How Much is the Accurate Average Price of a Wedding in 2024?

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As we know, the budget is one of the most key aspects of the wedding planning process. Estimating the total cost of a wedding may be challenging because of the extensive range of costs involved. Here, we’ll examine the typical cost of a wedding in the USA and discuss the many factors that go into coming up with the final price. Read this article from Viva Wedding Photography to have an overall view of the average price of a wedding in the US in 2024!

Key Findings about the Average Wedding Cost

  • In 2022, a wedding typically ran around $30,000.
  • During the recent COVID-19 epidemic, shift weddings, micro weddings, and minimonies have grown in popularity.
  • The most common choices where couples choose to spend more money are on the photographer and the food.
  • Parents of the bride and groom cover the cost of 52% of weddings overall.
  • Credit cards are used by 32% of couples to cover wedding costs.
  • When asked how the economy impacted their wedding plans and finances, 54% of couples who were looking to be married in the fourth quarter of 2022 responded positively.
  • While looking for wedding service providers in 2022, 39% of newlyweds mentioned rising prices as an important factor in their decisions.
  • Sixty percent of 2022 brides and grooms report having raised their total wedding payments at least once, mostly to account for inflation.
  • About 10% of people postponed marriage plans in October 2022 because of economic factors, including increasing prices and interest rates.

Note: Data about the cost of weddings is taken from The Knot

first things to notice about the average cost of a wedding
First things to notice about the average cost of a wedding in the US (Image: InStyle)

Average Cost of a Wedding in the U.S. by State

The destination wedding will be a major influence on how much it will cost. But other considerations, such as the number of guests and the quality and quantity of services provided by each vendor, will also play a role. Having a wedding in a large, expensive city (like DC, New York, San Francisco, or Chicago, for example) is more costly than having one in a smaller, less famous city (such as Idaho, West Virginia, or Wyoming).

See below for a list of average wedding costs in the United States by state (not including Alaska and Hawaii) to help you budget for your big day. It should be noted that this covers the ceremony and reception and does not include engagement rings, which typically cost $6,000 on average.

StateWedding average cost 2024
West Virginia$31,000
South Carolina$32,000
Rhode Island$43,000
North Dakota & South Dakota$20,000
North Carolina$29,000
New York$46,000
New Mexico$18,000
New Jersey$51,000
New Hampshire$30,000
Overall costs of a wedding by state

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Average Cost of Wedding Vendors

Among the most important aspects that determine the final price of a wedding is the number of vendors used. In 2022, couples typically used 14 vendors for their weddings, which is consistent with statistics from before the epidemic. Thus, there is a wide range in average wedding venue cost and average wedding planner cost demand. In order to get an accurate price for your wedding, it is important to contact local service providers one by one (and what those rates include).

An internal survey recently determined the typical amount married couples spend on wedding-related services. See below for an average price list of wedding vendors for the year 2024:

Wedding vendorThe average cost of a wedding in 2024
Wedding planner cost$1,900
Wedding photographer$2,600
Wedding invitations$510
Wedding dress$1,900
Wedding cake$510
Rehearsal dinner$2,400
Reception venue$11,200
Reception DJ$1,500
Makeup artist$120
Live band$3,900
Engagement ring$5,800
Catering (price per person)$75
The average cost of full-service planner

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Average Wedding Cost By Number of Guests

How many people you invite to your wedding will play a major role in how much money you have to spend on the big occasion. Obviously, the more guests you have, the more money you’ll have to spend.

The Knot’s research shows the average wedding cost for couples by the guest list in the table below:

Number of GuestsAverage wedding cost 2024
50 guests or less$14,400
50-100 guests$24,600
More than 100 guests$38,100
Table of Average Wedding Cost by the Guest List

As a result, if you want to reduce wedding costs, inviting fewer people is an excellent starting point.

what is the average cost of a wedding by guests?
What is the average cost of a wedding by guests? (Image: The Knot)

Is there any other way you can save costs for your wedding? Have a more intimate wedding celebration. While the wedding party is usually responsible for costs, the bride and groom are expected to pay for floral arrangements, boutonnieres, and other extras. The Real Weddings Study found that the typical wedding party consisted of eight people; therefore, keeping your guest list under that number might save expenses.

Average Wedding Costs by Year

In 2013, a wedding typically cost $32,200. The average cost of a wedding was $25,400 in 2014, approximately $1,000 more than the $26,800 paid in 2015. In 2016, a period of economic uneasiness and recession, the average cost of a wedding was $29,000. Since 2017, the average cost of a wedding has stayed at $28,000, with a little reduction in 2020 due to COVID-19. Inflation will cause a modest increase in wedding prices in 2022, reaching $30,000.

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How Much Will Couples Pay for Weddings in 2024?

