41 Best Wedding Gifts For Sister That She’ll Surely Cherish

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Your sister’s wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want to make it unforgettable. But what kind of wedding gifts for sister that will show her how much you care? Something that is both luxurious and useful? Something that reflects her personality and style? Countless considerations and possibilities abound!

Not to worry! Viva Wedding Photography offers a list of recommendations for your situation below. We’re sure that they will answer all of your worries and more!

Unique Wedding Gifts for Sister That She’ll Love

1. Bride Sweatpants And T-shirt

Bride Sweatpants And T-shirt - wedding present for sister
Bride Sweatpants And T-shirt

Unlike standard sweatpants and a T-shirt, the Customized Bride set is made specifically for the customer. Make this a one-of-a-kind keepsake for your sister by adding her name and the date of the wedding. They are flexible enough to conform to a wide range of body types. Ensure that your sister has something comfy to wear when getting ready on the morning of her wedding!

What We Love:

  • Material: The cotton absorbs sweat well
  • Personalized with the bride’s name and wedding date

Reference Price: 12.49$ On Etsy

2. Personalized Handkerchief

Personalized Handkerchief – Gifts For Sister On Wedding Day
Personalized Handkerchief – Gifts For Sister On Wedding Day

Make your sister’s big day even more special with a personalized lace handkerchief, a truly meaningful and heartfelt wedding gift. By embroidering a short message, this delicate white lace handkerchief is a token of your wedding wishes for her. This will be a meaningful gift that will preserve her happy tears when walking down the aisle of the ceremony.

What We Love:

  • Quality Material: 100% cotton
  • Easy to always carry

Reference Price: 39.95$ On Etsy

3. “Letters To The Bride” Book

This Letters To The Bride Book - wedding gift for sister and husband
The Letters To The Bride Book

As the younger sister in the family, you want to give your older sister a special and meaningful wedding gift for sister from sister. How about a “Letters To The Bride” book? This is a wonderful way to express your love and appreciation for your sister. You can fill this book with your messages, advice, and memories that you share with your sister. Imagine how touched she will be when she reads these heartfelt words.

What We Love:

  • Trendy-designed cover and high-quality paper
  • Many customization options: cover material, fonts, and colors
  • Lasting keepsake while remaining easy to carry

Reference Price: 49.50$ On Etsy

4. Personalized Connect Four Game

Personalized Connect Four Game - wedding gift ideas for sister and brother in-law
Personalized Connect Four Game – wedding gift ideas for sister and brother in-law

Nothing could be more perfect for your sister’s wedding day than personalized presents. They may enjoy some friendly rivalry in their new game. Engraved with the couple’s names and wedding dates, this game serves as a constant reminder of their special day while providing many hours of fun for the newlyweds and their guests.

What We Love:

  • Much room for customization, with six rows of seven characters each
  • Decorative accent in the home

Reference Price: 102.21$ On Uncommon Goods

5. Custom Date Ring

Custom Date Ring –   one of wedding gift ideas for sister
Custom Date Ring – best wedding gift for sister

If your sister is getting married to the man of her dreams, what better gift to celebrate the occasion than a meaningful ring? The unique thing is that it symbolizes an important date of your choosing. The date of her wedding or the initials of her and her future husband might be engraved on the bands of these rings. This would be the most beautiful gift for sister on wedding day!

What We Love:

  • It is made of 925 sterling silver for durability and quality
  • Come with beautiful jewelry boxes

Reference Price: 20.30$ On Etsy

6. Keepsake Champagne Bottle

Keepsake Champagne Bottle for wedding gifts for sister
Keepsake Champagne Bottle – wedding present for sister

This personalized gift was created from the champagne bottle on their wedding day. Hence, it will be treasured by the newlyweds for a lifetime. The writing and design lifted from the wine bottle surface for a 3D impression that can’t be achieved by etching wine bottle engravers. In the weeks after their wedding, they may put their bridal flowers on display in this lovely spot. 

What We Love:

  • The ideal accessory for the beverage station
  • Beautifully crafted

Reference Price: 35.51$ On Etsy

7. Farmhouse Wall Decor Print

Canvas prints as wedding gift ideas for sister
Farmhouse Wall Decor Print Photo On Canvas Prints – gift for sister on wedding day
View on Oh Canvas

Transform the newlyweds’ home with a touch of rustic charm through a farmhouse wall decor print. This item, personalized with a photo of the happy couple, adds warmth to any space. A wonderful blend of style and sentiment, this thoughtful gift is a perfect way to help them create a home that reflects their unique love story.

