Sincere 33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Show Your Love

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Even though the 33rd year of a relationship isn’t as momentous as the 10th or 50th, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be honored! Since it’s a “year of wisdom, philosophy, and reflection.” It’s a fantastic time to reflect on your 33 years of marriage. So prepare presents for your wife, husband, or parents to make moments that will last a lifetime! Find out what Viva Wedding Photography thinks are the best 33rd wedding anniversary gifts.

What Is The Gift For 33rd Wedding Anniversary?

Modern 33rd Wedding Anniversary Symbol

Quartz is a gorgeous semiprecious stone with a spectrum of colors from pale lavender to deep purple. There is a common belief that wearing amethyst may help one find inner calm and peace and eliminate anxiety and anger. The medieval European troops often wore amethyst amulets, which they believed brought good health and a level mind.

Traditional 33rd Wedding Anniversary Symbol

While the modern gemstone associated with the 33rd wedding anniversary is amethyst, textiles have long been the traditional present. They can be made of many different materials, such as linen, silk, cotton, and even paper. That gives people a lot of options when looking for an anniversary gift.

Best 33rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas In 2023

Heartfelt 33rd Anniversary Gift For Wife Suggestions

1. Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst Bracelet 33rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Amethyst Bracelet 33rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Jewelry is a timeless present. It will constantly remind you of your 33 years of love and devotion to one another. The bracelet is made of modern, fine sterling silver; the center stone is a nugget of faceted amethyst set in sterling silver. Beautiful and powerful, amethyst is said to grant its bearer inner peace and lucidity.

It can be personalized with an initial, name, or word on a disc that is etched and given a high shine. This lovely bracelet will be a staple in her jewelry collection for years to come.

2. Rose Gold Amethyst Olive Seed Charm

33rd Anniversary Gift Charm
Rose Gold Amethyst Olive Seed Charm

This gorgeous accessory, crafted from 18-karat rose gold, is guaranteed to wow. This stunning necklace, an olive with a moveable leaf, is set with amethysts and diamonds. Show her how much she means to you by giving her this 33 year wedding anniversary gift necklace.

3. 11-Piece Chef’s Classic Cookware Set

Classic Cookware Set 33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Classic Cookware Set

This lovely stainless steel cookware set would be appreciated by your loved one. If relaxing in the kitchen was their preferred pastime. The dishwasher-safe 11-piece set can withstand high temperatures while the ergonomic handles remain cool. The glass tops make it easy to monitor the cooking process.

4. The Trio Calming Facial Set

33 Year Anniversary Gift Facial Set
The Trio Calming Facial Set

This collection of amethyst tools is a wonderful 33 year anniversary gift for anybody in need of peace and rejuvenation. Mini face roller, gua sha lifting tool, and a roller to relieve facial puffiness—all in one convenient set. This set is portable, so she can bring it with her everywhere she goes.

5. The Eternity 24-karat Gold Rose

33 year Wedding Anniversary Gift 24-karat Gold Rose
The Eternity 24-karat Gold Rose

Sending flowers is a kind gesture. It’s not the same thing to give someone flowers that will never die. The eternity 24-karat gold rose is a beautiful method for preserving flowers forever. For an even more lifelike appearance, use a rose that has been glazed and finished with a gold edging.

6. Tulip Flower and Butterflies Window Wall Art Decor

33rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Wall Art Decor
Tulip Flower and Butterflies Window Wall Art Decor

“You and me, we got this” is a simple quote that shows how much you love your sweetheart. You can make a one-of-a-kind 33 year wedding anniversary gift by putting both of your names on it. When she gets this gift, she will be amazed by the cute tulip design and butterflies by the window. It’ll do double duty as a token of your affection and her new favorite home decor.

7. Amethyst Trinity Studs

33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts Amethyst Trinity Studs
Amethyst Trinity Studs 33 Year Anniversary Gift

Little things may make a big difference. These amethyst stud earrings are set in 14-karat gold and are 3 millimeters in diameter. They are sure to become a new favorite piece of jewelry in their collection, and every time they wear them, they will think of this anniversary.

8. Vintage Embroidered Lace Nightgown

Nightgown 33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Vintage Nightgown 33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Something to wear to bed that is both comfortable and stylish. This lovely handcrafted vintage nightdress features a front bow and elegant semi-see-through designs. It will be an excellent tribute to this year’s theme of textiles, which marks the 33rd year of the couple’s marriage. This anniversary gift for wife is available in plus sizes. And it also has thigh-high side slits, which provide a sexy touch without detracting from the dress’s overall elegance.

