25 Creative Tips and Ideas for Your Tea Party Bridal Shower

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Are you thinking about hosting a delightful tea party bridal shower? However, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the things you need to do and aren’t sure where to start. No need to worry! Whether you’re the maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or just a friend lending a hand, Viva Wedding Photography has got you covered with all the information you need to know. Get ready to throw the perfect bridal shower that will leave everyone in awe.

Bridal shower tea party decorations

Tea party theme decorations are perfect for celebrating the bride-to-be in a sophisticated and feminine way. Whether you choose to host the event in a cozy tea room, a garden, or your own home, there are some essential elements that will make your event a success.

1. Tea Time Welcome Sign

Tea party ideas for bridal shower decorations with welcome sign
Tea party ideas for bridal shower decorations with welcome sign – Photo by: Etsy

A beautifully crafted welcome sign is a lovely touch that will warmly embrace your guests while creating an enchanting ambiance for your bridal shower tea party. When selecting a sign for your special day, it is essential to consider a design that harmonizes with your chosen color scheme and overall style, such as floral, vintage, or rustic. You can also personalize the sign with the bride’s name and the shower date.

2. Floral Centerpieces 

Tea party bridal shower decorations with flowers
Tea party bridal shower decorations with flowers – Photo by: Martha Stewart

Nothing says tea party like fresh flowers. You can create beautiful centerpieces with your favorite blooms and arrange them in teapots, teacups, or mason jars. You can also incorporate elements such as greenery, delicate lace, elegant ribbons, or pearls to elevate the overall aesthetic. 

3. Teapot Place Card Holders

Teapot place card holders for a tea party theme bridal shower
Teapot place card holders for a tea party theme bridal shower – Photo by: Amazon

One delightful way to make guests feel special is by assigning seats with charming place cards. To add a touch of elegance to your tea party bridal shower decorations, consider incorporating mini teacups or tags attached to tea bags as a creative way to display your guests’ names.

4. Linen Table Cover 

Tea party bridal shower decorations with linen tablecloth
Tea party bridal shower decor with linen tablecloth – Photo by: Amazon

A linen table cover is a simple but elegant way to dress up your table for a bridal shower tea party. You can choose exquisite table coverings in timeless shades of white and ivory. For a lovely touch, consider selecting a patterned or colored option that perfectly complements the theme of your special day.

Additionally, consider layering different fabrics or adding table runners or placemats to enhance the visual appeal of your tablescape further. These delightful elements will not only introduce a sense of texture but also create a striking contrast that will captivate your guests’ attention.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip:

Strike a balance between elegance and comfort.

Ensure the decorations complement the tea party theme while providing guests with a cozy and inviting ambiance.

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Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitations

One of the first steps to planning a tea party for bridal shower is to choose the invitations. The invitations serve as an initial glimpse into your special occasion. They should reflect the theme, style, and personality of the bride-to-be. There are many options to choose from, but here are some of the most popular ones:

5. Elegant Bridal Tea Party Invitations

Elegant tea party bridal shower invitations
Elegant bridal shower invitations with a tea party theme – Photo by: Creative Union Design

If you want to create a sophisticated and classy event, consider choosing elegant tea party bridal shower invitations. Opt for a refined design with a pristine white or ivory background complemented by a delicate font. To add a touch of luxury, we recommend incorporating subtle hints of gold or silver. This combination will set the tone for a sophisticated bridal shower. You can also add some details, like lace, pearls, or ribbons, to make it more attractive.

6. Floral Bridal Shower Invitations

Floral invitations for a bridal shower tea party
Bridal shower invitation card with flower element – Photo by: The Knot

Floral invitations are perfect for a bridal shower tea party that celebrates the beauty of nature and the season. You can choose a floral design that matches the color scheme and the flowers that you will use for your decorations. To make your special day truly unique, it’s a great idea to include the bride’s name, the cherished date, and the location of the shower in every detail.

7. Tea-shaped Invitations

Tea shaped bridal shower invitations
Pretty tea party bridal shower invitations – Photo by: Parties365

A tea-shaped invitation is a fun and creative way to invite your guests to a bridal shower. You can make your own tea-shaped invitations by cutting out cardstock in the shape of a teapot, a teacup, or a tea bag. Also, embellish them with delightful accents, such as stickers, stamps, or shimmering glitter. 

