40 Funny Engagement Gifts You Should not Miss Out On in 2024

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Getting engaged is one of the most memorable and exciting events in a person’s life. As a result, you’ll need to give the pair a suitable engagement gift. Funny engagement gifts can be great for fun-loving couples. However, the person giving the present needs to make sure it will be liked. If you choose a gift with thought and give it with a good heart, every couple will enjoy the joke. From Viva Wedding Photography, here are some of the best funny gifts for couples just starting out.

Humorous Engagement Gifts for the Soon-to-be Bride

1. Personalized Apron Gift Set For Mr. And Mrs

Our favorite parts:

Dye sublimation printing is used to make the items, which prints the design into the object rather than on it, creating a permanent and pleasant-to-the-touch picture.

Current price: $30.61 per one on Etsy

Personalized Apron For Funny Engagement Gifts
Personalized Apron For Funny Ideas

This item is an excellent option if you want funny engagement gift packages that are also useful. This apron set includes two aprons for the bride and husband. These aprons may be customized with the couple’s last name on the front. When the couple makes their first meal together as a married couple, they will look so cute.

2. Mickey And Minnie Snow Globe

Our favorite parts:

Using a wide range of colors and patterns from quilting, rosemaling, and tole painting, Jim Shore has created a signature style for this product.

Current price: $90.00 at Enesco Gift Shop

Snow Globe For Funny Engagement Gifts
Mickey And Minnie Snow Globe Gifts For Her

This snow globe would be one of the great funny engagement presents, especially if they both like Disney. This gift features Mickey and Minnie dressed as bride and groom. The couple will enjoy reading the special message that can be written at the bottom of the snow globe.

3. Personalized Heart-Shaped Map Gift

Our favorite parts:

Their vast map collection allows them to locate any town, no matter how tiny.

Current price: $55.25+ on Etsy

Personalized Heart-Shaped Map For Funny Engagement Gifts
Personalized Heart-Shaped Map Gift For Couples

The location where proposing to partner is always a memorable location for a pair. What better way to help them show off the place where they got engaged than by giving them funny engagement gifts? This gift consists of a map of the location sliced into a heart shape and framed. It will be a decorative item that they will treasure for years.

4. His And Her Vow Journals

Our favorite parts:

This item is packaged in a transparent plastic sleeve when arriving.

Current price: $18.00 at Stevie and Bean

His And Her Vow Journals Funny Engagement Presents
His And Her Vow Journals For Funny Gifts

Instead of saying the standard vows at their wedding, many couples prefer to write their own. Not only are these diaries cute engagement gifts for her, but they will also help the couple remember what they want to say at their wedding.

5. Unique Scrabble Engagement Picture

Our favorite parts:

Your names or messages are shown in a stylish arrangement on high-quality hardwood tiles highlighting the wood’s unique textures, and the frame has a natural wood plank impression backing.

Current price: $45.27+ on Etsy

Funny Engagament Gifts - Unique Scrabble Engagement Photo
Unique Scrabble Engagement Photo

Many couples love spending time together by playing board games. The game would be good if the couple liked to play Scrabble together. At the same time, the design is both simple and beautiful. Under a scrabble letter for each of their first names, the date they got engaged is written.

6. Personalized Folded Book Art Gift

Our favorite parts:

Created by carefully folding two lowercase letters and a heart together, this book sculpture is sure to be a treasure.

Current price: $60.00 on Etsy

Funny Engagement Presents - Personalized Folded Book Art
Personalized Folded Book Art Gift For Engaged Couples

This book art would be a one-of-a-kind present that has been handcrafted. So these ideas are ideal for use as funny engagement gifts for their home decor. It is perfect as a centerpiece or decoration for a table or bookshelf! Indeed, it will attract a great deal of interest.

7. Couples’ Personalized Pillowcases

Our favorite parts:

  • Fabricated entirely from luxuriously soft organic cotton.
  • The fabric absorbs this painting, and the paint does not linger on its surface, making it far more skin-friendly than the print technique.