What We Love:

  • High-quality canvas, the image in this painting is crisp and clear
  • Not easy to be fade or show signs of age with time

Reference Price: 39.95$ On Ohcanvas

8. Personalized Video Screen

Personalized Video Screened – Gifts For Sister On Wedding Day
Personalized Video Screened – Gifts For Sister On Wedding Day

These wedding gifts for siblings will take significant time and work to complete. It’s never too early to begin shooting and photographing the bride’s wedding preparations. They can include her trial sessions, jewelry-buying excursions, dancing rehearsals, and cosmetics sessions. Turn everything into a movie or a scrapbook that tells her story!

What We Love:

Connecting the couple with love in a modern and memorable way

9. The Most Wonderful Things Romantic Canvas Wall Art

Wall art for wedding gifts for sister
Romantic Canvas Wall Art

You can show your sister how much you care with a personalized canvas print. Since black and white conveys sophistication, wealth, restraint, and power, it is often a suitable option for artwork. Give it to her and her spouse as a farewell present before they go on their new journey by having it customized with their names. This is one of the most thoughtful wedding gift ideas for sister and brother-in-law.

What We Love:

  • Engraved with the couple’s names and a meaningful quote, it becomes a romantic reminder of their love story.

Reference Price: 39.95$ On Ohcanvas

10. Personalized Serving Bowl

Bowl as the wedding gifts for sister
Personalized Serving Bowl

The Personalized Serving Bowl is a stylish and considerate wedding present for sister. This exquisite bowl, adorned with the couple’s names and a key date, serves as a personalized centerpiece for their house. Aside from its visual appeal, it lends a touch of warmth and intimacy to family gatherings and shared meals.

What We Love:

  • Antique style
  • Microwave-, oven- and dishwasher-safe

Reference Price: 130$ On Uncommon Goods

11. Collage Family Photo Personalized Canvas Print

Collage Family Photo Personalized Canvas Print - Unique wedding gifts for sister
Collage Family Photo Personalized Canvas Print – Unique wedding gifts for sister
View on Oh Canvas

A perfect wedding present for sister that will touch her heart is a collage family photo print. Transform cherished family moments into a visual masterpiece with this gift.  Each glance at this canvas print becomes a journey through shared memories. This canvas has a solid front and back, so it won’t stretch or droop when hung. It also has finished edges and a smooth back, so it’s ready to hang right out of the box.

What We Love:

  • Premium quality materials that the canvas print will remain vibrant and true to the original images

Reference Price: 62.10$ On Etsy

12. Personalized Wedding Day Candle

Personalized Wedding Day Candle - Unique wedding gifts for sister
Personalized Wedding Day Candle – Unique wedding gifts for sister

One of the best wedding gifts for a sister from brother is a personalized candle! Illuminate your sister’s marital journey with this lovely gift. This fragrant soy wax candle is nestled in a frosted glass jar and has a sweet note that says “To my sister on your wedding day” in a graceful gold script. You can make this gift even more personal by adding her wedding date and a personal message of love and support. It comes in 10 different soothing scents, like Pink Jasmine (peach, jasmine, vanilla) and Secret Beach (orange, vanilla, coconut), that she can enjoy while getting ready to calm her nerves.

What We Love:

  • High-quality materials and a handcrafted process
  • Elegant and thoughtful design
  • Come with gift wrapping

Reference Price: 26$ On Etsy

13. Wedding Vows Art Print

Wedding vows art print for wedding gift ideas for sister
Wedding vows art print

One of the most meaningful and sentimental gift ideas for your sister is a wedding vows art print. This is a beautiful way to capture the sacred promises that your sister and her new husband exchanged on their wedding day. You can add their names, wedding dates, and location to make it more special. This unique gift transforms meaningful words into a timeless piece of art, symbolizing the enduring love and commitment between the newlyweds.

