Best 37 Luxury Wedding Gifts That Any Newlywed Will Love

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Nowadays, couples are opting out of the traditional wedding gift registry. A honeymoon fund or a savings account for newlyweds are better options. But this does not mean that classic and luxury wedding gifts are no longer appropriate. That’s why Viva Wedding Photography gives you some great gift ideas. We believe the newlyweds will enjoy and cherish it over time.

Luxury Gifts for Wedding for Home Decor

1. Slow Motion Frame

Slow Motion Frame Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple
Slow Motion Frame Luxury Gifts For Wedding

This is no ordinary frame and could be the most remarkable gift ever. Attach lovely things to the two clips, such as leaves, feathers, and flowers. When you connect the frame, the objects will appear to move in slow motion. Since it has a mesmerizing effect, this lava lamp will be one of the most premium luxury wedding gift ideas.

  • What we love:

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed in person. It resembles a picture frame; however, two clips retain the things inside the frame instead of a picture and glass.

  • Where to buy: Buy at Wonder Machines Store on Amazon

2. Luxury Wine Flute Glass

Luxury Wine Flute Glass
Luxury Wine Flute Glass

This stylish wine tumbler set will undoubtedly be one of their favorite luxury wedding presents! If you give them these glasses before the wedding day, they may use them for their first drink as a married couple. The newlyweds can use its classic and elegant style for other special occasions.

  • What we love: 

Using a non-toxic glaze ensures safety. Furthermore, the fine grinding process produces a smooth and even surface. It also has strong and durable glass that is less likely to break or crack. Finally, adding a non-slip bottom to the glass adds an extra layer of security by preventing it from slipping or sliding on surfaces.

  • Where to buy: GrindstoneTableware store on Esty, $46,93

3. Etched Globe Decanter Set

Etched Globe Decanter Set of Expensive Wedding Gifts
Etched Globe Decanter Set of Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple

This globe decanter set is a luxury wedding gift they may use for special occasions. The globe-shaped decanter is undoubtedly the focus of attention at any party!

  • What we love:

This set has a large whiskey decanter shaped like a globe, two whiskey glasses, and a wooden stand for the decanter. It is made of blown glass and has a mahogany-stained wood finish that looks very classy. Inside the decanter is a ship that is very well made.

  • Where to buy: ZenGiftsShop on Esty, $67,22

4. Natural White Agate Coasters

Gemstone Slice Coasters High-end Wedding Gifts
Gemstone Slice Coasters High-end Wedding Gifts

This coaster set is the perfect combination of natural and glamorous. These handmade, gold-edged coasters look great on a coffee table, tabletop, or bar cart. Moreover, White Agate is known to be a calming, uplifting stone and to increase the energy that is consolidated and stabilized.

  • What we love:

Each piece is hand-carved and made from a stone with a pattern that has been there for millions of years. Each coaster is made from real Indian agate and is between four and five inches long.

  • Where to buy: MiaHandmadeJewels store on Esty, $25,92

5. Luxe Chess Set

Chess Set Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple
Chess Set Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple

A stylish chess set is as much at home as a decorative accent on a coffee table. The newlyweds will never forget the thoughtfulness of their best luxury wedding gifts.

  • What we love:

This chess set, made by hand from Murano glass in a flame-forming process at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, is fit for a king. The set comes with 32 different figures and a blown-glass display board. This chess set will give your game a touch of class.

  • Where to buy: BayLeavesBohem store on Esty, $339,19

6. Champagne Bucket and Stand

Champagne Bucket and Stand Luxury Gifts For Wedding
Champagne Bucket and Stand For Couple

Regarding bar accessories, champagne stands are always a welcome addition. They are even more abundant than champagne kegs. Since there are two pieces to this set, they may utilize only the bucket if they like.

  • What we love:

The hammered finish on the Champagne bucket and stand gives it a stylish and unique look. Besides, using copper-covered stainless steel adds to its aesthetic appeal and ensures that it is durable and long-lasting. It also includes a handle that makes it easy to carry, allowing you to easily take the party elsewhere. With a capacity of 1.75 gallons, this Champagne Bucket and Stand can hold plenty of ice and is spacious enough to accommodate two bottles.

  • Where to buy: Old Dutch Store on Amazon, $111.86

7. A Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker For Couple’s Home Decorations
Smart Speaker For Couple’s Home Decorations

This terrific gift would appeal to party-loving newlyweds. A smart Bluetooth speaker is a premium wedding present for couples. Don’t worry; this speaker may work with any Google Assistant!

