43 Best Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas To Dress Up Your Day

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There is no specific component in a wedding that will be a hit point if we ignore other items. You’ve said “yes” to the dress and found the perfect venue; now it’s time to sprinkle some magic with wedding chair decoration ideas. From floral arrangements to whimsical signs, we’ve rounded up the most creative ideas to make your big day even more special. So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired by Viva Wedding Photography‘s list of the best chair decor ideas!

Wedding Ceremony Chair Decorations

1. Monstera Leaves Chairs

wedding chair decorations with Monstera Leaves
Wedding Chairs decorated with Monstera Leaves

If you are going to have a beach wedding, these monster leaves will be a great way to decorate your chairs. Tie a single leaf with white lace on one side for two lines of the chair as your wedding aisle. It would be one of the simplest wedding aisle chair decorations that can help you save a lot of money on decoration expenses.

2. Ghost Chair

Ghost chairs for simple wedding chair decoraions
Ghost chairs for the wedding ceremony (Source: Brides)

When it comes to chair decorations for weddings, transparent items are the stunning details that can engrave all your guests’ names to help them find their seats. You might want to place some greenery or flowers for an elegant touch to make a difference. These monogrammed chairs make for unique photographs during the ceremony.

3. Pew Flowers in Dusty Blue

Wedding aisle chair decorations with Pew Flowers in Dusty Blue
Aisle chair decoration for a beach wedding (Source: Ling’s Moment)

For a beach wedding that exudes serene elegance, consider adorning your wedding chair aisle with the enchanting allure of pew flowers in dusty blue. We love the soft, muted blooms delicately draping the chairs, creating a dreamlike atmosphere against the backdrop of the sun-kissed shores. This is a perfect choice for couples seeking a subtle yet impactful way to enhance their wedding chair ceremony decorations.

4. Hanging Glass Vases with Flowers

wedding chair decorations with hanging vase of flowers
Ceremony chairs decorated with flower vases (Source: Wedding Wire)

Elevate the visual spectacle of your wedding ceremony with the ethereal beauty of hanging glass vases adorned with delicate blooms. Picture a cascade of suspended vases, each holding a unique arrangement of flowers that sway gently in the breeze, transforming the ceremony into a whimsical garden in the air. What a lovely wedding chair decor!

5. Chic Ribbons

Elegant ribbon for wedding chair decorations
Elegant ribbon for ceremony chairs (Source: Pinterest)

Infuse a dash of chic and contemporary flair into your wedding chair decorations by incorporating flowing ribbons that elegantly dance in the breeze. Whether tied in bows or left to cascade freely, these ribbons effortlessly bring a sense of movement and style to your chairs, making each seat a canvas for a chic and sophisticated statement.

6. Mini Flower Bouquet

Celebrate the intimate details of your ceremony by adorning each chair with a mini flower bouquet. These petite arrangements, carefully chosen to complement your wedding color scheme, add a touch of botanical romance to the seating. This thoughtfully curated detail transforms your setting into a garden of enchanting blooms, creating a beautiful and memorable atmosphere for your special day.

7. Greenery Bunches

wedding ceremony chair decorations with greenery
Nuptial chair decor idea with greenery (Source: Wedding Wire)

Bring the natural beauty of the outdoors to your wedding ceremony chair decorations with lush greenery bunches, creating an organic and timeless aesthetic. The earthy tones of the wooden chairs pair well with the textures of the greenery, which evoke a sense of simplicity and natural elegance. This idea is a versatile choice that can work for various wedding styles.

8. Hang Baskets of Flowers

wedding chair decorations with flowers
Wedding aisle chair decorations with flowers (Source: LovetoKnow)

A delicate arrangement of flowers is a charming touch that guests will like for a traditional spring or a garden-themed wedding. Think about placing a little hanging basket with seasonal flowers at the end of each row of seats. Combine creamy white and brilliant greens with blooms that showcase your wedding colors. A painted basket and some ribbons might help you add even more brightness.

