43 Easy DIY Wedding Gifts For Any Couples That You Can Make

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Sending presents is a thoughtful way to show someone how much you appreciate them. Cute and unique DIY wedding gifts are always popular. Because they are handmade by the person giving them, they will be treasured even more. The newlyweds will appreciate them more than store-bought gifts. So, Viva Wedding has provided you with a few ideas that may inspire you. Read on right now!

Thoughtful DIY Wedding Gifts For Their New Kitchen

1. DIY Personalized White Tray

Personalized White Tray DIY wedding gifts
DIY Gifts For Wedding Personalized White Tray

This tray is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also handy for a new couple’s kitchen. They are effortless to make, even for people with no skills. Because all you have to do is find pieces of wood of the same size and put them together. You can add the newlyweds’ last name or wedding date to make it a meaningful gift.

The 19. 7″ × 18. 1″ dimension of this elegant serving platter is perfect for serving their favorite party snacks or breakfast in bed. Also, two robust metal handles and a weathered white wood finish make this serving tray convenient to carry.

2. Wedding Mug Handmade

Mug Handmade Gifts For Couples
Mug Handmade Wedding Gifts

With a white cup and a few paint markers, you can quickly create a funny statement for them. It is made of durable, chemical-free, and heat-friendly ceramic. It doesn’t matter if you have lousy handwriting; they’ll love your homemade wedding gifts.

3. DIY Cutting Board Ipad Holder

DIY Cutting Board Ipad Holder For Kitchen Decoration
DIY Cutting Board Ipad Holder For Kitchen Decoration

Couples will appreciate how well this board suits other kitchen items because of its rustic look. This cutting board Ipad holder is perfect while they’re in the kitchen looking up recipes.  A tablet holder made of wood would be convenient in the kitchen or at a party because of how simple it is to clean.

4. Creative DIY Tea Wreath Gift

Creative DIY Tea Wreath Gift
Creative DIY Tea Wreath Gift

Which drink do they prefer, tea or coffee? We are sure that tea and coffee sachets are great DIY wedding gift ideas for son and daughter-in-law. You’ll need cardboard, ribbon, clothespins, and glue. Then, stick them together in circles and decorate them in any way you like.

5. DIY Recipe Box

DIY Recipe Box For Gift To Couples
DIY Recipe Box For Gift To Couples

Despite taking up a lot of room, most cookbooks only provide a handful of tasty-sounding recipes. Instead of cluttering up the kitchen with heavy cookbooks, try writing down your go-to meals and keeping them in a homemade wooden box. Make a pretty container to keep recipe cards in a while; also, keep them handy on the kitchen counter. This recipe box will be one of the thoughtful DIY gifts for weddings that the couple will treasure for a long time.

6. Rustic Serving Tray

Rustic Serving Tray DIY Gifts For Wedding
Rustic Serving Tray Handmade Wedding Gifts

There is a thorough guide on how to make rustic trays on the Internet. You may also buy a pre-made tray and decorate it with some of the colors the couples like! We do not doubt that the newlyweds will appreciate this present forever.

7. Homemade Coaster

Homemade Wedding Coaster For Couples
Homemade Wedding Coaster For Couples

These wood slice coasters come in various colors and will attract couples. This simple style takes little time to make yet appears elegant. Give the coaster an extra special touch by engraving the recipient’s name.

These homemade wedding gifts to help design a new kitchen are always appreciated. Wrap the gift and put it in a box, because how it looks is essential when giving presents.

8. Honeycomb DIY Cutting Board

Honeycomb Wedding DIY Gifts Cutting Board
Honeycomb Wedding DIY Gifts Cutting Board

To make personalized wedding gifts for cheese plates or meal prep, trace a drawing using a sharp tip of a wood-burning tool. Start making this cutting board by marking interlocking hexagons on the surface. Simpler patterns may be more suitable if you’re not skilled with your hands.