What We Love:

  • Many size options
  • There’s no word limit

Reference Price: 21.54$ On Etsy

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Practical Wedding Gift Ideas for Sister and Brother-in-law

14. Personalized Wedding Hanger

Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger – Wedding Gifts For Sister
Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger

This wooden wedding hanger is a lovely gift made with care and skill. It is customized with her name, the wedding date, or a sweet note. This personalized hanger will not only hang her wedding dress neatly but also become a cherished keepsake from the moment she says, “I do.”

What We Love:

  • Hanger letters are 5mm thick, unlike the thin wire letters commonly used
  • A complimentary white bow will be added to the top of the hanger

Reference Price: 21.98$ On Etsy

15. Bridal Robe

Bridal Robe - gift for sister on wedding day
Bridal Robe – best gift for sister’s marriage

Looking for a gift for your sister on wedding day that she will love and use? A customized bridal robe is a gorgeous gift for your sister on her special day, especially if she hasn’t got one for herself. This robe combines coziness and boho chic, adding a lovely touch to her bridal look. This robe is designed with a belt loop closure and a waist tie for a perfect fit.

What We Love:

  • Exquisite lace detailing
  • Come with white slips to wear underneath

Reference Price: 47.00$ On Etsy

16. Cookware Set

Cookware Set – wedding present for sister
Cookware Set – wedding present for your sister

Getting some kitchenware for your future sister as a last-minute wedding gift idea is a kind and useful gesture. With this oven-safe ceramic cookware set, she may begin her reign as kitchen queen in the most regal manner. She will appreciate the thoughtfulness with which you have presented this practical gift.

What We Love:

  • Made of BPA-free metal and features nonstick coatings for simple cleanup
  • Cool-to-the-touch handles and steam-releasing glass covers
  • The spiral base distributes heat uniformly and can used on any cooktop material

Reference Price: 89.39$ On Etsy

17. Bath Caddy

Bath Caddy – Wedding Gifts For Sister
Bath Caddy – Wedding Gifts For Sister

Are you looking for the best gift for sister’s marriage? This over-the-tub bamboo bath caddy is a must-have item. It comes with a built-in slot for a glass of wine so your sister can unwind in style. Include her favorite beauty items, a bottle of rosé, and a book she’s been dying to read in this present to make it even more personal.

What We Love:

  • This bathtub caddy tray’s width is easily adjustable from 27.56 inches to 41.73 inches, making it suitable for use with various bathtubs on the market.

Reference Price: 55.99$ On Etsy

18. Personalized Wedding Denim Jacket

Personalized Wedding Denim Jacket – wedding gifts ideas for sister
Personalized Wedding Denim Jacket – wedding gifts ideas for sister

This chic and customized jacket, with her name, wedding date, or a memorable quote, is a stunning fashion accessory. It is ideal for keeping warm during outdoor ceremonies or bringing a personal flair to the reception. It would be best if it came with a sincere letter written by you.

What we love:

  • Made from soft, distressed cotton denim

Reference Price: 43.34$ On Etsy

19. Lush Towels

Lush Towels – Gifts For Sister On Wedding Day
Lush Towels – Gifts For Sister On Wedding Day

Lush Towels are the ideal wedding present for sister. These luxurious towels are 20 by 30 inches and are woven from the highest quality Turkish cotton. Because of their fluffy texture, your sister will enjoy using them as part of her post-wedding relaxation regimen.

What We Love:

  • The innovative design allows the fibers to expand, soaking up more moisture and promoting efficient drying

Reference Price: 39.99$ On Amazon

20. Anniversary Journal

Anniversary Journal - wedding gifts for a sister
Anniversary Journal – wedding gifts for a sister

This beautiful anniversary diary is a precious gift for your sister and her loved ones. It captures their first through 60th wedding anniversaries in classic grace. There are 40 pages in total—one for each year from the couple’s wedding to their silver 25th and one for each following anniversary up to their dazzling 75th.

What We Love:

  • Exquisitely designed
  • Fabric hardcover 

Reference Price: 39.95$ On Amazon

21. Sun Bed

Sun Bed – wedding gifts for a sister
Sun Bed – wedding gifts for a sister

If you’re looking for wedding gift ideas for sister and brother-in-law that are a bit different, consider a chaise lounge. This item can be used inside and out. The ergonomic design and firm/soft contrast of the material make for a relaxing experience. This is a pleasant addition to the newlyweds’ home or yard, where they may spend quality time together.

