Wedding Gift Etiquette: Ultimate Guides You Should Follow

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Wedding gift etiquette got you stumped? Fear not, for we will have provided for your every need. So, read this comprehensive guide to discover what you should and should not do when shopping for a wedding present. Make sure your gift to the couple is well received by considering both the cost and the time. What are you waiting for? Read now this article with Viva Wedding Photography!

Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette That Guests Should Always Obey

Focus On The Wedding Registry

Most wedding guests will accept whatever assistance they can get regarding gift-giving, so you should use the couple’s registry. Their carefully crafted wish list will feature many wedding present suggestions at various prices, allowing you much freedom to choose something you’ll adore.

Wedding Gift Etiquette For Wedding Registry
Wedding Gift Etiquette For Wedding Registry – Photo by: Bridal Guide

You risk giving the happy couple something they already have or don’t need if you try to shop off the registry (or have space for it). Additionally, wedding guests are advised to use the couple’s registry to locate an engagement gift, a bridal shower gift, and a beach party gift if they purchase more than one item besides the actual wedding gift ideas.

Spend What You Can Easily Afford

According to wedding thank you etiquette, what is the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding present? Over time, the response to this often-asked question has changed. And, contrary to popular belief, no set amount is the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding present. However, in the end, you should only spend as much on a wedding gift as you can afford.

Use your relationship as a guide when choosing a gift. For example, while you might want to spend more on a present for your best friend, it’s OK to spend less on a colleague or a distant relative.

For example, there is no need to spend more than $25 if you don’t know the couple well (maybe you are a coworker or a friend of the couple’s parents). On the other hand, spending up to $200 on your gift is typical if you are a close relative, an acquaintance who visits the couple frequently, or a close buddy. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • $150+ for a close friend or relative
  • $100-$125 for a friend or relative
  • $50-$100 for a coworker, distant family member, or distant relative

Invest In Cash Fund

Gift Etiquette For Wedding With Invest In Cash Fund
Gift Etiquette For Wedding With Invest In Cash Fund – Photo by: Hitched

Consider contributing to the cash funds on their wish list if you’d want to spend your wedding present budget on something more unique than typical registry gifts like pots and pans or a new bedding set. We assure you that they will be very grateful for your kindness.

Group Gifts Are Always Acceptable

Group presents are always acceptable—in fact, we encourage them—in terms of wedding gift etiquette. Most likely, couples will add a few expensive items to their wedding registry, which make ideal choices for a group gift. 

You may ask other guests to join you if the soon-to-be newlyweds registered for something too expensive without just one person to afford it. Besides, the couple will feel your kindness; depending on your group size, you can make financial savings. 

Finally, ensure that everyone who contributes to the present signs the card with their name. This guideline is crucial because, with it, the couple can identify the person who gave them the present in their thank-you notes.

Check Their Wedding Website

The most excellent location to look for ideas for wedding gifts is on the couple’s registry, but you can also get ideas from their wedding website. Their website is a central repository for all pertinent wedding information, such as the date, hour, place, dress code, and travel arrangements. Still, it may also contain additional data regarding their registry choices. 

Etiquette Wedding Gift With Check Their Wedding Website
Etiquette Wedding Gift With Check Their Wedding Website – Photo by: The Knot

On the other hand, some couples publish their love story on their website, which may give you some excellent wedding gift ideas and suggestions. Consider getting them something nostalgic, like a pasta maker or a gift certificate to their preferred nearby restaurant, if they mentioned that their first date was over Italian food. We urge guests to browse a couple’s wedding website before selecting a gift because you never know precisely what you’ll find there.

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Send It Within Two Months Of The Wedding Date

Punctuality is essential in perfect wedding present etiquette. Gifts should be sent to the couple before the wedding. However, according to numerous etiquette experts, guests should make every effort to give a gift by two months following the wedding date. While this is only a suggestion, sending your present as soon as possible is a kind gesture. 

While you may bring something on the wedding day, online registries make the process easier by allowing you to shop online and have the gift shipped to the couple’s address. This is the most convenient solution for couples and benefits guests by saving extra shipping costs. Regarding wedding gift etiquette, providing what you can is a lovely gesture—but doing it on time will make you’re present much sweeter.

Wedding Gift Etiquette Tips To Bring A Perfect Gift

Is bringing my gift to the wedding reception acceptable?

If you intend to bring a present to the wedding reception, check with the bridal party ahead of time to ensure that there is a table set aside for gifts. So, you don’t want the couple to be stressed out on their special day due to your wedding gifts!

Should I spend more on a wedding gift when I bring my partner? 

If you’re bringing a partner to the wedding, you should spend more on your wedding present because the couple will be hosting your date when calculating the cost of food and beverages. So, bringing a guest to the wedding requires more thoughtful gift-giving. If your partner is to contribute to the wedding gift, you should ask them beforehand. From there, you can plan the ideal present.

If I’m not attending the wedding, do I still have to provide a gift?

If you have financial constraints, declining a wedding invitation and not sending a wedding gift is acceptable if you cannot. Send a handwritten note instead with your best wishes.

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How can I know if they got my gift?

The best method to find out if your present has been accepted is to receive a thank you message from the couple. Besides, you may follow up with the newlyweds to ensure they received your present if you are still waiting to hear from them three months after the wedding. You might also always ask the person who shipped the wedding gift for delivery confirmation if you want to make sure the couple received it.

Should I bring a gift to a Destination Wedding?

In some circumstances, skipping the wedding present and saving money is acceptable. So, there is no need to send the couple a gift if it is a destination wedding, mainly if it takes place somewhere pricey or where accommodations and travel are necessary. Additionally, there is no need to purchase a wedding gift if you are a wedding party member (you have undoubtedly already spent money on the dress, the bachelorette party, and the bridal shower).

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In the larger scheme of things, wedding gift etiquette can seem like a little consideration, but it can significantly affect the happy couple. Using the advice in this guide, you may ensure that your present will be treasured and remembered for years. Remember, the most crucial thing is to select a gift that reflects your love and support for the couple and comes from the heart. Hence, take your time, make wise decisions, and enjoy yourself.

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