31 Best Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests To Express Your Love

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No one likes to leave a party without taking home at least one delightful little goodie. And a modest, thoughtful favor may go a long way toward expressing thanks and appreciation. The bride-to-be is not obligated to provide bridal shower gifts for guests. But doing so is a pleasant way to show your affection. Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of fantastic suggestions to help you express your gratitude.

Beauty And Care Bridal Party Favors

1. Rose-Themed Bath Bombs As Party Favors

Bridal Party Favors - Rose-Themed Bath Bombs
Wedding Shower Favor Ideas – Rose-Themed Bath Bombs

These rose-scented bath bombs are 100% natural and will make your guests feel at the spa without leaving their own house. All you have to do to personalize these handcrafted little hearts is change the writing on the packaging.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

Make sure your tub is clean and free of any debris or soap residue before adding a bath bomb. By doing this, you can make sure that your bath bomb dissolves properly and that you can get the most out of it.

Additionally, add the bath bomb after filling the tub with warm water. The bath bomb’s components will be activated by the warm water, making for a more soothing and calming experience.

2. Portable Lip Balm Container

Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests - Lip Balm Container
Lip Balm Container

Even lip balm would do a sweet flavor, but you may impress your guests by including this special note. Put an EOS lip balm with a printed invitation you personalized with the bride’s name and shower date (and maybe even a photo of her). You can create an eclectic style by combining lip balms of different hues or sticking with just one shade.

3. Adorable Hair Ties

Bridal Party Favors - Hair Ties
Bridal Shower Party Favors – Hair Ties

You may never have too many hair ties, and they always seem to disappear just when you need them the most. They are incredibly useful and considered a gift for any upcoming bride or her guests because of this. Three hair ties are included in this collection, each with a vibrant design and color that will liven up any look. They also include a witty message, so they make a fun and lighthearted touch to any bridal shower gifts for guests.

4. Pink Face Roller

Gifts For Bridal Shower Guests - Face Roller
Gifts For Bridal Shower Guests – Face Roller

These face rollers are the perfect addition to any bridal shower, as they are all the rage. The crystal rose quartz is stunning in appearance and thought to stimulate romantic impulses, making it an ideal choice for a wedding. A convenient carry-on size is included in the package.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

Before using a face roller, carefully cleanse your skin to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup that may clog your pores. In addition, apply a serum or facial oil to your face before using the roller to help it glide smoothly over your skin.

5. Handcrafted Bars Of Soap

Bars Of Goat Milk Soap
Bars Of Goat Milk Soap

These bars of goat milk soap are fantastic takeaways from a bridal shower. Pick a fragrance, such as White Sage Lavender or Coconut Lime Verbena, and then add a decorative element, such as a dried orange slice or a sprig of lavender. Beautiful soaps packaged in cellophane and knotted with natural twine are great personalized bridal shower gifts.

6. Special Body Scrubs

Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests - Sugar Scrub
A Sugar Scrub For Bridal Shower Party Favors

Make your guests feel special by giving them a sugar scrub they may use on themselves. Pure cane sugar, coconut oil, and cold-pressed olive oil are just a few of the all-natural components that create these tasty jars of favors. You may make your bridal shower gifts for guests truly unique by selecting the color of the lid, the ribbon, and the label.

Tasty Wedding Shower Favor Ideas

7. Box For Macarons

Bridal Party Favors - Macaron Box
Best Bridal Party Favors – Macaron Box

Is there a sweet treat more decadent and girly than a macaron? That’s not likely, in our opinion. Find out what kind of macarons your guest like, and then use these charming boxes to present them to them. They include a selection of colored ribbons and labels that can be personalized with the wedding date and the couple’s initials.

8. Edible Gold Lollipops

Gifts For Bridal Shower Guests - Edible Gold Lollipops
Gifts For Bridal Shower Guests – Edible Gold Lollipops

In addition to being a fantastic option for bridal shower party favors, lollipops have many more uses. This more mature and refined version is a deliciously suitable choice. Each one is handcrafted with (totally edible) 24K gold leaf to bring a touch of luxury to the celebration.

9. Etched Honey Containers

Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests - Honey Pots
Cute Honey Pots

These adorable honey pots are bridal shower gifts for guests to tell them that the couple is clearly “meant to be.” The wildflower honey is packaged in individual glass jars that can be personalized with a label, ribbon, or string. And you can get the wooden dipping sticks for a little more. Numerous adorable label sayings are available, such as “bride to bee,” “discovered my honey,” and “love is lovely.”