9. Hand-Lettered Salad Utensils

Custom Hand-Lettered Salad Utensils
Custom Hand-Lettered Salad Utensils

The newlyweds will appreciate handmade kitchenware that displays your thoughtfulness. Salad hands made entirely of bamboo are the ideal serving utensil, whether you’re hosting a party or serving a salad for dinner. Each salad hand has a thumb that can grab onto the bowl’s rim to keep the salad from sliding out. These hand-lettered salad utensils are one of the most excellent DIY gifts for weddings.

10. Easy DIY Crochet Coasters

These woven coasters are perfect handmade wedding gifts for new kitchen décor. Because there are only a few simple steps to follow, anyone can make it. Add a personalized tag and mugs or glasses to complete the gift set.

11. Kitchen Utensil Bouquet

Homemade Kitchen Utensil Bouquet For Gift
Homemade Kitchen Utensil Bouquet For A Gift

Want to make quick and easy DIY wedding gifts that will last in their kitchen for years? Don’t look any further. Choose nice cooking gadgets and bind them with a ribbon to mimic a flower arrangement.

12. Round Fabric Placemats

Round Fabric Placemats For Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas
Round Fabric Placemats For Homemade Wedding Gifts

You may build DIY gifts for every couple’s style by layering fabric on a circle. Combining customized napkin rings and candle holders makes a lovely dinner present.

Incorporate these lovely mats into the table decor to provide a comfortable surface for serving and entertaining. It can be used as a placemat, charger, or table runner for formal or casual meals, barbecues, and other celebrations.

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Creative Handmade Wedding Gifts For Couple’s Home

13. DIY Bathtub Tray

DIY Bathtub Tray
DIY Bathtub Tray Handmade Wedding Gifts

Bathtub trays are great homemade wedding gifts for people who like to take baths together. They can now have the most luxurious of bathing experiences with the help of this lovely tray.

It’s crafted from reclaimed Barnwood that’s been waxed and sanded to endure the humidity and moisture of a bathroom. Combine it with two towels with initials or a pretty candle and bath bomb to make a perfect gift set.

14. Homemade Beeswax Candle

Beeswax candles glow softly in a couple’s home on a romantic evening. These DIY wedding presents would make beautiful items for newlyweds. We are sure this gift is attractive to a couple who loves being in touch with nature.

15. Wedding DIY Shadow Box Frame

The happy couple will be amazed by handmade wedding gifts like this shadow box frame. Combine it with wedding images from before they became married. You also can fill in some best wedding quotes in the spaces. This is a beautiful way to express your admiration.

16. Make Your No-Weave Pillow

DIY Gifts For Wedding No-Weave Pillow
DIY Wedding Gifts No-Weave Pillow

Someone with good taste would love this pillow as a gift. Look for high-quality materials to make a handmade pillow for the newlyweds that will last! Undoubtedly, this beautiful cushion will be treasured for a long time.

17. Laundry Baskets

DIY Wedding Gift Ideas Laundry Baskets
DIY Wedding Gift Ideas Laundry Baskets

Newlywed couples have an overwhelming desire for house furnishings. Surprise the couple with these DIY gifts to hold their dirty laundry for the wedding. They will be taken aback by your sense of humor when you give them this item.

18. Decorative DIY Personalized Book Stack

Use a black marker to write by hand on the spines of three old paperback books. Add romance feel by tying them together with a ribbon and a flower. These are great DIY wedding gifts, no matter how unique their home design is.

19. DIY 3-D Rose Pillow

Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas 3-D Rose Pillow
Homemade Wedding Gifts 3-D Rose Pillow

Making fabric flowers on a soft throw cushion is a great DIY present. Sew strands of drop cloth together to create a rustic, textured feel. Then add each wrapped rose to the front of the pillows to make a garden of flowers. This is the ideal room decor for the minimalist fashionista. When the newlyweds get this gift, it will blow their minds.

20. Hand-sewn Map Cushion

Hand-sewn Map Cushion For Couple’s Home Decor
Hand-sewn Map Cushion For Couple’s Home Decor

The soon-to-be newlyweds have a long list of holiday plans. You can make a map of the world out of denim swatches and simple linen of cushions for DIY gifts for weddings. Small patches can show where the couple met, where they’ve traveled, or where they’re from.

