41 Best 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts That They Will Love

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Congratulations on reaching 23 years of marriage! That’s a remarkable achievement that deserves a big celebration. The two of you have been through so much together, and you know how to make each other smile. But when it comes to the 23rd wedding anniversary gifts, you might be feeling a bit stuck. You want something that captures your special connection and expresses your deep affection.

Don’t fret, Viva Wedding Photography is here to help. We have some awesome ideas for gifts that are fresh, exciting, and ideal for honoring your 23rd year of bliss.

What Is The 23rd Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

Traditional GiftNo traditional symbol
Modern GiftSilver plate
GemstoneImperial topaz and sapphire

Unlike most other anniversaries, the 23rd year of marriage has only one modern symbol: a silver plate. This represents the value and durability of your relationship, as well as the joy of sharing everyday life with your partner. A silver plate can be a beautiful and practical gift, but you can also explore other options that are made of silver, such as jewelry, accessories, or home decor. Silver is a symbol of purity, strength, and stability, which are essential qualities for a lasting marriage.

Another way to celebrate your 23rd wedding anniversary is to choose a gift that reflects the official flower, color, and gemstone of this milestone. The color is silver, which matches the modern theme, and the flower is nil, a type of morning glory that blooms in the morning and fades by evening. This flower symbolizes love, appreciation, and gratitude for each day you spend with your partner.

Silver Flatware - Modern 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Silver Flatware – Modern Gift Theme For 23rd Wedding Anniversary

The 23rd anniversary stone is either imperial topaz or sapphire, both of which have stunning colors and properties. Imperial topaz is believed to boost self-confidence and kindness, while sapphire is said to bring prosperity and blessings. These gemstones can be a perfect way to show your partner how much you value and cherish them.

Best 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For A Long-Lasting Love

Fantastic 23 Year Anniversary Gift For Wife

1. Necklace With Diamond Drop Pendant

A Piece Of Jewelry For 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
A Piece Of Jewelry For 23 Wedding Anniversary

This silver necklace takes a minimalistic approach to diamonds, capturing the city’s vibrant spirit. It is made of sterling silver and has a tiny pavé white diamond set in the center of a round Linear bead. The pendant is hung on a solid silver trace chain, emphasizing the piece’s elegant, sophisticated style. It is a beautiful accessory worn with any outfit for a sophisticated look.

2. Ring With Blue Sapphires And Topaz

23 Year Anniversary Present - Ring With Blue Sapphires And Topaz
23 Year Anniversary Present – Ring With Blue Sapphires And Topaz

For a couple celebrating 23 years of marriage, this ring is tailor-made. One half of this dainty gemstone ring is set with scalloped pavé sapphires, while the other half is set with Swiss Blue topaz, both providing a touch of class.

This ring’s Swiss blue topaz and sapphires are traditional 23rd-anniversary gems. They symbolize an everlasting commitment to one another and the wearer’s undying love. In other words, it was destined for this momentous occasion.

3. A Silver Dish For Trinkets

Silver Trinket Tray As 23rd Anniversary Gift For Her
Silver Trinket Tray For 23rd Anniversary Gift

Try this alternative expression of love: “I still do.” Give your spouse this tiny silver trinket tray as one of the 23rd wedding anniversary gifts to show affection for them. In addition to the heart and wedding day, it will also have a beautiful saying you choose. It’s a great place to keep their wedding band (and future anniversary bands) secure.

4. An Elegant Silver Serving Bowl

23 Years of Marriage Gift - Silver Serving Bowl
23 Years of Marriage Gift – Silver Serving Bowl

The traditional gift for a 23 wedding anniversary is a silver plate. But we think a silver love bowl would be more appropriate. When polished, the surface of this eight-metal alloy combination looks similar to silver. This beautiful serving dish is great for any meal with family and friends because it can keep food hot or cold for a long time. Their next dinner party is where you’ll finally see this silver dinnerware.

5. Bolo Bracelet With Imperial Topaz Zirconia

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Imperial Topaz Stones Bracelet
Imperial Topaz Bracelet

The sophisticated retro fashion of the 1940s had a major influence on this superb genuine imperial topaz link bracelet. The bracelet’s links are accented with an imperial topaz cut into a pear form.

The sterling silver and platinum that make up the bracelet’s framework ensure its luster and longevity while also making it suitable for everyday wear. The imperial topaz chain bracelet shines brightest due to its golden topaz stones. Wrap the topaz bracelet’s circular loop around her wrist and indulge inner fierceness.

