115+ Best Wedding Wishes & Messages to Write in a Card

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Looking for inspiration to express your wedding congratulations? Check out this list of the best wedding wishes and messages for newlyweds. It’s sure to help you find the perfect words to celebrate with the happy couple. These wishes will add a special touch to your card, whether you’re aiming for thoughtfulness or humor. Keep reading and get inspiration from Viva Wedding Photography!

Formal Wedding Wishes

If you’re attending a wedding for a couple that you don’t have a strong relationship with, a formal wish would be appropriate for the occasion. Although this type of message may not always feel as personalized as others, it effectively conveys your good wishes for the couple’s future together with simplicity and thoughtfulness. Add some personal details to make it more personal for someone you have a close relationship with.

Wedding wishes for black-tier nuptials
Wedding card wishes for black-tier nuptials (Source: Town & Country Magazine)

1. “Wishing you a lifetime filled with joy and love. Congratulations on your wedding day!”

2. “May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years.”

3. “May your journey together be filled with endless love and your days be full of happiness. Best wishes on this wonderful journey as you build your new lives together.”

4. “On this joyous occasion, I extend my warmest congratulations. May your marriage be a journey of love, understanding, and growth. Best wishes for a beautiful future together.”

5. “As you unite in marriage, may your days be filled with laughter, shared dreams, and the strength to overcome challenges. Congratulations on finding your forever love.”

Formal wedding wishes for a couple
Formal wedding wishes for a couple (Source: Your Perfect Wedding Photographer)

6. “May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing day. Congratulations on your wedding, and may your union be blessed with happiness and everlasting love.”

7. “Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness as you begin this new chapter together.”

8. “May the true love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together.”

9. “On this special day, I offer my heartfelt congratulations. May your marriage be a journey filled with love, understanding, and moments that take your breath away.”

10. “Thank you for letting me share in this joyful day. I wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union!”

Casual Wedding Wishes

If formal wedding sayings aren’t your style, opt for a brief, heartfelt, and casual message for your wedding card wishes. It’s perfectly acceptable to keep your wishes short and sweet as long as you express something heartfelt or extend a wish for the couple’s new journey together.

Short wishes for newly married couples
Short wishes for newly married couples (Source: Martha Stewart)

11. “Here’s to the start of a fantastic journey as a married couple!”

12. “Wishing you all of the love and happiness!”

13. “So honored to spend this happy occasion with you and your family.”

14. “Cheers to the happy couple. Congratulations!”

15. “Wishing you the best today and always.”

16. “May today be the start of a love that will never end.”

Casual wedding wishes to couples
Casual wedding messages to couples (Source: NZ Bride and Groom Magazine)

17. “Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after! Congrats on tying the knot!”

18. “Here’s to love, laughter, and a happily ever after. Cheers to the newlyweds!”

19. “So happy to celebrate this special day with you both!”

20. “Wishing you a lifetime of adventures together. May your marriage be as awesome as the two of you!”

21. “Today is just the beginning of a lifetime of fun, love-filled adventures. Cheers!”

22. “To the couple who stole each other’s hearts – may your days be filled with love, laughter, and all the little things that make life sweet.”

Funny Wedding Wishes for a Couple

If you’re feeling assured that your funny message will bring a smile to the happy couple’s faces, go ahead and write it! Just be careful when writing humorous wishes for newly married couples. Although it may be perceived as amusing during a conversation, it can be misinterpreted when written down. 

We highly recommend avoiding jokes that come across as sarcastic or snarky. Additionally, it is essential to avoid anything that may be perceived as offensive, insinuate that one person is superior to the other, or suggest that the couple is either rushing or delaying their marriage. And no jokes about divorce, just best wishes for a happy married life.

Hilarious wedding wishes for a couple
Hilarious wedding wishes for a couple (Source: Easy Weddings)

23. “Marriage is when a man and woman become one. The trouble starts when they try to decide which one!”

24. “Remember, a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Good luck with the repetition!”

25. “Congratulations on finding someone to put up with your quirks for a lifetime. That’s true love right there!”

26. “Thanks for the free booze. Best wishes and good luck for your long, happy marriage!”

27. “They say marriage is like a roller coaster. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride, especially when it gets a bit crazy!”

28. “Marriage is not just spiritual communion; it’s remembering to take out the trash. Best wishes on your newfound garbage duty!”

