20 Creative Bridal Shower Welcome Sign Ideas To Wow The Guests

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Those planning the wedding shower decoration will look for attractive and affordable options. These bridal shower welcome sign ideas have to be perfect. Specifically, they won’t break the bank, will look great, and will be put to good use. There are many signs for every kind of bridal shower, from a formal event at a country club to a casual barbecue in the garden.

And if you’re the kind to put things off or DIY, many of these signs are printable so that you can make one on the spot. The future Mrs. also can take one home as a memento of the event. Consider Viva Wedding Photography‘s preferred wedding shower signs by following the ideas below.

Why Do We Need Signs For A Bridal Shower?

Let’s begin with the obvious question of why we need shower signs. Those displayed at a bridal shower can be used for distinct functions.

  • To greet the guest: The best way to make visitors feel at home at your party is with a tastefully hung welcome sign. Have your photographer snap a pic of you holding up the sign.
  • For decoration: The signs for the wedding shower can be used as decorations for the party hall. Additionally, their price is substantially lower than that of flowers. In terms of aesthetics, this is a fantastic approach. Plus, if you’re a member of the bridal party trying to save money, this is a great starting point for your planning.
  • For organizing: I enjoy the process of organizing, and I’m willing to bet that you do as well. To help guests know where to deposit their gifts, a “cards and gifts” sign was made. The bride-to-be can find her seat and get her bearings thanks to the chair indication. Banners and signs help maintain order and efficiency for all attendees.
  • Showcase: Your wedding hashtag, a countdown clock, and other pertinent details can all be posted here.
  • Customization: Because, let’s face it, parties and showers can start to blend after a while. Signs made just for the bride-to-be are a fun way to add a touch of individuality to the festivities. It also makes beautiful mementos for the happy couple.

Creative Bridal Shower Welcome Sign Ideas For Your Party

1. Greeting Board With Greenery And Wedding Dress

Bridal Party Sign With Greenery And Wedding Dress
Bridal Party Sign With Greenery And Wedding Dress

Throw out your flower arrangements. An easy-to-organize and classy option for a bridal shower, regardless of the time of year. It features a variety of greenery. The design with a white bridal shower dress and watercolor leaves is a beautiful focal point. The lightweight polystyrene foam core board has a dent-resistant and durable polystyrene surface. That makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2. Welcome Sign In Minimalism Style

Wedding Shower Welcome Signs In Minimalism Style
Wedding Shower Welcome Signs In Minimalism Style

There is no need to go all out on the décor for a bridal shower welcome sign. Still, a few stylish accents that don’t go overboard with frills and flourishes can help set the mood. You can easily add shower-specific details to this immediate download. The template can be printed at home, a local print shop, or an office supply store.

3. Bohemian Wedding Shower Sign

Boho-Style Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Boho-Style Bridal Shower Entrance Sign

Dried pampas, grass, and other flora are a staple at every bohemian-style reception. This sign has a warm welcome. It is framed by a fan of palm leaves, orchids, and peonies in desert colors. Display it with dried flowers on a table or easel.

4. Acrylic Bridal Shower Welcome Board

Acrylic Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Acrylic Bridal Shower Welcome Sign

Even the simplest DIY shower would look better with a sign painted on acrylic that combines elegance and cleanliness. You can have it hand-lettered in gold, silver, black, or white (with a paint pen; no stencils). Then put it on an easel, or lean it against a wall at the party.

5. Embroidered Indian Jewelry Welcome Sign

Indian Jewelry Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Welcome Sign Inspired By Indian Jewelry

With its vibrant jewel tones, this board is a lovely way to honor an Indian bride’s heritage on her special day. You can also buy votive holders, backgrounds, and lanterns to keep up with the design idea.

6. Cream Blush Floral Welcome Board

Cream Blush Floral Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Cream Blush Floral Bridal Party Sign

The elegant handwriting in gold on this bridal shower welcome sign is sure to impress. A bridal shower, brunch, tea party, or bachelorette party would all be better with some cream and blush floral accents.

7. Handmade Wedding Shower Sign In Wood

Wooden Wedding Shower Welcome Signs
Wooden Wedding Shower Welcome Signs

A wooden sign like this one is perfect for a rustic-themed bridal shower. I’m sure that every person who comes here loves this beautiful, simple sign. In addition, it will serve as a treasured heirloom in the future Mrs.

8. Bridal Shower Welcome Sign In Pink Acrylic

Pink Acrylic Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Pink Acrylic Bridal Shower Entrance Sign

The use of modern acrylic and a gorgeous pink accent on this high-quality sign makes us happy because we adore the watercolor style. This is an excellent option for blushing brides who wish to stand out. Also, the sign will be the center of attention at any party, especially with a pink theme.

9. Gold Mirror Acrylic Sign

Gold Mirror Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Gold Mirror Bridal Shower Welcome Board

An elegant gold mirror acrylic sign in the shape of an arch can be used to invite people to your bridal shower. The vinyl used to make the letters is of such high quality that it leaves a lasting impression. Along with the bridal shower gifts she received from guests, this greeting sign can be hung up as a beautiful reminder of the event.

