39 Stunning Hawaiian Wedding Gifts to Bright Your Day 2024

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Getting married on any beach is a beautiful experience, but a wedding in Honolulu may seem even more charming. It’s essential to bring Hawaiian wedding gifts if you’ve been invited to an event in beach heaven place. A well-chosen gift is sure to put a smile on the faces of the happy couple. Viva Wedding Photography has produced a list of our top 39 Hawaii-themed presents to get you started.

Unique Hawaii Wedding Gifts For Your Favorite Couples

1. Kukui Nut Oil

Kukui Nut Oil Hawaiian Wedding Gifts
Kukui Nut Oil From Hawaii To Gift Your Couple

Kukui nut oil products are fantastic Hawaiian wedding gifts! Oil extracted from the Kukui nut (also known as a candlenut) has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties because of its high concentration of fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. It’s a good sleep moisturizer for removing bridal eye makeup. In addition, it also relieves the itchy and dry skin associated with eczema and psoriasis.

What we love:

  • Benefits for the skin: kukui nut oil absorbs rapidly and leaves a silky, non-greasy texture behind.
  • Benefits for hair: Kukui nut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and can treat dandruff and itchy scalp.

Where to buy: You can buy it on Amazon for $8.99

2. Customized Palm Makeup Bag

Customized Palm Makeup Bag For Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas
Customized Palm Makeup Bag For Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas

Look at this cute palm leaf cosmetics bag! It would be perfect for a Hawaiian wedding or to add a tropical touch while traveling. These Hawaiian-themed gifts are extra wonderful when it is personalized.

What we love:

  • It can be personalized with the couple’s name.
  • This bag is made from linen. Linen is an eco-friendly alternative to cotton because it’s also made from natural fibers. It’s also quite absorbent and sturdy.

Where to buy: Buy it on Resisdentz for $10.00

3. Raw Hawaiian Honey

Lehua Blossom Raw Hawaiian Honey
Lehua Blossom Raw Hawaiian Honey

Hawaiian honey products make excellent traditional Hawaiian wedding gifts. Honey from the Lehua Blossom, found only in Hawaii, is white, smooth, and spreadable. It has a floral flavor and is delicious in tea or spread on toast! These are ideal presents for a couple who adores Hawaii since, with just one taste, they will be returned there!

What we love:

  • Raw honey that has not been processed in any way and is 100% organic.
  • It crystallized easily from its natural state, making it smooth and creamy in texture.
  • Single-floral-flower honey with a mild, consistent flavor.

Where to buy: Purchase it on Amazon for $17.89

4. Personalized Hawaii Replica License Plate Keychains

Hawaiian Wedding Gifts Keychains For Couples
Personalized Hawaii Replica License Plate Keychains For Couples

These personalized keychains are perfect Hawaiian wedding gifts for couples. They may put them on backpacks, zipper pulls, purses, and other items as wonderful wedding keepsakes.

What we love:

  • It can be personalized with the couple’s name for more special.
  • Eye-catching and striking colors make it easier to find keys.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon for $9.99

5. Aloha Necklace

Hawaiian Wedding Gifts Beach Shell Necklace
Hawaii Beach Shell Necklace For Couples Daily Using

Something magical about the thought of getting a wedding on a beach in Hawai`i is aloha. You could give these Aloha seashells as traditional Hawaiian wedding presents. “Aloha” means “hello,” “goodbye,” and “love” in Hawaiian. It’s also a symbol of the “Aloha Spirit.” It tells people to be kind and treat others the way they would like to be treated.

What we love:

High-quality material: The lobster clasp and polished white rose clamshell shells measure 7-9mm and are of class ‘A’ quality. They are hand-sorted by skilled artisans.

Where to buy: Purchase it on Etsy for $13.95

6. Li Hing Mui Dried Mango

Li Hing Mui Dried Mango As Traditional Gift For Couples
Li Hing Mui Dried Mango As Traditional Gift For Couples

Li Hing Mui Mango is one of Hawaii’s most popular snacks among newlyweds! The combination of li hing mui powder with mango results in a salty, sweet, and chewy snack! When you try it, you’ll understand why it’s one of Honolulu’s most famous culinary wedding gifts!

What we love:

Li hing mangos have a pleasant sweetness together with a sour tang at the same time.

The dried mango is sweet and juicy with a delicate texture.