Every year, hundreds of newly engaged couples are polled to learn more about their wedding planning. Based on the most recent data from the First Look Report of Zola, we predict that the average cost of a wedding for a couple of planning to be tied in 2024 will be close to $31,000, up from $30,000 in 2022. As the price of goods and services is continually affected by economic shifts, inflation is another consideration.

the average price of a wedding
The average price of a wedding in 2024 (Image: Loud Bride)

Of course, there’s more than one way to cover the costs of the big day. We discovered that in 2024, just as now, most couples would pitch in to help pay for at least part of their wedding costs:

  • Less than a third (29%), meantime, plan to optimize credit card use.
  • About a quarter (26%) have been putting money into savings in planning.
  • 24% of future brides and grooms include monetary gift options on their wedding registries.

How is Inflation in 2024 Impacting Average Wedding Costs?

While inflation has decreased since its summer 2022 high, it might still have an effect on wedding rates in 2024.

The average price of wedding venues, food, and other requirements will all rise in 2024 due to inflation. According to The Knot, in 2022, the average cost of a wedding venue was $500 more than in 2021.

average cost of a wedding in the US
The average cost of a wedding in the US (Image: Fox Business)

There’s no guarantee that postponing the wedding will help you save money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that inflation was 6.4% in January 2024, down from a high of 9.1% in the previous year but still much over the Federal Reserve’s target inflation rate of 2%. At least until 2025, inflation is not expected to reach the Fed’s target.

Increasing numbers of engaged couples have expressed concerns about the cost of their weddings due to rising prices in recent months. More than half of engaged couples (51% vs. 40% in 2021) said they were disadvantaged by the state of the economy when it came to wedding expenses and preparations.

Over two-thirds (60%) of those who experienced inflationary pressures raised their total budget at least once. The rising cost of living has caused 54% of married couples to abandon planned improvements or add-ons.

Average Cost Differences For Wedding Services in 2024

Finding the right suppliers and deciding on a budget for each service may begin after the where, when, and who factors have been nailed down. Your suppliers will advise you on ways to save money, such as choosing seasonal flowers and food or reusing items from the ceremony for the reception. To make sure your wedding still seems like a reflection of your love and future together, it’s okay if you can’t afford to spend on every item on the checklist.

wedding report for the average cost of the wedding
Wedding report for the average cost of the wedding (Image: KCRW)

With a total budget of around $29,000, below are the typical costs for wedding services throughout the country in 2024 to help you and your future spouse plan ahead:

  • Wedding venue: $6,500–$12,000
  • Wedding planner: $1,500–$4,750
  • Videographer: $3,000–$6,000
  • Transportation: $700–$1,200
  • Photographer: $3,500–$6,500
  • Hair and makeup Services: $550–$850
  • Flowers: $2,500–$6,000
  • Ceremony music: $500–$800
  • Catering: $6,500–$10,000
  • Wedding cake: $600–$900
  • Band or DJ: $2,000–$7,000

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Sample Average Wedding Budget Breakdown for 2024

What is the average money for a wedding? You should take into account the wide range of possibilities when estimating the final price of your wedding. The average cost of your wedding will depend on factors such as its scale, the extent of your personalization, the time of year, and the number of attendees.

The following is an example wedding budget based on a ceremony and reception in Washington, DC, for a hundred guests:

Pay attention to the unexpected wedding costs (Image: Dallas Morning News)
Pay attention to the unexpected wedding costs (Image: Dallas Morning News)

Wedding Venue

  • Cost of location for ceremony and reception: $5,000 
  • Fee for renting tables and chairs: $500
  • Rent for tableware, linens, and decorations: $1,000
  • Cost for hiring a sound system and lights: $1000
  • Total Venue Cost: $7,500


  • Paper goods (invitations, stationery): $500
  • Pricing for a marriage license: $50
  • Fee for the officiant: $300
  • Wedding favors: $200
  • Total Miscellaneous Cost: $1,050

Photography and Videography

  • Photography (for 8 hours): $3,000
  • Videography (for 8 hours): $3,000
  • Total Photography and Videography Cost: $6,000


  • Transportation costs for the wedding party: $500
  • Transportation costs for guests: $1,000
  • Total Transportation Cost: $1,500

Attire and Accessories

  • Wedding dress: $2,000
  • Suit for the groom: $1000
  • Accessory for the bride: $1000
  • Accessory for the groom: $500
  • Total Attire and Accessories Cost: $4,500


  • Live music or DJ (for 5 hours): $2,000

Food and Beverage

  • Catering (for a plated or buffet-style meal with appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages): $10,000
  • Cost of alcoholic beverages (for beer, wine, and a signature cocktail for 100 guests): $2,500
  • Total F&B Cost: $12,500

The average cost of a wedding in 2024: $35,050

How is inflation affecting average wedding costs for guests?

This is just an example of a typical budget proposal; the actual expenses would naturally vary with your individual circumstances. In addition, you should set aside money in case of any unforeseen costs, including rental fees because of bad weather or a shift in the number of planned guests.

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In sum, there is a huge range in the state average price of a wedding in the United States. The venue, number of guests, and specific suppliers and services chosen are just some of the factors that may significantly alter the bottom line. By considering these considerations and doing thorough research, couples may plan a wedding that matches their expectations and fits within their budget.

If you put in the time and effort, you can have a stunning, unforgettable wedding without breaking the budget. Do not forget to read more posts from Viva Wedding Photography for the best wedding planning process ever!

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