45 Beautiful Spring Wedding Decor Ideas for Your Big Day

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Springtime is a time of rebirth and renewal as the days grow longer and the temperature rises. Flowers and pastel colors are typical of this season. Both elements work well as part of a spring wedding decor. Viva Wedding Photography recommends taking inspiration for your wedding from the season itself. Read on to find out the things that have us anticipating spring. Remember, though, that you may use these arrangements and ideas year-round.

Spring Wedding Colors for Your Decor

Selecting a color scheme is one of the important tasks before planning your wedding decorations. Opting for springtime hues will infuse your celebration with a vibrant and rejuvenating ambiance. Various seasonal color palettes and unique color combinations created for spring weddings are gaining popularity. Here are some color schemes that are on trend:

1. Earthy neutrals

Neutral colors are a common choice for spring wedding decor
Neutral colors are a common choice for spring weddings

One of the wonderful aspects of a neutral wedding color palette is its versatility across all seasons. Incorporating soft shades of taupe, khaki, and tan can create a minimalistic and modern aesthetic. However, to embrace the spring season, you can also introduce a few vibrant colors, such as pale yellow or peach. Add a touch of shimmer to the palette by finishing it with metallic copper or gold.

2. Mint Green and Ivory

Mint green and ivory are a beautiful combination for spring weddings
Mint green and ivory are a beautiful combination for spring weddings

Mint green, with its airy and soothing qualities, is a spring wedding color that is often overlooked. It complements other pastel colors such as blue, purple, and pink, creating a vintage theme or shabby chic aesthetic. To achieve a sophisticated yet natural aesthetic, consider combining mint green with complementary shades of dark olive or emerald green.

3. Baby Pink and Lilac

Pink and purple are highly sought-after spring wedding colors
Romantic nuptial decor with baby pink and lilac

Pink and purple are highly sought-after spring wedding colors, and their combination creates a stunning visual appeal. Additionally, you will have an abundance of spring wedding flowers available to complement your color scheme perfectly. This color scheme is perfect for an outdoor wedding or one with a whimsical, romantic atmosphere.

4. Navy Blue, White, and Gold

Spring wedding decoration ideas with navy blue, white, and gold
Spring wedding decoration ideas with navy blue, white, and gold

If you are planning a black-tie event, this traditional spring wedding color scheme would be perfect. Instead of using black as the base color, consider using navy blue. This choice will maintain the same level of formality while adding a unique touch. The color palette is completed with ivory and subtle touches of gold, creating a sophisticated and timeless look.

5. Pastel rainbow colors

Pastel spring wedding colors
Pastel spring wedding colors

The spring season is the perfect time to embrace a rainbow wedding colour palette. Create a vibrant and cheerful palette by incorporating an array of colors such as pastel blue, purple, pink, yellow, and orange. If you enjoy a maximalist vibe, this rainbow colour scheme is perfect for you. Imagine beautifully intricate place settings, captivating floral installations, and playful decor accents such as balloons or tinsel streamers.

6. All-white

White is one of the classic spring wedding colors
White is one of the classic spring wedding colors

Embrace the timeless elegance and purity of an all-white color palette for your spring wedding decorations. This classic and versatile color scheme allows for endless possibilities, from ethereal floral arrangements to pristine table settings. An all-white spring wedding exudes a sense of simplicity and grace, creating a serene and timeless atmosphere that perfectly complements the season’s renewal and blooming beauty.

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Rustic Spring Wedding Decor Ideas

7. Seed Packet Escort Cards

rustic spring wedding decor ideas with Seed Packet Escort Cards
Seed Packet Escort Cards

As you plan your rustic spring wedding, consider adding a touch of charm with seed packet escort cards. The spring season always makes this a top choice for brides and grooms. These delightful cards not only serve as unique placeholders for your guests but also double as a symbol of growth and new beginnings. Exhibit them in a wheelbarrow or with clothespins for an authentic farmhouse effect.

8. Succulent Wedding Favors

Spring rustic wedding favor ideas with succulent
Spring rustic wedding favor ideas with succulent

When we think of spring wedding favor ideas, one of our favorite themes is plants. These green beauties can be creatively displayed in charming containers or personalized pots, serving as both a decorative element during your celebration and a meaningful gift for your guests to take home.