Where to buy: You can buy it at dahawaiianstore for $ 17.95

7. Plumeria Necklace

Plumeria Necklace Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii
Plumeria Necklace Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii

Jewelry is an excellent choice for Hawaii wedding gift ideas that impress the newlyweds. Plumeria is a renowned Hawaiian flower that represents hope and a fresh start. Its meaning would make the pair happy whenever they wear this Plumeria necklace. Besides, it also has a hidden gem of those beautiful flowers.

What we love:

Beautiful design: Plumeria flower petals, plated in gold and rhodium, are the centerpiece of this stunning display necklace. The resulting y-shaped design is both modern and feminine.

Where to buy: Buy it on Etsy for $45.00

8. Hawaii Sweatshirt

Hawaii Sweatshirt Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii
Hawaii Sweatshirt Wedding Gifts From Hawaii

This simple sweatshirt is ideal for minimalists. And it goes with almost anything! It’s perfect for wearing on chilly aircraft travel to the islands. It’s also appropriate for wearing at home for a wedding couple all year. Because of its design, it will be one of your favorite Hawaiian wedding gift ideas.

What we love:

  • The fabric is comfortable and soft against the skin and breathable, lightweight, and elastic. The fabric is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin to wear.
  • Adaptable to any shape or size.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon for $26.99

9. Kauai Coffee

Hawaii Kauai Coffee As Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii
Hawaii Kauai Coffee As Wedding Gift For Couple

This Vanilla Macadamia Nut coffee is made from 100 percent premium Arabica beans. It’s one of the greatest Hawaiian wedding gifts for folks who enjoy sampling new coffees. It has a smooth, sweet flavor and a wonderful scent. It’s delicious even in hot or cold!

What we love:

  • Eco-friendly process: Sustainable, environmentally sound procedures were used throughout the process, beginning with the cultivation of the coffee beans and continuing through roasting and final packaging.
  • Kauai Coffee is made from 100% premium Arabica beans and has a rich, flavorful scent and silky, excellent taste.

Where to buy: You can buy it on Amazon for $16.75

10. Gold Hawaiian Bangle Bracelets

Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii Bracelets For Couples
Gold Hawaiian Bangle Bracelets For Couples

In Hawaii, most ladies wear stacks of gold bangles. Thus, often expensive presents are handed down over generations. But we found another option for traditional Hawaiian wedding gifts for a bride-to-be. These pretty bangle bracelets have a lovely conventional Hawaiian flower and scroll design.

What we love:

High-quality, tarnish-resistant 14-karat gold fill ensures a long life and brilliant sheen.

Where to buy: You can buy it on Etsy for $81.80

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11. Golden Plum Crack Seed Drops

Golden Plum Candy For Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii
Golden Plum Crack Seed Drops For Wedding Gift

This golden plum candy is another traditional Hawaiian treat. Crack seeds are wrapped in sweet hard candy shells and offer an acidic and sweet punch. The stunning combination makes them a superior choice for wedding gifts in Honolulu.

What we love:

Crack seeds in the classic form, wrapped in a hard candy shell, are both sweet and acidic.

Where to buy: Purchase it on Amazon for $9.99

12. HNL Airport Sweatshirt

Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii HNL Airport Sweatshirt
Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii HNL Airport Sweatshirt

The pair will love this lovely Hawaii airport code sweatshirt. The quality is excellent and ideal for a chilly flight to Hawaii. They are also made for destinations such as Kona, Lihue, and Kahului. It’s a cute concept for wedding presents for couples that love the Hawaiian island.

What we love:

Eco-friendly printing on a Gildan 18000, an 8 oz. 50/50 men’s crewneck hoodie featuring reduced-pill, air-jet spun fabric.

Where to buy: Buy it on Etsy for $42.99

13. Custom Hawaii Water Bottle

Wedding Gifts In Honolulu Water Bottle For Couples
Custom Hawaii Water Bottle With World Maps For Couples

Finding a reusable water bottle that fits your needs and style might be challenging. This Hawaii water bottle is BPA-free and can keep cold and hot drinks chilled for up to 24 hours. These Hawaiian wedding gifts may be even more special by personalizing maps of the area.

What we love:

  • Each thermos bottle has three layers of insulation and a vacuum seal to keep contents hot or cold for hours.
  • A complete map of streets, communities, and coordinates is precisely engraved around the vessel.

Where to buy: Order it on villeandrue for $37.50

14. Leather Luggage Tag

Wedding Gifts In Honolulu Luggage Tag For Couples
Leather Hawaii Luggage Tag For Couples

When your couple gets married in Honolulu, give them luggage tags as Hawaii wedding gift ideas. When the happy couple opens this present, they’ll have a heartfelt chuckle at the line “meet me in Hawaii.” You may also personalize your couple’s baggage tags with a note or monogram they’ll love.

