Best 34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her, Him & Parents

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More than 30 years of a happy marriage is something to be proud of. If you two are coming up on your 34th wedding anniversary, a meaningful gift is a great way to mark the occasion. So, Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of the top anniversary presents to help you get started right away. You can use this list to celebrate with your partner or to congratulate your parents. Take a look at some of our top ideas for the 34th wedding anniversary gifts!

A Guide To 34th Wedding Anniversary You Should Know

A Guide To 34th Wedding Anniversary You Should Know
A Guide To 34th Wedding Anniversary You Should Know

Celebrating 34 years of marriage is a significant achievement. No specific traditional present is needed to commemorate this year’s anniversary. In the current day, opals are often featured on the modern list of 34th wedding anniversary gifts. It’s a magnificent stone, but unlike the more typical gemstones associated with earlier years, it’s more closely associated with the modern aspect of giving wedding anniversary presents.

Beautiful opals are available in a wide range of tones and hues, so you may give someone an opal present that perfectly suits their taste. Moreover, this stunning gemstone may be found in a wide range of settings, from one-of-a-kind jewelry to cherished home accessories. This gives you a wealth of options when it comes to selecting the perfect gift.

The Most Thoughtful Gift Ideas For 34th Anniversary

Memorable 34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

One way to express your appreciation for the guy who means the most to you is to shower him with presents. Consider his interests and routines while choosing anniversary gifts for him. We think that after 34 years together, you sometimes know him better than he does. Read on to find the best option from our suggestions!

1. Crystal India Opal Elephant

Crystal India Opal Elephant 34th anniversary gifts
Crystal India Opal Elephant Gift Ideas

Your 34 years of marriage is a testament to your wisdom and good fortune, two qualities that are universally associated with elephants. This exquisite opal elephant statue was hand-carved to commemorate the occasion perfectly. Whether they put it on a shelf or use it as a paperweight, it’s sure to be a stunning addition to their office.

2. Australian Round Opal Cufflinks

Australian Round Opal Cuff Links 34th anniversary gifts
South Australia Round Opal Jewellery CuffLinks

These dazzling cufflinks are set with genuine Australian gemstones. Each opal is obtained and placed in an 18-karat gold plate for a gift that will last a lifetime. This is the perfect 34th anniversary traditional gift for the fashionista in your life. Put them in a stylish box and give them to your sweetheart before you go for your anniversary.

3. Walnut, White Opal & Yellow Gold Pinstripes Ring

gifts for 34th anniversary Ring
Walnut, White Opal & Yellow Gold Pinstripes Ring

Of course, opal jewelry is a popular option since it is gorgeous and effective at creating a statement. For your 34th wedding anniversary, you may wow him with a one-of-a-kind handcrafted wedding ring. The walnut wood, yellow gold, and white opal come together to form a striking and unique band that your husband will be pleased to wear.

4. Handheld Massager

Handheld Massager 34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Handheld Massager 34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This deep muscle massager is about to become your man’s best friend. One of the perfect gifts for 34th anniversary for workout fans or health-conscious people, this model comes equipped with two-hour battery life and delivers up to 40 pounds of force for relief from your toughest knots and aches.

5. I Love You To The Moon And Back Canvas Print

34th wedding anniversary gift Canvas Print
I Love You To The Moon And Back Canvas Print

You may offer your spouse a custom photo wall art of the two of you for your 34th anniversary. Customize this canvas with your two names and the date of your special event. Ultimately, you’ll have a stunning picture canvas that’s great for your spouse and proudly show off to everyone.

6. Personalized Gin-Fusion Kit

Personalized Gin-Fusion Kit 34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Personalized Gin-Fusion Kit Great Gift

If your better half enjoys experimenting with homemade cocktails, this gin infusion kit is a great 34th anniversary gift for husband. Gin lovers can infuse the spirit to their liking with floral, citrus, and spicy botanicals. This ensures that each beverage is made perfectly and with romance.

7. Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker

Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker Gifts For 34th Anniversary
Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker Gifts For 34th Anniversary

This showerhead/speaker combo is perfect for the man who often takes his phone or speaker into the bathroom to listen to music or podcasts. The showerhead does more than spray hot water; it can also play music over Bluetooth. When he gets this 34th wedding anniversary gift, we’re sure he’ll say “Wow!”

8. Opal Face Watch

Opal Face Watch 34th Anniversary Gift For Husband
Opal Jewellery Face Watch

Consider this timepiece set with opal if you’re looking for more modern 34th wedding anniversary gifts. This may be a great choice to fit this anniversary theme if he is like an accessory.

9. Salami Bouquet

Salami Bouquet 34th Anniversary Traditional Gift
Salami Bouquet 34th Anniversary Traditional Gift

Who is to say that a man can’t be the recipient of a beautiful bouquet? You are welcome to give him a bunch of flowers as a token of your appreciation for the bouquet he presented to you on this occasion. How about a salami bouquet? It sounds like a weird idea, but we’re sure that he’ll burst into a laugh when he gets it.