9. Handmade Lace Anniversary Flowers

33rd Anniversary Gift Flowers
Handmade Lace Anniversary Flowers

This hand-crafted lace bouquet is the perfect 33rd anniversary gift for your spouse for your 33rd wedding anniversary. Because it will last forever and remind you both of that special day. The bouquet comes with a blank tag for your own customized statement. While this won’t guarantee you’ll never have to purchase flowers again, it will get you significant points on your 33rd wedding anniversary.

10. Personalised Lambswool Blanket Scarf

33 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Scarf
Personalized Lambswool Blanket Scarf

On your 33rd anniversary, stroll with your special someone wearing this beautiful herringbone lambswool scarf. Beautiful and warm, these blanket scarves are a need in the winter. A hot foil embossed patch is an easy-to-wear yet stylish way to add a touch of personalization to these, making them a great holiday present.

It also can easily be wrapped around the two of you if necessary. You may take it more unique by embossing your significant other’s initials on a thin leather patch and stitching them onto the Welsh woven pattern.

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Meaningful Ideas For 33 Year Anniversary Gift For Husband

11. Amethyst Cufflinks And Tie Pin Set

33rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Cufflinks Pin Set
Amethyst Cufflinks And Tie Pin Set

Consider these stunning silver and amethyst gemstone cufflinks and this tie pin! The amethyst stones used to make the silver cufflinks have such a rich purple hue they really stand out. This tie clip also features an amethyst stone & a chain closure.

He could wear them to any occasion because of how basic they were. This is a great way to celebrate your 33rd year of marriage in a way that he will always remember.

12. Raw Amethyst Pendant

Raw Amethyst Pendant 33 Year Anniversary Gift
Raw Amethyst Pendant 33 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

This raw Amethyst pendant necklace is crafted using the Macramé technique and comes on an adjustable black string. A special necklace like this might be one of the most thoughtful 33rd wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband ever. Because amethyst is a protective and calming stone, that will help him relieve tension.

13. Old-Fashioned Glasses & Decanter Set

33rd Anniversary Gift Glasses & Decanter Set
Old-Fashioned Glasses & Decanter Set

To celebrate 33 years of marriage, treat your spouse to this elegant barware set. Each vintage glass is carefully crafted by hand from mouth-blown glass and has a distinctive pattern carved into the surface before being polished to a mirror finish. The glasses have their own distinctive style, which gives them a timeless, vintage air thanks to their easygoing mix-and-match aesthetic.

14. Striped Sweater Knit Olive Tie

33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts Tie
Striped Sweater Knit Olive Tie

The Olive and navy Striped Sweater Knit men’s necktie has a pleasant heather texture and is suitable for work and the weekend. This handwoven 100% wool tie is a great addition to any wardrobe and goes well with the textiles theme. Sometimes the most important thing is paying attention to the details!

15. Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring

33 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ring
Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring

This ring is made of amethyst stone and sterling silver, which will add a stylish look to his style. Since they are handmade, they will be a one-of-a-kind 33 year anniversary gift you can give him. We do not doubt that he will think of you every time he wears it.

16. Penguin Print Fabric Plant Pot

33rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Pot
Penguin Print Fabric Plant Pot

Does your husband have a green thumb? Consider this penguin print fabric plant pot! Get rid of unsightly plastic planters and replace them with blackbird-themed textile planters. These plant posts are ideal for herbs, succulents, and cacti in the kitchen window. He’ll appreciate this gift to grow and display something unique with style.

17. Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Song Lyrics Canvas Print
Song Lyrics Canvas Print

If he likes music, he will appreciate this gift. Surprise him by adding your wedding song or his all-time favorite song. We do not doubt that he will regard it as the best 33 year wedding anniversary gift he’s ever received. This canvas print also fits the textile theme of the 33rd wedding anniversary.

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Memorable 33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents

18. Deep Purple Project Amethyst Geode

33 Year Anniversary Gift Amethyst Geode
Deep Purple Project Amethyst Geode

In honor of your parent’s 33rd wedding anniversary, a violet-hued geode would make a lovely 33 year anniversary gift. Amethyst is a great choice for the Third Eye Chakra because of the bridge it provides between the material world and the spiritual realm. Amethyst is a stone of intuition and psychic development, providing a great, serene vibe for meditation.