What we love:

It is made from bonded leather. This is an eco-friendly material, easy to clean, and sustainable.

Where to buy: Purchase it on Etsy for $5.25

15. Personalized Hawaii Tote Bags

Personalized Wedding Gifts In Honolulu Tote Bags
Personalized Hawaii Tote Bags

With custom tote bags to their wedding plans, beach days or picnics will be much more enjoyable. They will forever treasure this Hawaiian wedding gift as a sign of your thoughtfulness.

What we love:

  • This canvas tote bag is made entirely of cotton and is ideal for everyday usage.
  • The handbag is fashionable, chic, and sustainable.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon for $18.99

16. Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof Speaker Wedding Gift For Couple In Hawaii
Waterproof Speaker Wedding Gift For Couple In Hawaii

Because it can lift anyone’s spirits, music is an essential part of daily living. This waterproof, compact speaker will be a hit as one of your wedding gifts in Honolulu. They may play their favorite music during their wedding celebration or utilize it later.

What we love:

  • The battery life lasts up to ten hours of playtime on a single battery charge.
  • Extremely lightweight and long-lasting.
  • It is totally submersible and floats.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon for

17. Pineapple Beach Fan

Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas Pineapple Beach Fan
Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas Pineapple Beach Fan

What would happen if there was no breeze from the lake and the sun was beaming straight on the pair? Thanks to this adorable fan, they’ll be able to stay cool all day long as they celebrate their weddings. Additionally, the style of this fan is particularly well-suited for Hawaiian-themed gifts.

What we love:

  • The mosaic glass base of this beautiful table fan is fashioned after a pineapple, making it a perfect choice for a tropical theme.
  • High-velocity air movement thanks to a 10-inch oscillating fan head.
  • Low-noise, low-wattage (20 watts) but an effective recirculating fan with three speeds.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon for $175.00

18. Hawaiian Leis

Hawaiian Leis Wedding Gifts In Honolulu For Couple
Hawaiian Leis For Couple In Their Wedding

The lei is the most iconic gift associated with Hawaii. People wear lei as a symbol of their love and admiration and as a sign of respect and gratitude. Therefore, Leis are traditional Hawaiian wedding gifts that are given to newlyweds.

19. Hula Girl

Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas Hula Girl On Dash
Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas Hula Girl On Dash

What person wouldn’t want to have a Hula girl on their dashboard? This keepsake is ideal for a wedding pair and will remind you to visit Hawaii soon. This hula girl will save you from worrying about regularly replacing the batteries, thanks to its solar power.

What we love:

  • Made from polyresin, which is impervious to rain and sunlight.
  • Easily attach to any surface thanks to the adhesive base.

Where to buy: Purchase it on Amazon for $12.25

20. Hawaiian Ukulele

Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas Ukulele
Custom Hawaiian Ukulele

There’s a must-have item from Hawaii! Ukulele – a stringed instrument. This will be a perfect gift for the bride and groom since it represents Hawaii. It’s a beautiful keepsake of the most joyous day of their life and meaningful home decoration.

What we love:

Small in stature. Big on originality, though, transporting us to a tropical island where we may have a pineapple drink in between jam sessions.

Where to buy: Buy this item on Uncommon Goods for $82.83

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Creative Hawaiian Wedding Perfect Gift Ideas For Home Decoration

21. State of Hawaii Vintage Map

Vintage Map For Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas
Vintage Map For Home Decor

This vintage map would make excellent traditional Hawaiian wedding gifts. To symbolize the beginning of the newlyweds’ love and commitment, the map of Hawaii is put in the form of a heart. We are sure that they’ll treasure it for years.

What we love:

Professional printing is used, along with archival inks and high-quality Kodak Endura luster picture paper.

Where to buy: Order it on Etsy for $9.00

22. Hawaii Scented Candle

Hawaii Scented Candle Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas
Hawaii Scented Candle Wedding Gift For Couple

Because smell is one of the senses that reaches the brain quickly, this candle’s light scent will bring back memories of their big day. These candles are also eco-friendly because they are made from soy wax and aroma oils grown in the United States, making them unique wedding gifts in Honolulu!

What we love:

  • A candle with a burn time of 120 hours.
  • When lit, the natural perfumes from the preserved botanicals in the wax fill the air with a pleasant aroma, and the candles cast a beautiful glow.

