31 Best Boho Wedding Cake Ideas for a Bohemian Celebration

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If you’re looking for a way to add some flair and fun to your wedding cake, why not go for a boho style? A boho wedding cake is inspired by the bohemian lifestyle, which embodies nature, art, and individuality. These cakes are not your typical white and round creations, but rather, they are full of color, texture, and personality. In this article, Viva Wedding Photograph will show you some of the most beautiful ideas that will make your guests swoon. Read on and get ready to be inspired!

Beautiful Bohemian Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cake with floral accents

Floral accents are frequently utilized in boho-inspired cake decorations to infuse a hint of natural beauty and whimsy. Here are a few suggestions that specifically highlight floral elements:

1. Cascading flower arrangements

boho wedding cakes with fresh flowers
Bohemian wedding cake ideas with flowers in dainty colors (Source: Pinterest)

Craft a mesmerizing visual impact by embellishing the cake with gracefully cascading flower arrangements. Utilize a diverse selection of fresh blossoms, including roses, peonies, daisies, or wildflowers, to fashion a lavish and organic cascade that gracefully descends along the tiers of the cake. Consider incorporating greenery such as eucalyptus or ferns for an even more natural and bohemian appearance.

2. Edible flowers

edible flowers for boho wedding cakes
Pressed flower wedding cake (Source: Elegant Wedding Invites)

Elevate the boho ambiance by incorporating edible flowers and herbs as décor elements on the cake. These delicate blossoms, such as pansies, violets, or marigolds, enhance the visual appeal and provide an enjoyable experience for the guests. When considering boho wedding cake ideas, this choice allows you to infuse natural flavors into every bite.

Viva Wedding Photography’s Tip

Ensure the flowers and herbs you select for cake decorations are safe for consumption and pesticide-free. It is essential to thoroughly wash and prepare the flowers before incorporating them into the cake design.

3. Top with lush flowers

boho cake ideas with lush flowers
Boho-themed nuptial cake with lush blooms (Source: Pinterest)

Another way to incorporate flowers into your boho wedding cake is to top it with lush blooms. You can use a single large flower, such as a sunflower, a peony, or a dahlia, or a bunch of smaller flowers, such as baby’s breath, daisies, or wildflowers, to create a focal point on your cake. This will give your cake a rustic boho wedding look and make it stand out from the crowd.

4. Cotton flowers

boho wedding cakes decorated with cotton flowers
Wedding cake decorated with cotton flowers (Source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)

Picture a cake adorned with fluffy cotton blossoms, imparting a soft and dreamy ambiance to your celebration. You can use cotton flowers to create a simple and elegant cake or add some contrast and texture to a more colorful and elaborate cake. These blossoms are also easy to find and affordable, making them a great option for DIY boho wedding cake ideas.

Viva Wedding Photography’s Tip

Embrace one of our favorite combo: cotton flowers with buttercream in neutral tones or pastel shades to create subtle style of cakes. Or you can choose jewel tones for a more stunning look.

5. Buttercream-painted flowers

Boho cake ideas with buttercream flowers
Boho cake ideas with buttercream flowers (Source: Brides)

Are you not into real flowers on your wedding cake? If so, buttercream flowers would be the perfect choice for you. Consider a white cake with earth tones for a stunning, nature-inspired design. To create your desired final look, discuss what you want clearly with your professional baker beforehand.

Boho Cake Ideas with macramé and lace

6. Icing patterns that mimic macramé

Boho wedding cakes decorated with macramé details
Hippie boho wedding cakes decorated with handmade macramé (Source: Pinterest)

Collaborate with a talented cake decorator to craft elaborate icing designs that imitate the intricate patterns and knots often seen in macramé art. These designs can be expertly piped onto the cake using royal icing or buttercream, resulting in a visually stunning and textured macramé-inspired pattern. Contemplate incorporating geometric shapes or floral motifs into the design for an enhanced boho aesthetic.

7. Real macramé as cake decor

boho wedding cakes with real macramé
Wedding cakes with elegant macramé (Source: Texas Weddings)

Another way to use macramé in hippie boho wedding cakes is to incorporate authentic macramé pieces into your cake design. You can use macramé as a cake topper, a cake wrap, or a cake stand, and add some contrast and texture to your cake. This idea will surely bring a tactile and visually stunning element to your celebration, reflecting boho weddings’ free-spirited and artistic essence.