Current price: $23.87+ on Etsy

Funny Couples' Personalized Pillowcases Gift
Funny Couples’ Personalized Pillowcases Gift

These funny engagement party gifts are incredibly cool. The newly engaged pair will be able to enjoy looking at them all the time! Unique pillowcases come in a set of two and can be personalized with the couple’s names. They will remember your love for them every time they lie on this pillow.

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8. Couple’s Name Photo Frame With Calligraphy Foil

Our favorite parts:

  • It’s lovely and timeless, a true classic.
  • They employ premium 3mm acrylic and high-quality vinyl writing to make the signs.

Current price: $114.97+ on Etsy

Funny Engagement Gift Ideas - Couple’s Name Photo Frame
Funny Engagement Gift Ideas – Couple’s Name Photo Frame

Another basic engagement idea is this one from a friend. The names of the bride and groom are written in beautiful calligraphy. It is just like they are on the wedding invitation. Many different things, like rose gold foil and other valuable metals, were used to make this photograph.

9. Personalized Wood Cutting Board

Our favorite parts:

Your personal information is laser etched onto these high-quality wooden cutting boards.

Current price: You may get it on Amazon

Funny Engagement Gifts - Personalized Wood Cutting Board
Personalized Wood Cutting Board For Funny Engagement Party Gifts

Cutting boards are essential tools in the kitchen, and this one would be made just for the couple. A monogram engraved on the board creates an adorable look for this one. It’s especially suitable for newlyweds who share a surname, thanks to its stylish layout. What a great collection of funny engagement ideas there are!

10. Truth Or Dare Game For Engaged Couples

Our favorite parts:

In addition to being a fun and inclusive method for couples of all orientations to connect and play, these cards are also a great source of kink creativity and naughty games.

Current price: $8.95 on Amazon

Funny Engagement Gifts - Truth Or Dare Game
Truth Or Dare Game For Engaged Couples

This version of “truth or dare” is for adults and could be played in the bedroom to keep things interesting. Some more traditional couples in their relationship may feel embarrassed when their friends give them this present. However, funny engagement gifts like this would still be amazing for a couple getting married soon.

11. Adult Activity Books

Our favorite parts:

The solution key to the included games and puzzles is included in the book’s 24 pages of content.

Current price: $15.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Funny Engagement Gift Ideas - Adult Activity Books
Adult Activity Books For Engaged Couples

Getting funny gifts and other strange gifts will make the couple laugh or be awkward. This fun little book is filled with games, riddles, quizzes, and more to keep the engaged pair entertained for hours. This is an excellent option if you want cheap and unique gift ideas.

12. Mr. And Mrs. Fork Set

Our favorite parts:

Each piece of vintage silver is carefully chosen for its character, style, and charm before being hand stamped with care, one letter at a time.

Current price: $52.95 on Etsy

Mr. And Mrs. Fork Set For Funny Engagement Gifts
Mr. And Mrs. Fork Set For Funny Engagement Presents

As they celebrate their marriage, the new Mr. and Mrs. will enjoy the first bites of their wedding cake with these cute forks. These give a big part of the reception ceremony a special touch of individuality. These forks are a unique gift that the couple who just got engaged or married will love for a long time.

13. Coordinate Photograph Wall Decor

Our favorite parts:

  • We really appreciated that everything was prepared, and all we had to do was print them off and put them in frames.
  • The instructions were really simple to follow.

Current price: $11.70 on Etsy

Coordinate Photograph Wall Decor For Engaged Couples
Coordinate Photograph Wall Decor For Engaged Couples

This engagement gift would be great for a couple who likes to travel and discover new places. It would give the couple something different to hang on their wall at home. This is also a simple idea for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much money on engagement gifts.

14. Personalized Slate Coaster Set

Our favorite parts:

  • Crafted from genuine wood and finished with a slightly dark brown stain.
  • The cork base is completely scratch-proof, saving you from replacing your table.

Current price: It costs $11.99+ on Etsy

Funny Engagement Party Gifts - Personalized Slate Coaster Set
Funny Engagement Party Gifts – Personalized Slate Coaster Set

These wooden coasters have the outline of the state with a heart over the city, which are great ideas for funny engagement gifts. You can choose the city where the couple met or the city where they will be living. It will be a unique gift that they will treasure for years.