6. Compact Mirror With A Sweet Message

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Customized Compact Mirror
Customized Compact Mirror

High-quality compact mirrors with touching words are great 23rd wedding anniversary gifts for her. It’s a beautiful way to show your unchanged affection to your loved one. Every time she uses it, she’ll be reminded of fantastic times.

Viva Wedding Photography Tips

When choosing a compact mirror, select one that is high-quality and durable. The mirror should be clear and provide a good reflection. If you want to make the gift even more special, consider pairing the compact mirror with other gifts. For example, you could include a bouquet of flowers, a piece of jewelry, or a heartfelt note.

7. An Animal-Themed Ring Holder Set

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her - Animal-Themed Ring Holder Set
23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her – Animal-Themed Ring Holder Set

Compared to a standard ring box or jewelry tray, a ring holder set is small and doesn’t take up much space. This item is well-made and stylish and will last you a long time. Its quirky design and funny actions make it a charming addition to any room.

She can rest her rings on this set of three metal animals as you clean her hands or use them as a decorative accent. Includes a hare, a stag, and an elephant, all made of copper metal. An upholstered velvet pad is included with each anigram to prevent damage to flat surfaces. It’s perfect for private spaces like bedrooms, kitchens, and baths.

8. Forever Loved Bracelet

Forever Loved Bracelet For 23 Year Anniversary Present
Forever Loved Bracelet For 23rd Anniversary Gift

This bracelet is the perfect token of your affection for your loved one and your generosity. It is a beautiful keepsake with engraved hearts and the words “Forever Loved” around the exterior and on the inside, respectively.

In addition to being a lovely accessory in its own right, this silver-toned bracelet is the perfect token of affection to give to friends and family members who could use a little boost. Give your lady this Forever Loved bracelet as a constant reminder of how much she means to you.

9. A Pair Of Sparkling Imperial Topaz Earrings

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Imperial Topaz Studs
23rd Wedding Anniversary Present – Imperial Topaz Studs

If your girlfriend doesn’t mind jewelry, she will love these beautiful imperial topaz studs. These unheated, all-natural Imperial Topaz gems have beautiful hues, ranging from golden yellow to orangish pink.

Wonderful glimmer! It’s not easy to come by 3mm rounds. Regarding imperials, lapidaries prefer not to cut rounds since it wastes stone. The four-prong 14K YG settings are lightweight and comfortable.

These studs are a fantastic buy and will last a long time. We’re not kidding when we say your other half will fall in love with these stud earrings. They’re versatile enough to go with any outfit.

10. Set Of Cheese Makers

Cheese Marker Set for 23 Year Anniversary Gift
Cheese Marker Stunning Gift Set

If your other half can’t get enough charcuterie and cheese boards, this is the perfect anniversary gift by year for them. These cute and helpful cheese markers feature six of their favorite cheeses. These sculptures are made from repurposed forks. They give your life a touch of whimsy and creativity while being good for the environment.

11. A Cheese Board With Silver Beads And Walnut Wood

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Cheese Board
23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her – Cheese Board

Whoever you are, if you enjoy entertaining guests at home, this platter is for you. It’s made of Caribbean solid walnut wood and has a monogram carved into it as a keepsake. The silver bead around the border complements the natural beauty of the wood.

12. A Wooden Wick Candle

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Wood Wick Candle
Wood Wick Candle For Her

Anyone who likes being outside will enjoy the atmosphere of a crackling fire in their own home. The wood wick in this soy wax candle makes a pleasing crackling sound as it burns. In addition, it has a pleasant woodland aroma with evergreen, moss, and cypress notes. When it comes to unique 23rd wedding anniversary gifts, you can never go wrong with this candle.

13. Spa Essentials For The Whole Family

Spa-Quality Collection Of Products as 23rs Anniversary Gifts
Spa-Quality Collection Of Products

A modern anniversary gift for her that encourages rest and care is always appreciated. Your words of wisdom to take it easy and reward themselves will be much appreciated. The exquisite spa-in-a-box is filled with all-natural face and body items for use in the comfort of your home. This set of products is like a spa, but you can use them in the comfort of your own home.

14. Silver-Plated Rose

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Silver-Plated Rose
Silver-Plated Rose As 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Do you know what’s better than fresh flowers? Eternal anniversary flower, of course! The 23rd anniversary is a reason to go all out. So if your spouse has a soft spot for blooms, treat them to this silver-plated rose.

This silver-plated rose with luscious crimson petals is 32 centimeters long and is as romantic as a real red rose. A name, date, or short message can be engraved on the thin metal plate strung along the stem to make this a meaningful remembrance. You can make someone feel extra special by giving them this beautiful rose, packaged in a gift box and perfect for a bridesmaid or an engagement, wedding, or anniversary.

