflowers Centerpieces

summer wedding decoration ideas with wildflower centerpieces
Wildflower centerpieces for summertime nuptials (Source: Wedding Wire)

Use wildflowers as your summer wedding centerpieces for an incredibly rustic look. Inexpensive, readily available, and adaptable. For those with limited time or a budget, this rustic centerpiece is an ideal option. They are also great for weddings with limited space. One idea is to enhance the arrangement by using a variety of wildflowers in a large vase.

42. Decor With Fresh Fruits

summer wedding centerpieces with fresh fruits
Nuptial decor with fruit centerpieces (Source: Wezone)

We particularly enjoy summer wedding ideas that are vibrant, surprising, and innovative. Incorporating citrus fruits into your centerpieces is a brilliant way to infuse your tables with a burst of color and a touch of unexpected whimsy. Not only do they offer a visual feast for the eyes, but they also lend a refreshing aroma that enhances the sensory experience of your guests.

43. Bright Mixes

summer wedding decoration ideas with flowers and fruits
Summer wedding centerpieces with flowers and fruits (Source: The Knot)

Add a stunning explosion of color using vibrant summer fruits. Combine tropical and Mediterranean fruits for a summery vibe. Transport your guests to the Amalfi Coast with citrus-infused flavors. Additionally, remember to include flowers to enhance the appealing table centerpiece. Let your centerpiece be a marriage of flora and fruit—because, in the world of weddings, it’s okay to be a little extra.

44. Use Fan Menus

DIY wedding ideas for summer with fan menus
DIY wedding ideas for summer with fan menus (Source: Martha Stewart)

You can make your paper goods stand out at your summer event by giving them a dual purpose. These folding menus also served as fans to assist guests in staying cool during the reception. The floral design on the back of the stationery perfectly complemented the flower centerpiece and décor on the table.

45. Tonal Flowers

summer wedding decoration ideas with tonal flowers
Vibrant flowers for wedding table decor (Source: Brides)

Opting for various shades of a single color to create a bold centerpiece. Tonal flowers are an excellent alternative to standard floral arrangements. They emphasize the liveliness of summer without being too strong. Various shades of pink, purple, yellow, or orange are ideal for these summer wedding centerpieces.

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As we’ve seen, summer weddings are a time for celebration, love, and breathtaking beauty. From the delicate whisper of chiffon drapes to the vibrant hues of seasonal florals, Viva Wedding Photography’s curated collection of summer wedding decoration ideas can infuse your big day with the essence of summer. From vibrant florals to charming outdoor setups, the possibilities are endless. May your summer wedding reflect your love, surrounded by the warmth of the season and the beauty of thoughtfully chosen decorations.

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