15. Personalized Candle For Funny Engagement Ideas

Our favorite parts:

Everything is created by hand in their workshop in Orange County, California, using American-grown soy wax, clean-burning aroma oils, and cotton wicks.

Current price: $28.00 at Lulu Sugar Candles

Funny Engagement Gifts - Personalized Candle
Personalized Candle For Funny Ideas

Everyone will enjoy having a way to make their home smell great. So the candles surely satisfy the engaged couple who loves fragrance. This engagement gift is personalized with their name, which makes it more unique. The pair will use it for a long period, for sure.

16. Custom Stamp Gift Box

Our favorite parts:

Thank you notes, ordinary letters, invites, and favor boxes are just some of the many uses for the designs available on the redemption website. You may choose from various return address and motif styles, in addition to approximately 50 unique patterns available only at Paper Source.

Current price: $39.95 at Paper Source

Custom Stamp Gift Box For Funny Engagement Presents
Custom Stamp Gift Box For Funny Engagement Presents

A personalized stamp is not simply an ink impression; it’s a work of art with special significance for its owner. Everything from the handwritten address on an envelope to the elegant monogram on fine stationery to the heartfelt expression of appreciation on a gift tag was created with great care and consideration. So, this gift will make it easy for them to write all the thank-you notes they need to send out soon after their wedding.

17. Women’s Personalized Robe

Our favorite parts:

  • You’re sure to discover the perfect tone for your bride by featuring a luxurious stretch knit jersey polyester material and a rainbow of lovely hues, including powder blue.
  • The custom embroidered robes are adorable presents for the bride’s maid of honor, bridesmaids, and even the bride’s mother during a wedding or engagement party.

Current price: $21.99 at The Knot Shop

Funny Engagement Gifts - Women’s Personalized Robe
Women’s Personalized Robe For Engagement Ideas

This robe is made of high-quality fabrics. It can be customized with the bride’s initials to make funny engagement gifts. This would be an excellent gift for her to use while getting ready for her wedding day or even their honeymoon.

18. Personalized Wish-Bone Ring

Our favorite parts:

Provides you and your spouse with the peace of mind that comes from knowing it was made with the highest quality, most ethically sourced materials possible according to its accompanying certificate of origin.

Current price: $617.07 at Lebrusan Studio

Funny Engagement Gifts - Personalized Wish-Bone Ring
Funny Engagement Gift Ideas – Personalized Wish-Bone Ring

Do not miss this opportunity to get the perfect engagement ring for your friend. This wishbone ring is simple and elegant, making it an excellent choice for solo wear or layering with additional wishbone bands. Coordinates, Roman numerals, initials, names, symbols, etc., could all be engraved onto a ring. It’s the perfect way to have a unique engagement gift.

19. Countdown Blocks

Our favorite parts:

  • Because each block is made and decorated by hand, they can customize it to your requirements.
  • Excellent service; the seller responded quickly to all questions.

Current price: $27.10 on Etsy

Countdown Blocks For Funny Engagement Gifts
Countdown Blocks For Funny Engagement Presents

They may be counting down the days until their wedding in their minds. However, a physical reminder will only make them more excited. This set of two-sided countdown blocks is a way to remember their wedding day and future anniversaries. These great engagement gifts for couples from you will make them very happy.

20. Personalized Ring Dish Holder With Nameplate

Our favorite parts:

  • Each item is hand-painted with non-toxic under-glaze paint, glazed, then burned in a kiln to preserve the artwork.
  • Products are handcrafted with love to share in life’s most precious moments.

Current price: $18.50 on Etsy

Fuuny Engagement Gifts - Personalized Ring Dish Holder
Personalized Ring Dish Holder For Couples

Most women just engaged are cautious about keeping their jewelry clean and in good shape. This ring dish would help the bride-to-be always find her ring. It could be personalized with the couple’s initials or the date they got engaged.