10. Earthy-Tone Greeting Sign

Gold Clear Transparent Acrylic Bridal Party Sign
Gold Clear Transparent Acrylic Greeting Sign

The personalized bridal shower welcome sign is made of gold clear transparent acrylic with UV printing. It will be the perfect finishing touch for your party. This stunning party decoration is ideal for making guests feel at home. There are various colors to choose from for the welcome sign, but beige is a safe bet that any bride would adore.

11. Personalized Greeter Board In Black

Black Wedding Shower Welcome Signs
Black Wedding Shower Welcome Signs

Guests will be impressed by this classy wedding welcome sign. It’s easier to stand out with black than with bright colors. This shade will make a statement at the entrance to your party while still looking nice.

This sign comprises 3mm thick black acrylic, high-quality vinyl, and gold mirror acrylic. The names will look like they come out of black acrylic because they are made of 3mm thick gold mirror acrylic.

12. Clear Acrylic Bridal Party Sign

Circular Acrylic Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Circular Acrylic Greeting Sign

Acrylic welcome signs are a beautiful way to decorate your bridal shower venue and invite guests to join in the fun. You can make a stronger statement using a circle instead of the more common triangle shape. This bridal shower welcome sign’s understated class will surely win over your guests. White blossoms at the very top elevate the sign’s aesthetic.

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13. Fun Welcome Sign With A Film Theme

Movie-Themed Bridal Shower Entrance Sign
Movie-Themed Bridal Shower Entrance Sign

On its way to a theater near you! That movie-themed welcome sign is fantastic. You and your other half are the event’s highlights as a couple. The perfect welcome sign for your wedding activities and a lovely keepsake to hang in your house.

14. Seasonal Sign

Seasonal Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Seasonal Bridal Shower Welcome Sign

Don’t overlook the importance of signs while organizing a bridal shower in the autumn. Many options, such as beautiful foliage, pumpkins, and autumnal accents, are designed with the autumn season in mind. Having a matching sign is a lovely addition to the holiday decor.

15. A Sign With Tropical Vibe

Tropical-Themed Wedding Shower Welcome Signs
Tropical-Themed Wedding Shower Welcome Signs

A palm tree is a must-have for any beach-themed party. We like how the neutral colors of this welcome sign go well with the sand. Also, the carefully placed disco balls make the party even more fun.

16. A Flower-Decorated Welcome Plaque

Flower-Decorated Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Flower-Decorated Welcome Sign

The entryway to a boho event will look lovely decorated with pressed flowers. Positioning your bridal shower welcome sign flat on the ground adds to the feeling of ease and relaxation.

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17. Royal Vibe Bridal Shower Sign

Regency-Style Bridal Shower Welcome Board
Regency-Style Bridal Shower Welcome Board

This sign has a touch of luxury with silver letters and intricate carvings on a mahogany easel. Overall, the ensemble has a rich, Regency-style feel, making it perfect for a party in a medieval castle.

18. A Dreamy Sign With Romantic Lyrics

Bridal Party Sign With Love Song
Bridal Party Sign With Love Song

Use the words of a love song to create a unique bridal shower welcome sign. A sign at the beginning of the aisle and playing music as guests walk down will make for a memorable event.

19. Terrarium-Inspired Greetings Board

Terrarium-Inspired Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
Terrarium-Inspired Welcome Board

This sign is perfect for any plant parent. Because it’s made of gold and glass, it’s ideal for a fancy event, but by adding greenery, it can also be used for a garden party.

20. Polaroid-Inspired Photo Booth

A Polaroid-Inspired Photo Booth Sign
A Polaroid-Inspired Photo Booth Sign

All photos taken today need to be “instagrammable,” as the youth of today call it. You may enhance your guests’ experience by allowing them to take pictures that look great on Instagram.

You should put your hashtag on the frame of this bridal shower welcome sign. So that people will remember to use it when they share photos from the event online. You can then go to Instagram and look back at the party through the eyes of your guests.

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A Guide To Prominently Showcasing Your “Welcome” Sign

There are a variety of places where you can put up your sign:

  • Print it out on some sturdy foam board and use an easel to show it out.
  • Posterize: Mount your finished sign in a standard picture frame. The finished picture frame can be displayed on a flat surface or easel.
  • I’ve noticed recently that signage made of acrylic and mirrors is another trendy wedding shower idea. Mirrors present unique challenges for photographers since they reflect their surroundings. When I want the most outstanding photo, I sometimes have to move the sign away from the entrance. Avoid looking in the mirror at the exit sign.

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A bridal shower party’s elements must be well thought out and planned. It ensures everyone has a good time and leaves the party satisfied. Consider the bridal shower welcome sign thoughtfully to wow your guests at the party. Additionally, your sign should reflect your personal style and complement the occasion’s aesthetic. I hope you found this post on Viva Wedding Photography helpful in deciding on a suitable welcome board for the bridal shower.

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