10. Parliament Wallet

Parliament Wallet 34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Parliament Wallet 34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Not only does this wallet have a great design, but it also has some impressive creativity behind it. The card slots may be easily accessed by just pressing a button and popping them out. Your husband will like the compact size, and the 10 color options will allow you to choose one in his favorite shade. Moreover, do you know that those leather items can also be given as third wedding anniversary gifts?

11. A Personalized Pen

A Personalized Pen 34th Anniversary Gifts
A Personalized Pen

He’ll appreciate a stylish pen he can carry wherever, especially if he loves to sketch or keep a journal. If you’re looking for a unique 34th anniversary gift for husband, consider this one, which can be customized with an engraving of his name.

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Romantic 34th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Since there is no 34th anniversary traditional gift or theme for this anniversary, you can plan something romantic and surprising for your lady. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas that will make her swoon, from jewelry to dinnerware. Look at it!

12. Luxury Dinnerware Set

Luxury Dinnerware Set 34th Anniversary Gifts
Luxury Dinnerware Set

This following idea is perfect for the one you love if a romantic evening includes a home-cooked supper and conversation around the kitchen table. This elegant place setting is a step up from your standard tableware. Their elegant stoneware construction elevates even takeaway food to a new level of sophistication.

13. Opals and Diamond Halo Ring

Opal Ring Gifts For 34th Anniversary
Opal and Diamond Halo Jewellery Ring

Want to make your partner happy? If you’re celebrating 34 years of marriage, you should give your spouse the best possible 34th anniversary gifts that fit the theme. 44 pavé-set diamonds surround the magnificent opal in the center of this ring. Wearing this opal ring will constantly remind you of the journey you’ve taken together.

14. Simple Opal Necklace

Gemstone Opal Necklace 34th Anniversary Gifts
Simple Opals Necklace 34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This beautiful necklace pendant is made with your choice of 14k or 18k gold with a milky white opal. Because of the way light is refracted inside the gemstones, they might seem blue, green, red, or orange, making this a flexible accessory. To make the outfit perfect for a more formal celebration, you may also buy her matching earrings.

15. Skincare Subscription Gift Box

Skincare Box 34th Anniversary Gift For Wife
Skincare Subscription Gift Box

Skincare is an essential part of self-care, and who wouldn’t appreciate having luxurious skincare products sent to their home on their anniversary? We are sure this 34th anniversary gift for wife will make your lady happy.

16. Opal Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

Diffuser 34th Anniversary Traditional Gift
Opals Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is both attractive and functional. So it can be used to bring the soothing feel of a day at the spa into any part of the house. Place it in any area up to 400 square feet, add your preferred mix (such as lavender for relaxation or citrus for energy), and enjoy eight hours of continual mist.

17. Personalized Leather Wellness Case

Leather Case 34th wedding anniversary gift
Personalized Leather Wellness Case Gift Ideas

This leather beauty case will keep her skincare products neat and organized while she’s on the run. The elasticized slots are perfect for storing your favorite serums, moisturizers, eye creams, and more, and the lid strap secures her jade rollers and brushes. The fact that it is both useful and pretty makes it one of the greatest 34th wedding anniversary gifts, particularly if your lady enjoys going on vacation.

18. White Opals Earrings

White Opal Earrings Gifts For 34th Anniversary
White Opals Integrated Earrings Modern Jewellery Gift

Comfortable for the ears, these earrings feature a rainbow moonstone set in a bezel made from gold. These earrings are exquisite, thanks to the combination of opal and diamonds. Indeed she will become the gorgeous woman with these earrings at this year’s anniversary dinner party.

19. Two Peas in a Pod Sterling Silver Necklace

34th Anniversary Traditional Gif Necklace
Two Peas in a Pod Necklace Own Set Opal Gifts

This necklace has space for two additional stones and a charm of your choosing. We are sure that this blue and white set will be one of the perfect modern gifts for 34th anniversary.

20. Song Lyrics Gift Pinky Promise Canvas Print

34th Anniversary Gifts Canvas Print
Song Lyrics Gift Pinky Promise Canvas Print

Use the personalized song lyric canvas print to celebrate a milestone event. This is the one piece of meaningful wall art decor in your home for a long time. Put your two names and wedding date at the top to make your 34th wedding anniversary gift special.

21. Silk Tee Set

Silk Tee Set 34th Anniversary Gifts
Silk Tee Set 34th Anniversary Gifts

This silk tee set is like sleeping on a cloud. It’s one of the top favorite pajama sets because of the large cut that provides maximum comfort. It’s a considerate 34th anniversary gift for wife that shows you care about her ease.

22. Opal Glass Candle Jar

34th wedding anniversary gift Candle Jar
Opal Glass Candle Jar

You can’t go wrong with this gesture of love and appreciation on your 34th wedding anniversary together. This candle in a beautiful glass jar will fill her room with a comforting glow and a lovely aroma.

23. Flowers Bouquet

Romantic Flowers Bouquet Gifts For 34th Anniversary
Romantic Flowers Bouquet Gift Ideas

Flowers are a 34th anniversary traditional gift since they always make the recipient happy. They’re adorable and will smile at her every time she sees them displayed on the dining room table.