Viva Wedding Photography Tip:

Make sure to include all the essential details on your invitations, such as the date, time, location, and dress code.
Send out invitations at least eight weeks before the event to allow for RSVPs.

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Bridal Shower Tea Party Menu

A tea party theme bridal shower calls for a delectable menu that complements the elegant and refined atmosphere. You’ll be able to give your guests a delightful dining experience by preparing dishes in accordance with the following menu ideas inspired by tea parties:

8. Assorted Tea Selection

Different types of tea for a tea party bridal shower
Different types of tea for bridal showers – Photo by: News Medical

Offer a wide selection of teas to cater to different tastes. We highly recommend including a distinguished black tea, such as Earl Grey, English breakfast, or Ceylon. A refreshing green tea would be a splendid addition to add a touch of elegance.

To cater to all preferences, you might want to serve a caffeine-free herbal tea, such as chamomile, peppermint, or rooibos. Make it easy for your guests to adjust the sweetness of their tea by offering milk, cream, sugar cubes, lemon slices, and honey.

9. Tea Sandwiches

Tea party ideas for bridal shower with sandwiches
Tea party ideas for bridal shower with sandwiches – Photo by: Quorn

Traditional tea sandwiches are an essential component of any tea party. Prepare finger sandwiches with various fillings, such as cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill, or egg salad. Trim off the crusts and cut them into dainty, bite-sized triangles or squares for an authentic touch.

10. Petit Fours

Pretty petit fours for bridal shower tea party menu
Pretty petit fours for bridal shower tea party menu – Photo by: FunCakes

These miniature, decorative cakes are a delicate addition to any tea party for bridal shower. Opt for an assortment of flavors and designs, such as vanilla, chocolate, lemon, or raspberry. Arrange them beautifully on a tiered cake stand to create an enticing display.

11. Scones and Clotted Cream

Scones and clotted cream for a bridal shower tea party
Scones and clotted cream for bridal tea party shower – Photo by: Jam and Clotted Cream

Serve freshly baked scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam for a quintessential bridal shower tea party menu. Give your guests the option to choose from a variety of flavors, such as plain, cranberry, or chocolate chip scones. Ensure they are warm and flaky, providing the perfect canvas for the heavenly clotted cream and jam.

12. Mini Quiches

bridal shower tea party menu with mini quiches
Mini Quiches for Tea Party – Photo by: Pinterest

Add a savory element to your bridal shower tea party menu with mini quiches. These petite savory pastries can be filled with a variety of ingredients, such as spinach and feta, mushrooms and gruyere, or bacon and cheddar. Serve them warm or at room temperature for a delightful and satisfying bite.

13. Fruit Parfaits

Fruit Parfaits for a Tea Party bridal shower
Fruit Parfaits for Tea Party – Photo by: Favorite Family Recipe

Refreshing and light fruit parfaits make an excellent addition to the tea party menu. Exquisitely combine luscious, fresh seasonal fruits, velvety yogurt, and delightful granola, artfully layered in elegant glass jars or opulent parfait glasses. Your guests will enjoy the energizing hues as well as the crisp and refreshing flavors.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip:

Offering a balance between sweet and savory items ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Utilizing fruits and vegetables in season enhances the taste and adds a vibrant element to the dishes.

Tea party bridal shower games 

Enhance the enjoyment and excitement of your bridal shower by planning some engaging games and activities for your guests to participate in. Here are some tea party-inspired games and activities to consider:

14. Tea Tasting

Tea party ideas for bridal shower games - tea tasting
Tea party ideas for bridal shower games – Photo by: Creative Union Design

Set up a tea-tasting station where guests can sample different teas and vote for their favorites. Provide a variety of loose-leaf teas and tea bags, along with flavor descriptions. Encourage your visitors to sample various blends and discuss the ones they like best to make the experience more engaging.

15. Mad Hatter’s Hat Contest

The Mad Hatter's Hat Contest for a tea party theme bridal shower
The Mad Hatter’s Hat Contest for a bridal shower – Photo by: People Newspapers

Embrace the whimsical side of a tea party by organizing a Mad Hatter’s Hat Contest. Ask guests to come wearing novel and extravagant hats. Have a designated judge, or let everyone vote for their favorite hat. Trust us, this activity will add a playful and festive element to any bridal shower.

