The 28 Best Western Suits For Weddings Any Men Should Know

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The truth is, even the most seasoned shopper may find it difficult to search for a wedding suit because it’s important to think about the fabric, color, and any accessories you may like to add. Moreover, choosing attire that fits the party’s theme and purpose is crucial. To save you time, Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a handpicked list of Western suits for weddings. Is it time to suit up?

Classic Mens Wedding Outfits For Whose Love Timeless Style

1. Black Executive Fit Suit

Black Executive Western Suits For Wedding
Black Executive Western Suits For Wedding

This black look is timeless and flexible since it can be worn to both formal and casual events throughout the year. It’s a great fit, with enough space in the bust and waist for ease of movement. Wool is substantial enough to keep you cozy in cooler weather yet lightweight and quick-drying enough to be helpful in warmer months. Dress it up with a black tie if the wedding is formal, or go for a more casual vibe by adding a colorful tie and pocket square.

2. Skinny Fit Suit

Skinny Fit Western Suits For Wedding
Skinny Fit Western Tuxedos For Weddings

One of the most excellent options for men’s suits for weddings since it doesn’t skimp on style. This suit is both modern and classic thanks to its thin cut and notched lapels. It’s soft and stretchy since it’s comprised of polyester and rayon. This blazer is shorter than most, yet it still appears sharp thanks to its fitted waist, shoulders, and sleeves tapered at the cuffs. If you don’t want to wear the complete suit, you may replace it with a sports coat.

3. Tan Chambray Linen Slim Fit Suit

Tan Chambray Linen Slim Mens Wedding Outfits
Tan Chambray Linen Slim Fit Suit

The tan linen is quite fresh, perfect for a hot summer day. This one is breathable and comfy, and it may also be worn as the pieces separately for a more laid-back look. There is no outfit that goes better with a country-style wedding than it does.

4. Slim Fit Italian Wool Check Jacket

Slim Fit Italian Wool Western Suits For Wedding
Slim Fit Italian Wool Check Jackets

This gray checkered suit is made from a wool and polyester combination, and it looks and feels great. Moreover, this is a great balance between dark and light gray. We are sure that it’s one of the most perfect western tuxedos for weddings, especially for gentlemen who love vintage style.

5. Navy Havana Suit

Navy Havana Mens Wedding Outfits
Navy Havana Western Tuxedo

It’s winter wedding season, so get out the pure wool flannel suit. Classic and with some nice subtle texture, this one in a deep blue tone truly stands out.

6. Pinstripe Wool Twill Suit

Pinstripe Wool Twill Mens Suits For Wedding
Pinstripe Wool Twill Suit

This suit seems like it might have been worn in the 1920s, thanks to the combination of the classic cut and the bright pinstripes on the wool twill fabric. It’s the perfect thing to cuddle up with on a chilly winter event, and it reeks of class and sophistication.

7. Wool Twill Suit

Wool Twill Western Western Suits For Wedding
Wool Twill Western Tuxedo

For the traditionalist groom, this is one of the most perfect western suits for weddings. This suit, which is available in either charcoal gray or navy blue, is perfect for outdoor or indoor ceremonies. Made from a special crease-resistant twill, it is also breathable and suitable for warmer climates. The double side vents give the jacket a sleek look, and the unfinished cuffs let you tailor it to your needs. The pants have a straight cut with a flat front and several pockets. Everything considered, this is a classic suit that will endure for decades.

8. Hemsworth Gray Suit

Hemsworth Gray Western Suits For Wedding
Hemsworth Gray Western Tuxedos For Weddings

This gray dress-casual suit is perfect for a wedding that isn’t as formal or is taking place during the day. Try pairing it with a fresh white shirt and leaving off the tie for a more casual vibe.

9. Black Tailored Fit Textured Suit

Black Tailored Fit Textured Mens Suits For Weddings
Black Tailored Fit Textured Western Tuxedo

This three-piece suit is available in classic black, blue, and gray, making it perfect for the modern groom who yet values tradition. The jacket has a notch at the lapel, three pockets, a two-button front, padded shoulders, and side vents. The coordinating pants are flat-fronted and come unhemmed. We are certain that this outfit may be appropriate for both informal and formal weddings.