24. Opal Beaded Bracelet

Opal Beaded Bracelet 34th Anniversary Gift For Wife
Opal Beaded Bracelet Jewellery Traditional And Modern Gifts

This opal beaded bracelet would make the loveliest 34th anniversary gift for wife who likes to accessorize. Its timeless design makes it suitable for both everyday usage and more formal celebration.

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Heartwarming Ideas For 34 Year Anniversary Gift For Parents

25. Reversible Faux Fur Throw

Gifts For 34th Anniversary Fur Throw
Reversible Faux Fur Throw Modern Gift

There’s nothing cozier than snuggling up under a luxuriously plush blanket. Homebodies will like snuggling up on the sofa under this plush faux-fur throw.

26. Cake Baking Kit

Cake Baking Kit 34th Anniversary Traditional Gift
Cake Baking Kit

Delicious cake is an essential part of every party. A wide range of delicious but easy recipes is provided, including those suitable for vegans and those who are gluten-free. Each kit also includes embellishments, so the couple can finish their creation and post it to Instagram without any more purchases.

27. Personalized Names On Street Sign Canvas Print

34th Anniversary Gifts Canvas Print
Personalized Names On Street Sign Canvas Print

This sweet piece of art commemorates the first time their lives intersected. Along with their names, the year they first met is also shown on street signs at each intersection. One way to make gifts for 34th anniversary for your parents even more remarkable is to include the date of their wedding.

28. Hand Blown Glass Vase in Metallic Opal

Vase Gifts For 34th Anniversary
Hand Blown Glass Vase in Metallic Opal

This beautiful vase is not created from gemstones. But it is meant to seem like a gemstone, making it an eye-catching place to store the stems. Add a massive bunch of their favorite flowers to this choice and watch the praises come in. It’s not only the greatest 34th wedding anniversary gift but will also act as a daily reminder of your undying affection.

29. Opal Shade Pendant Light

Opal Shade Pendant Light 34th Anniversary Gifts
Opal Shade Pendant Light 34th Wedding Anniversaries

Next is a 34th wedding anniversary gift with opals as the main subject. This opal glass pendant lamp is great for breakfast bars, dining tables, and even living rooms! Its basic design makes this lamp can fit any home decor.

30. Etched Wine Bottle

Etched Wine Bottle 34th Anniversary Gift For Wife
Etched Wine Bottle

What about other unique 34th wedding anniversary gifts for your parents? This handcrafted wine bottle is filled with fine red wine. The couple’s names and wedding date are inscribed inside the hand-painted bottle. We are sure they will keep this lovely gift out for years.

31. Self-Growing Garden

Self-Growing Garden Gifts For 34th Anniversary
Self-Growing Garden Gifts For 34th Anniversary

Parents who like gardening but lack the necessary outside area will be grateful for this clever indoor garden. Because the system automatically supplies the ideal quantity of both water and light, your parents won’t have to do anything to care for them. Nine plant pods are included at no additional cost to get you started: three each of tomato, lettuce, and basil. They will be harvesting their own organic fruits and vegetables in little time.

32. Pink Opal Crystal Tower

34th Anniversary Traditional Gift Tower
Pink Opal Crystal Tower

Your mom and dad would love a pink opal crystal tower since it is said to help calm nervous and stressed emotions. When they know what these 34th wedding anniversary gifts mean, they will appreciate how thoughtful you were.

33. Hoya Heart Succulents

Hoya Heart Succulents 34th Anniversary Gift For Wife
Hoya Heart Succulents 34th Anniversary Gift For Wife

Give your mom and dad a set of hearts almost as compatible as theirs. The tenacity and resilience of their love are matched by the cuteness of these heart-shaped Hoya succulents. They are a lovely addition to any window sill because they have encased in chic cement pots the size of your palm filled with light pink pebbles.

34. Anniversary Table Clock

Anniversary Table Clock 34th Anniversary Traditional Gift
Anniversary Table Clock 34th Anniversary Traditional Gift

Celebrate their everlasting love with unique 34th anniversary gifts. The wedding day and lines of text may be engraved on this beveled glass to make it more memorable.

35. Personalized Decanter Set

Personalized Decanter Set 34th Anniversary Gift For Husband
Personalized Decanter Set 34th Anniversary Gift For Husband

This custom decanter set is perfect for the refined couple whose love has matured like a great bottle of whisky. This set comprises a decanter that holds 25 ounces and four glasses that hold 10 ounces each. And the glasses have a marble-like base that prevents rings and water damage to wooden surfaces. Their initials may be engraved into each glass, and the whole set is presented in a beautiful walnut-stained wood gift box.

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Give thoughtful 34th wedding anniversary gifts to your loved one to show how much you care. Whether it’s a traditional or modern gift, they’ll appreciate it. We at Viva Wedding Photography wish you the best of luck and the most memorable anniversary. Check out our other articles for your upcoming celebrations too!

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