Where to buy: Buy it on Uncommon Goods for $52.42

23. Hawaiian Pink Quill Plant

Quill Plant For Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas
Quill Plant For Couple’s Home

The couple might keep a plant alive to decorate their home. This one is easy to grow since they should only water it once or twice a week, depending on the weather. All they need to do left is just put them in a bright window and make sure they don’t dry out.

What we love:

  • This plant can improve aesthetics, clean the air, elevate mood, and alleviate dry skin.
  • It will look lovely on their shaded patio, desk, window sill, counter, flower garden, or anyplace else in their home or place of work.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon for $100.91

24. Hawaii Ocean Canvas Print

Hawaii Engraved Picture Frame For Couple’s Home Decoration
Hawaii Engraved Picture Frame For Couple’s Home Decoration

Choose a gift that will make a memory last a lifetime! How adorable are these personalized canvas print Hawaii wedding gifts? This artwork features a marine scene with dolphins and coastal, taking the happy couple back to their Hawaiian wedding every time they look at it. What a fantastic way to celebrate a Hawaiian wedding!

25. Hand-Lettered Hawaii Print

Hand-Lettered Print As Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas
Hand-Lettered Hawaii Print

Celebrate your couple with this hand-lettered watercolor state print as a Hawaiian wedding gift. You may change the color to match any space in their house! Map-themed presents are usually popular among newlyweds because they’re significant and unique!

What we love:

  • The print is made on premium matte paper.
  • Archival ink is used for all printing so that the prints retain their color over time.

Where to buy: Purchase it on Etsy for $19.99

26. Hawaii Door Mat

Aloha Door Mat Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas
Hawaii Door Mat

You will always see door mats in Hawaii, which will always surprise you! It’s usually on a porch with a pile of flip-flops. Their house has a no-shoes policy, and they have a similar sign to remind folks to remove their shoes. Therefore, it is considered one of the most excellent wedding gifts for couples in Hawaii.

What we love:

  • Durable material: All-weather vinyl backing and 100% natural coir fibers ensure this durable mat can withstand any climate.
  • This welcome mat has been expertly flocked. Doing so adds a plush three-dimensional velour accent to the mat.

Where to buy: Purchase it on Esty for $54.00

27. Bamboo Hawaii Cutting Board

Bamboo Cutting Board For Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas
Bamboo Hawaii Cutting Board For Couples Who Love Hawaii

This Hawaii cutting board is so adorable that you might not want to use it! That’s why it’s great that it comes with a hanging hole and a suspend tie, making this board a perfect wall art choice! It’s one of the ideal wedding gifts in Honolulu for a wedding couple who adores the islands.

What we love:

Unique design: The shapes of their favorite places worldwide are carefully cut from long-lasting, biodegradable material.

Where to buy: You can buy on Uncommon Goods for $57.66

28. Ocean Round Wall Art

Ocean Round Wall Art For Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas
Ocean Round Wall Art For Couple To Decor Home

This lovely work of art is circular and designed to seem like a ship window. It will remind the newlyweds of the sea, an icon of Hawaii. Consider one of these beautiful Hawaiian wedding gifts if the couples are home decor lovers.

What we love:

All seascapes are painted by hand, using high-quality, artist-grade oil paints on cotton canvas designed to last a lifetime.

Where to buy: Buy it on Etsy for $750

29. Hammock Chair

Hawaiian Wedding Gift Ideas Hammock Chair
Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii Hammock Chair

This hammock is perfect for the couple’s rear yard, where they can unwind whenever possible. It’s designed with traditional Hawaiian patterns, so they’ll never forget how happy they were when they said: “I do.”

This hammock chair only requires one hook for suspension, so setting it up is a breeze. The hammock’s wooden spreader effectively supports their weight and cushions their back.

What we love:

  • An eco-friendly item: This striped denim hanging chair, which has been handmade, is incredibly textured. As a product created entirely from recycled denim, you can rest assured that it is environmentally friendly.
  • The roomy wood spreader bar allows you to rest your body fully. Helps keep your back in place as you relax.
  • Perfect for any space: You can place it anywhere: inside, outside, on a stand, etc.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon for $59.99

30. Succulent With Personalized Tag

Succulent With Personalized Tag Hawaiian Wedding Gifts
Succulent With Personalized Tag In Hawaii Wedding Celebration

Newlywed couples may use plants to enhance air quality and reduce stress. Customize “Love and Thanks” tags for Hawaiian wedding gift ideas to bring a smile to the newlyweds’ faces.

31. Wedding Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters For Hawaii Wedding Gifts
Wooden Coasters For Hawaii Wedding Gift

The Hawaiian wedding gifts of handcrafted hardwood coasters are a sure bet. Customize these eco-friendly wood coasters with colors or phrases for their wedding to make them more unique.