8. Lace-like fondant or icing

Lace pattern for bohemian wedding cake ideas
Single-tier wedding cake with lace pattern (Source: Pinterest)

Embrace the timeless beauty of lace by adorning your boho wedding cake with fondant or icing decorations inspired by intricate lace patterns. These decorations mimic the appearance of lace fabric, showcasing intricate details and delicate patterns. For an added touch of elegance, think about incorporating edible metallic paints or luster dust to infuse the lace decorations with a subtle shimmer.

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Cakes with earthy elements and textured patterns

To incorporate natural and earthy textures and elements into your boho-inspired wedding cake, explore the following suggestions:

9. Semi-naked cake with floral and green touches

rustic boho wedding cake with flowers and greenery
Semi-naked cake for a rustic and boho wedding (Source: Happy Wedding App)

Opting for a semi-naked cake allows you to showcase the cake’s texture while incorporating floral accents that harmonize with your wedding theme. You can decorate your cake with flowers and greenery, such as roses, eucalyptus, lavender, or ferns, to add color and freshness. This will create the perfect balance between rustic simplicity and botanical elegance, ideal for those who prefer a rustic boho wedding cake.

10. Naked cake with fresh fruit toppings

Naked boho cake ideas with fruits
Naked wedding cake decorated with forest fruits (Source: LoveToKnow)

Transform your boho wedding cake into a delightful feast for the senses by opting for an unfinished cake paired with fresh fruits. You can pair your naked cake with fresh fruits, such as berries, figs, grapes, or citrus, to add some sweetness and juiciness to your cake. We highly recommend choosing in-season fruits to get the most bang for your buck.

11. Succulents as cake ornaments

Succulents for rustic boho wedding cakes
Succulents for a bohemian wedding cake (Source: Ruffed Blog)

Succulents are often used in boho wedding decor, as they are easy to care for and come in various shapes and colors. You can also use succulents as boho wedding cake decor by placing them on top or around your cake. Consider choosing a variety of succulents in different shapes and sizes to create a visually dynamic and textured masterpiece.

12. Pampas

boho wedding cake 12 1
Wedding cakes decorated with dried florals (Source: Brides)

Using pampas is one of the great bohemian wedding cake ideas that brings nature’s untamed beauty to your dessert table. To elevate the boho aesthetic, consider adding edible flowers, dried blooms, or even metallic accents for a touch of glamour. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Too much pampas grass can make your wedding cake look messy or overwhelming.

13. Terracotta tone

boho wedding cakes in Terracotta tone
Wedding cake in Terracotta tone (Source: The Wedding Playbook)

This simple boho wedding cake idea pays homage to Terracotta’s natural beauty and warm hues, adding a touch of grounding sophistication to your rustic boho celebration. As the Terracotta tone is already outstanding, you just need a few flowers in a white or natural tone to create a perfect look.

14. Feather

bohemian wedding cake ideas with feather
Feather details for hippie boho wedding cakes (Source: Seasunliners)

Add a touch of whimsy and free-spirited charm to your wedding cake by incorporating feathers, creating a visually enchanting and bohemian-inspired masterpiece. These bohemian wedding cake ideas are perfect for couples seeking to infuse their cake with natural elegance and ethereal beauty.

Viva Wedding Photography’s Tip

You can use edible feathers made of wafer paper, sugar paste, or rice paper. If opt for real ones, make sure they clean and sanitized. 

Boho chic wedding cake ideas

15. Brushstroke patterns

boho wedding cakes with brushstroke details
Modern boho wedding cakes with muted brushstroke (Source: Weddingomania)

Channel a modern boho vibe by integrating brushstroke patterns and watercolor effects. Employ food-safe paintbrushes and edible paints to delicately apply gentle brushstrokes in earthy hues such as taupe, olive green, or terracotta, emulating the texture and colors reminiscent of nature.

Viva Wedding Photography’s Tip

For a more ethereal and bohemian appearance, blend shades to incorporate soft watercolor effects, adding a touch of enchantment to the overall design.