21. Personalized Herb Garden

Personalized Herb Garden For Wedding DIY Gifts
Personalized Herb Garden For Wedding DIY Gifts

Before handing this to the couple, engrave a thoughtful message on a set of mason jars to make it stand out. They may plant basil, chives, and oregano to decorate their house or use them for their dishes. Give these jars as wedding gifts to your friends who like to garden.

22. DIY Autumnal Wreath

Make a simple fall wreath that can be used repeatedly by adding homemade flowers and leaves. Use twine to finish your handmade wedding gifts for the happy couple.

23. Wine Box Herb Garden

DIY Wine Box Herb Garden
DIY Wine Box Herb Garden

Reusing a wooden wine box to create handmade crates for growing vegetables with a rustic style. Fill the small garden with herbs the new couple can use all year.

24. DIY Festive Cork Wreath

Collect wine and champagne corks and hot glue them to a straw wreath. DIY wedding gifts may be stacked by inserting pins in even rows for the first layer and then the next. This is a perfect item for a wine-loving couple.

25. DIY World Clock

DIY World Clock For Home Decoration
DIY World Clock For Home Decoration

Is the newlywed couple’s ambition of traveling the world a reality? Print a map of their favorite location on the world clock as a wedding present. Its metal case and wooden world map face make it a lovely accent in any house or office. Set the clock to the precise time zone to finish your gift perfectly.

26. Glitter-Dipped Wine Hugs-And-Kisses Stoppers

Glitter-Dipped Wine Hugs-And-Kisses Stoppers
Glitter-Dipped Wine Hugs-And-Kisses Stoppers

Wine celebration after the wedding? Make “kiss and hug” wine stoppers by decorating rubber letters with paint and glitter. DIY presents for weddings using sturdy corks are a great idea, no doubt about it.

Trendy DIY Gifts For Wedding Couples

27. Future Mrs. DIY Gift Box

Future Mr. DIY Gift Box
DIY Gift Box For Future Mrs.

Nothing beats a present box for the bride that reminds her that she will be a Mrs. soon regarding DIY ideas. You may offer her pre-wedding day items to help her take care of her appearance. The bride-to-be will appreciate a set that includes a tumbler, a ribbon-adorned straw, a candle, a bath bomb, lip balm, etc. This get-ready gift will surely touch the bride.

28. DIY Mr & Mrs. Picture Frame

DIY Mr & Mrs. Picture Frame Gift
DIY Mr & Mrs. Picture Frame Homemade Wedding Gifts

Committing to spending the remainder of one’s life with another person is a significant life decision. This picture frame will always remind them that they made the correct decision. The wedding date, the moment when the couple met, the couple’s initials or a touching remark can all be engraved on a personalized frame.

29. Makeup Roll

Handmade Makeup Roll
Handmade Makeup Roll For The Bride-to-be

Make a cosmetic brush roll out of a wooden sushi mat to help the bride prepare for her big day. To make it, you need to find a small bamboo mat or tablecloth and secure the elastic through the slats so that you can create different compartments according to the width of the brush. Select your preferred ribbon and closure to complete the personalized look. This would be one of the most creative gifts for the daughter on the wedding day.

30. DIY Wedding Picture Frame

DIY Wedding Picture Frame For Couples
Personalized Wedding Picture Frame For Couples

Make unique DIY gifts for weddings with this photo canvas print. It will be the perfect decor for their new home. Use the happy couple’s wedding photo to customize this canvas. They can use it anywhere they want a wall covering, including the bedroom, bathroom, or even the foyer. Wow, what a thoughtful present for a loved one!

31. DIY Decorative Instant-Photo Holder

DIY Decorative Instant-Photo Holder
DIY Decorative Instant-Photo Holder

There are many beautiful moments in everyone’s life. The newlyweds can display their favorite images in their new homes. This photo holder, which allows them to swap out ideas whenever they wish, makes it easy to make their DIY decor.