  • What we love:

Firstly, Alexa is always ready to help you with tasks such as playing music from various streaming services like SiriusXM, Apple Music, and Spotify. Secondly, you can easily join conversations without using your hands by calling friends and family with an Echo device or the Alexa app. Lastly, its device features voice-activated games and shows, allowing you to enjoy entertainment without using your hands.

  • Where to buy:  You may buy on Amazon (Amazon brand)

8. Luxury Wedding Fund Money Box

Luxury Wedding Gifts Wedding Fund Money Box
Luxury Wedding Fund Money Box

Saving for the wedding is more fun with a money gift box. Add a photo of your favorite couple to make it more unique. We are sure that the elevated money box is one of the most unique and expensive luxury gifts for couples.

  • What we love:

This piggy bank for adults is made of rich, naturally washed wood and has a white flower background with small gold italic writing.

  • Where to buy: NikitaByNiki store on Esty, $31,36

9. Shiny Glassware

Shiny Glassware For Luxury Wedding Gifts
Shiny Glassware For Best Luxury Wedding Gifts

Each drink, from water to beer, will feel special thanks to your expensive glassware gift sets. This high-end glass set is used to drink from and looks great in the newlyweds’ new home. The classic elegance of this set ensures that it will look great in any style of home.

  • What we love:

They were made of high-quality glass without lead, which is stronger and lasts longer than regular glass. It will last for a long time. Also, these wine glasses are easy to carry and light. You can keep them in your pocket or backpack and use them daily for a long trip.

  • Where to buy: Aliexpress, $4,65 ~ 6,19

10. Luxury Push Pin World Map

Push Pin World Map Luxury Wedding Presents
Gorgeous Push Pin World Map For Home Decor

It’s never too late to start traveling with your life partner. Expensive wedding gift ideas include a push-pin globe map to mark the couple’s travels. They’ll have fun reliving their adventures and thinking about future travels.

  • What we love:

With this wooden travel push-pin map, you may creatively and uniquely track your trips worldwide. This beautiful wooden map has holes in each country and state where you can put a colorful pin to show where you’ve been.

  • Where to buy: This Is Why I’m Broke, $160.93

11. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Canvas High-end Wedding Gifts
Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Luxury Wedding Presents

Music has the power to inspire all love activities in some way. If you know a song the couple loves listening to together, include the lyrics with a luxury wedding gift. The couple will treasure this heart-shaped custom song lyrics canvas print for years!

  • What we love:

The canvas print can be personalized with your favorite song lyrics, making it a one-of-a-kind and sentimental decor piece.

  • Where to buy: Ohcanvas, $39,95

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12. Clear Lalique Lilies Decanter

Clear Lalique Lilies Decanter
Clear Lalique Lilies Decanter

This decanter is for those who want extra decor for their house! This white decanter features lilies on the top, making it beautiful. It’s one of the most beautiful luxury wedding gift ideas you can offer to a couple interested in decor.

  • What we love:

Almost 5 inches tall when the bottle’s stopper is in place. The floral design on the bottle is 4 inches broad and has a diameter of around 2 inches. It is in excellent shape with no apparent nicks or chips. Besides, maybe the bottoms have light wear-related scratches.

  • Where to buy: BBsAtticFinds store on Esty, $418,00

13. Wooden Air Plant Mobile

Air Plant Terrariums For Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple
Air Plant Terrariums For Home Decoration

Air plant terrariums make excellent luxury wedding gifts for plant enthusiasts. This one-of-a-kind sculpture enhances the elegance of their house with its elegant design and meaningful presence.

  • What we love:

Air plants, which look like spider webs, grow high up on tree trunks in the jungle and on the sides of mountains. So, they will like living in your house and hanging from the ceiling. Besides, this hang was made of a spiral of circular perches out of birch wood for these tough plants.

  • Where to buy: Created by Savannah Kurka on uncommon goods, $137,70

14. Luxe Bud Vases

Luxury Wedding Gifts For Couples With Bud Vases
Luxe Bud Vases

If you’re looking for the best expensive unique wedding gifts, these eye-catching vases will light up any new area. Its simple yet chic design will never go out of style. We’re sure the newlyweds will appreciate this gift.