9. Protea Flower And Monstera Leaf

Protea Flower And Monstera Leaf For wedding chair decorations
Protea Flower And Monstera Leaf For Wedding Chairs

Monstera leaf is the perfect addition to tropical weddings. Tie a single leaf on one side of the chair with a light pink protea bloom that will attract the attention of your guests. On the back, drape a white or cream cloth to get a fresh look for your wedding aisle chair decorations.

10. Lavender And Gypsophila Chair

Lavender And Gypsophila for wedding chair decor
Lavender And Gypsophila Chair Decorations For Indoor Weddings

This elegant wedding chair decor is for newlyweds who want their big day to be unforgettable. All you need to do is tie a tiny lavender bouquet and place it on the top of the chair, giving an enchanting scent to the celebration. Hence, the lavender and gypsophila colors will give all your guests a soft feeling.

11. Statement-Making Rattan Peacock Chairs

Wedding chair decorations with peacock chairs
Wedding ceremony chair decorations with Peacock chairs

Go beyond the traditional way; you will adore the rattan peacock seats, which are sure to make a statement. Perfectly complementing a palm tree motif, these chairs create an impression your guests won’t forget. With this significant point in the center, you should consider keeping the other chairs as simple as possible.

12. White Chairs With Delphiniums Tied Across

Wedding Chair Decorations With Delphiniums Tied Across
Chair Covers For Wedding With Delphiniums Tied Across

Choose delicate bouquets made from white delphinium stems for a beautifully understated wedding chair decor. Place them in the upper left corner to add a delightful touch to your aisle. When selecting ribbons, coordinate with the flower’s hue to harmonize seamlessly with the wedding theme. This idea is effortlessly chic and adds floral finesse without overshadowing your wedding’s overall color palette.

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The Bride and Groom’s Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas

13. Leather Jackets

Chair decorations for weddings with Leather Jackets
Leather Jackets For Your Wedding Chairs

Go beyond all the traditional designs for chairs; a unique way to highlight them is to use custom jackets. No matter what kind of jacket it is, engrave the name or the words “Him” and “Her” to make them stand out from overall settings. This idea will go well with the atmosphere of an outdoor wedding.

14. Red Blankets

Red Blankets For Wedding Chair Decorations
Chair Decoration Ideas with Red Blankets for Winter Weddings

Plaid red blankets can be used not only as place settings but also as a nice warm wrap. And what if the reception is going to be held outside in the winter? They are essential chair decorations for weddings, no doubt!

You can use blankets from your closet and engrave your name with your spouse or the simple words “Mr.” and “Mrs.” to highlight your seat. This idea will surely create warm feelings for you and your partner.

15. Banner Cutout

Banner Cutout On Wedding Chair Decorations
Personalized Wedding Banner Cutout behind the Chairs

To create a bold statement for your chair back, use a banner cutout with your name, wedding day, or the funny quotes you love to make them unique. Then, tie simple garlands to create an elegant look for wedding chair decorations. This is a perfect combo of greenery and banner lettering that you can consider.

16. “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Signs and Garlands

Wedding Chair Decoration ideas With Giant Foliage And Signs
Wedding Back Chairs With Giant Foliage And Signs Decor

Consider going all out with massive, fluffy garland greenery when looking for rustic wedding chair decoration ideas. How about adorning them with beautiful flowers to bring them to life? A particular part of this idea is this wood signage with the words “Bride” and “Groom” in a gold color that will create a modern vibe for your celebration.

17. Luxe Chair Back With An Ampersand

Luxe Ampersand For Wedding Chair Decorations
Luxe Chair Back With Ampersand Decorations

For ornamental wedding chairs, glittering ampersand and flowers can do the trick. So, consider using the symbol links words and let it bridge the two chairs of the happy couple. You can tie a ribbon to hold the letter in the center to give it a shot for the decor. These simple wedding chair decorations can make the sweetheart table even more standout.