What We Love:

  • Its foldable structure and height-adjustable legs provide it versatility

Reference Price: 61.31$ On Amazon

22. Bridal Clutch

Clutch for the wedding present for sister
Bridal Clutch With Photo Inside

Are you looking for wedding gift ideas for sister that she will cherish and wear on her wedding day? You should check out this clutch handbag! This is a stunning accessory that can hold her essentials on the big day. This wedding clutch is the perfect size to fit in the palm of her hand, but it makes a great statement. It will make her shine no matter what style of wedding dress she chooses.

What We Love:

  • Premium leather
  • Sparkly accents and an overall trendy design

Reference Price: 41.38$ On Etsy

23. The Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box – wedding gifts for sister
The Jewelry Box – wedding day gifts for sister

With this wooden jewelry box, you may assist your sister in keeping her new engagement ring secure while on vacation. Multiple compartments and handy features will keep her earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets safe and organized while also keeping them from tangling.

What We Love:

  • Crafted from Indian rosewood
  • Intricate woodcarving techniques to create one-of-a-kind works of art

Reference Price: 16.39$ On Etsy

24. Personalized USA 50-state Photo Map

Personalized USA 50-state Photo Map - Wedding Gifts for Your Sister
Personalized USA 50-state Photo Map – Wedding Gifts for Your Sister

If your loved one enjoys discovering the United States, this 50-State Photo Map will be a wonderful gift. This map lets your sister showcase her journeys with her partner as they travel across the country. An added fun would be to try something different in each state. For instance, reaching its highest peak, running a marathon through it, tasting its local beer, taking a selfie at its border, or anything else the couple can think of.

What We Love:

  • Customizable with names, dates, and other information
  • Excellently made frames

Reference Price: 76.99$ On Etsy

25. Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalized Coffee Mug - wedding gift ideas for sister
Personalized Coffee Mug – wedding gift ideas for sister

A gift for sister on her wedding day should be something that reflects your special bond and celebrates her new journey. How about this customized coffee mug? It’s not only useful but also meaningful, with your thoughtful personalization that makes every sip a bond of affection and love. The coffee mug is more than a morning habit; it’s a daily token of your love and support for her marital bliss. You can surprise your sister and her husband with this gift on the morning of the wedding and make them smile.

What We Love:

  • Customizable with the couple’s photo, names, and wedding date on 2 sides of the cup
  • The aesthetic quality

Reference Price: 16.56$ On Etsy

26. Personalized Leather Tote

Personalized Leather Tote – Gifts For Sister On Wedding Day
Personalized Leather Tote – Gift For Sister On Wedding Day

Elevate your sister’s everyday style with the leather tote, a chic and functional accessory. The personalized tote features a wide interior and comfortable handles, making it ideal for work, errands, or a casual day out. There are two zippered compartments inside that are specifically designed for phones and keys.

What We Love:

  • Minimalist and trendy design
  • Great quality zippers and lining

Reference Price: 81.44$ On Etsy

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Expensive Wedding Gift for Sister to Elevate the Big Day

27. Personalized Picnic Table

Personalized Picnic Table - wedding gifts for sister
Personalized Picnic Table – wedding gifts for sister

Enhance outdoor experiences with the picnic table, a lovely and useful wedding gift. This product is tailored with the couple’s names or a heartfelt message, giving a unique flair to their events. Whether for cozy picnics or relaxed brunches, this personalized picnic table is a sign of shared memories and the happiness of being together.

What We Love:

  • Made from cherry wood
  • Able to fold out into a small table

Reference Price: 196.63$ On Uncommon Goods

28. Handcrafted Cutting Boards

Handcrafted Cutting Boards as wedding present for sister
Handcrafted Cutting Boards – wedding present for sister

These handcrafted cutting boards would make good wedding gift ideas for sister. The style of this board, crafted from the finest available wood, is modern and reminiscent of the ’70s. It may be personalized with a name of up to 12 letters and a heart. It can used for countless things and also as a lovely decor piece on the wall or kitchen counter.