Humorous wedding messages to couples
Humorous wedding messages to couples (Source: South Pacific Bridal)

29. “Glad I got to break out my dance moves in honor of such a great couple. Lots of love to you both!”

30. “Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. You two must be geniuses! Congratulations on your wedding!”

31. “Here’s to a marriage that lasts longer than the battery life on your smartphones. May your love outlive even the newest technology!”

32. “Thanks for inviting me to the best party ever! Oops, I meant your wedding. Congratulations!”

33. “It’s good that you two found each other. You’re practically the same person in different bodies!”

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Religious Wedding Wishes Message

If you are aware that the couple getting married follows the Christian faith, there is nothing more fitting than a message inspired by the Bible. Wedding card wishes with a religious touch can include references to God, expressing your prayers, and sharing meaningful bible verses about love and marriage. When writing a religious message for a wedding card, it’s crucial to take into account the couple’s beliefs and practices and tailor the message specifically to them.

Christian wedding wishes for a couple
Christian wedding wishes for a couple (Source: Hitched)

34. “May God’s grace and blessings be upon your marriage, guiding you both as you start this journey together. Congratulations and best wishes for a blessed union!”

35. “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” –1 Corinthians 13:13!”

36. “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” –Romans 12:10

37. “Serve one another through love.” –Galatians 5:13

38. “Above all, love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins.” —1 Peter 4:8

39. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” –1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Religious wishes for newly married couples
Religious wishes for newly married couples (Source: The Wedding Notebook)

40. “Let all that you do be done in love.” – 1Corinthians 16:14

41. “Sending love and prayers for you as you take these sacred vows before God and all who love you.”

42. “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.” —Romans 13:8

43. “As you exchange vows before God and man, may His blessings rest upon your marriage. May you find strength and joy in His love each day. Congratulations on your wedding day!”

44. “Our hearts are so confident that you will keep each other happy with lots of love and affection. May God bless you with a beautiful life. Congratulations!”

Heartfelt Wishes for Newly Married Couples

Thoughtful wedding messages to couples are always an excellent choice to celebrate their love and commitment. This moment is brimming with emotion and anticipation, and a carefully crafted wedding card is the perfect choice for the occasion.

Sentimental wedding wishes to write in card
Sentimental wedding wishes to write in card (Source: Castaways Resort)

45. “You two are proof that love conquers all!”

46. “It’s easy to see you two are the happily-ever-after kind!”

47. “No mountain is too high to climb when you climb it together.”

48. “Thanks for giving me an example of what true love is.”

49. “I can see how much you two complete each other. Much love on your wedding day!”

50. “May your marriage be a source of strength during the challenging times and a celebration of joy during the happy moments. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness together.”

Heart-warming wedding wishes for a friend
Heart-warming wedding wishes for a friend (Source: Las Vegas)

51. “May your marriage be a sanctuary of love, a haven of peace, and a place where dreams come true. Congratulations on this beautiful union. Wishing you a lifetime of love and bliss.”

52. “Everlasting love is a gift, but not one that you unwrap just once. It’s a gift that evolves over time and never ceases to amaze.”

53. “May the journey of marriage bring you endless adventures, shared laughter, and profound joy. Congratulations on finding your perfect match. Wishing you a lifetime of love and contentment.”

54. “As you say ‘I do,’ may your love be as boundless as the ocean, as enduring as the mountains, and as timeless as the stars in the sky. Congratulations on your union, and may your love story be legendary!”

55. “On this special day, as you exchange vows and promise forever, my heart is filled with joy for both of you. May your love story be as timeless as the vows you make today. Congratulations!”

Wedding Wishes for a Son/Daughter

The marriage of a child is an incredibly significant event. You have been the only one who has ever known your child from birth, and now they have a new life partner who may never know them better than you. Celebrate the special day with a heartfelt wedding note to share your thoughts and wishes for your son or daughter.

Wedding wishes message for your son
Sweet wedding wishes message for your son (Source: Wedding Wire)

56. “You will always be my baby, but I’m so proud to watch you grow into a new chapter of life. Cheers to the man/woman you’ve become and the new family you’re creating.”

57. “Be patient with each other, love each other, and stay true to each other. No mountain will be too high to climb. Congrats on your wedding!”

58. “I always knew you’d find someone who loves you as much as I do!.”

59. “I’ve been looking forward to this day since the moment you came into my life. I hope this marriage brings you a lifetime of love and joy.”