18. Laser-Cut Signs For Chair

wedding chair decorations with Laser-cut Signs
Laser-cut Signs for Couple’s Chairs

Calligraphy and nuptial decorations go hand in hand, so why not bring them to your wedding chair decor? Choose your favorite quotes, cut them by laser, and finally, place them on the back of the chair with greenery or flowers to add an elegant touch. The unique thing is these graceful wood letters can be customized in any shape, making them versatile choices for any theme.

19. Romantic and Rustic With Drapey Ribbon

Chair Decorations for Weddings with Drapey Ribbon
Chairs with garlands of greenery and drapey ribbon

The decorative wedding chairs at the romantic venue are perfect with their aesthetic elements. Drape the ribbons or greenery to highlight a couple of chairs and place a tiny rustic wood sign to create a different focal point for the long table. These items will be perfect for both rustic and minimalist wedding decorations simultaneously.

20. Blush Garden Roses For Chiavari Chair

Blush Garden Roses for Wedding Chair Decorations
Flowers and Greenery for Wedding Chair Decor

Gold Chiavari chairs are a classic choice for wedding receptions, but you can make them even more stunning by adoring the backs of your chairs with roses and foliage. These floral accents will add some color and romance to your chairs and create a striking contrast with the gold. To personalize your sweetheart chairs, you can position petite “Bride” and “Groom” signs at the center. They will give your chairs a simple and elegant touch.

21. Macrame

wedding chair decorations with macramé
Sweetheart chairs decor ideas with macramé

Embrace the timeless beauty of macramé for a bohemian twist on these classic wedding chair decoration ideas. The delicate knots and patterns add a touch of artistry and rustic charm, setting a romantic tone for your special day. Consider hanging wooden signs with “Mrs.” and “Mr.” in elegant white calligraphy to enhance the overall setup.

22. Velvet Chairs

ideas for velvet wedding chair decor
Pair of sage green armchairs for the bride and groom (Source: The Knot)

Prefer decor that speaks volumes without additional embellishments? Embrace the luxurious charm of velvet sweetheart chairs, allowing their visual allure to stand as the centerpiece. You can choose velvet chairs in any color that matches your wedding theme or go for a contrasting hue to make them stand out. Pillows, throws, or ribbons can make these chairs more personalized and festive. 

23. Framed Phrases

Wedding Chair Decorations With Framed Phrases
Chic wedding chair decoration ideas with hanging frame

Using an engraved frame with your favorite quote, even in a different language, will be the perfect choice for the chairs. Then, hang this frame on the bride and groom’s chairs to highlight their status. Enhance the elegance with a delicate touch of flowers gracing the frame’s corner, creating a sophisticated and personalized focal point for the wedding chair decor.

24. Custom Woven Fans

Custom Woven Fans For Wedding Chair Decorations
Ideas for your wedding sweetheart chair with woven fans

If you want a unique and cozy wedding, you can go for a boho theme. Contemplate using woven fans and mismatched chairs to decorate your venue and create a whimsical atmosphere. These wedding chair decoration ideas will also add some texture and personality to your wedding photos. And the best part is you can keep these fans as souvenirs and use them in your home decor later.

25. Loveseat with Greenery Garland

Loveseat wedding chair decor
A Love Note On A Wedding Loveseat For a Happy Couple

Who needs completely separate chairs when you can cuddle up together in one? The large seatback offers space for a stunning set with beautiful blossoms and rich foliage. Then, add a meaningful message to a banner and place it in the middle. With just a few details, this wedding chair decor can still hit a high note on your day.

Wedding Chair Decorations for the Reception

26. Simple Wreath Chair

Simple Wreath For Wedding Chair Decorations
Simple Wreath For Wedding Chair Sashes

If you love implementing the traditional way to your reception chairs, choose your favorite greenery and make it into a wreath. To add elegance to the chairs, tie a white ribbon on the top that matches your wedding theme. These small wreaths will serve as decorative accents that you can totally make on your own.