9. Colorful Glassware

Spring wedding reception ideas with colorful glassware
Spring wedding reception ideas with colorful glassware

Want to spruce up your reception tables right this second? The addition of colored glasses is essential! Don’t worry if your glasses don’t all fit together perfectly. A mishmash of shapes and sizes will enhance the party’s whimsical atmosphere as long as they share the same color scheme.

10. Pastel For The Bridesmaid Dresses

Spring wedding colors For The Bridesmaid Dresses
Spring Wedding Colors For The Bridesmaid Dresses

For a truly enchanting spring wedding, consider dressing your bridesmaids in pastel hues that echo the soft, blooming colors of the season. Pastel bridesmaid dresses effortlessly blend with rustic settings, creating a dreamy and romantic ambiance. Whether you opt for blush pink, lavender, or mint green, these delicate tones complement the natural beauty of spring and add a touch of ethereal elegance to your bridal party.

11. Greenhouse Wedding Venue

spring wedding decoration ideas with Greenhouse
Greenhouse venue for weddings in the spring

Immerse your spring wedding decoration ideas in the beauty of nature by choosing a greenhouse as your venue. The transparent walls of the greenhouse allow natural light to flood the space, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. Surrounded by flourishing greenery, you and your guests will feel like you’re celebrating amidst a secret garden. The rustic charm of the venue, coupled with the vibrant bursts of springtime blooms, provides a magical backdrop for your ceremony and reception.

12. Floating Wedding Candles

spring wedding decorations with Floating Candles
Romantic Floating Wedding Candles

Adding a touch of romance and tranquility, these candles can be elegantly displayed in water-filled vessels, such as rustic barrels. The gentle movement of the floating candles mirrors the whimsy of spring, creating a mesmerizing ambiance during your ceremony or reception. Whether placed along the edges of a pond, in decorative containers, or as centerpieces on your tables, floating candles bring a serene and intimate atmosphere to your spring wedding decorations, making your special day truly magical.

13. Include Fluffy Friends

Including fluffy friends is an adorable spring wedding idea
Including fluffy friends is an adorable spring wedding idea

The “awws” can now be played. Follow the example of this adorable lamb and give your tiny guests (dogs, cats, rabbits) floral headpieces. The presence of these furry friends will surely enhance the rustic, down-to-earth vibe of your wedding and also create unforgettable moments that will be cherished by both you and your guests.

14. Old Wellington Boots

spring wedding decor ideas with Old Wellington Boots
Wellington boots are decorated with flowers and greenery

Embrace the rustic charm of spring with a unique and practical touch – old Wellington boots. Repurpose these weathered boots as quirky yet functional flower pots or decorative accents for your rustic spring wedding. Fill them with vibrant blooms or cascading greenery to evoke the essence of a blooming garden. This is the perfect spring wedding decor idea for weddings on a farm or in a bar.

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15. Taper Candles

Spring Wedding Ideas with Taper Candles
Spring Wedding Ideas with Taper Candles

Illuminate your wedding with the timeless and intimate glow of taper candles. Choose candles in soft, muted colors to complement the season, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Consider incorporating them into rose and peony-filled centerpieces to create a romantic wedding atmosphere.

16. Fairy Lights Wedding Decor

spring wedding reception ideas with fairy lights
Fairy Lights for Wedding Decor

When looking for spring wedding reception ideas, twinkling string lights always leave us in awe. The soft glow of fairy lights adds a touch of romance to your outdoor setting, turning your wedding into a captivating wonderland. Whether used to illuminate your ceremony backdrop or as a canopy over your reception area, fairy lights effortlessly capture the dreamy essence of spring nights, making your celebration truly unforgettable.

17. Beautiful Natural Wedding Stamps

Beautiful Natural Stamps with a spring wedding theme
Beautiful Natural Wedding Stamps

We’ve got you covered if you are looking for unique spring wedding decoration ideas. Use stamps featuring floral motifs, leaves, or other nature-inspired designs to embellish invitations, place cards, and even your wedding favors. These stamps’ earthy and organic feel adds a handmade charm to your wedding stationery, reflecting the season’s beauty. You might want to opt for muted ink colors like sage green or soft brown to maintain a cohesive and natural aesthetic look.