What We Love:

  • Made by hand in Maryland
  • Material: solid maple board

Reference Price: 185.08$ On Uncommon Goods

29. The Midnight Kimono

The Midnight Kimono – Gifts For Sister On Wedding Day
The Midnight Kimono – Gifts For Sister On Wedding Day

This midnight garden kimono will make a fantastic wedding gift for a sister if your sister likes creative and artistic stuff. This kimono is a flexible addition to her wardrobe because of its sleek and timeless design. It is a thoughtful and beautiful gift that adds a touch of elegance to her everyday moments, whether she’s getting ready for the day or winding down in the evening.

What we love:

  • The floral pattern was inspired by the chiaroscuro style of the Renaissance masters
  • Come in 3 silk varieties: silk charmeuse, silk velvet, and silk chiffon

Reference Price: 560$ On Christinelingerie

30. Spa Week Gift Card

Spa Day – gifts for sister for wedding
Spa Week eGift Card – gifts for sister for wedding

After all the stress and hard work of wedding planning, she deserves a day of pampering and relaxation. She can choose from a variety of spa treatments, such as a deep tissue massage, reflexology, manicure, pedicure, or couples massage. This experience will help her to release tension and restore energy with customized spa services that suit her needs. It’s a gift that says, “You deserve a break.”

What We Love:

  • A versatile range of spa experiences
  • Nationwide accessibility: Recipients can redeem the eGift Card at participating spas across the US

Reference Price: 200$ On Amazon (for the highest denomination)

31. Couple Watches

Couple Watches – Unique Wedding Gifts For Sister
Couple Watches – Unique Wedding Gifts For Sister

Even though watches have become overused, they may make lovely personalized wedding gifts for special occasions. Give her a pair of watches on her wedding day to make her flush with delight. Those who love nature together can appreciate this design’s universal appeal thanks to its standard diameter.

What We Love:

The wristband can be adjusted with the tools which are included in the package

Reference Price: 396.75$ On Etsy

32. Suitcase

Suitcases – Wedding Gifts For Sister
Suitcases – Expensive Wedding Gifts For Sister

Help your sister and her spouse get a head start on a lifetime of adventures by gifting them a stylish suitcase. This product is ready to accompany them on honeymoon getaways, weekend escapes, and every journey in between. In addition to being incredibly lightweight, the aluminum material is also durable and safeguards their belongings in the suitcase.

What We Love:

  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Incredibly portable and easy to steer 
  • Excellent at keeping stuff in place

Reference Price: 143.99$ On Amazon

33. Drip Filter Coffee Machine

Drip Filter Coffee Machine - Expensive Wedding Gift for Sister
Drip Filter Coffee Machine – expensive wedding gift for sister

If you are looking for a wedding present for sister who loves coffee, you might want to consider a Drip Filter Coffee Machine. Your sister and her significant other may enjoy the perfect brew from this device whenever they choose. This is an ideal way to kick off their new life together as a couple. They can enjoy a cup of filter coffee wherever and whenever the mood strikes them. It can be at their desk in the morning, during lunch, or on the go right after a quick breakfast.

What We Love:

  • It can be set to turn off between 0 and 4 hours after brewing
  • It has a 24-hour programmable timer for brewing anywhere from 1 to 4 cups
  • It has a ready alarm tone that can be activated manually

Reference Price: 119$ On Amazon

34. Wine Subscription

Wine Subscription – wedding gifts ideas for sister
Wine Subscription – wedding gifts ideas for sister

The celebrations do not have to stop when the wedding is completed! Every month, your sister and her new life partner can taste the most excellent wines, which will be brought to their door. It’s a thoughtful way to toast to the newlyweds’ happiness and create memorable moments over a glass of carefully selected wine.

What We Love:

Different bottles of wine will be refreshed each month

Reference Price: 180$/month On Theboroughbox

35. Cateye Audio Sunglasses

Cateye Audio Sunglasses – Expensive Wedding Gift for Sister
Cateye Audio Sunglasses

Is your sister someone who is always attached to her headphones? If so, she will love these amazing audio sunglasses as an expensive wedding gift for sister. These cat-eye frames are not only stylish but also Bluetooth-enabled. So they can enjoy your tunes on the go. This set comes with two pairs of lenses that they can switch easily between indoor and outdoor activities.