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Funny Engagement Gifts to Send Him

21. Unique His And Her Keychains

Our favorite parts:

  • These keychains are sweet and elegant.
  • The shipment arrived quickly, and I was able to track its route.

Current price: $15.00+ on Etsy

Unique His And Her Keychains For Funny Engagement Party Gifts
Unique His And Her Keychains For Funny Engagement Party Gifts

These keychains are cute and useful, making a great gift for both him and her. They have funny sayings like “His One, Her Only” and the couple’s names engraved on the keychains. The couple’s wedding date can also be written on this gift as a personal option.

22. Personalized World Map Gift

Our favorite parts:

The black frame complemented the map’s colors well. Everything looked precisely the same as it appeared online.

Current price: $35.00+ on Etsy

Personalized World Map For Funny Engagement Gifts
Personalized World Map For Engaged Couple Gift

This gift would be perfect for people who love travel or have to go to more than one place during their engagement. The way the map has been customized with the last name of the couple on the map is one of a kind. This contributes to the creation of incredibly cool wall house art.

23. Mr. And Mrs. Mug

Our favorite parts:

The mugs may be heated or cooled, stored in the freezer or dishwasher, and are suitable for both hot and cold beverages without compromising the quality.

Current price: $38.00 on Etsy

Funny Engagement Gifts - Mr. And Mrs. Mug
Mr. And Mrs. Mug For Engagement Gift

This mug is quite attractive and can contain a substantial amount of liquid. They make excellent unisex gifts because a guy or a woman may use them. This would be an incredible engagement party gift because it is unique and strange.

24. Personalized Congratulatory Wine Crate

Our favorite parts:

  • Designed to astonish the recipient, this collection of Jack Daniel’s whiskey comes safely packaged in a custom wooden gift box.
  • Inspired by classic colas of yesteryear, this uniquely energizing beverage is crafted with infusions of the best herbal ingredients, such as fragrant cinnamon.

Current price: $34.68 at The SmaczaJama.pl store

Funny Engagement Presents - Personalized Congratulatory Wine Crate
Personalized Congratulatory Wine Crate

Send the newlyweds a bottle of wine as a simple congrats gift, along with some funny engagement gifts. The couple can use the wine crate for something else when the wine is gone, like hanging things on the wall. This is another example of inexpensive gift ideas for an engaged couple.

25. Customized Wooden Letters

Our favorite parts:

  • You may have wood letters cut to whatever size you need. The font style, the dimensions, and the thickness are up to you. Next, they customize it for you.
  • A natural wood grain covers the face of unfinished wood letters, and the ply-layered sides are visible, making them ideal candidates for paint or stain.
  • The light hue of the wood makes these letters an easy option for anybody looking for ready-to-paint wooden letters that can be hung indoors.

Current price: Starting at $0.87 at Woodland Manufacturing

Funny Engagement Party Gifts - Customized Wooden Letters
Funny Engagement Party Gifts – Customized Wooden Letters

These custom-made wooden letters are ideal for use as funny engagement gifts. As a decorative touch, these wooden letters would look great on a side table in the living room or on a bookshelf. The newly-engaged pair has a plethora of alternatives to choose from.

26. Personalized Engagement Plaque

Our favorite parts:

The MDF plaque is 4×8 inches in size and may be painted in whatever colors you choose.

Current price: $9.05 on Etsy

Funny Engagement Gifts - Personalized Engagement Plaque
Personalized Engagement Plaque

The plaque can be engraved with the names of the couple and the dates of their wedding or engagement. The couple’s first house together as husband and wife would be a great place to display this gift.

27. Cap And Cork Trap

Our favorite parts:

Beer and cider caps and corks for wine, Champagne, and prosecco will fit in the slot.

Current price: $50.45 on Etsy

Funny Engagement Presents - Cap And Cork Trap
Cap And Cork Trap For Engaged Couples

It is ideal for individuals who appreciate good wine or beer. This trap is a great way to freshen up a kitchen. The couple’s name or wedding date can be written on the trap itself, which makes it more unique and exciting. This is an enjoyable way for the two to compete against each other to see who can fill up their side the fastest.