18. French-style Bistro Wedding Chairs

French-style Bistro Chairs for spring wedding decorations
French-style Bistro Wedding Chairs

When planning your spring wedding decorations, take a moment to consider the chairs. Outdoor garden weddings look great with bistro chairs in the French style. Choose Chiavari chairs for a more traditional wedding! And for a greenhouse or orangery theme, go with a set of ghost chairs. The classic design of French bistro chairs brings a touch of romance to your ceremony or reception, creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere for your guests.

19. A Bowl Of Fresh Fruit

spring wedding theme with A Bowl Of Fresh Fruit
Wedding table decoration with fresh fruits

Opting for a spring wedding theme doesn’t mean you have to go full flowers; fresh fruits can be just as romantic as blooms. Display a bountiful arrangement of seasonal fruits such as strawberries, citrus, and berries in a rustic wooden or vintage bowl. The natural sweetness of the fruit complements the rustic ambiance, offering a delightful touch as guests can help themselves to nature’s bounty throughout the celebration.

20. Wedding Confetti Stand

Confetti Stand for spring wedding decor
Wedding Confetti Stand

Display the confetti in rustic containers like wooden crates or vintage barrels for a charming touch. Whether it’s petals, dried flowers, or colorful paper confetti, this stand invites your guests to participate in the joyous celebration. Not to mention, using a confetti stand instead of individual packets is better for the environment and adds a fun touch to any spring wedding decor.

21. Shabby Chic Ladders

Spring wedding ideas with shabby chic ladders
Spring wedding ideas with shabby chic ladders

Elevate the rustic charm of your spring wedding with the whimsical addition of shabby chic ladders. Adorn them with draped greenery, delicate blooms, or even family photos for a personalized touch. You can use them as shelves for your pre-mixed cocktail jugs, hang Polaroid pictures, incorporate them into your dessert performance, or set up a makeshift photo booth by placing a backdrop between two ladders.

22. Wedding Macrame Hanger

Spring wedding decor ideas with macramé hanger
Spring wedding decor ideas with macramé hanger

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, these intricately knotted pieces add a touch of artistry and free-spirited elegance to your rustic celebration. You can hang them from tree branch archways or incorporate them into your ceremony backdrop for a captivating and visually appealing element. Don’t forget to adorn the macramé hanger with flowers, greenery, or fairy lights to enhance the romantic and ethereal atmosphere of your spring wedding.

Spring Vintage Wedding Ideas

23. Floral Plates

Spring Vintage Wedding Ideas with floral plates
Patterned Dinner Plates

If you find using plain white plates too dull, try mixing in some patterned plates instead. Infused with delicate patterns and soft hues, these plates evoke the charm of bygone eras, adding a touch of sophistication to your spring wedding decorations. Choose a mix of floral designs to create a harmonious yet eclectic table setting.

24. Vintage Wedding Bike

spring wedding ideas with a Vintage Bike
Vintage Wedding Bike

A vintage bicycle decked with a bouquet is a lovely addition to any wedding. Make a stylish entrance or create a captivating focal point with the inclusion of a vintage wedding bike in your spring decor. Adorned with blooms, ribbons, or a charming “Just Married” sign, the bike becomes a nostalgic symbol of romance and adventure.

25. Birdcage

spring wedding centerpiece with birdcages
Birdcages for your wedding table decorations

Embrace the vintage allure of a birdcage as a delightful and unexpected element in your wedding decor. Whether used as part of your spring wedding centerpiece, ceremony backdrop, or even as a cardholder, the birdcage adds a touch of old-world charm. To enhance its romantic appeal, decorate it with blooming flowers, trailing greenery, or subtle fairy lights.

26. Romantic lanterns

spring vintage wedding ideas with lanterns
Pretty lanterns for wedding table decor

When it comes to spring vintage wedding ideas, we can’t help but mention lanterns. Hang them from tree branches, use them as table centerpieces, or line your aisle with these enchanting fixtures. The warm light radiating from the lanterns creates an intimate, timeless atmosphere reminiscent of a past era. Choose lanterns with ornate details or distressed finishes to enhance the vintage aesthetic.