What We Love:

A lot of exciting features: Integrated microphones enable phone calls, and low-latency audio ensures crystal-clear sound

Reference Price: 217$ On Amazon

36. Rose Gold Pearl Earrings

Rose Gold Pearl Earrings – Wedding Gifts For Sister
Rose Gold Pearl Earrings – Wedding Gifts For Sister

If she’s a fan of pearls, she’ll like these pink pearl studs set in yellow gold. Because of their rose color, these earrings provide an additional touch of refinement to her look, and she’ll be unable to take them off.

And since pearls are a traditional option for daily wear—but can easily be dressed up for her special day—it is the perfect pick for her. A Pair of pearl earrings is one of the most beautiful wedding gifts for sister.

What We Love:

  • High quality: 14K gold.
  • Come with a polishing kit and care instructions

Reference Price: 1116$ On Pearlparadise

37. Wedding Necklace

Wedding Necklace – gift for sister on wedding day
Wedding Necklace – gift for sister on wedding day

There’s nothing more special than surprising your sister with a lovely necklace you designed. These stunning necklaces are unique and well-received gifts for sister on her wedding day.

The look is vintage-inspired and feminine. From a rose Gold filled chain dangle, Vine-shaped components studded with countless small Cubic Zirconia and accented with Swarovski crystal pearls. She’ll treasure it for a long time to come.

What We Love:

The materials are hypoallergenic, lead-free, nickel-free, cadmium-free, and plated in high-luster rose gold

Reference Price: 87.17$ On Etsy

38. Perfume Gift Set

Perfume Gift Set – Wedding Gifts For Sister
Perfume Gift Set – Wedding Gifts For Sister

Those knowledgeable about perfume can identify a brand by sniffing its fragrance. If your sister likes scents as much as you do, this Dior perfume set would be an ideal gift for sister on wedding day. It goes beyond a singular perfume bottle, offering a comprehensive pampering experience with the inclusion of complementary products like scented body lotion or shower gel. Every spritz will evoke memories of her wedding day, making it a sentimental and cherished addition to her beauty routine.

What We Love:

  • Luxurious and distinctive fragrance
  • Beautifully packaged

Reference Price: 178$ On Nordstrom

39. Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven

Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven - little sister wedding gift
Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven – little sister wedding gift

Show your sister how much you love her on her wedding day with a gift that is both beautiful and practical: the Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven. Turn your sister’s cooking escapades into a masterpiece with this exquisite cookware – an expensive and practical wedding gift. Made with accuracy and meant for both utility and meaning, this cookware is not just a kitchen must-have; it’s a sincere display of love. The heart-shaped silhouette adds a touch of romance to every dish, making it an opulent and useful addition to her kitchen.

What We Love:

  • Premium Craftsmanship
  • Dishwasher safe

Reference Price: 220$ On Saks Fifth Avenue

40. High-End Skincare

High-End Skincare for the wedding gifts for sister
High-End Skincare

If you are running out of time and need some last-minute wedding gifts for sister, you might want to consider the Sulwhasoo skincare set. Do you want to get your sister a gift for the wedding that she may use to unwind after the hectic day of the ceremony? Pamper your sister with this indulgent and luxurious wedding gift. Crafted with high-quality ingredients and attention to detail, these skincare products elevate her beauty regimen to a spa-like experience.

What We Love:

  • Helps skin become firmer and smoother
  • The set includes a full range of skincare steps

Reference Price: 119.59$ On eBay

41. Personalized Bracelet

Personalized Bracelet – Wedding Gifts For Sister
Personalized Bracelet – Wedding Gifts For Sister

Multi-purpose goods make fantastic wedding gifts for sisters, and these bracelets are among the best possible. The gift you are giving your sister for her wedding is gorgeous and thoughtful. This charming trio of sterling silver bracelets is joined at the wrist with a heart, symbolizing the love that binds your family together. You can put her birthstone and name on it to constantly remind you how much she cares about you.

What We Love:

  • Symbolic design with stamped names, dates, or meaningful words
  • Minimalist design

Reference Price: 100 – 226.54$ On Uncommon Goods

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This selection of thoughtful wedding gifts for your sister from Viva Wedding Photography is created for you. It is made with the hope that it will aid you in selecting the best option for someone’s big day. While making her feel cherished, these will make her life event more memorable! Whatever you give her, she will appreciate it as much as you do. I wish you the best of luck in your charitable endeavors.

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