10. Windowpane Wool Twill Suit

Windowpane Wool Twill Mens Wedding Outfits
Windowpane Wool Twill Suit

Grooms who want men’s wedding outfits with a modest pattern will love this one because of its windowpane style. It may be dressed up or down for any wedding, from a casual outdoor ceremony to a formal ball. This option, crafted from one hundred percent super 110s wool, may be worn in summer or winter.

11. Slim-Fit Unstructured Suit Jackets

Slim-Fit Unstructured Western Suits For Wedding
Slim-Fit Unstructured Mens Suits For Wedding

This gray suit was made with Italian wool of the highest quality and was made to be both stylish and comfortable. Notched lapels, pick stitching, a two-button placket, and double vents for maximum range of motion. Put on a navy blue tie, and you’re set for whatever wedding you may attend this autumn.

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12. Dolce & Gabbana Jacquard Effect Tailored Suit

Jacquard Effect Tailored Western Suits For Weddings
Jacquard Effect Tailored Suit

This Dolce & Gabbana brand design puts a modern twist on the timelessly chic white wedding suit. Elegantly fitted and made from a silk mix with a jacquard look, this suit will make you stand out on your wedding day. Besides its standard characteristics, this jacket also stands out for its unique design details. The buttoned welt pockets on the rear of these flat-front pants complement the French seams on the front. One of the most popular Western suits for weddings is sure to be a hit with the guys.

13. Slim Italian Sharkskin Suit Jacket

Slim Italian Sharkskin Western Suits For Wedding
Slim Italian Sharkskin Suit Jacket

This Italian suit is constructed of sharkskin wool, so it may be worn year-round. This deep blue color is more formal than lighter blues yet nonetheless stylish and comfortable. This is one of the best mens suits for weddings for guys who want to seem trendy and classic at the same time.

14. Classic Light Blue Fit Wool Suit

Classic Light Blue Fit Wool Western Suits For Weddings
Classic Light Blue Fit Wool Suit

If you’ve always wanted a real Western wedding, this set of tuxedos will give your big day a fun, hippy vibe. The suit’s light blue hue is lovely, and its clean lines make it seem like one of the most timeless Western tuxedos for weddings. It has a calmer shade of blue. Then we think summer is the best time to wear it.

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Trendy Western Suits For Weddings That Express Your Own Style

15. Slim Fit Navy Linen Suit

Slim Fit Navy Linen Mens Suits For Wedding
Slim Fit Navy Linen Western Tuxedo

All seasons are appropriate for this shade of navy blue, but it is particularly stunning during a seaside ceremony. It’s lightweight due to the linen material and less prone to creasing than pure linen due to the polyester mix.

16. Herringbone Linen Tailored Fit Italian Suit

Herringbone Linen Tailored Western Suits For Weddings
Herringbone Linen Tailored Fit Italian Suit

This beautiful linen design makes us dream of a seaside ceremony or a wedding on Nantucket. This jacket’s notched lapel, two front buttons, and twin vents enhance flexibility. The pants are fashionable due to their precise cut and narrow legs. This pastel pink herringbone pattern is one of the most perfect mens wedding outfits for the colorful groom.

17. Gregory Glen Plaid Twill Suit

Gregory Glen Plaid Twill Western Suits For Weddings
Gregory Glen Plaid Twill Suit

This beautiful twill suit is made from a combination of silk, linen, and wool and is excellent for the cooler months of the year. This brown suit is an outstanding choice because of its adaptable color and sleek cut. As it is so eye-catching in its own right, you won’t even need any flashy accessories to complete your look.

18. Bottle Green Herringbone Tweed Suit

Bottle Green Herringbone Tweed Western Tuxedos For Weddings
Bottle Green Herringbone Tweed Suit

For a spring or rustic wedding, green is a great color option for western tuxedos for weddings. And this particular shade is uncommon and will make you stand out in a crowd. The herringbone tweed pattern adds some much-needed texture to it, which in turn provides the color with further depth.