27. Mirrors

Antique mirrors for spring vintage wedding decorations
Antique mirrors for nuptial decorations

Vintage mirrors adorned with ornate frames or distressed patinas bring a sense of old-world elegance to your venue. Use them strategically as table centerpieces, seating charts, or as part of your overall decor scheme. Mirrors not only reflect the beauty of your surroundings but also contribute to the timeless charm of a vintage-inspired celebration.

28. Vintage bar cart

Spring vintage wedding ideas with an antique bar cart
Spring vintage wedding ideas with bar carts

Elevate the sophistication of vintage style by incorporating an antique bar cart into your decor. Laden with antique glassware, decanters, and classic cocktail ingredients, the bar cart becomes a stylish focal point for your reception. Choose a cart with intricate detailing or a distressed finish to enhance the vintage aesthetic.

29. Champagne glass tower

Spring wedding reception ideas with a champagne glasses tower
Spring wedding reception ideas with a champagne glasses tower

You may have noticed that the champagne tower wedding trend has returned and is now more popular than ever. Newlyweds have always enjoyed using champagne to toast their new life together. With this elegant structure, you can now do it in style. So why not use these spring vintage wedding ideas for your big day?

Elevate the grandeur of your reception with an arrangement of champagne glasses stacked in tiers. This element will not only add a touch of elegance to your reception but also provide a great photo opportunity.

Spring Wedding Decor with Flowers

30. Floral-printed invitations

Floral-Printed Invitations in Spring Wedding Theme
Spring Wedding Theme Invitations

Set the tone for your enchanting spring wedding with the perfect introduction – floral-printed invitations. Infused with vibrant hues and delicate patterns of spring blooms, these invitations become a work of art that hints at the beauty awaiting your guests. From watercolor blossoms to intricate botanical illustrations, there are many ways to incorporate the spring breath into your invitations.

31. Flower Ice Cocktails

Flower Ice Cocktails for Spring Wedding Ideas
Flower Ice Cocktails for Spring Wedding Ideas

Garnishing cocktails with aesthetic elements is one of the best spring wedding decor ideas. Elevate your beverage station by incorporating ice cubes embedded with delicate edible flowers or petals. As the ice melts, it releases the vibrant colors and subtle flavors of the blooms, creating a sensory experience that perfectly complements the season.

32. Give the Groomsmen Boutonnieres

Groomsmen Boutonnieres for Spring Wedding Decor
Groomsmen Boutonnieres for Spring Wedding Decor

If you want the groomsmen to feel like they contributed to the wedding’s aesthetic, have them each pin a single seasonal flower to their lapel. Adorn the groomsmen’s lapels with small, carefully crafted floral arrangements that echo the blooms used throughout your wedding decor. Whether it’s classic roses, wildflowers, or a mix of seasonal blossoms, these boutonnieres add a cohesive and stylish element to the wedding party ensemble.

33. Floral Arch

spring wedding decoration ideas with Floral Arch
Romantic floral wedding arch

When considering spring wedding decoration ideas, one can’t go wrong with a classic floral arch. Envision exchanging vows beneath an arch adorned with lush blooms, weaving together the vibrant colors and fragrances of the season. You can use a freestanding structure or a natural archway draped in florals; regardless of your choice, they will both set the stage for a ceremony as beautiful as the love being celebrated.

34. Flower Curtain Backdrop

spring wedding ideas with Flower Curtain Backdrop
Curtain backdrop for spring nuptials

As one of the prettiest spring wedding ideas, a flower curtain can be recreated with virtually any structure or flower. We love the dreamy and enchanting atmosphere created by blooms suspended from strings or draped along a backdrop. This flower curtain serves as a stunning backdrop for your ceremony, sweetheart table, or photo booth, allowing you to capture the romance of spring in every snapshot.

35. Floral Drink Station

Spring wedding decor ideas for the drink station
Spring wedding decor ideas for the drink station

Impress your guests with a show-stopping floral wedding drink station that not only quenches their thirst but also serves as a visual feast. Adorn the bar area with abundant fresh flowers, creating a vibrant and inviting display. Incorporate floral-infused beverages, garnishes, and even edible blooms to enhance the sensory experience.