27. DIY Wedding Chair Decor with Macrame

Now is the chance to take the idea of using macrame in wedding decoration to the next level by adding some floral arrangements. Beyond the traditional, this concept will work well with all kinds of chairs you choose for your big day. This is one of the simple wedding chair decorations that you can do all by yourself. Hence, why not add this DIY decor project to your wedding planning checklist?

28. Gauzy Open-Weave Linen and Foliage

Wedding Chair Decorations with Open-Weave Linen and Foliage
Chair Sashes Draped With Foliage

Elevate your wedding ambiance with the subtle rustic vibe of chairs draped in gauzy, open-weave linen intertwined with foliage. The combination of airy linen and verdant greenery will create a beautiful and organic look for your chairs and blend well with the outdoor setting. To make each guest feel special and welcome, consider hanging a tiny tag with their name on their respective chair.

29. Drape Luxury Green Garland

Drape Luxury Green Garland Wedding Chair Sashes
Chair décor for a wedding party with florals

For a garden wedding, make your chairs more lively and elegant by draping garlands of flowers over them. You can use any flowers, but bright summer ones will look especially lovely. Consider choosing gold metal chairs to add some shine and glamour. Flowers and gold are perfect for your wedding chair decor, as the contrast between them will make the overall look more outstanding.

30. Romantic Roses Chair Decor

Romantic Roses For Wedding Chair Decorations
Romantic flower arrangements for wedding chairs

Stunning garlands and a tiny sign for the chair are the perfect addition to cocktail table decor. Place in the middle is the cute sign statement for couples to reflect their new status. Then, use a white silk ribbon draped over each chair and adorn rose flowers to complete the lovely look. If you’re planning to throw your bid day in the spring or summer, you can’t go wrong with these wedding chair decoration ideas.

31. Ghost Chair Wedding With Wreaths

Ghost Chair and foliage wreath for wedding chair decorations
Simple wedding chair decorations with wreaths

Ghost chairs are clear and sleek chairs that can make your wedding look more modern and spacious. You can use them to create a minimalist and chic vibe for your venue and let the other elements stand out. To add some color and texture to your ghost chairs, think about decorating them with wreaths of flowers or foliage.

32. Satin Grey Sashes

Simple Wedding Chair Decorations With Grey Bows
Nuptial Chairs With Grey Bows

Opt for satin wedding chair sashes if foliage wreaths aren’t your style. The addition of glimmering grey ribbons brings a touch of high-end glamour to any celebration. Perfect for contemporary or minimalist weddings with a neutral palette, these sashes effortlessly elevate the aesthetic, providing a sleek and sophisticated look.

33. Tulle Draping with Luxe Flowers

Draped Wedding Chair Sashes And Luxe Flowers
Reception chairs with flowers and tulle draping

If simplicity is what you expect from wedding decorations, you will love these wedding chair decoration ideas that seem luxurious yet elegant. The tulle draping already exudes a charming look, but adding the flowers takes it to a new level. Thus, choose the same color for the cover and the tablecloth to complete this concept.

34. Ruffled Pink Chair Sashes

Ruffled Pink Wedding Chair Decorations
Chair Sashes with Ruffled Pink for Nuptials

Dress the chairs in a ruffled, semi-sheer cover that will give an impression to your guests. The ruffled texture creates a sense of movement and visual interest, turning your chairs into eye-catching focal points. Plus, your venue will be filled with a soft and warm ambiance thanks to the blush pink shade of the sashes. This idea is perfect for a romantic or vintage-inspired wedding.

35. Woven Gold Chair Sashes

wedding chair decorations with golden sashes
Golden Woven Wedding Chair Sashes

Elevate your chair decor with sophistication using gold sashes adorned with woven fabric on their backs – a timeless addition to your wedding checklist. This traditional touch not only exudes chic elegance but also creates a warm and inviting ambiance for your seated guests. The combination of opulent gold and intricate fabric weaving results in a classic and stylish look.