32. Wedding Keepsake Box

Wedding Keepsake Box
Wedding Keepsake Box Handmade Wedding Gifts

This item can help the bride and groom remember their wedding day from the first days of planning until they move in together. The newlyweds’ names may be seen inscribed on this beautiful keepsake box. It’s perfect for keeping souvenirs of their travels together, such as maps, tickets, and souvenirs from their favorite spots. Also, their simple design makes them a beautiful addition to any home style.

33. Personalized Acrylic Ornament

DIY Acrylic Ornament
DIY Acrylic Ornament Keepsake

Customized acrylic ornaments will add a special touch to their Christmas wedding. Acrylic is a strong material that will last for a long time. Put them in a pretty box to show the couple how much you care about them.

34. Quote Collage Duvet Cover

DIY Quote Collage Duvet Cover
DIY Quote Collage Duvet Cover

Gather your favorite marriage-related quotes for homemade wedding gifts. A family portrait or creative notes for their wedding will be shown daily in the bedroom through this item.

35. Monogram Pilsner Glass

Monogram Pilsner Glass For DIY Gifts
Monogram Pilsner Glass For DIY Wedding Gifts

Do the two of them love drinking beer together? Funny sayings on a pair of personalized beer glasses would make a great wedding gift. Include their favorite craft beers in a gift bundle to make it unique.

36. DIY Monogram Champagne Glassware

Monogram Champagne Glassware
Monogram Champagne Glassware

For delightful handmade wedding gifts, minimalist gold-accented objects are all the trend. You will only need a couple of wine or champagne glasses and gold spray paint to create this craft. The couple will be pleased when they get this gift.

37. Attractive DIY Music Lyrics Photo

Attractive DIY Music Lyrics Photo
Attractive DIY Music Lyrics Photo

This photo canvas print with music lyrics is a lovely present for newlyweds. The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert in graphic design to make this excellent work of art. You must send an image of the happy couple, their names, the wedding date, and the title of their favorite song. Then Oh Canvas will take care of the rest.

38. DIY For Bride Canvas Tote

DIY For Bride Canvas Tote
DIY For Bride Canvas Tote

On their honeymoon, the bride-to-be will need to bring several items. This bag has “Bride” embroidery on the front and gold or navy trim on the rear as distinctive DIY gifts for weddings.

39. DIY Gift Photo Box

This picture box you make yourself is a fun way to capture memories. You might surprise them with photos the couple post on social media. A beautiful gift that they will be proud to show off in their home.

40. DIY Ring Holder

It is no more accessible than a ring dish for simple homemade wedding gifts! To begin, you’ll need some air-dry clay. You may dress it up with a touch of black or gold or keep it simple and natural. Every lady should be able to show off her rings in a stunning item!

41. Cute Teapot Cozy

Maintain the ideal temperature of a fresh pot of tea with this stylish tea cozy. This thoughtful, handcrafted present will be appreciated by the happy couple, mainly if it includes their preferred tea.

42. DIY Presents Basket

DIY Presents Basket
DIY Wedding Presents Basket

Make sure the couple has time to enjoy one another before the wedding. They will be able to enjoy some soothing spa days due to this gift basket. With DIY gifts for weddings, they can keep the romance alive all year.

43. Wine Bottle Rustic With Custom Box

Wine Bottle Rustic With Custom Box
Wine Bottle Rustic With Custom Box

If a bottle of wine seems too apparent, wrap it in an engraved box. A sophisticated gift wood box will make the entire gift appear much more rustic. The package will be used to keep wedding souvenirs or a second bottle of wine for a special event.

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Regardless of your connection with the couple, you helped them reach this magical day. Finding a gift to express this connection may be tough with typical options. DIY wedding gifts are distinctive and simple to customize and show your love and support. Viva Wedding hopes you find these suggestions helpful. If you still haven’t figured out what to give the newlyweds, check out our other posts.

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