15. Inscribed Silver Jewelry Box

Silver Jewelry Box For 23 Year Anniversary Present
Silver Jewelry Box For 23 Year Anniversary Present

For the safekeeping of valuable jewels and mementos, consider the antique silver jewelry box with two spacious compartments lined in luxurious blue flock fabric. The intricate floral design on the jewelry box gives it an air of timeless royalty, making it a lovely accessory for any vanity.

Her necklaces, bracelets, and rings will be safely stored and neatly organized behind a hinged cover and individual sections. Also, a personalized message of up to 80 characters is included to make this gift more unique and special for her in the anniversary.

16. Hanging Envelope Of Love Notes

Love Note Hanging Envelope for 23 Years of Marriage Gift
Love Note Hanging Envelope

Writing a passionate love letter is the most honest way to show how you feel about someone. However, what if it were etched, making it unalterable? Now is the time to buy this love note hanging envelope to show your fiance that your love will last as long as this note.

17. A Set Of Silver Salt And Pepper Grinders

23rd Anniversary Gift - Silver-Plated Salt And Pepper Shakers
Silver-Plated Salt And Pepper Shakers

The silver-plated salt and pepper shakers are a must-have for the dining table! The solid silver finish of this specific set makes a statement and is sure to be a show-stopper at any formal meal. Consider putting this thoughtful traditional gift for their 23rd-anniversary in a pretty box with a hand-letter message to make her emotional.

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18. Silver Tea Strainer

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her - Silver Strainer
23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her – Silver Strainer

Do you have a tea enthusiast in your life? A tea made with this silver strainer is sure to impress. These strainers are created by hand to ensure her Earl Grey is steeped in the ideal conditions. Both are designed for use with tea; the smaller one rests on the rim of your mug, while the larger one is made to fit inside a teapot.

Now, picture herself sipping this while reading in her favorite wingback chair, working at her desk, or even serving high tea to the royal family. Let’s send your wife a practical 23 year anniversary present today; she will appreciate these elegant strainers.

19. Sunburst Silver Mirror For Her Home Décor

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Silver Sunburst Mirror
A Silver Sunburst Mirror

This silver sunburst mirror would make a lovely 23rd-anniversary gift for a lady. In the core of this sculptural sunburst is a brilliant mirror that glimmers and shines. Reflected on its surface are staggered and stacked rays of iron, individually hammered by hand. Every time she sees herself in the mirror, she’ll be reminded of the sunburst that is her life because of you.

20. An Engraved Bookmark

23rd Anniversary Gifts - Engraved Bookmark
23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her – Engraved Bookmark

This silver bookmark will remind her how much you love each other whenever she picks up her favorite book. Constructed from thick stainless steel, it is scratch-proof and will not discolor or corrode. Also, you can personalize this bookmark with a touched message to show your affection for her. What a thoughtful 23 years of marriage gift!

Viva Wedding Photography Tips

The message you engrave on the bookmark should be thoughtful and meaningful. Consider a quote or phrase that is special to the couple or relates to their relationship.

To make the gift even more special, consider pairing the engraved bookmark with a book the couple would enjoy reading. This adds a personal touch to the gift and makes it even more thoughtful.

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Elegant 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husband

21. Wristwatch With Silver Accents

A Timepiece With Silver Accents for 23 Year Anniversary Gift
A Timepiece With Silver Accents

Need simple pieces of jewelry as 23rd wedding anniversary gifts for husband? Giving a timepiece is a great way to commemorate the many hours, days, and years you’ve shared. This wristwatch has a calendar and luminous hands on a black sunray dial in silver-tone stainless steel. Thanks to it, he’ll never forget your anniversary again.

22. Silver-Plated Cufflinks

23rd Anniversary Gifts - Silver-Plated Cufflinks
Other Ideas For 23rd Wedding Anniversary – Silver-Plated Cufflinks

These are so awesome! These one-of-a-kind cufflinks are crafted from genuine vintage typewriters. They are the perfect way to put your spouse’s stamp on his or her formal attire. You can add a touch of romance by opting for a monogram of your partner’s first or last initial or your own. The best part is that the silver mounting is a tribute to the modern 23rd anniversary gift.

23. Golf Pendant With Ball And Putter

Golf Ball And Putter Charm Pendant for 23rd Anniversary Gifts
Golf Ball And Putter Charm Pendant

Charm pendant in the shape of a golf ball & putter, meticulously crafted for sports enthusiasts. It has been handcrafted from pure 925 sterling silver and polished to perfection.

