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Wedding gift registries have come a long way in the last two decades. Nowadays, engaged couples might register at online boutiques and department stores. Despite the progress of technology, good manners have remained unchanged. Proper behavior is still demanded of everyone even in this day and age. Viva Wedding doesn’t want to put undue stress on you. So we’ve produced a list of typical wedding registry etiquette that any newlywed might need.

Etiquette For Wedding Registry To Avoid

Not Registering At All

Keeping a register for wedding gifts isn’t simply a good gesture. It’s a crucial component of wedding preparations. You may experience some wedding registry guilt. Remember that your friends and family are there to celebrate your marriage. A registry list, on the other hand, will reveal your hidden yearning. A new set of throw cushions? Or a stand mixer that coordinates with your kitchen towels.

Etiquette For Wedding Registry To Avoid – Not Registering At All
Etiquette For Wedding Registry To Avoid – Not Registering At All

Consider joining up for something different if you have most of what you need for the home. Several honeymoon registry websites enable you to register for post-wedding holiday activities. Such as a couples’ massage or a local trip, to be included in your registry. A cash registry may be used for practical gifts like cooking classes, house repairs, or a puppy fund.

Wedding registry etiquette may become more complicated in the event of a sequel wedding, a delayed wedding, or a small wedding. You still need to register for a wedding ceremony, even if it will only be attended by close family and friends.

Waiting Too Long to Register

Wedding Registry Etiquette – Waiting Too Long to Register
Wedding Registry Etiquette – Waiting Too Long to Register

Make a register as soon as you announce your engagement if you’re arranging a celebration. People will want to congratulate you even if no celebration is planned. Always check your list to see if there are any new options; if so, add them to your shopping bag immediately. That can be easily remedied, and here’s how. Most guests will purchase their presents well in advance of the wedding, so feel free to add on as needed.

Not Using a Universal Registry

Etiquette For Wedding Registry – Not Using a Universal Registry
Etiquette For Wedding Registry – Not Using a Universal Registry

Set up a universal register for yourself and your guests. While three to four big-box were typical in the past, this practice is now uncommon. In today’s world of online registries, it’s easier than ever to keep track of everything you need to buy. This is particularly appropriate for couples with a diverse range of preferences. Adding hiking gear or charcuterie board equipment to a universal register is straightforward.

Not Taking Inventory of Your Own Stuff

Not Taking Inventory of Your Own Stuff
Not Taking Inventory of Your Own Stuff

Make a list of items that both you and your significant other will appreciate. To determine what you need, look at what you already have and discuss the house’s style. Consider how you prefer to entertain, what your interests are, and what your life will be like in a few years. You may need a gravy boat or serving plates if you host a lot of parties.

You and your future spouse may already have everything you need. So there’s no need to register for traditional wedding gifts. Don’t be shy about asking for specific items. This is proper wedding registry etiquette.

Skipping the Fine Print

Wedding Registry Etiquette – Skipping the Fine Print
Wedding Registry Etiquette – Skipping the Fine Print

The most important step of etiquette for wedding registry: Make sure to research the gifting policies of your chosen stores. The exchange and return rules of each gift should be checked before you receive it. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of identical presents or find out that you just have a few days to swap them.

Many registration services provide discounts on leftover items as incentives and bonuses. If you ask gently, most stores will allow you to pre-order wedding gifts and mail them together after the big day. Since regulations might vary from store to store, it’s wise to familiarize yourself as you go.

Not Registering Enough Items At A Range Of Prices

Etiquette For Wedding Registry
Etiquette For Wedding Registry

It is important that your list include products that may be purchased on a wide range of budgets. How many items should go on your registry? Simple: double your guest list by two and throw in a few more items. Some of your friends and family may buy a lot of gifts, while others may want to spend a lot on one big item. To cover all bases, register for presents ranging from $50 to $200 or more. Your guests won’t have any problem buying gifts from your registry if it has a broad range of selections.

Registering for Only the Essentials

Long-standing registry requests include china, linens, and flatware. But you may also request anything from furniture and gift cards to suitcases or even cash money. Use your selections and register for goods you’ll use. Put a more expensive item, such as a new grill or a down payment on a future home, to the register if you’re both in agreement. Yes, according to wedding register etiquette for couples, it’s appropriate to pick things that are most essential to you.

Not Putting Your Registry on Your Wedding Website

Wedding Registry Etiquette - Not Putting Your Registry on Website
Wedding Registry Etiquette – Not Putting Your Registry on Website

Your wedding website is the finest place to share your register with guests. Because it is not customary for guests to provide a gift. It is advisable not to include registered information on formal wedding invitations.
However, you may put registration information on an insert in your save-the-dates. Because your wedding website serves as a central hub for critical information. It is the greatest place to communicate gift information with visitors.

Not Updating Your Registry Regularly

From the moment you say “I do” until the moment you walk down the aisle, you should keep track of your register. It’s a good idea to revisit it often and add new gift options. Your visitors will appreciate having a selection to choose from.

To accommodate engagement parties and bridal showers, register for more products than guests. This is why utilizing a universal register is recommended. All of your registry items are in one place making it easier for your guests to keep track of what you want as a present. In addition, this will make it easier for you to keep track of thank-you cards when you need them.