  • What we love:

With the best-galvanized engraving, these candle holders can’t be scratched and have a honeycomb pattern in gold.

  • Where to buy: ALaModeDecorStudio store on Esty, $34,63

15. Classy Sofa

Classy Sofa For Luxury Wedding Presents
Classy Sofa For Luxury Wedding Presents

Furniture is another excellent choice for high-end wedding gifts. A beautiful, modern couch will make sure that the couple is comfortable. Buy the new couple a beautiful sofa so they can spend warm evenings together.

  • What we love:

A stunning Louis XVI-style sofa, meticulously crafted in France with an unusual corbeille form that sets it apart from ordinary designs. The sofa’s frame boasts a layer of exquisite gold leaf, while its seat and sides feature sumptuous velvet upholstery that is expertly tufted for added elegance. Adorning the back is a beautiful artwork from the 1800s, fashioned from high-quality silk and cotton.

  • Where to buy:  Osmanantiquecom store on Esty, 2.032,14$

16. Glamorous Initialed Decanter

Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple Initialed Decanter
Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple Initialed Decanter

Consider giving the couple wine glasses, crystal tumblers, or their favorite drink glassware. This luxury wedding gift can be used at the couple’s wedding ceremonies!

  • What we love:

Whether you choose one of the exclusive 3D lava designs or upload your own, your whiskey decanter set will be as unique as you are. Besides, this decanter holds 32 ounces, and it’s packaged with two glasses and some coasters.

  • Where to buy: LavaDecanter store on Esty, $44,80

Luxury Kitchen Things for Wedding Presents

17. Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

High-end Wedding Gifts Cheese Board and Knife Set
Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

If you want to give them a charcuterie display item worthy of Instagram, you could give them this set. It comes with a wooden fruit tray and a guide for serving and snacks with a cheeseboard.

  • What we love:

Charcuterie boards with bowls, a cheese knife set, and other charcuterie accessories are included in this cheeseboard set.

  • Where to buy: Unamulitica store on Esty, $102,12

18. High-quality Wine Set Tools

Luxury Wedding Presents With Red Wine Set Tools
Expensive Luxury Gifts For Couples With Red Wine Set Tools

You can never go wrong with this fantastic set! The couple’s names are carved on the red box, but the wine tools within are unique. The happy couple will be amazed how they could have received such a wonderful luxury wedding gift.

  • What we love:

This set has a Rabbit Wine Opener (a lever corkscrew), foil cutter, wine pourer, wine collar (drip ring), two bottle stoppers, and two replacement screws. Everything is made of stainless steel (spiral worm).

  • Where to buy: Brand: Jingoudian on Amazon

19. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker Best Luxury Wedding Gifts
A Coffee Maker

A fancy machine is the type of present ideal for couples who enjoy a cup of coffee every morning. The coffee maker’s features enable you to produce delicious beverages at home.

  • What we love:

Without a pump, this coffee maker heats water to the ideal temperature for coffee extraction. In addition, a brew-Volume Selector switch allows you to create half or full carafes.

  • Where to buy: You may visit the Technivorm Moccamaster Store on Amazon, $359,00

20. Luxury Cookbook Box

Cookbook Box Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple
Luxury Cookbook Box For Newly Couples

A beautifully carved wooden recipe box is an excellent luxury wedding gift for culinary couples. Any home’s kitchen would benefit significantly from installing this cookbook box.

  • What we love:

This box for A6 (4×6) recipe cards is made of walnut wood and is finished with natural oil wax that is good for the environment. You can keep all your favorite recipes in the box or give them to someone special as a thoughtful gift.

  • Where to buy: WoodCardGifts store on Esty, $56,69

21. Elegant Bar Tool Set

Piece Barware Set Expensive Luxury Gifts For Couples
Piece Barware Set Luxury Gifts For Wedding

This sleek and modern bar tool set will complete the newlyweds’ bar cart. Gifting the newlyweds a classic and exquisite barware set is like sending them on a magical adventure. High-end cocktail mixing equipment like this would be a fantastic luxury wedding gift, making the newlyweds feel like true mixology masters.

  • What we love:

This bar tool set’s organic form and sleek style make it a great surprise. The ripples and thin striations etched into each bowl are unique to that bowl alone.