16. Watercolor effects

watercolor boho wedding cake idea
Boho chic wedding cake with watercolor (Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

 If you love watercolor paintings’ soft and dreamy look, you can apply the same technique to your boho cake ideas. You can use food coloring to create a watercolor effect on your cake, either by blending different shades or creating a gradient. This will give your cake a romantic and whimsical vibe that suits a boho wedding. 

17. Dreamcatcher wedding cake

boho wedding cakes 17 1
Bohemian wedding cake ideas with Dreamcatcher (Source: Pinterest)

The Dreamcatcher’s circular form symbolizes unity and protection, making it a meaningful and visually stunning addition to a boho wedding. You can incorporate natural elements such as edible flowers, succulents, or feathers for an authentic bohemian feel. With its fusion of artistry and symbolism, a Dreamcatcher boho wedding cake promises to be a delectable centerpiece.

18. Drip cakes

Boho chic wedding cake with drip
Boho chic cake with drip and metallic details (Source: Deer Pearl Flowers)

Drip cake has been one of the most popular boho wedding cake ideas in recent years. You can use chocolate, caramel, ganache, or any other sauce to create a dripping effect on your cake. This will add texture and flavor to your cake, making it more decadent and indulgent. Contemplate adding complementary floral accents to enhance the overall aesthetic, and let your cake become a delicious and visually captivating centerpiece for your celebration.

19. Incorporate draping

Boho cake ideas with draping
Two-tiered cake for formal weddings (Source: Wedding Forward)

Another way to make your boho chic wedding cake more elegant and sophisticated is to incorporate draping on your cake. You can use fondant, gum paste, or sugar paste to create a draping effect on your cake, either by covering the whole cake or creating some folds and pleats. And don’t forget to add pampas grass to give your cake a graceful and refined look that suits a formal boho wedding.

20. Golden details

Gold details for boho wedding cakes
Gold details for boho wedding cakes (Source: Nutmeg Cake Design)

A bohemian wedding cake mixed with gold fleck is a lavish way to honor the beauty and splendor of the Bodo culture. The addition of gold leaf, metallic accents, or edible gold paint can transform a cake into a stunning masterpiece with intricate designs and embellishments. This cake is ideal for couples seeking a stunning and majestic wedding cake that radiates sophistication, extravagance, and grandeur.

21. Moody tone

Moody boho chic wedding cake
Moody boho cake for weddings (Source: Rocky Mountain Bride)

Wedding cake doesn’t always have to mean bright color. Set the mood for a romantic and atmospheric celebration by embracing a moody tone in your boho-chic wedding cake design. Use deep and rich color palettes, such as deep burgundy, navy, or even black, to create a sense of mystery and allure. If you’re into dramatic bohemian wedding cake ideas, we highly recommend adding some bright decor details to create contrast in your cake.

22. Geometric pattern

Modern boho wedding cakes in white
Simple boho cakes in white (Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

If you’re looking for modern boho wedding cakes, think about using a geometric pattern on your cake. You can use triangles, squares, circles, or hexagons to create a geometric effect on your cake, either by cutting out the shapes or piping them on the cake. This will give your cake a sleek and simple look that suits a contemporary boho wedding.

23. Geode cake

rustic boho wedding cake with geode details
Geode cake for a boho wedding (Source: Pinterest)

Unearth the enchanting and mesmerizing beauty of geodes by incorporating a geode cake into your boho-chic wedding celebration. Imagine a cake adorned with vibrant and crystalline patterns, creating a visually stunning masterpiece that captures the earthly and ethereal aspects of love. This idea introduces a touch of mystique and natural elegance to your rustic boho wedding cake.

24. Mix and match

4-tier boho wedding cakes
Tiered cake perfect for a boho wedding (Source: ShaadiWish)

These boho cake ideas allow you to express your individuality and creativity, offering a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your celebration. You can use different flavors, colors, shapes, and styles to create a mix-and-match effect on your cake, either by using different tiers or different sections. This will give your cake a playful and quirky look that shows your creativity and diversity.

