How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding in 2024?

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Are you having trouble deciding who to invite to your impending wedding? Determining how many people to invite can be difficult, but don’t worry – Viva Wedding Photography is here to help!

In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the elements to consider when determining how many people to invite to your wedding. We’ll review everything you need to know to make an informed decision. So, if you want to answer the question “How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding?”, keep reading to find out how many people you should invite!

Key Factors about How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding

How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding
How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding – Photo by: Hitched


Your budget will be heavily influenced by the number of people you can invite. So, having a realistic budget and ensuring that the quantity of guests you invite suits your budget is critical.

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When creating a guest list, it’s important to determine your overall wedding budget. Once you have set your budget, you should set aside a particular amount for guests and stick to it.

Additionally, when considering “how many people should I invite to my wedding“, you should consider the cost per person for food, drinks, favors, and other expenses.

Venue Capacity

Consider the number of guests you can invite based on venue capacity
Consider the number of guests you can invite based on venue capacity – Photo by: Martha Stewart

The capacity of your chosen wedding venue will determine the number of guests you can invite. Hence, before you finalize your guest list, ensure your location can comfortably handle the number of people you invite.

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Before finishing your “who should you invite to your wedding” list, it is important to confirm the capacity of your chosen venue. If you have a tiny venue, consider inviting fewer people or choosing a larger venue to accommodate your visitors. Additionally, when deciding, you should consider the space required for a dance floor, tables, and other wedding essentials.

Priority Guests

To answer the question “How many people should I invite to my wedding?”, prioritize your must-have attendees, such as close relatives and friends, on your guest list. Make sure to include these people before inviting others.

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To ensure that your key guests are included in your wedding, it’s important to list them and place them at the top of your guest list. However, if your priority list exceeds the limits of your list, you may need to make adjustments by eliminating or downgrading non-priority people.

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How many People should I Invite to My Wedding?

Relationship with Guests

Nail down the number of people you can invite
The closeness with guests will help you nail down the number of people you can invite – Photo by: Bridal Musings

Should I invite my ex to my wedding?

Consider your relationship with each person when making your guest list. Invite those who have played an important role in your life and with whom you sincerely want to spend your special day.

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Assess how strong your relationship is, how frequently you interact, and how important they are to make your decision on “How many People should I Invite to My Wedding“.

Family Dynamics

Consider family members when deciding who should I invite to my wedding
Consider family members when deciding who should I invite to my wedding – Photo by: Brides

Any people should I invite to my wedding? Remember any family relationships or situations that may impact your guest list. These are examples of divorced or separated parents, family feuds, or strained relationships.

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Seat family members who don’t get along at different tables if required, or use place cards to keep them apart.


Make clear whether children belong people to invite to your wedding or not
Make clear whether children belong people to invite to your wedding or not – Photo by: The Knot

Decide whether or not to allow children to attend your wedding. If you decide not to, make it obvious to your guests.

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If you invite children, set up a separate room or plan child-friendly activities to keep them occupied during the ceremony and reception. On the other hand, if you decide not to invite children, indicate this clearly on the invitations and consider including a list of recommended babysitters or childcare services.

Work Obligations

Finalizing the number of guests you can invite
Think about relationships in the workplace before finalizing the number of guests you can invite – Photo by: Planner’s Lounge

Should I invite my boss to my wedding? Should I invite my coworkers to my wedding? If you have many business colleagues to invite, try inviting them only to the reception. This allows them to join you in your celebration without interfering with the ceremony.

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Inform your coworkers whether they are invited to the ceremony, reception, or both when decide “How many People should I Invite to My Wedding“.

Plus Ones

People to invite to your wedding: Plus one
Consider wedding plus one etiquette when deciding the number of guests you can invite – Photo by: Yeah Weddings

Determine whether you’ll allow your guests to bring another with them. If you welcome more people, ensure adequate space and money to accommodate them.

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Select whether plus ones will be permitted for all guests or only those in committed partnerships. Besides, to minimize awkward meetings, limit plus ones to people you know and have met previously.

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The Pros and Cons of Each Wedding Guest Size

3-5 People

Who should I invite to my wedding? Sometimes, you can’t wait to get married—or you prefer a low-key, intimate event where you can focus entirely on your future spouse and the few friends you invite. This idea may be the ideal solution if you fall into this group.

With these sizes are impromptu court trips, while others are well-planned. Hence, the idea here is to embrace simplicity and appreciate the freedom of fewer wedding preparation duties.

3 to 5 people to invite to your wedding
Wedding with a small guest number – Photo by: The Knot
If your guest list is lower, you may be able to spend more of your cash on your honeymoon or other desired items.
Fewer people to remember:
After the event, you may wish you had more relatives and friends to share your big day with.
You may marry wherever you choose. Do you want to get married in Ibiza? Fabulous. Have you ever wished to say “I do” amid the Northern Lights? Do it.
Miss out on certain traditional aspects of the wedding:
You may miss out on traditions such as bouquet tossing or making your grand entrance at the reception. Of course, this could be advantageous if you like to create your own traditions.
3 to 5 people to invite to your wedding

10-20 People

Want to invite some of your closest friends and family without making it overly formal? This wedding size has arrived. This ideal gives you the affordability and intimacy of the size above but with the added bonus of a few extra attendees to help you memorialize the great day.