28. Wood Beverage Chiller

Our favorite parts:

  • The wine bucket, crafted from genuine fir wood, stands out as a one-of-a-kind party accessory.
  • If you’re hosting a party, this 5-gallon trough is the perfect way to show off your selection of wine and beer.

Current price: $69.95+ on Etsy

Funny Engagement Presents - Wood Beverage Chiller
Funny Engagement Presents – Wood Beverage Chiller

Because these drink chillers are made of wood, the date of the couple’s engagement can be engraved on them. It is a unique idea for a couple who likes to entertain and throw parties at their house.

29. Mr. And Mrs. Couple Key Chains

Our favorite parts:

Car keys, luggage tags, and even pet tags may all fit on this handy keychain.

Current price: $16.22 on Amazon

Mr. And Mrs. Couple Key Chains For Funny Engagement Gift Ideas
Mr. And Mrs. Couple Key Chains For Funny Engagement Gift Ideas

These keychains are useful and cute, making them perfect for funny engagement gifts. They are made of leather and have the words “Mr” and “Mrs” written in the gold emulsion. These keychains would be great funny gifts at both engagement parties and weddings.

30. Set Of Two Glasses

Our favorite parts:

Even though they were a customized order, they arrived surprisingly quickly and are of the highest quality.

Current price: $20.80on Etsy

Set Of DOF Glasses For Funny Engagement Gifts
Set Of DOF Glasses For Engaged Couples

Another excellent suggestion is to give cute engagement gifts to friends. “Yours and mine” or “his and hers” are just a few phrases that can be customized on these glasses. These are great gifts for a couple who likes to drink alcoholic drinks or for people who like to throw parties.

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31. Personalized Mason Drinking Jars

Our favorite parts:

Each mug can contain up to 16 ounces of liquid and has a robust, ergonomic handle.

Current price: $ 19,99

Funny Engagement Presents - Personalized Mason Drinking Jars
Personalized Mason Drinking Jars For Funny Couples

Using this classic jar glass with personalized engraving to enjoy your drink of choice is a nice touch. Someone who appreciates a rustic aesthetic would be thrilled to receive this. This customized mason jar is perfect for any drink and would be an incredible engagement present for him, thanks to its good looks and durability.

Add the couple’s name and the engagement or wedding date to these funny gifts. This would be a cool keepsake that the couple could use repeatedly and show off in their home after the wedding.

32. Unique Engraved Wine Bottle

Our favorite parts:

When compared to the standard wine bag, this wooden wine case is a significant improvement in regard to appearance.

Current price: $48.89+ on Etsy

Funny Engagement Gift Ideas - Engraved Wine Bottle
Unique Engraved Wine Bottle

The funny engagement gifts are always fantastic keepsakes. With the couple’s name engraved, this bottle of wine would be fantastic to show at the wedding reception or decorate the couple’s house once all the wine is gone. It also gives a personalized touch to any engagement event!

33. Lego Framed Picture For Engaged Couples

Our favorite parts:

  • A back stand or a wall mount is also included with the frames.
  • The vendor was really helpful and worked closely with us to make the Lego frame just as we wanted it.

Current price: $38.72+ on Etsy

Lego Framed Picture For Funny Engagement Gifts
Lego Framed Picture For Funny Engagement Party Gifts

This is an uncommon gift to offer to a newly engaged couple. However, it would be funny engagement presents if the couple were into Legos! This idea can be personalized with the couple’s names. It would be incredibly original wall decor for their home after the wedding.

34. Funny Customized T-Shirt For Engaged Man

Our favorite parts:

The fabric has a nice degree of flexibility and is really comfortable. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll love how it fits and how it looks on you.

Current price: $33.00+ on Etsy

Funny Customized T-Shirt For Engaged Man
Funny Customized T-Shirt For Engaged Man

This T-shirt is one of those tremendously enjoyable engagement ideas for the groom! This would be a simple yet fun and cool gift, and the bride would be thrilled to see him wearing it too! This shirt is sure to satisfy any recently engaged guy!