25. Simple decor for a minimalist touch

Ideas for a simple boho wedding cake
Ideas for a simple bohemian wedding cake (Source: Wedboard)

The minimalistic wedding cake design is characterized by its crisp, clean, sleek, and airy lines. Some might assume that a minimalistic cake should be white, small, and perhaps a bit dull. However, their assumption would be incorrect. To achieve a stunning minimalist design, it is essential to have a skilled artist who can craft a structure and incorporate delicate decorative elements that tastefully reflect the wedding theme and enhance the cake.

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Alternative Options to Traditional Boho Wedding Cakes

26. Cupcake displays with boho-themed decorations

boho cake ideas with cupcakes
Wedding cupcakes in the boho theme (Source: House of Elliot boots)

Craft an exquisite presentation of cupcakes embellished with boho-inspired decorations. Adorn the cupcakes with intricate floral designs, frosting patterns reminiscent of macramé, or rustic elements such as wooden toppers and natural twine.

Showcase these delectable treats on tiered stands or rustic wooden crates to create a captivating and bohemian dessert centerpiece that will surely catch the eye.

27. Dessert bars featuring boho-inspired treats

Bohemian wedding cake ideas
Bohemian wedding dessert bar (Source: Brides)

Create a dessert buffet featuring a wide selection of boho-inspired treats. Curate an assortment of mini tarts, rustic fruit pies, homemade cookies, and delectable dessert shooters. Emphasize using natural elements such as fresh fruits, edible flowers, and textures that evoke the beauty of nature in the presentation. Introduce unique flavors like lavender-infused macarons or chai-spiced brownies for a bohemian twist, adding an intriguing and unconventional touch to the dessert spread.

28. Mini boho wedding cakes

Mini boho wedding cakes
Mini cake for a boho wedding (Source: INSOPA Wedding Magazine)

Instead of a traditional large wedding cake, provide guests with individual mini cakes featuring boho-inspired designs. Embellish each mini cake with floral accents, hand-painted patterns, or textured frosting that reflects the beauty of natural elements.

29. Cookie cake with boho style 

boho cake ideas with cookies
Cookie cake for boho weddings (Source: Pinterest)

A boho cookie cake is a simple and sweet alternative to traditional boho wedding cakes. It not only caters to those with a sweet tooth but also offers a unique and creative focal point for your rustic boho wedding. Choose a flavor that complements your theme and work with a skilled baker to create a custom design that resonates with your style.

30. Boho donut tower

alternative to traditional boho wedding cake
Boho-inspired donut tower (Source: Brides)

The boho donut tower allows you to play with textures and customize each donut, making it a delightful and interactive element that resonates with the relaxed and free-spirited nature of your rustic boho wedding. Select a mix of flavors and colors that align with your boho theme, creating a visually appealing and mouthwatering display.

31. Macaron in boho shades

Macaron and boho wedding cakes
Macaron in a boho color scheme for weddings (Source: Sweet Laurel Events)

Delight your guests with a sophisticated and visually stunning alternative to traditional wedding cakes by opting for a macaron tower in a boho color palette. Think about an elegant display of macarons in earthy tones, pastels, or jewel-like hues adorned with delicate floral designs or geometric patterns.

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FAQs about Boho Wedding Cake

What is a boho-style wedding cake?

A boho wedding cake is a type of cake that is inspired by the bohemian style, which is characterized by natural elements, rustic textures, and earthy colors. These cakes may have elements such as fresh flowers, feathers, macrame, lace, or geometric shapes. Colors are typically soft and muted, creating a laid-back and artistic aesthetic.

What are the typical flavors of boho cake?

Some of the typical flavors of boho cake are vanilla, lemon, carrot, chocolate, and red velvet. These flavors are often paired with cream cheese, buttercream, ganache, or whipped cream as fillings or frostings.

How much does a bohemian wedding cake cost?

The average cost of a wedding cake in the US is $500, but it can range from $300 to $1000 or more. A boho wedding cake may be cheaper or more expensive than a traditional one, depending on the complexity and availability of the ingredients and decorations.

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Boho wedding cakes go beyond mere desserts and become a focal point, adding to the ambiance and style of a boho-themed wedding. So, embrace the inherent beauty of organic details, take the opportunity for artistic expression, and savor the process of choosing the ideal wedding cake that perfectly captures the essence of your special day. Take inspiration from Viva Wedding Photography‘s list and make the cake a focal point of your dessert table!

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