What we love:

  • Functional, absorbent coaster set that won’t leave residue or scratch glass.
  • Wider at 4.25″, it’s the perfect size for iced tea pitchers, large coffee mugs, sports water bottles, and insulated travel mugs.
  • Super-Absorbent Stone: Even the sweatiest glasses and mugs won’t leave a mark on tables or countertops because of these coasters’ ability to soak up moisture.

Where to buy: Buy it on Wayfair for $29.99

32. Whale-Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Hawaiian Wedding Gifts Measuring Spoons
Whale-Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Whale-shaped measuring spoons are a fun way to start their cooking adventure. For the couple who love to cook together, these Whale-shaped measuring spoons are the perfect Hawaii wedding gifts to show your admiration for their affection.

What we love:

  • Eye-catching color.
  • Made from Porcelain, it is highly moisture resistant, easy to clean, and durable.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon for $15.29

33. Camp Mugs

Hawaiian Wedding Gifts Camp Mugs For Couples
Wedding Presents In Honolulu Camp Mugs For Couples

When you think about mugs in the winter, you may think of warmth and coziness. On the other hand, these mugs have a pattern similar to the palm trees in Hawaii, giving them a summer vibe. They are also perfect for happy couples to enjoy their favorite iced beverages.

34. Rowboat Serving Boat With Napkin Holder

Rowboat Serving Boat Hawaiian Wedding Gifts
Rowboat Serving Boat With Napkin Holder

After the day of the wedding, do you want to remind the newlyweds of their Hawaiian event? This rowboat serving boat is one of Honolulu’s perfect traditional wedding presents. It is sure to become the centerpiece of any dining table.

What we love:

  • Nuts, chocolates, olive relishes, or whatever floats the boat can be stored inside the hull’s four compartments.
  • Spoons shaped like paddles are constructed from Sheesham wood, and the mast has a napkin holder.

Where to buy: Purchase this item on Uncommon Goods for $89.12

35. Hawaiian Quilt

Hawaiian Wedding Gifts Quilt
Wedding Gift Ideas From Hawaii Quilt

Consider a Hawaiian quilt if you’re looking for a great Hawaiian wedding gift. Made from high-quality fabric, these genuine Hawaiian quilts can be passed down through families for decades.

36. Koa Wood Board

Koa Wood Board For Wedding Gifts In Honolulu
Koa Wood Board For Couple Celebrating In Hawaii

If you are looking for something different to gift at a Hawaii wedding, start with Koa wood items. Koa wood is found natively only in Hawaii; it was initially utilized for canoes and weapons. Later, it was used to make a lot of decorations and other keepsakes. Consider giving the couple this Koa board with gold accents and a turtle design as a luxury Hawaiian wedding gift they will appreciate for a long time.

37. Hawaiian Print Fabric

Hawaiian Print Fabric For Wedding Gifts In Hawaii
Hawaiian Print Fabric For Wedding Gift In Hawaii

Since Hawaii’s printed textiles are among the best in the world, they are a huge tourist seller. Gifting them one of the best Hawaii wedding gifts as your thoughtful gesture. Check out their clothing preferences to pick out the best textures and colors!

38. Hawaiiana Books

Book Hawaiian Wedding Gifts
Story by Hawaii’s Queen Book Collection For Couples

For the literary couple, a book on Hawaii is a perfect practical item. This book recounted the challenging times at the turn of the twentieth century when the prediction made by native Hawaiian historian David Malo in 1837 about “the small ones” being “gobbled up” for the Hawaiian Islands came true. Bookworm couples will be impressed with these Hawaiian wedding gifts.

Where to buy: Buy this book on Nameahawaii for $11.95

39. Lauhala Craft Gift

Lauhala Craft Gift For Hawaiian Wedding Gifts
Lauhala Craft Gift For Couple

People in Hawaii are pretty familiar with the leaves of the Hala, often known as the pandanus tree. There may be attractive options for Hawaii wedding presents, like hats, handbags, fans, tablecloths, and personalized woven blouses.

To prepare the leaves for weaving, weavers first remove any thorns present and then soak and soften them. The finer the weave, the greater the value of the item.

Where to buy: Buy it on Etsy for $15.00

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A wedding gift is a beautiful way to express congratulations and wishes to the happy couple. Carefully consider what the happy couple values most when you shop for a wedding present. Viva Wedding Photography hopes that the Hawaiian wedding gifts list will be helpful to you. If you still haven’t uncovered the correct item, read more of our other articles for reference!

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