Viva Wedding Photography Tips

If you want to make the gift even more special, consider pairing the golf pendant with other golf-related gifts. For example, you could include a set of golf balls, a golf towel, or a gift card to a golf course.

24. BBQ Accessory Set

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - BBQ Accessory Set
23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts – BBQ Accessory Set

The all-in-one BBQ accessory set is a complete set of high-quality stainless steel tools for grilling. It has everything you need to add flavor and make cooking on the grill easier. This heavy-duty grill set is perfect for outdoor gatherings, including picnics, parties, and camping trips.

25. Personalized Money Clip Wallets Made Of Metal

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Metal Money Clip Wallets
Metal Money Clip Wallets For As 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Him

The outer case of the aluminum wallet is durable and won’t bend easily. Use a durable, rust-proof 304 stainless steel money clip to secure your cash and bills. The wallet’s outer cover has three sides with elastic bands holding twelve cards.

Also, the thoughtful message in this clip wallet is engraved with high-powered lasers, resulting in a crisp, permanent, and aesthetically pleasing mark on the metal’s surface. It’s something he’ll always remember and appreciate.

26. Personalized Dice And Card Box

Customized Card And Dice Case - Unique 23rd wedding anniversary gifts
Customized Card And Dice Case – Unique 23rd wedding anniversary gifts

A personalized card and dice case would be a thoughtful and ultimate gift for your poker-playing hubby. It includes two card decks and five dice in a lovely rosewood finish box. The latch and handles beautifully complement the rosewood veneer. And how, since he is so important to you, you never fail to appreciate the tiny things he does and says with adoration.

27. Personalized Wine Stopper

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Personalized Wine Stopper
23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Him – Personalized Silver Plate Wine Stopper

This personalized wine stopper can be a thoughtful and fantastic 23 year anniversary present for the one you love. It looks good and is uniquely crafted! To that end, why delay any longer? Bring your favorite bottle of wine and pick this up. You can utilize it and have fun with it for a long time.

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28. The Silver Wine Rack

23rd Anniversary Gifts - Sculptural Wine Rack
Sculptural Wine Racks As Perfect Gift For Him

This sculptural rack could help any wine-tasting lover keep their collection neat. It’s an eye-catching centerpiece that can hold up to six of their favorite vintages and draw attention to any wine collection. For 23rd wedding anniversary gifts, this wine rack is an excellent selection.

29. Personalized Golf Club Set With Silver Plate Finish

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Silver-Plated Golf Set
23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Him – Silver-Plated Golf Set

Is it challenging to keep your husband from going on golfing trips with you? He will surely like the silver-plated golf set you made just for him as an ideal traditional gift for the 23rd anniversary.

This silver-plated golf set has an engraved plaque and is packaged in a sleek black box. It comes with a ball marker and a divot repair tool that can be personalized. Gifts with personalized engraving are a great way to show the recipient how much you care about them, and this item is a big hit with golfers.

30. Personalized Silver Wine Coaster

Silver-Plated Wine Coaster for 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Silver-Plated Wine Coaster – 23 Anniversary Traditional And Modern Gifts

Use this elegant silver-plated wine coaster to prevent drips and spills. This gorgeous wine bottle coaster is made of mahogany wood and features silver plating. It’s the ideal 23rd wedding anniversary present for wine enthusiasts because it can be customized with their names, a special date, or a special message. If you want to impress your sweetheart on your anniversary, include a bottle of their favorite spirit.

31. Pigeon Bank Covered With Silver

23rd Wedding Anniversary Present - Silver-Plated Piggy Bank
Silver-Plated Piggy Bank

Regarding 23rd anniversary gifts for your husband, consider getting him this silver-plated piggy bank. This traditional piggy bank is made with a non-tarnish bright pewter finish that can be cleaned with a dusting cloth or microfiber cloth, saving you time that you can put toward counting your money rather than polishing the piggy bank.

Cleverly fashioned, this piggy bank is a little bigger than the traditional style but has all the hallmarks of the form. The huge snout, pointed ears, short legs, and large, expressive eyes of this pig bank are some impressive characteristics. Put a penny in a jar every day until your 24th wedding anniversary, and on that day, do something kind for each other.

32. Engraved Silver Plate Cheese Knife

23rd Anniversary Gift For Him - Personalized Cheese Knife
Personalized Cheese Knife

Give your sweetheart a customized cheese knife to show how much you appreciate his preference for savory foods over sweet ones. Your 23rd wedding anniversary gift for him can include his favorite cheeses and a message, quote, or joke.