10. Tiny Jars Of Nutella

Wedding Shower Party Favors - Jars Of Nutella
Wedding Shower Party Favors – Jars Of Nutella

Without a doubt, Nutella is tasty, and we do not doubt that your guests will gobble up the Nutella in these adorable personalized small jars. While the glass jars are cute, you can make them cuter by adding a stylish ribbon for little money. Your guests can graze on these delicious wedding shower treats long after the party has ended.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

Store Nutella away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry location. Avoid putting the spread in the fridge since it will become stiff and difficult to spread. Nutella can also be used for milkshakes, smoothies, and hot chocolate, among other inventive concoctions.

11. Jars Of Tea

Tea Favors For Guests
Tea Favors For Guests

These tasty tea favors are perfect for decorating your wedding shower’s afternoon tea theme. If you prefer Chamomile or Lemon Balm tea, fill each jar with that particular variety. Tags can be purchased on white or kraft paper and personalized with the couple’s names and the wedding date.

12. Cookie Bars Made With Milk

Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests - Cookie Bars
Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests – Cookie Bars

Want to find cookie party favors for a bridal shower? Consider this sampler of Milk Bar’s most popular and beloved flavors. There are 12 cookies of three different flavors in each tin: Compost, Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, and Chocolate Confetti & Confetti. Even if they aren’t already, your guests will love it.

13. Mini Meringues

The ideal sweet treat to serve at any bridal shower or wedding celebration is a small meringue. These tasteful tiny treats are traditional and beautiful desserts that will wow your guests. Not only are they delicious, but they are also an affordable option for those on a budget. Mini meringues are a versatile option that can be tailored to fit any wedding shower theme because they are available in a wide range of flavors and colors.

14. Fruity Chews In A Champagne

Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests - Mock Wine Gummy
Mock Wine Gummy

Throw a lavish party for the ladies to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Small bottles of champagne don’t get any cuter than that! Champagne and prosecco candy gums are packaged in little bottles. This perfect pairing is one of the fabulous bridal shower gift ideas for guests.

Creative Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests

15. Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels

Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels
Wedding Shower Party Favors – Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels

These beautiful stick-on labels are the perfect finishing touch to the convenient pocket-sized hand sanitizers. Keep in mind that you’ll have to purchase those items independently. We think these would be a great addition to hotel welcome bags. The stylish typeface and understated eucalyptus design would complement a wide range of hand sanitizer colors and decor styles.

16. A Set Of Spoons

Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests - Measuring Spoons
Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

The bride-to-be will adore these personalized heart-shaped measuring spoons. You can use the stainless steel cutlery with either the “measures of love” or the standard units of measurement printed on one side. Favor tags are available for purchase in increments of six sets, allowing gift packaging customization.

17. Inscribed Champagne Flute

Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests - Customized Champagne Flute
Customized Champagne Flute

Put one of these at each place setting at the bridal shower party. Guests can use them to enjoy mimosas and champagne during the party and make wonderful take-home bridal shower gifts for guests. Personalize the stemless champagne glasses by engraving them with the names of the guests, the wedding’s hashtag, or some other memorable statement.

18. Closures For Wine Bottles

Gifts For Bridal Shower Guests - Floral Appliqued Stoppers
Gifts For Bridal Shower Guests – Floral Appliqued Stoppers

These floral appliqued stoppers are perfect for a wedding with a garden or vineyard theme. Plus, you can choose from one of nearly 30 different colors, plus you’ll get free organza favor bags to use for packaging.

The wine bottle stoppers are made of premium materials and are sized to suit all common wine bottles, so guests can continue to use them after the wedding reception has ended. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of any table setting and lend a touch of refinement, but they also have a utilitarian function in protecting wine from oxidation and spillage.

19. Miniature Succulent Stars As Wedding Favors

Miniature Succulent Stars
Miniature Succulent Stars

A succulent gift will keep giving long after the celebration is finished because it requires almost no maintenance. You’ll need to put in a little time and work to get the succulents established in the included handcrafted wooden planter, but the whole thing is ready. The result is well worth the effort and may serve as a table centerpiece and a party favor at a wedding shower.

20. Bouquet Of Magnets

Bridal Party Favors - Mini Magnetic Bouquets
Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests – Mini Magnetic Bouquets

These little magnetic bouquets may be personalized with the couple’s names and are an excellent option for those on a tight budget. There are seven distinct flower colors, including a blended option that combines five. Due to the magnets’ strength, they will adhere firmly to magnetic surfaces such as the refrigerator.