  • Where to buy: Gumtreela, $79.00

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22. Slow Juicer

Slow Juicer Machine For Expensive Wedding Gifts
Slow Juicer Machine For Wedding Gift

A juicer may help the newlyweds start a healthy and happy life together. It’s one of the best luxury wedding gifts for newlywed couples.

  • What we love:

Because their ABS plastic bodies are so durable, slow juicers can be used repeatedly without breaking. This slow juicer’s strainer and auger are composed of Ultem, a plastic that is eight times tougher than standard plastics, making them durable enough to be used every day for years.

  • Where to buy: Hurom, $351.20

23. Smart Garden Grow Kit

Smart Garden Grow Kit For High-end Wedding Gifts
Smart Garden Grow Kit For Luxury Wedding Presents

This at-home growing kit will let the pair provide fresh herbs to loved ones. Choose basil, strawberries, parsley, or little tomatoes to bloom in their kitchen. We’re sure the couple who loves gardening will adore this item.

  • What we love:

They are a simple way to care for your body and the environment without making a mess. Your plants will do well under their LED grow lights, and you will only need to occasionally give them water and nutrient solutions.

  • Where to buy: You may buy at Brand: Bluelab on Amazon

24. La Doublej Set

La Doublej Set Luxury Wedding Presents
La Doublej Set

Happy couples would appreciate these best luxury wedding gifts, such as high-end dinnerware! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will all have your “signature.” Food tastes considerably better on plates that have been thoughtfully prepared with love.

  • What we love:

The set is adorned with a beautiful emerald green color that adds a touch of elegance to any table setting.

  • Where to buy: Matches Fashion, $410,00

25. Cocktail Machine

Luxury Gifts For Wedding Cocktail Machine
Luxury Wedding Gifts Cocktail Machine

You can create fresh drinks with no measuring or pouring by this equipment. The gadget has a reservoir and mixes your drink in seconds. All you need to do is insert a cocktail capsule, choose the strength, then press the mix button.

  • What we love:

In fewer than 20 seconds, you can have a tasty drink thanks to this handy device. To get going, pour your preferred libations into the machine’s top. The gadget then establishes a wireless link with your mobile device.

  • Where to buy: The Gadget Flow, $1250,00

26. A Multifunctional Air Fryer

A Multifunctional Air Fryer Luxury Wedding Gifts
A Multifunctional Air Fryer

For the foodie couple, what do you recommend as luxury wedding gifts? Consider this multifunctional air fryer as an essential kitchen item. This multifunctional appliance may be used for air frying, toasting, warming, and more.

  • What we love:

Options for air frying, baking, broiling, and roasting mean you can eat well for every meal of the day. If you’re unsure what temperature and how long to cook it for, this air fryer can do the work for you thanks to the LED display with eight preset menu selections.

  • Where to buy: HomCom Brand on Wayfair, $84.61

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Luxury Wedding Gifts to Enhance Their Life

27. Personalized Earrings Gift

Personalized Earrings Luxury Gifts For Wedding
Personalized Earrings Gift For Couples

A beautiful set of fabulous earrings for the bride-to-be is the ideal luxury gift for a wedding. Consider personalizing it with the couple’s name or initials to take your gift to the next level.

  • What we love: 

This handmade item is beautiful and durable, thanks to rose gold, gold, and silver. These earrings are also custom-made, making them special for the recipient.

  • Where to buy: Themaiejewelery store on Esty, $25,53

28. Gorgeous Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas
Pearl Bracelet Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas

Pearls are classic and sophisticated when given as luxury wedding gifts. The wedding day is complete after you’ve snagged them onto the bride’s wrist. They might be somewhat expensive, but money well spent is always appreciated.

  • What we love: 

This gold and silver Gorgeous Pearl Bracelet is handmade. Besides, high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship make this bracelet durable and beautiful.

  • Where to buy: MrsQCreation store on Esty, $16,15

29. Foot Massage Machine

Foot Massage Machine Expensive Wedding Gifts
Foot Massage Machine For Newly Couple

Choosing high-end wedding gifts might be stressful, but this idea will help you. This foot massager with presents combines heat and shiatsu massage to relieve tension. With this gift, they’ll be amazed at how kind you are.

  • What we love:

This foot and leg massager uses deep kneading, a Shiatsu technique, to help reduce inflammation, speed up recovery after exercise, and lessen pain.

