How Much To Tip Wedding Vendors? (Lastest Guide 2023)

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Uncertain about how much to tip wedding vendors? Our article provides recommendations and guidelines for tipping various wedding vendors based on industry standards and your budget. So, continue reading for a stress-free experience with tipping on your special day. Let’s learn more about Viva Wedding Photography!

How Much To Tip Wedding Vendors: A Comprehensive Guide

Tipping is frequently viewed as expressing gratitude for the wedding vendor’s hard work and great service on a special day. However, the quantity of the tip might vary depending on criteria such as service quality, industry standards, and personal choice.

how much to tip wedding vendors
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Besides, there are 2 types of tipping you need to know before we dive in “How Much To Tip Wedding Vendors”:

  • Optional tipping: This is a practice where you may tip or not based on personal discretion. Besides, this is the act of tipping suppliers for providing great service that goes above and beyond what is expected of you. For example, suppose your photographer goes above and beyond to capture every moment of your wedding day. In that case, you may want to offer an optional tip to express your gratitude.
  • Expected tipping: Refers to a situation where a gratuity or tip is anticipated or even required for a service provided. This is a standard practice in the wedding business and often applies to suppliers who deliver a service directly to you and your guests. Caterers, bartenders, hair and makeup artists, and transportation suppliers are examples of this type of tipping. Besides, each vendor’s normally expected tip amount can vary depending on the industry standard and the region where the event is held.

Here’s a useful overview of how much to tip wedding vendors.

Wedding Planner

Wedding planners often do not expect tips, but if your planner did an outstanding job, you might express gratitude by providing a little token.

Besides, remember that you don’t always have to provide money; non-monetary gestures like supplying professional wedding images for the planner’s portfolio can also be a meaningful way to thank you. While tipping is not required, it is worth noting that approximately 50% of couples choose to tip their wedding planners.

  • Method: Optional tipping
  • Amount: 10% to 20%, up to $500, or a lovely gift
  • Time to tip: Give off the envelope after the reception, or send a thank-you message with photos or a check shortly after the honeymoon.

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

It is normal to leave a gratuity in this situation. So, tipping between 15% and 25% is customary, similar to what a hair salon anticipates. Furthermore, if unforeseen circumstances arise, such as one of your bridesmaids having a breakdown about her haircut and needing a redo at the last minute, it would be courteous to gift an additional gratuity as a mark of appreciation for the hairstylist’s efforts.

  • Method: Expected tipping
  • Amount: 15% to 25%, depending on service quality
  • Time to tip: At the end of your service, tip your beauty stylists.

Reception Attendants

The laws of tipping for bartenders and waitstaff, as well as parking, picture booth, toilet, and coatroom attendants, are governed by your contract. Hence, if it isn’t included, determine how many attendants will work for your marriage and decide the cost per person.

  • Method: Optional tipping, according to the contract
  • Amount: 10%–20% of the liquor or food expenses will be divided among bartenders or waitstaff. Besides, $1 for each wedding guest will be allocated for the coatroom, and $1 per automobile will be allocated to parking attendants.
  • Time to tip: Although tips are generally distributed at the end of an event, you may distribute them before the start of the evening to motivate all employees to provide excellent service.

Reception Staff

This team comprises the on-site wedding coordinator, the maître d’, and the banquet manager. Check your contract because a service charge (usually 2 percent) is nearly always included in meals and beverages. If gratuity is not included, tip as indicated below.

  • Method: Expected tipping
  • Amount: 15–20% of the meal and beverage bill, or $200–$300, for the maitre d’
  • Time to tip: If the contract stipulates, the payment is usually due before the reception. If not, have one of your parents or an attendant give the envelope to the maître d’ after the reception, as you’ll need to know the final tab to determine the percentage.

Reception Band Or DJ

Gratuity for musicians is optional, regardless of whether you hire a 12-piece swing band or a single DJ. The number of tips should be based on the quality of their performance and how well they could accommodate your preferred playlist. Additionally, it’s important to consider tipping any sound technicians who accompany them to ensure that everyone involved in making your wedding music perfect is recognized and appreciated.

  • Method: Optional tipping, but preferred
  • Amount: $50-$150 for DJs; $25-$35 for musicians
  • Time to tip: At the end of the reception, an attendant should tip the musicians or DJ.

Cake Baker, Florist, and Stationer

Typically, these vendors do not receive tips, but if you believe they have gone above and beyond the call of duty, you may send them one.

  • Method: Optional tipping
  • Amount: $50 to $100 or a modest present
  • Time to tip: If you wish to tip these professionals, send them a thank-you note with the gratuity contained following the wedding day.

Wedding Transportation Company

Check your contract once more, as gratuity is typically included. If not, tip the driver if they arrive on time, provide a smooth journey, and don’t get lost.

  • Method: Expected tipping
  • Amount: 15% to 20% of the overall bill
  • Time to tip: Tipping transportation professionals at the night’s end or after the last ride is complete. If you hired a separate business to provide the guest buses, appoint a bus captain to tip the driver; otherwise, this responsibility falls to a designated attendant.

Attire Alterations Pros

Although not mandatory, showing gratitude to the person who alters your wedding dress, suit, or other attire with a tip is always appreciated.

  • Method: Optional tipping
  • Amount: $20 to $30
  • Time to tip: If you want to tip your attire alterations pros, give them the envelope at your final fitting.