Procrastinating on Thank-You Cards

Wedding Registry Etiquette – Procrastinating on Thank-You Cards
Wedding Registry Etiquette – Procrastinating on Thank-You Cards

The most important part of good wedding registry etiquette is saying “thank you.” Tell your guests as soon as possible that their gifts have arrived. Thank-you cards for gifts you got before the wedding should be sent out within two weeks.

Notes about wedding gifts that were given on or after the wedding day should be sent within four to six weeks. To stay on top of things, keep a list of everything you’ve gotten and a list of who’s coming, and pick a place in your house to keep stationery on hand.

Wedding Registry Etiquette Rules For Couples To Follow

Do Involve Your Partner

Etiquette For Wedding Registry – Do Involve Your Partner
Etiquette For Wedding Registry – Do Involve Your Partner

Your spouse may not care about the ceremony backdrop or hotel blocks, but they should help with the register. Ask for help filling out the form. Whiskey glasses, sporting equipment, and valuable literature are also accepted.

Don’t Hesitate To Return Things

We’ve all done it: bought something online, sure that it would be a perfect fit and look just as the picture shows. The shipment arrives, and everyone agrees that it must be sent back. In a similar vein, your register totals may not reflect all that’s in your possession. Don’t feel obligated to reveal that you exchanged boring gifts for more exciting ones. It’s quite okay, and even customary, to do so.

Don’t Ignore Gifts That Aren’t Products

Don’t Ignore Gifts That Aren’t Products – Wedding Registry Etiquette
Don’t Ignore Gifts That Aren’t Products – Wedding Registry Etiquette

Donations to charity? Experiences, and contributions to a down payment? Stock portfolio? Or honeymoon? They are all acceptable present requests. Add some physical items to your wish list for your great-aunt and traditionalists.

Don’t Tell Where You’re Registered On The Invitation

After registering, tell close family and the wedding party to spread the word. It’s OK to disclose where you registered if asked, but not on a wedding invitation. The registration information may be posted on a wedding website, which you can refer guests to on a details card.

Do Register Ahead Of Time

Etiquette For Wedding Registry – Do Register Ahead Of Time
Etiquette For Wedding Registry – Do Register Ahead Of Time

Finish your registration four to six months before the wedding. This allows visitors to buy presents for the big day and ensures that items are available before your wedding shower.

Wedding Registry Etiquette for Guests

When Does Guest Have to Give a Wedding Gift?

According to wedding registry etiquette, you have a year from the wedding day to deliver a present. That being said, the sooner you give them a present, the better. The majority of visitors will send a gift one month before or within one month of the big day.

Is It Okay to Deviate from the Registry?

Wedding Registry Etiquette – Deviate From The Registry
Wedding Registry Etiquette – Deviate From The Registry

Yes, visitors may shop outside the registry under specific circumstances. Having a close connection with the bride or groom might help you give them a distinctive gift. Using your understanding of the couple, buy only goods you know will be essential to them.

The other two situations you should shop outside their register:

  • If their registration is totally sold out;
  • If you just cannot afford anything on their wish list;

Take a close look at their wedding register to determine their couple’s style. And then shop for something comparable to what they’ve previously ordered.

What If The Couple’s Registry Is Depleted Of Gifts?

Guests’ Etiquette For Wedding Registry
Guests’ Etiquette For Wedding Registry

There are many tricky issues when it comes to wedding registry etiquette for guests. If the register is depleted, you may always ask the couple if there is anything more they would want. Don’t want to bother them throughout the wedding planning?

Investigate the items they enrolled for and buy a gift certificate to one of the firms they chose. You may also personalize a honeymoon activity. A gift card to a restaurant for a date night or a customized piece of art to recall their wedding.

Can Guests Purchase a Group Gift?

Purchase a Group Gift – Wedding Registry Etiquette
Purchase a Group Gift – Wedding Registry Etiquette

Let’s face it: engaged couples sometimes go a bit fancy with their wedding registries. Occasionally those wishlists exceed our financial limits. If you wish to purchase one of the more expensive items on their list, get a group of friends to divide the cost. It is very fine to give large-ticket things as a group gift.

Is A Bridal Shower Gift And Wedding Present Necessary?

Yes, you should always give both a bridal shower and a wedding present — but you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Create a “present budget” if you know you’ll be asked to pre-wedding celebrations in addition to the big day.

The shower gift should not cost more than 20% of the total sum, with the rest going to the wedding gift. If you’d prefer to go big on a single present, give it to the couple before the shower. Or at the very least you can write a beautiful message and let the bride know something is on the way for the big day.

If We Can’t Physically Be There, Is It OK To Give A Gift?

No matter how you plan on celebrating the happy couple, a gift is always appropriate. Gift cost isn’t everything, so don’t feel bad about sending something on the cheap for those 200 people watching through streaming. No matter how little, send something, even if it’s only flowers or a bottle of champagne.

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Viva Wedding hopes that you’ve found this post useful as you continue to build up your wedding gift lists. Understanding wedding registry etiquette can reduce guessing. And it also helps you know when to follow and/or break conventions in ways that work best for you. If you still have questions, check out the other articles in our Registry Tips category.

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