More guests may necessitate a little more planning. However, you can still keep things very personal by hosting a family dinner instead of a large gala and utilizing personalized invites that seem authentic.

10 to 20 people to invite to your wedding
A 10-guest wedding – Photo by: Green Wedding Shoes
Make your own plans:
Who says you must attend each conventional wedding function in the same order? You may have your first dance anytime you choose at this wedding size. Would you like to skip right to dessert and cut the cake first? Proceed with caution.
Choosing who to invite might be challenging:
Even if you include those closest to you, many of your friends and family will be absent, and they may Question Why they are not invited.
Make your approach unique:
This wedding size allows you to tailor every part of your wedding, beginning with personalized save-the-dates and invitations if you want something more specific, like a watercolor picture of your venue or motifs that highlight your wedding’s theme.
You might still need to find a location:
While the wedding size above allows you to avoid paying for a location, this wedding size may require more space than you have in your own house or backyard.
10 to 20 people to invite to your wedding

25-75 People

How many people should I invite to my wedding? If your guest list is too long for a wedding size above (10-20 guests), there’s no need to stress. With this group, you may still have a small wedding by inviting only your closest friends and immediate family and omitting coworkers, old teachers, and other distant relatives. You can construct a small-scale wedding that nevertheless seems magnificent and meaningful this way.

25 to 75 people to invite to your wedding
Wedding with about 25 guests – Photo by: Hitched
Best of both worlds: Enjoy the companionship of those important to you while not having to prepare a large wedding celebration.Still limitations in the wedding guest list: Even after you’ve narrowed down your guest list, there may be some folks you’d like to invite but won’t be able to because of space constraints.
Reduced stress: While big weddings can sometimes feel like a stage production, a wedding of this size gives an intimate atmosphere. You can comfortably spend time with each visitor without feeling rushed to shake everyone’s hand at the reception.Absent could be a greater issue: When a few friends or family members have to decline, it can be more noticeable.
25 to 75 people to invite to your wedding

100-120 People

For example, a normal wedding in the Western Hemisphere has 100 attendees. It’s not too big or too small; it’s perfect. In other words, it’s the ideal mix of guest list flexibility, wedding size, and price.

Additionally, you’ll have time to work on some little aspects, such as wedding invitations that reflect your personality. Besides, you may invite people you care about but may not see daily, such as extended family, distant relatives, and old acquaintances.

100 to 120 people to invite to your wedding
A 100-guest wedding – Photo by: Hitched
The more, the better:
That is a perfect size. You might invite all your family members and friends and still have room for a few additional.
Even 100 can feel like a lot: While you’re in the midst of a celebration, you may feel you have too many people to see and spend time with. You must also factor in the catering expenditures, seats, and cake.
Balance time and activities: You may appear in front of all of your visitors while still having time to show off your greatest dance talents.Toughly choose the right venue: Finding a venue for a medium-sized wedding can be difficult. You don’t have enough people to fill a large location (and don’t want it to feel empty), but you also have too many for most small-scale settings. This is so hard!
100 to 120 people to invite to your wedding

150-200 People

Do you want to enlarge that wedding? Who should you invite to your wedding? With a wedding of this magnitude, you can almost surely invite everyone on your guest list, plus a few extras. You’ll have enough space for friends and family, plus ones, parents’ buddies, college pals, and second cousins—and then some.

150 to 200 people to invite to your wedding
A wedding with about 200 guests – Photo by: DeAnda Photography
A large gathering: A guest list of this size guarantees a fantastic time. Selfies in the photo booth after a few too many glasses of Champagne? Check. Is your best friend taking over as DJ and spinning some of your favorite bops? Yep.More guests necessitate more preparation: Considering the minute aspects of such a large guest list can be daunting. Even with a wedding planner, there is much to approve, from the hors d’oeuvres to the wine glasses guests will use.
Additional assistance as needed: With a wedding of this scale, there are usually plenty of individuals available to assist. Do you require assistance in picking up your Aunt Annie from the airport? Cousin Patrick is on the case. Check!Bigger budget: The guest list, venue, meal, and other factors will result in a substantially higher wedding expense.
150 to 200 people to invite to your wedding

300+ People – How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding?

A huge wedding may be the answer if you want to celebrate your love with everyone you know (and maybe some people you’ve only met once or twice). Regarding a large wedding, the guest list is not limited. Hence, invite your employees, the book club, and even the city’s mayor.

More than 300 people to invite to your wedding
Venue for a wedding has more than 300 guests – Photo by: Pinterest
Bigger connections: A wedding is one of the few events that may unite individuals worldwide. So, this is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with family and friends you haven’t seen in years.Reduced guest time: Yes, you’ll have plenty of people to talk to, but with over 300 visitors, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet everyone.
Include everyone: Because you’re sending out so many invitations, you won’t have to worry about who gets one and who doesn’t.It may be more difficult to say no: With such a large guest list, there are fewer reasons not to invite everyone (including those you’d rather not invite).
More than 300 people to invite to your wedding

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In conclusion, answering the question “How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding?” is an important issue that must be carefully considered. So, following our advice, you may construct a guest list that fits your budget and venue capacity while accommodating your closest friends and family. Finally, the size of your wedding should represent your own preferences, so take your time weighing your alternatives and making a selection you’ll be happy with.

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