36. Tropical Flowers

wedding chair decorations with tropical flowers
Chair decorations for weddings in the summer

If you are going to plan for a summer wedding, you should not ignore some tropical flowers to decorate the chairs. Consider choosing flowers in hot pink, orange, and red tones to create a focal point on the backs of chairs. Also, add some greenery and silk ribbons to make a big contrast that your guests will be surprised by.

37. Dried Botanicals And Greenery

Wedding Chair Decoration ideas With Dried Botanicals And Greenery
Wedding Chairs With Dried Botanicals And Greenery

This is a one-of-a-kind and earthy way to dress up your wedding seats. The wheat sashes look great when combined with the green rope and flora. It’s ideal for a boho or rustic wedding theme and will give warmth and friendliness to your location. Wheat may be reused in other decorations, making it an environmentally friendly wedding chair decor option.

38. Decor with Baby’s breath

Wedding chair decorations with baby's breath
Gypsophila for Nuptials Chair Decor

If you are looking for a way to use flowers for wedding chair decorations, using baby’s breath can be an easy, cost-effective way to think. To spruce up your seating arrangements, choose a tiny bouquet to tie on the side of the chair to help your guests find their seats. This easy and budget-friendly approach transforms your seating arrangements into blooming displays, infusing the ambiance with natural beauty.

39. Lace Sashes

Wedding chair decoration ideas with lace sashes
Wedding chair decoration ideas with lace sashes (Source: Amazon)

Lace draped over wedding chairs will add a touch of elegance with a vintage feel. Choose the linen cloth to make the wedding chair sashes more stunning and still give the whole table setting an elegant touch. To make a small focal point for those chairs’ backs, a white lace tied in the middle would definitely be the cherry on top of the cake.

40. Grey-White Linen Dropping

Grey-White Linen Dropping for wedding chair decorations
Wedding chair decor with Grey-White Linen Dropping

Infuse your wedding chairs with an air of refined elegance by draping them in grey-white linen drops. The delicate blend of grey and white creates a sophisticated palette that complements various wedding themes. The neutral tones provide a timeless backdrop while allowing other decor elements to shine, making these sashes perfect for both traditional and contemporary settings. No wonder this is one of many couples’ favorite wedding chair decoration ideas.

41. Floral Wreaths

Wedding Chair Decorations With Floral Wreaths
Wedding flowers for reception chairs

Using flower wreaths, single blooms, and pearl threads to decorate your wedding chairs is a lovely way to create a delicate and romantic aesthetic for your big day. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can make your wreaths and blooms using fresh or artificial flowers. But when it comes to the color of blooms, we highly recommend incorporating flowers from your wedding bouquet or centerpieces to make the whole look cohesive.

42. Chiffon Waves

Blush Green Chiffon wedding chair Sashes
Simple way to decorate wedding chairs with chiffon sashes

Keep things elegant with simple wedding chair decorations if the party takes place in a stunning ceremony venue. Think about using chiffon to create waves that flow from the back of the chair to the floor, creating a beautiful effect of movement and softness. Versatile and adaptable, these chiffon sashes seamlessly complement any theme while allowing for quick and easy setup.

43. Glitter Chair Sashes

Glitter Sashes for Wedding Chair Decorations
Glitter Wedding Chair Sashes

Elevate your wedding chairs to new heights of glamour by opting for glitter chair sashes. Select a chic gold chair as your canvas and drape it with a stunning glam cloth adorned with a sprinkle of glitter. These glittering chair covers guarantee that your seating arrangements will steal the spotlight in the reception area.

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Wedding chairs are an essential element of any celebration. They add a touch of elegance and personality to the event, making it more memorable for you and your guests. From floral arrangements to ribbons and bows, there are many wedding chair decoration ideas to make your chairs stand out, no matter what your wedding style or budget. So, get inspiration from Viva Wedding Photography‘s list above and let your creativity run wild!

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