36. Fancy Wedding Cake With Flowers

Nuptial cake in the spring wedding theme
Decoration ideas for wedding cakes

Flower decorations are a must on a spring wedding cake. The florist will likely have some extra roses, ranunculus, peonies, dahlias, and greenery that they can use to decorate your wedding cake. Flowers made of sugar or gum paste can be used instead of real ones. Naked or semi-naked cakes, or those decorated with ruffles, ribbons, or fondant flowers, are also stunning choices.

37. Cherry Blossom Trees

spring wedding decor ideas with Cherry Blossom Trees
Cherry blossom trees can be used as table centerpieces

The addition of spring wedding decor ideas, especially cherry blossom trees, instantly warms up and enlivens any space. Large trees are a great way to fill a room with natural beauty and provide visual interest without overwhelming a high ceiling. Greenery in abundance works well with a woodland or rustic theme, while cherry blossoms are more at home in a formal or fantastical setting.

38. Mini Daffodils Vase

Spring wedding centerpiece with mini daffodils vase
Spring wedding centerpiece with mini daffodils vase

Spring is in the air, and so are bouquets of daffodils and other narcissi, all of which can be had for next to nothing and still look lovely. Use them as a sweet spring centerpiece by placing potted versions on the tables. The bright and cheerful hues of these petite blooms bring a pop of color to your reception tables, creating an atmosphere of joy and renewal.

39. Seating Chart with Flowers

Seating chart with a spring wedding theme
Seating chart with a spring wedding theme

Displaying the seating chart at your spring wedding reception unconventionally, such as on a trellis, pegboard, or rustic mirror, is a great way to inject some originality into the events. What about framing your idea with some beautiful spring wedding flowers? Your guests won’t be able to ignore it!

40. An Aisle Lined With Flowers

spring wedding ideas for nuptial aisle
A wedding aisle lined with flowers

One of the famous spring wedding ideas is this stunning floral arrangement, which is not just perfect for a spring event but can be used year-round. Your florist can make it look like plants are growing down your aisle by using a variety of flowers, foliage, and concealed containers. The lush and vibrant display sets the stage for your grand entrance and infuses the entire ceremony with the magic of nature, making each step down the aisle a moment of pure beauty and serenity.

41. Trellis Entwined With Flowers

spring wedding decor with Trellis Entwined
Trellis Entwined With Flowers

Infused with the joy of spring, trellises are a beautiful spring wedding decor for any garden. Decorate your reception with a trellis draped in flowers (natural or artificial), and use it to frame the bar, display your table plan, hide the walls you don’t like, or create partitions. Trus us! This addition would definitely set your wedding decorations apart from traditional ones.

42. Blush Flowers Chair Decor

Spring wedding decoration ideas for nuptial chairs
Spring wedding decoration ideas for nuptial chairs

Elevate the elegance of your spring wedding with the ethereal touch of blush flower chair decor. Whether you choose to tie bouquets to each chair or let petals delicately drape along the backs, the blush flower chair decor adds a soft and enchanting element to your ceremony or reception.

43. Floral Canopy

Spring wedding reception ideas with hanging flowers
Spring wedding reception ideas with hanging flowers

Transform your wedding venue into a floral wonderland with the breathtaking addition of a floral canopy. Envision an overhead masterpiece adorned with a profusion of blooming flowers that create a natural and romantic ceiling. What a lovely spring wedding decor idea to turn your celebration into a whimsical and unforgettable garden-like haven.

44. Set Up Floral Swings

Floral swings for spring wedding decorations
Floral swings for spring wedding decorations

Anyone may enjoy the thrill of a swing, not just kids. All of your guests will have a great time on a swing, and it will look great in your wedding photos. Give way to your inner child and swing in this flower-filled space. It’s a great way to spend cocktail time; the resulting photos will turn out beautifully.

45. Blooming garden dessert table

Spring wedding decor ideas for the dessert table
Spring wedding decor ideas for the dessert table

We love a table adorned with an array of delectable treats, surrounded by lush blooms and cascading flowers. From floral-inspired cakes and cupcakes to cookies and pastries, the dessert table becomes a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Incorporate the colors and textures of spring blooms into the confections, creating a harmonious display that celebrates the season’s beauty.

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Viva Wedding Photography hopes that some of these ideas for spring wedding decor will be useful to you. We also have seasonal versions of these articles for the fall and winter if you’re curious. Read our other posts for more information about weddings, engagements, and anniversaries.

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