35 Perfect 36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Swoon Your Partner

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Even though the 36th anniversary is the year after a big event, it is still a big deal. If you don’t know what to give your loved ones to mark 36 magical years together, you don’t need to look any further. Viva Wedding has put together a list of lovely 36th wedding anniversary gifts for you. You can give it to your partner, a close friend, or a family member whose anniversary is celebrated.

To Celebrate 36 Years Of Marriage, What Should You Give?

Bone China - A Popular 36th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Bone China – A Popular Gift In Recent Years

In honor of your 36th wedding anniversary, I hope you take some time to think about everything you’ve done together and the happy times you’ve had. You’ve long lasting marriage, and your relationship is solid and steady. Thus it makes sense that the gift you give on your 36 years together should be just as sturdy. Even though there is no 36th wedding anniversary traditional gift, bone china has become popular recently.

In the 1700s, Josiah Spode of the United Kingdom was the first to create bone china. He was trying out a mixture of kaolin, quartz, and feldspar with bone ash, which usually came from cows. Bone china is known for its durability and breaks resistance. It is a popular material for fine tableware, decorative accents, and cherished keepsakes.

Perfect 36th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Best 36th Anniversary Gifts For Wife/ For Her

1. White-Capped Camellia Candle

36 Year Anniversary Gift - Camellia Candle
36 Year Anniversary Gift – Camellia Candle

This bone china candle is a must-have traditional gift for candle lovers. Bergamot, orange, and cassis are three of the most luxurious scents in the world. And they all come together beautifully in this thoughtful 36th wedding anniversary traditional gift.

2. Classical Tableware

A Stylish Tableware Set As 36 Year Anniversary Gift
A Stylish Tableware Set As 36 Year Anniversary Gift

A truly remarkable tableware set, with its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless allure, is undoubtedly a 36th wedding anniversary traditional gift. This stylish set is a show-stopper at any holiday meal or party, thanks to its white porcelain body and dishwasher-safe gold accents.

3. Limoges Box

Limoges Box - Beautiful Bone China Anniversary Gifts For Wife
Limoges Box – Beautiful 36th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife

This box is priceless, it is a great place to store smaller valuables. Your family will cherish this one-of-a-kind keepsake for generations to come. It was hand-painted and adorned with 24-karat gold on Limoges porcelain in France. How can you ignore this item regarding classic 36th wedding anniversary gifts?

4. Mug And Teapot Set

A Set Of 2 Bone China Coffee Mugs
A Set Of 2 White And Blue Bone China Coffee Mugs

Tiffany & Co. was the only company that could make bone china cool and trendy in the modern era. Consider giving a set of two white and Tiffany blue bone china coffee mugs for your 36th wedding anniversary gifts for wife. It comes with a tin of high-quality loose-leaf tea with a hint of floral flavor that impresses everyone.

5. White Folia Vase

Bowl Vase For 36 Year Anniversary Gifts
36th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Bowl Vase

You can’t go wrong with a bunch of natural roses for an anniversary. But with this beautiful bowl vase, your flower will come to the next level. This modern and timeless bowl is made of white bone china and comes in two different styles. Its size and shape are perfect for a simple display.

6. A Set Of Napkin Rings Crafted From Bone China

Napkin Rings For 36th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife
Napkin Rings For 36 Wedding Anniversary

Napkin rings made of fine bone china are creative 36th wedding anniversary gifts that you should consider. They are a perfect way to win your wife’s heart on a special occasion. These items are a great alternative to the traditional gift, like a flower bouquet given on an anniversary that will be appreciated.

7. Bone China Coffee Cup

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Bone China Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup Made Of Bone China – Traditional Gift For 36th Anniversary

You can’t go wrong with a giant coffee cup as a token of appreciation for that special someone. The best 36th wedding anniversary gift for wife is personalized bone china with her name or a special message printed along the inside rim.

8. Sugar Bowl Made Of Bone China

A Sugar Bowl For 36 Year Anniversary Gift
A Sugar Bowl For 36 Year Anniversary Gift

In this delicate dance of tradition and sentimentality, the notion of presenting a sugar bowl as a customary offering emerges as an exquisite choice. Symbolic of the sweetness that has permeated their union, this elegant vessel becomes a vessel of memories, encapsulating the essence of their journey through the tapestry of time. This porcelain dish with gold trim will keep your treats tasting great for years.

9. Mirrors Made Of Porcelain And Marble

36th Anniversary Gift - Porcelain Frame Mirror
Porcelain Frame Mirror As Modern Gift For Her On The Anniversary

Although they may seem unusual as 36th wedding anniversary gifts for wife, the porcelain frame makes them a safe bet. They will add to the luxuriousness of her vanity as she prepares for her anniversary date.

10. Earring Hoops Made From Porcelain

Porcelain And Gold-Tone Earrings
Porcelain And Gold-Tone Earrings – Traditional Gift For 36 Anniversary

These earrings are perfect if you’re looking for a fantastic anniversary present for a jewelry lover.The exquisite combination of porcelain and gold tones in these earring sets 36th wedding anniversary gifts a captivating fusion of contemporary design and timeless elegance. They will fit with almost outfits of her.