35. Personalized Mr. And Mrs. Wedding Frame

Our favorite parts:

  • Using high-quality ink helps lessen the number of chemicals in the air and the risk of chemical exposure.
  • Its matte surface is impervious to water and ensures that it won’t peel, chip, fade, or distort.
  • It is anti-yellowing and will not oxidize.

Current price: From $45.95 at Oh Canvas

Funny Engagement Gifts - Mr. And Mrs. Wedding Frame
Personalized Mr. And Mrs. Wedding Frame

Couples getting married can use funny gifts to put their favorite picture at their wedding. This present will let the couple remember their special day for years! This gift can be customized with the couple’s last name and photos. It is a gift they will undoubtedly treasure forever!

36. Brass Plated Tie Clip

Our favorite parts:

  • Comes in a beautifully packaged gift box.
  • Available in three colors including black, silver, and gold.

Current price: $8.60 each on Ebay. However, you may get more discount when buying more than one clip.

Funny Engagement Presents - Brass Plated Tie Clip
Brass Plated Tie Clip For Gifts Funny

These ideas would be excellent funny engagement gift ideas for him! This tie clip will keep him looking fantastic on his big day and help keep his tie in place. Engraved with meaningful words, this tie clip will be a valuable tool for him on his best day ever.

37. Personalized Engagement Ornament

Our favorite parts: 

  • It has up to 28 different options for your variety choice!
  • High-quality porcelain ensures that this ornament will retain its color and never fade.
  • They have a diameter of about 2.8 inches, making them portable and suitable for gifting.

Current price: From $19.99 on Amazon

Personalized Engagement Ornament For Funny Couples
Personalized Engagement Ornament For Funny Couples

This personalized diamond ring ornament is an excellent idea for engagement. The couple will be reminded of the date they got engaged every time they take out their holiday decoration. It comes in various color combinations and makes unique and funny engagement gifts.

38. Unique Tumbled Stone Coasters

Our favorite parts:

  • The product is of the highest quality and the text is easy to read.
  • We appreciated that these stone coasters were durable enough to withstand both hot and cold drinks.

Current price: $21.99 on Bed Bath & Beyond

Funny Engagement Gifts - Tumbled Stone Coasters
Unique Tumbled Stone Coasters For Funny Ideas

Coasters are an overlooked yet important domestic design item for engagement gifts. They’re a great way to draw together a space and can become discussion topics. This adorable personalized selection is sure to get the conversation rolling.

39. Personalized Honeymoon Fund Box

Our favorite parts:

  • You can get to your savings whenever you need them thanks to the money box’s sliding bottom opening.
  • The money box is crafted entirely from bare, unpolished solid wood in its entirety.

Current price: $25.82 on Etsy

Funny Engagement Presents - Personalized Honeymoon Fund Box
Personalized Honeymoon Fund Box For Engaged Couples

Maybe the newly engaged couple has already started talking about where they want to go on their honeymoon. This personalized honeymoon money box is a great funny engagement gift for them. It will make it easier for them to get there. They can put a few dollars in it every time they pass it. And before they know it, the container will be full and ready to be broken open.

40. Custom Doormat For Engaged Couples

Our favorite parts:

  • These are made entirely of all-natural coir (renewable resources; coir fiber, jute, and natural latex).
  • Rubber latex on the underside of the mat prevents it from curling up and makes it safer to use.
  • The coconut hair (natural coir) is great for scraping dirt off of shoes and boots and absorbing excess moisture so that floors remain clean for longer.

Current price: $70.00 at Dapah Creations

Funny Engagement Party Gifts - Custom Doormat
Funny Engagement Party Gifts – Custom Doormat

For engagement ideas, this handmade doormat adds a nice, personal touch to any front door. The little things make a house feel like a home, and this doormat is no different. It will make couples smile when they get home from a long day at work. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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For the wedding season of 2024, here are 40 of the best funny engagement gifts to offer a newly engaged couple. These presents are all thoughtful and simple, and many may be personalized.

In recent years, it has become common to give an engagement gift. These funny engagement ideas from Viva Wedding Photography will help you keep up with the new trend. We believe these gifts will make any engaged couple feel in love and get them very excited about their wedding plans.

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