With its meaning, this beautiful keepsake will constantly remind you of the years spent with your parents and help them have peace of mind. They can keep it on their desk at the office or proudly display it in their living room.

19. Handmade Infinity Knot

33rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Infinity Knot
Handmade Infinity Knot 33rd Anniversary Gift

This exquisite sculpture may serve as both an aesthetic accent and a memento of the couple’s shared life path. You may put it to any number of decorative or functional uses, such as a bookend, paperweight, or both. Every single piece of stoneware pottery will be produced to order and mailed out to you personally.

20. Handwoven Geometric Tasselled Rug

33 Year Anniversary Gift Geometric Tasselled Rug
Handwoven Geometric Tasselled Rug

Your parents may enjoy the cozy, relaxed atmosphere by placing this handmade geometric tasseled rug anywhere in their home or garden. Its versatile design allows it to be utilized both indoors and outside. Moreover, its attractive combination of tanned colors and tassel details will offer a cozy air to any space while paying tribute to the strength of their relationship. This modern textiles rug design is one of the most perfect 33rd wedding anniversary gifts.

21. Organic Cotton Gauze Quilt

33rd Anniversary Gift Quilt
Organic Cotton Gauze Quilt 33rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If coziness is your goal, a quilt as soft as a cloud is your best bet. These blankets made from organic cotton meet all the requirements. They’re made from high-quality natural Turkish cotton and are a great match for the textile concept. Focus on the details of their home décor to choose the right textures and colors.

22. Linen Anniversary Map Print

33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts Map Print
Linen Anniversary Map Print

You can’t go wrong with this anniversary theme when you choose this linen map print. Select any spot on the globe, whether it is a first date spot or your parents’ favorite hidden getaway. It might also allow you to choose your own colors for a more unique 33 year wedding anniversary gift.

23. Amethyst Champagne Flutes

Amethyst Champagne Flutes 33 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Amethyst Champagne Flutes

Elegant glassware is a safe bet for a last-minute parent anniversary present. After all, they’ll need something to raise a glass to! These high-quality glasses have a chic, modern look that goes well with the best champagne.

This sophisticated flute has a classic amethyst finish and is a nice weight. Baroque design embossed on the body, ball top, and beveled bottom.

When drinking champagne, prosecco, or sparkling wine, the long stem keeps the beverage at an ideal serving temperature, and the small bowl keep the bubbles in place.

24. Mongolian Sheepskin Rug

33 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Rug
Mongolian Sheepskin Rug

This sheepskin rug’s deep, curly pile makes it soft, durable, and easy to maintain. It looks great next to the bed and goes with any home decor style. We are certain it would be one of your parents’ most stylish 33rd wedding anniversary gifts.

25. Sweet “Congratulations” Chocolate and Card

Chocolate and Card
Chocolate and Card 33rd Anniversary Gift

In honor of their unending love, send them a card that serves as a sweet treat. A homemade caramel-dark chocolate bar sprinkled with sea salt awaits your parents inside the “Congratulations” card. Personalize the sweet treat with a heartfelt note.

26. Linen Sheet Set

Linen Sheet Set 33 Year Anniversary Gift
Linen Sheet Set

These luxurious sheets are made from linen woven at some of Europe’s most prestigious mills, such as those in Italy and Belgium. Plus, as a result of their high textile quality, they are excellent 33rd wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parent.

27. Pressed Botanical Print

Pressed Botanical Print 33rd Anniversary Gift
Pressed Botanical Print

When considering what to give for a 33rd wedding anniversary, you are free to deviate from the norm. A delightful and original take on the anniversary’s textile motif, this botanical print of lace would be a beautiful addition to their art collection. Also, the plant itself is a sign of safety, just as one feels safe with a loyal lover.

28. Coastal Wall Art Decor

33 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Wall Art Decor
Coastal Wall Art Decor

Put a smile on your parent’s faces with this thoughtful 33rd anniversary gift. Make this canvas print very special for your parents by customizing it with a picture of them, the date of their wedding, and both of their names. Surely nothing can top a present that has both emotional value and practical use.

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33 years of happiness together is a long time to be proud of. Give your loved one thoughtful presents that will make the event one remember. They will appreciate the time and thought you put into choosing the best gift for them. We at Viva Wedding Photography wish you two an unforgettable 33rd wedding anniversary. Tell us which of the above ideas for the 33rd wedding anniversary gifts you chose!

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