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11. Jewelry Made Of Porcelain

Bone China Anniversary Gifts - Porcelain Bangle
36th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Porcelain Bangle

This porcelain bangle is the perfect 36th wedding anniversary traditional gift for her stacking jewelry enthusiast. This jewelry was made by hand and painted by hand meticulously. It has 24k gold on it and would look great with any outfit.

12. Dish Soap Made Of Bone China

Bone China Dish Soap For Bone China Anniversary Gifts
36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Bone China Dish Soap

To be considered porcelain, bone china must contain a lot of calcium carbonate. A critical difference between porcelain and bone china is that porcelain is whiter. The purest bone china is almost as pure white as snow.

Bone china can show the shadow of an illuminated hand when held in front of it. The porcelain won’t withstand it. A soap dish with a drainage system keeps soap from drying out quickly. Its installation will bring beauty to every bathroom.

13. Song Lyrics Canvas Print

36th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Personalized Lyrics Canvas Print
Personalized Lyrics Canvas Print – Traditional And Modern Gifts For 36 Anniversary

The personalized lyrics canvas print is a great way to remember special occasions. A lovely couple’s home décor can’t lack this attractive element. With this picture, you’ll find an excuse to dance passionately daily.

Add your favorite photo to create a personal touch for this stylish canvas print. It could include four pictures, a song lyric, the wedding day, and the bride and groom’s names.

14. A Set Of Tea Cup And Spoon

Teacup And Spoon Made Of Bone China
Teacup And Spoon Made Of Bone China

The 11.5-ounce capacity of this delicate teacup made of bone china impresses her. The pattern is a soft blue background accented with floral and traditional details. Everything is perfect for helping your lady enjoy tea luxuriously and nobly.

15. Eternity Rose

36 Year Anniversary Gifts For Her - An Eternity Rose
36th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her – An Eternity Rose

If your love is everlasting, why not gift flowers that will not wither away? Sending your love with an eternity rose as one of the 36th wedding anniversary gifts is a beautiful and everlasting gesture. Instead of using artificial dyes or colors, try coating actual flowers in 24k gold, silver, or platinum or just glazing them.

16. A Charming Letter Necklace

36th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her - Silver Initial Charm Necklace
Silver Initial Charm Necklace – Traditional Items For 36th Anniversary Gift

The necklace, with its exquisite design and captivating allure, undoubtedly commands attention and serves as a testament to one’s impeccable sense of style. It is an elegant take on the traditional initial charm necklace. Each charm is made of sterling silver plated with 18-karat gold and has a ring of bright stones around it.

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Top 36th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband/ For Him

17. Bone China Vintage Tea Cup With Saucer

Bone China Vintage Tea Cup With Saucer
36 Year Anniversary Gifts – Bone China Tea Cup With Saucer

This pattern is what you need to make your place setting look excellent and elegant. The resplendent gold bands and glistening splatters adorning this water colour masterpiece imbue it with a luminous radiance, rendering it a captivating sight to behold.

18. Bone China Champagne Bucket

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Bone China Ice Bucket
Bone China Ice Bucket

You may use this porcelain ice bucket to keep your champagne chilled for many next anniversaries. It allows you to taste the wine with your best bubbly for the whole duration of its useful life. This classic blue and white chinoiserie pattern pairs nicely with the woven cane handle. You can never go wrong with this champagne bucket when thinking about practical 36th wedding anniversary gifts.

19. Prints With Personalized Wedding Lyrics

Personalized Wedding Lyrics Canvas Print
Personalized Lyrics Canvas Print As Modern Gift For 36th Anniversary

A personalized canvas print also makes a great anniversary gift for him. Combining your favorite tunes with a photo you took and a wedding date is a unique and memorable experience. This unique 36th wedding anniversary gift for husband is sure to get the attention of your special someone and make your big day even more romantic.

20. Square Cuff Links

36 Year Anniversary Gifts For Husband - Swivel-Back Cuff Links
36th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Husband – Swivel-Back Cuff Links

Behold the swivel-back cuff links, adorned with an understated geometric pattern, a testament to elegance and refinement. A true embodiment of sophistication, these cuff links are a splendid complement to any formal ensemble, bestowing upon its wearer an air of distinction and style. Delight your beloved with a splendid offering, dispatched in anticipation of a cherished anniversary, serving as a delightful revelation.

21. Classic Watch

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - A Timeless Watch
A Timeless Watch For 36 Year Anniversary Gifts

This watch is one of the most elegant 36th wedding anniversary gifts you can treasure in a decade. Its mineral crystal dome face and stainless steel, skeletonized silver, and sleek leather construction make it a versatile accessory.

22. Elegant Silver Tie Clip

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Sterling Silver Tie Clip
Sterling Silver Tie Clip As 36th Anniversary Gift For Husband

This timeless silver tie clip will look great with his dress shirts or ties. There’s enough space for three initials. So you can make it truly unique by adding the recipient’s first, middle, and last initials or yours and your spouse’s.