Viva Wedding Photography Tips

You should choose a high-quality cheese knife. Look for a cheese knife that is well-made and durable. It should be made from high-quality materials, and the blade should be sharp enough to cut through various types of cheese.

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Unique 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

33. Monogrammed Drink Coasters

23rd Anniversary Gifts - A Pair Of Coasters
A Pair Of Coasters

A pretty pair of coasters can do two things: protect your furniture and make your home bar look better. These gorgeous stones will elevate any party platter. This piece of earthenware, which has been lavishly gilded and expertly constructed, will stand the test of time and be remembered for a long time. Your partner will feel like a hostess when they serve drinks from these marble ones with shiny brass letters.

34. A Silver Platter With Intricate Engravings

Personalized Silver Serving Platter for 23rd Wedding Anniversary Present
Personalized Silver Plate Serving Platter

A silver platter is the first choice when considering the most amazing 23 year anniversary present ideas. This item can be personalized with the bride and groom’s initials, names, and wedding date.

Viva Wedding Photography Tips

Let’s choose a design that reflects the couple’s style. When selecting a silver platter, consider the couple’s tastes and preferences. Choose a design that reflects their style and personality, whether modern or traditional, simple or ornate.

35. Sterling Silver Picture Frames

23rd Anniversary Gifts - Bamboo Sterling Silver Frame
23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Bamboo Sterling Silver Plate Frame

Just because it’s the modern 23rd-anniversary gift doesn’t mean you must give a silver plate. This silvery frame is just one example of the many options available. The sterling silver bamboo motif border was handcrafted in Italy. Put in the best photo from the past year to celebrate your 23rd wedding anniversary.

36. A Silver And Wicker Basket

23rd Anniversary Gift - Tray And Ice Bucket Combo
Tray And Ice Bucket Combo

This tray and ice bucket combo perfectly combines two party necessities. Each piece of this wicker-wrapped silver-plated stainless steel server is made by hand. With a champagne bottle and some charcuterie, you can have a great time celebrating the couple’s 23rd anniversary with them.

37. Silver Plate Address Embosser

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Silver Address Embosser
Silver Plate Address Embosser

Heavy-duty frames and painstaking craftsmanship go into making Ideal Embossers, which leave crisp impressions on paper goods, including envelopes, stationary, greeting cards, books, pictures, foil labels, and priceless papers. They’ll appreciate this silver address stamper you gave them as a 23rd wedding anniversary present. It’s a classy touch for greeting cards and other personal letters, saving them much time.

38. Unique Silver-Plated Map

23rd Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Silver Map
Personalized Silver Map

An anniversary gift of a custom-made map is a thoughtful way to produce a work of art that is both understated and evocative. The best 23 years of marriage gift for a couple is a personalized map of some meaningful place to them both, such as their current home, their wedding venue, or the place they originally met. It will show your partner how much they mean to you and how much they help you feel at ease.

39. Silver Keychain

Silver Keychain as 23rd Wedding Anniversary Present
23rd Wedding Anniversary Present – Silver Keychain

This silver keychain makes for a perfect gift for an anniversary, as it allows your spouse to have a little bit of you with them at all times. Personalize it with your loved ones’ names to show how much you love them. Plus, it’s pretty practical, making it a fantastic traditional gift.

40. Silver-Plated Hammered Chalices For Wine

Silver-Plated Hammered Chalices as 23 Years of Marriage Gift
Silver-Plated Hammered Chalices

Red wine at room temperature is perfect for beautiful silver-plated hammered wine goblets. The goblets are ideal for individuals who prefer a white wine that is crisp and cold since they maintain the wine’s temperature. As a set of two, they’re a wonderful 23 years of marriage gift for a glamorous anniversary or a grand celebration party.

41. Wall Art Featuring Favorite Song Lyrics On Canvas

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Song Lyrics Wall Art
23rd Wedding Anniversary Present – Song Lyrics Wall Art

What song plays in your head whenever you think about your beloved other? Your wedding song, the song you danced to on your first date, or the song you played when you first met. Why not give your sweetheart a romantic song for your anniversary date?

No complicated procedure is involved in making this one-of-a-kind 23 years of marriage gift of a canvas print of song lyrics. Fill in your popular name; the lyrics have the personal meaning you want to add to this picture. You get a lovely canvas print in the shape of a heart made from song lyrics that will make your partner cry. They’ll be reminded of your generosity when they pass the hanging wall.

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Viva Wedding Photography has excellent ideas for 23rd wedding anniversary gifts that you may utilize to celebrate your happy marriage. Do remember to add something fresh in the future. These things would suit a couple married for more than two decades. Hopefully, you will find the best item for your beloved one.

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