19. Stretch Italian Wool Suit

Stretch Italian Wool Western Suits For Weddings
Stretch Italian Wool Suit

Contrary to popular opinion, brown and blue may look great together, as seen in this outfit. This one is a daring pick because of the checkered windowpane design, and the blue lines provide a nice touch of contrast to the otherwise subdued brown. Produced from premium Italian wool, this has a luxurious feel and excellent stretch.

20. Burgundy Slim Fit Suit

Burgundy Slim Mens Suits For Wedding
Burgundy Slim Fit Suit Mens Wedding Outfits

A wedding held during the winter months would be the perfect time to highlight this burgundy hue. This suit is timeless because of its slender cut, which also gives it a contemporary and individual appearance.

21. Slim Fit Subtle Checks Suit

Slim Fit Subtle Checks Mens Wedding Outfits
Slim Fit Subtle Checks Suit

This suit features a thin cut and a unique design, and it’s made of high-quality Italian wool. Subtle checks give it a more relaxed vibe, making it one of the most ideal mens suits for weddings in the garden.

22. Royal Blue Pinstripe Suit

Royal Blue Pinstripe Western Suits For Wedding
Royal Blue Pinstripe Suit

A striped suit is a quintessential choice for a nautical summer theme for the wedding. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd since it is both relaxed and stylish.

23. Velvet Peak-Lapel Jacket

Velvet Peak-Lapel Western Suits For Wedding
Velvet Peak-Lapel Jacket

This sleek dinner jacket is a refined and eye-catching choice for a winter wedding when deep tones and luxurious fabrics are the standards. The jacket’s body is made of velvet, while the satin peak lapels are exquisitely tailored. It’s got a couple of buttons, a couple of pockets, some basted cuffs, and some twin vents for ease of movement. The tuxedo isn’t required, but this jacket is perfect if you’re attending a formal wedding. To finish the outfit, wear a pair of black suit pants.

24. Velvet Burgundy Tuxedo

Velvet Burgundy Mens Wedding Outfits
Velvet Burgundy Western Tuxedo

Select this burgundy velvet suit if you’re looking for more daring men’s wedding outfits. We really like it with a white dress shirt and the black satin trim that gives it a touch of class.

25. Khaki Linen Suit

Khaki Linen Mens Suits For Wedding
Khaki Linen Suit Mens Suits For Wedding

With its unique khaki hue and soft, breathable linen construction, this item is a refreshing change from the standard issue khaki. For a stunning effect, try pairing it with blue accessory items.

26. Sea Green Fit Stretch Suit

Sea Green Fit Stretch Western Suits For Wedding
Sea Green Fit Stretch Suit

This striking shade of sea green is unlike anything other and seems tailor-made for a summer wedding. This one is made from a flexible, comfy material and lined with a dress shirt material that is breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking.

27. Taupe Lazio Suit

Taupe Lazio Western Suits For Wedding
Taupe Lazio Suit Western Tuxedo For Weddings

Even though it’s made from stretch cotton and comes in a dark taupe color, this suit may be worn in various seasons. This one is designed to have a more laid-back vibe about Western suits for weddings. Thus, the groom, his best man, or any guest who is looking to try a fresh style should choose this outfit.

28. Lilac Wedding Super Skinny Suit

Lilac Super Skinny Mens Suits For Wedding
Lilac Wedding Super Skinny Suit

Make a statement with this one-of-a-kind pastel choice! The delicate lilac shade is a natural choice for a spring wedding. This color works well with every complexion and complements a wide variety of accessory hues, from navy to mint green. Moreover, the polyester fabric is very breathable and light, making it perfect for warm-weather occasions.

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Not only women but even men have a hard time choosing what to wear at the wedding. You need to prepare a perfect look for the special events in your life. Therefore, Viva Wedding Photography hopes the above list of great Western suits for weddings will help you. Let us know if you choose one of the above options. Read our other articles to learn more about weddings and engagements.

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