23. Portable Espresso Machine

Portable Espresso Machine For 36 Wedding Anniversary
Portable Espresso Machine For 36th Anniversary Gift

Indeed, one may certainly partake in the simple pleasure of savouring a cup of coffee. However, let us now consider an alternative, a more refined and expeditious option for those who find themselves in perpetual motion – the espresso. With the aid of this remarkable contraption, one can conjure forth a truly extraordinary cup of coffee. This perfect 36th wedding anniversary gift for husband is sure to make his day

24. DIY Song Lyrics Plate

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - DIY Lyrics Plates
DIY Lyrics Plates As Modern Gift For 36th Anniversary

The process for making your own set of lyrics plates is so easy you’ll want to make them for everyone you know. Using a porcelain pan, write the lyrics of their personal favorite and bake them into a souvenir. It is an easy bone china anniversary gifts for husband that everyone can do.

25. Customized Coffee Cup

36th Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Coffee Cup
36th Anniversary Gifts – Personalized Coffee Cup

You have added an image of you and a heartfelt message to this fine bone china mug. Printed with any image or pattern of your choosing, this stunning 36th wedding anniversary present for hubby is sure to impress.

26. Ceramic Incense Burner

Hand-Painted Porcelain Incense Burner
Hand-Painted Porcelain Incense Burner

If you’re looking for an incense burner, this may be the most costly one we’ve ever seen. This must-have coffee table accessory is a work of art because it is made of hand-painted porcelain and has beautiful paintwork.

27. Rory Dobner Tea Pot

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Rory Dobner Tea Pot
36th Anniversary Gift For Husband – Rory Dobner Tea Pot

This bone china tea service is perfect for fantasy fans because it has the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit. You can buy more serving pieces for this Alice in Wonderland-themed set, like a sugar bowl, cream pitcher, and tea cups.

Inspiration 36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For A Special Couple

28. A Mug With The Versace La Scala Del Palazzo Design

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Versace Cup
Versace Cup As Modern Gift For 36th Anniversary

If you want to make someone’s morning coffee memorable, this Versace cup is a great way to do it. This stunning 36th wedding anniversary traditional gift features the infamous Medusa’s head and is sure to impress.

29. Bone China Love Cup

Bone China Anniversary Gifts - Bone China Heart Cup
36th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Bone China Heart Cup

What cute little cups! The cup is shaped like a heart with a conventional rim, imparting love into every sip. This is the ideal 36 year anniversary gift for the special couple celebrating their long lasting marriage.

30. Bone China Tea Set

Tea Set Made Of Bone China
Tea Set Made Of Bone China For Meaningful 36th Anniversary Gift

Gifting a thoughtful arrangement will be a beautiful alternative to sending fresh flowers. If a happy couple you know is celebrating 36 years together, you could give them a brand-new bone china tea set to put in their dining room or living room.

31. Paper Bag Vase

36 Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Paper Bag Vase
36 Year Anniversary Gift – Paper Bag Vase

This paper bag vase is a unique alternative to the conventional porcelain one. Planning to give this vase as one of the beautiful 36th wedding anniversary gifts? You might want to pick one up for yourself.

32. Custom Canvas Print With Wedding Song Lyrics

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Wedding Song Lyrics Print
Wedding Song Lyrics Print As Modern Gift For 36th Anniversary

Every time you and your partner look at this custom mural, you can see your love story differently. This poster would be the perfect anniversary gift by year for your spouse. It’s also an excellent present for couples getting married or engaged in your life.

To create this print, you need to type in the name of a loved one, the name of a song, the wedding day, and three pictures. The result is a gorgeous piece of artwork with a personal touch that your beloved will admire for years.

33. Exquisite Porcelain Dinnerware

36 Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Porcelain Dinnerware
36 Year Anniversary Gifts – Porcelain Dining Set

On the auspicious occasion of the 36th anniversary of matrimonial bliss, one is advised to employ the resplendent dining set adorned with delicate 24K gold accents, thereby bestowing an air of grandeur upon the forthcoming repast designed to cater to a party of four discerning individuals.  Made from the finest bone china porcelain, each piece is truly exquisite.

34. Tea Gift Set

36th Wedding Anniversary Gift - A Tea Gift Basket
A Tea Gift Basket As 36th Anniversary Gift

Consider getting a modern gift basket if your spouse is your go-to person for revealing secrets. This is a perfect 36th wedding anniversary gift for anyone who likes to relax and sip something, whether it’s a seasonal treat or a drink that’s always good.

35. Weighted Throw Blanket

36 Year Anniversary Gifts - Throw Blanket
36th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Throw Blanket

Try to make them feel the comfort of your embrace even though you can’t be there. This must-have blanket is made of textured cotton and a quilted layer of eco-friendly glass beads. It comes in a rainbow of colors and weighs 12 pounds.

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Hopefully, the best 36th wedding anniversary gifts that Viva Wedding compiled can help you celebrate your special day. Enjoy your 36 years of marriage in grand fashion and with all your love. Also, surprise your partner with a thoughtfully chosen gift to make them feel even more loved. How excellent that you have made for your 36th wedding anniversary!

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