How much to tip a wedding photographer? It’s not customary to tip photographers beyond their standard fees. However, if the individual taking photos is not the studio owner, it’s recommended to consider tipping each person or providing a gratuity with a thank-you note to be distributed amongst the staff.

Besides, the amount you should tip a wedding photographer depends on several factors, including the quality of their work, professionalism, and overall satisfaction with their services.

  • Method: Optional tipping
  • Amount: $50–$200
  • Time to tip: The photographer should be tipped after the reception.


How much to tip a wedding videographer? The amount you should tip a wedding videographer, like a wedding photographer, depends on several factors, including their level of professionalism, the quality of their work, and your overall satisfaction with their services.

However, you may tailor the tip amount to your experience level. If you were particularly pleased with their work or if they went above and beyond to capture special moments on your wedding day, consider tipping more generously. If, on the other hand, you were dissatisfied with their services, you may choose to tip less or not at all.

  • Method: Optional tipping
  • Amount: $50–$200
  • Time to tip: The videographer should be tipped after the reception.

Delivery and Setup of Staff

Slip a few bucks to anyone transporting essential supplies such as the wedding cake, flowers, or sound equipment to the venue. Besides, if any equipment (tents, chairs, or portable toilets) must be hauled in and set up, the workers also deserve a tip.

  • Method: Expected tipping
  • Amount: $5 to $10 per person
  • Time to tip: The day before the wedding, provide pay envelopes to the food manager so that the person taking deliveries can disburse tips.

Ceremony Officiant

If your wedding officiant is associated with a church or synagogue, donating to that institution is customary. If you’re a member of this institution, you may wish to offer a larger amount than non-members. However, a smaller donation is acceptable if you must pay a fee to use their space for your wedding. Additionally, it’s thoughtful to tip your wedding officiant, regardless of whether they are nondenominational or denominational.

  • Method: Expected tipping (based on the officiant)
  • Amount: Give $100–$500 to the church or synagogue, and give the officiant a tip of $50–$100 (or more, depending on the amount of time they’ve spent with you in the lead-up to the wedding, such as premarital counseling).
  • Time to tip: Ceremony fees must be paid before the wedding day. Alternatively, if the officiant is present at the rehearsal dinner, you can assign a responsible attendant to deliver the cash envelope at that time.

Ceremony Musicians

If you collaborated with a miniature orchestra to compose the right music for your ceremony and they executed it wonderfully, you should consider tipping them for their skill. Nonetheless, you likely do not need to tip the single church organist who was forced to play.

  • Method: Optional tipping
  • Amount: $15 to $20 per musician
  • Time to tip: The musicians should receive gratuity after the ceremony.

Wedding Caterer

How much to tip a wedding caterer? The amount to tip a wedding caterer is determined by the size of your wedding, the level of service you received, and the catering company’s tipping policy.

However, some caterers may include a gratuity in their contract or bill, so double-check before tipping. Even if gratuity is included, you may tip more for exceptional service.

  • Method: Expected tipping
  • Amount: 15% and 20% of the total catering bill.
  • Time to tip: The musicians should receive gratuity after the ceremony.

On-Site Coordinator

If you have been collaborating with an on-site coordinator, you should also tip them for their hard work.

  • Method: Optional tipping
  • Amount: Budgeting between $100 and $200 for a coordinator and $25 to $50 for any deputy coordinators.
  • Time to tip: After the wedding day.

Photo Booth Attendant

They distribute props, encourage individuals to “say cheese,” and connect with children. So, you may want to tip them if they have performed admirably.

  • Method: Optional tipping
  • Amount: $50 to $100, based on the length of your reception and the number of attendees.
  • Time to tip: In conclusion of the reception.

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8 General Wedding Vendor Tipping Guides

Tipping when you’re satisfied

When you feel you have received exceptional service, tip. While not all vendors expect tips, it’s a personal, case-by-case decision.

Examine your contracts

Examine your contracts to ensure gratuity is not already included in the price because some providers (especially caterers and transportation businesses) may incorporate gratuity into their contracts. Hence, you do not need to provide additional tips if gratuities are mentioned in the contract.

Not necessary to tip company owners

Generally, it is unnecessary to tip the proprietors of significant firms (just their employees). On the other hand, you should consider tipping small company owners based on the level of service you received.

Write thank you card or review

Writing a thank you card to providers who offered excellent service, tip or no tip, is always a nice gesture that is greatly appreciated.

Besides, while a thank-you card is always appreciated, a positive review on a site can boost a wedding professional’s business even more. So, Inquire with your wedding vendor if there is a specific place where they would like you to post your review.

Be prepared tips

Before your wedding, withdraw cash from the bank and place each tip in a designated envelope. Finally, designate the most responsible member of your wedding party to distribute them throughout the ceremony.

Tipping for a destination wedding

If planning a destination wedding, you should research the local tipping practices. Consult with your wedding planner or venue organizer to see what the locals expect. Also, tipping vendors in cash and tip in the local currency avoids confusion or difficulties.

Allow photo sharing

Another approach to thanking your wedding vendors is to share professional images from your big day. Because florists, cake bakers, stationers, and planners require photos of their work for marketing materials. So, you’ll gain bonus points if you can obtain permission from your photographer to supply these shots.

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Tipping wedding vendors is a way to express gratitude for their efforts in making your special day a success. While there are no hard and fast laws on how much to tip, it’s vital to consider the vendor’s level of service and your overall budget. You may ensure a stress-free tipping experience by speaking with your merchants beforehand and arranging properly. Note that tipping is not required, but it is always appreciated.

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