  • Where to buy: Brand: Cloud Massage on Amazon for $247,93

30. Couple Watches

Couple Watches High-end Wedding Gifts For Couple
Couple Watches Expensive Luxury Gifts For Couples

Purchasing stylish wristwatches for the couple is one of the most incredible ideas. It looks excellent when couples wear matching yet unobtrusive clothing. These luxury wedding presents can help the couple get to know each other better.

  • What we love:

The watch comes with or without a date function, and it can run for up to 80 hours without being wound. This makes it reliable even if you forget to wind it for a few days.

  • Where to buy: Luxury Shopping, $915,58

31. The Ring Dish

The Ring Dish For Bride
The Ring Dish For Bride

A ring dish is a must-have for any married couple, and this one is made even more special by its heart shape. This small gift may be her favorite because it keeps small jewelry safe on her nightstand or near the sink. These luxury gifts for wedding may be personalized with the couple’s initials.

  • What we love: 

It fits rings and other small jewelry at 91mm x 87mm. It also has stainless steel making the dish long-lasting.

  • Where to buy: Jgjewelryusa store on Esty, $20,83

32. Custom Couple Print

Print Store Custom Couple Print Decoration
Print Store Custom Couple Print Decoration

They will undoubtedly appreciate this personalized portrait for many years to come. Luxury wedding gifts can be personalized in various ways. It’s a genuine gesture to deserve a permanent place on their wall as one of their most prized items.

  • What we love:

Oh Canvas uses high-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure the highest quality canvas print. This means that your print will last for many years.

  • Where to buy: Oh Canvas, $49,95

33. Luxury Fragrances

Luxury Fragrances Gift For Couple
Luxury Fragrances Gift For Couple

Perfume sets are fantastic high-end wedding gifts for any couple. Romantic smells will make a new pair the wedding focus.

  • What we love:

These unisex, handmade, luxury eau de parfums have a lengthy shelf life. The greatest quality fragrance is guaranteed when made one at a time.

  • Where to buy: DojoCandles store on Esty, $92,75

34. Leather Valet Box And Display Case

Leather Valet Box And Display Case
Leather Valet Box And Display Case

The happy couple will surely appreciate a luxurious and practical item. If the happy couple you know is about to tie the knot and start living together, this leather valet box and display case will make a fantastic luxury wedding gift. Any little jewelry or accessories, such as watches, rings, tie clips, bracelets, pins, etc., will fit neatly into this valet case.

  • What we love:

This stylish, sturdy, and functional watch box has room for six watches and three pairs of glasses. This glass jewelry box has a silver latch for easy access and clear glass to see your precious timepieces.

  • Where to buy: ChicMakings store on Esty, $28,62

35. Expensive Soap & Towel Gift Set

Expensive Soap & Towel Gift Set
Expensive Soap & Towel Gift Set

With this gift set, the couple will feel like they’re having a great time at an expensive spa. This package for two is not only helpful but is also fashionable. In addition to the monogrammed soaps, the bundle includes two personalized towels. As a result, it is an ideal choice for luxury gifts for weddings.

  • What we love: 

The set comes with three antique-white square soaps and twelve disposable towels that can be personalized with one or three initials.

  • Where to buy: Williams Sonoma, $59,00

36. Leather Wine Tote and Tumblers

Leather Wine Tote and Tumblers
Leather Wine Tote and Tumblers

If the pair likes wine, they’ll appreciate this package. These luxury wedding presents include a leather, insulated wine bag holding two bottles and two wine tumblers.

  • What we love: 

The tote’s lining is insulated to keep your drinks cool, ensuring your wine remains at the ideal temperature. In addition, the tote has a large storage pocket on the back, which is ideal for storing snacks or other essentials.

  • Where to buy: Tilvin, $199.99

37. Backgammon Set

Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple Set
Backgammon Set Luxury Gifts For Wedding Couple

Give this set to a newlywed couple if you know they like spending time together playing games on the sofa. Crafted by skilled craftsmen in Lebanon, this chessboard has hundreds of tesserae of inlaid walnut, olive, lemon, apricot, and rosewood. Due to the nature of handiwork, the precise inlay colors and patterns may differ from one item to the next.

  • What we love:

Traditional methods were used to make the cotton polish on this old backgammon set. The two parts of this backgammon set are held together by a gold clip that won’t open on its own. You may safely store your backgammon pieces, dice, and chess pieces inside your backgammon board.

  • Where to buy: ChessCreatives store on Esty, $104,20

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