60. “You’re truly blessed to have found your soulmate. Always stay true to yourself, and don’t let outsiders interfere with your unique love.”

61. “As parents, we’ve watched you grow, and today, we witness you starting a new chapter with the one you love. May your marriage be everything you’ve dreamed of and more.”

Wishes for newly married couples from their parents
Wishes for newly married couples from their parents (Source: Hitched)

62. “Congratulations, sweetheart. You are beautiful, and so is the love you two share.”

63. “Congratulations, dear, for finding your true love. May this love grow stronger and deeper through each passing day of your married life.

64. “On this joyous occasion, we celebrate not only the union of two souls but also the merging of two families. May your journey together be filled with love, laughter, and the support of family and friends. Congratulations to our beloved son/daughter!”

65. “I’ve known from day one that you were special, and it fills me with such joy to see another person recognize how amazing you truly are. Cheers to your big day and the many years of happiness ahead of you!”

66. “I’m overwhelmed with happiness to watch someone cherish you as much as I do. I’m so glad you’ve found your person, and I can’t wait for all that life has in store for you as you enter this new phase of life. I love you!”

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Wedding Wishes for Sister/Brother

Coming up with an emotional turn of phrase to convey something as big as a wedding is no simple task—and it’s even more difficult when it comes to your sibling. There’s a lot of life (and love) to put into your wedding card wishes for your sister or brother, and you’ll want to write a memorable and heartfelt note to them and their future spouse to go with your ideal wedding gift.

Wedding wishes message from their siblings
Wedding messages to couples from their siblings (Source: Martha Stewart)

67. “I’m extremely happy that you’ve finally met the man/woman of your dreams. Congratulations on your wedding, my dear sister/brother!”

68. “May both of you be the happiest couple ever, and may your whole life be furnished with respect, passion, and joy!”

69. “You used to be the little girl/boy who would always follow me around, and now you’re all grown up. To me, it all seems like a dream. I wish you both the best of luck in your endeavors. Congratulations”

70. “My lovely little princess has finally met her prince charming. Your beautiful smile has enthralled us all, my dear sister. You are the sweetest bride I have ever seen, and I hope your joy lasts forever. God bless both of you.”

71. “Congratulations on the best day of your life! May both of you be a shining example of a loving and caring couple and be one another’s strength.”

Touching wedding wishes for sister
Touching wedding wishes for sister (Source: The Ashes Barns)

72. “As you begin the new and loveliest chapter of your life with the man/woman of your dreams, I want you to know that I am always here for you if you ever need anything.”

73. “May you be showered with love, romance, and endless joy in your new married life ahead. May all your dreams come true today, which you have cherished over the years. Best of luck, dear sister/brother!”

74. “As your sibling, I’ve seen you grow, and now, I get to witness the start of a new chapter in your life. May your marriage be filled with the kind of joy and love that you’ve always deserved. Congratulations on your wedding!”

75. “Congratulations to my dear sister on this special and important day. I believe that you and your husband were meant to be together. I hope that your love never ends. Love you both!”

Wedding Wishes for a New Family Member

Happy wedding card wishes for your new family member
Happy wedding card wishes for your new family member (Source: Mystic Studios)

76. “Our family has gained quite an amazing man/lady. Lucky us!”

77. “Today, we added another family member to the tree and couldn’t be happier.”

78. “As our family gains a new member through your union, we couldn’t be happier. Congratulations and a warm welcome to our family!”

79. “I’m so happy to call you family. Here’s to a lifetime of making precious memories together!”

80. “Nothing warms my heart more than seeing you two together. Welcome to our family.”

Warming wedding wishes for sister-in-law
Warming wedding wishes for sister-in-law (Source: Love Inc. Mag)

81. “You two are one of my favorite couples. I’m so happy it’s official because now you’re family. Congratulations!”

82. “To our newest family member, as you embark on this journey of marriage, know that you are surrounded by love and support. Congratulations and welcome to the family!”

83. “May your journey together be filled with love, understanding, and countless shared memories. As you join our family, know that you are embraced with open arms. Congratulations and welcome to the family!”

84. “To our new family member, your presence has already brought so much happiness to our lives. Welcome to the family, and congratulations!”

85. “To our newest family member, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on this joyous occasion. May your marriage be a source of happiness, and may our family bond grow stronger with your presence. Welcome to the family!”