21. Heart Shaped Jewelry Dish

Heart-Shaped Porcelain Plates
Heart-Shaped Porcelain Plates

Disseminate adoration, but keep things organized. The heart-shaped porcelain plates are cute and practical bridal shower party favors. They can hold anything from jewelry and keys to spare change.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

When cleaning it, use a soft cloth or sponge; never use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that can scratch the surface. Additionally, try to avoid filling your jewelry dish with too many items. This can make it more difficult to discover the item you’re seeking for and cause your jewelry to become tangled or broken.

22. Folding Tabletop Frame In Gold

Wedding Shower Party Favors - Picture Frame
Wedding Shower Party Favors – Picture Frame

One can never go wrong with giving a picture frame as a present. Make these into place cards by inserting photos of the bride with each guest. They’re available in sizes that go well together, and the gold coating gives them a timeless, feminine air.

23. Custom Candles

Gifts For Bridal Shower Guests - Custom Candles
Gifts For Bridal Shower Guests – Custom Candles

Candles are a traditional and popular present, and these bridal shower candles are no exception. They are the ideal way to express gratitude to your guests for joining you in your celebration, as well as a discreet allusion to the forthcoming wedding. These candles are available in a number of lovely aromas, like freshly cut roses, vanilla champagne, and wedding cake, among others. Besides, the sophisticated and subtle packaging will complement any bridal shower theme.

24. Customized Wine Bottles

Personalized Wine Bottles
Personalized Wine Bottles

Are there any smaller wine bottles than this? Red, rosé, or sparkling wine in cases 12 or 24 is available. Struggling to make a choice? A collection of these three eco-friendly wines is also available. As a last-minute bridal shower gift, this is a masterpiece, and you will earn all the praise in the world for it.

25. Packages Of Seeds For Flowers

Bridal Party Favors - Seeds For Flowers
Best Bridal Party Favors – Seeds For Flowers

Following the wedding shower, your guests can enjoy watching beautiful wildflowers bloom. Pick your favorite floral design from a few options, and add your party information to the labels. Miniature terracotta planters will add a touch of class to this favor.

26. Bottle Openers With A Hashtag

Bottle Openers With A Hashtag
Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests – Bottle Openers With A Hashtag

This stylish hashtag-shaped favor won’t end up in the recycling bin like the other bottle openers you’ve collected over the years. You can put your own words on the “Do it for the ‘gram'” card that it comes with. This humorous wedding shower keepsake will keep guests laughing.

27. Compact Mirrors With Monograms

Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests - Compact Mirrors
Monogram Compact Mirrors

Compact mirrors with monograms make excellent bridal shower gifts for guests, especially for a formal affair. They’re functional, fashionable, and come in a variety of colors and styles. You may personalize these mirrors by engraving them with each guest’s monogram. They’ll easily fit in your visitors’ purses, allowing them to check their makeup or touch up their lipstick during the event.

28. Wooden Cheese Boards

Wedding Shower Party Favors - Bamboo Cheese Boards
Wedding Shower Party Favors – Bamboo Cheese Boards

These cheese boards in the shape of a heart are adorable and functional. Each present is packaged in a chic striped box and accompanied by a carved bamboo spreader in a coordinating design. Small enough to fit in the palm of your guest’s hand, these cheese boards will soon be filled with tasty morsels.

29. Luggage Tags With An Adventure Theme

Adorable Luggage Tags
Adorable Luggage Tags

The guests at the happy couple’s vacation wedding will appreciate these adorable luggage tags. The humorous phrase “and so the adventure begins” is foil-stamped on each tag made of bonded leather. You can save money by purchasing in bulk by selecting your preferred color scheme. These tags are on top regarding unique bridal shower gifts for guests.

30. Stylish Pens

Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests - Glitzy Diamond Pencils
Bridal Shower Gift Ideas For Guests – Glitzy Diamond Pencils

Just look at these glitzy diamond bridal shower pencils! You can get them to put in clear boxes for an extra fee, and they come in various attractive colors like rose gold, silver, white, and pink. Simply placing them on tables will give guests a delicious treat to take home to their loved ones.

31. Customized Whisk

Bridal Party Favors - Customized Whisk
Best Bridal Party Favors – Customized Whisk

Personalized whisks are a lovely addition to a wedding shower with a vintage theme. As you might expect from a bride who enjoys the kitchen, this present is thoughtful and original. Put your own spin on things by engraving funny sayings or cartoons into them. In the event of a small gathering, you may like to have the guests’ names engraved on their whisks.

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Share the joy by presenting tokens of appreciation to those who have tried to join the celebration. Some of the most appreciated bridal shower gifts for guests are edible delicacies, keepsake items, succulent plants, and delights that the guests have helped prepare themselves. Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a long list so you can choose something that fits your taste, wallet, and personality. As you anticipate your wedding, take advantage of the day and surround yourself with people that care about you.

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