Wedding Wishes for a Friend

Both classic and personalized wedding wording are equally great choices for a friend’s wedding card. Before you start writing, take a moment to think about your relationship and the tone you want to set for your wedding wishes message. Consider whether you want to be humorous, serious, personal, or sentimental. Proceed from that point.

Wedding messages to couples from friends
Wedding messages to couples from friends (Source: Hitched)

86. “To the amazing couple who stole each other’s hearts, may your love story be as magical as your wedding day. Wishing you a lifetime of joy, laughter, and endless love!”

87. “Thank you for inviting me to share this day with you and your family. Best wishes!”

89. “I can’t think of two people who deserve true love and happiness more than both of you. Congrats to you on your special day!”

90. “Best wishes for a long and happy life together!”

91. “To the couple who complements each other perfectly, may your marriage be a symphony of love, understanding, and unwavering support. Congratulations on your wedding!”

Beautiful wedding wishes for a friend
Beautiful wedding wishes for a friend (Source: Le Ciel Santorini)

92. “We’ve had so many laughs together! May you always make each other find humor and happiness in the little things.”

93. “Warmest congratulations to a very special pair who have found their dearest moments in the happy life they share!”

94. “An amazing new chapter has begun. May you two always stay together in love.”

95. “To my best friend on your wedding day, know that your happiness is everything to me. The fact that you’ve found someone means the world. Congratulations!”

96. “Congratulations on the start of something amazing! Much love, joy, success, health, and happiness on this happy occasion!”

Wedding Wishes for Coworkers

There is a distinction between composing a card for a colleague and writing one for a family member. If you’re attending a coworker’s wedding, it’s important to keep your wedding card wishes concise and choose an appropriate tone based on how well you know them. Here are some messages that you can send to your coworkers:

Wedding wishes for newly married couples from their colleague
Wishes for newly married couple from their colleague (Source: Equally Wed)

97. “Well wishes to you and your partner.”

98. “Lots of love today and beyond.”

99. “So happy to celebrate this day with you both!”

100. “Congratulations, enjoy some well-deserved honeymoon time off!”

101. “So glad to see my co-worker so happy!”

Short wedding wishes for coworkers
Short wedding wishes for coworkers (Source: Junebug Weddings)

102. “May today be the beginning of a new life full of happiness and love. Congratulations!”

103. “May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.”

104. “Thankful that I was invited to share this day with you and your family. Wishing you all the best in your marriage!”

105. “Wishing you both years of happiness.”

106. “I am so glad I’ve gotten to know you at work, and I wish you and your new spouse a long and happy life together!”

​​Wedding Card Wishes When You Can’t Attend

Sometimes, you cannot attend the weddings of your friends or family members for various reasons. In such cases, you may feel guilty or sad that you miss out on their special day. But that does not mean you cannot express your happiness and support for the newlyweds. One of the best ways to do that is to send them a small gift alongside a sincere wedding wishes message.

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Wedding wishes message when you can't attend
Wedding wishes message when you can’t make it (Source: Love Letter Weddings)

107. “Happy Wedding Day from across the miles!”

108. “So sorry we’ll miss your special day! Enjoy every moment!”

109. “We may be far away, but we’re there in spirit. Congrats!”

110. “No distance can separate you from the love we feel for you both on your wedding day.”

111. “Though we may be far apart, we’re sending virtual hugs and kisses for your wedding day!”

112. “Sending my heartfelt wishes from afar on your wedding day. Congratulations on this joyous occasion!”

Wedding wishes for a couple when not attend
Wedding wishes for a couple when not attend (Source: Hola Weddings)

113. “Regretfully unable to attend, but my thoughts are celebrating with you. Wishing you a day filled with love, surrounded by loved ones. Congratulations!”

114. “Even though I can’t be there in person, know that my heart is with you on your wedding day. Congratulations and best wishes!”

115. “As much as I wish I could be there in person, please know that I am sending all my love and warmest wishes your way. Congratulations!”

116. “Though I can’t be present to witness your vows, my spirit is there celebrating this special day with you. May your wedding be everything you’ve dreamed of, and may your love continue to grow.”

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Writing a wedding card doesn’t have to be hard. With our wedding wishes and messages, you can write a wedding card that is sincere, thoughtful, and appropriate for any occasion. Viva Wedding Photograph hopes this article has helped you with your wedding card writing. Now, it’s your turn to write your own card and share it with the happy couple.

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