16. Bridal Shower Bingo

Bridal bingo is among the classic tea party bridal shower games
Tea party bridal bingo – Photo by: Amazon

If you’re looking for classic tea party bridal shower games, this one will be a perfect choice for your event. Customize a traditional bingo game by replacing the numbers with bridal shower-related images or words, such as “wedding cake,” “bride-to-be,” or “bridesmaids.” Guests can cross off items on their bingo cards as they see them unwrapped.

17. Tea Party Trivia

Tea party ideas for bridal shower with tea party trivia
Tea party ideas for bridal shower with tea party trivia – Photo by: Pinterest

Test your guests’ knowledge of history, etiquette, and famous tea-related facts with a tea party trivia game. Create a list of questions and divide guests into teams or play individually. Carefully selecting a range of difficulty levels to captivate and engage participants with diverse levels of tea-related knowledge.

18. DIY Fascinator or Tea Cozy Crafting

Tea party bridal shower games with DIY tea cozy
Tea party bridal shower games with DIY tea cozy – Photo by: Folkwear Patterns

Provide materials like feathers, ribbons, fabrics, and glue, and let your guests unleash their creativity by making their own fascinators or tea cozies. Give them photographs, directions, and ideas that will get their creative juices flowing. This hands-on activity entertains and serves as a unique takeaway for guests to cherish.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip:

Consider attendees’ age range, interests, and physical capabilities, providing options catering to a diverse group.

Offer small but meaningful awards or recognition to winners or participants to add excitement and motivation.

Tea party bridal shower favors 

When it comes to hosting a bridal shower tea party, one necessary aspect to consider is the selection of gifts for your guests. These small tokens of appreciation serve as heartfelt gestures to express your gratitude to your guests as they spend time celebrating this special occasion with you. Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect favors for your guests.

19. Teacups

Teacups are tea party bridal shower favors 
Teacups are practical gifts for guests – Photo by: Etsy

A teacup is a classic and practical favor for a tea party bridal shower. You might want to choose a teacup that suits your color scheme and design, such as floral, vintage, or modern. Consider filling the teacup with delectable candies, chocolates, or aromatic tea bags to make your gifts more special.

20. Honey Jar 

Honey Jar Favor for Tea Party Bridal Shower
Honey Jar Gift for a Bridal Shower – Photo by: Forever Wedding Favors

A honey jar is a sweet and delicious favor for your tea party theme bridal shower. For an elegant touch, we recommend selecting a honey jar that has a cute label, a ribbon, or a charm. To further express your gratitude, a heartfelt thank-you message can also be included, creating a truly memorable keepsake. With this thoughtful customization, our honey jars become more than just a sweet treat; they are a symbol of your gratitude.

21. Porcelain Tea Bag Holder Trays 

Porcelain Tea Bag Holder Trays Gift for Tea Party
Porcelain Tea Bag Holder Trays Gift for Tea Party – Photo by: Amazon

Their practicality aligns seamlessly with the theme of a tea party, offering guests a functional item that enhances their tea-drinking experience. There are various choices for these tea party bridal shower favors, such as heart-shaped, flower-shaped, or teapot-shaped trays. As made from porcelain, these trays serve as lasting reminders of the special occasion, allowing guests to bring a piece of the tea party home with them.

22. Tea Infuser Test Tube

tea party ideas for bridal shower favors with tea infuser test tubes
Bridal shower favor with tea infuser test tubes – Photo by: Amazon

If you’re searching for creative tea party ideas for bridal shower favors, these tea infuser test tubes won’t disappoint you. When selecting a tea infuser test tube, you have various options to suit your guests’ preferences. These options include tea infusers made from either metal or silicone, each offering unique benefits.

They also come in a wide range of test tubes shaped like a ball, a spoon, or a heart. With such a diverse range of infuser designs, you can easily find one that perfectly complements your bridal shower theme. For a more thoughtful touch, consider filling the test tube with some loose-leaf tea or herbs.

23. Bath Salt Test Tubes 

Tea party bridal shower favors with bath salt test tube
Tea party bridal shower favors with bath salt test tube – Photo by: Etsy

Do you want to give your guests a simple yet thoughtful gift? If so, why not try a bath salt test tube? When selecting a bath salt test tube, consider choosing a color and scent that matches your theme and style, as well as the preferences of the recipient. For example, if you are going for a romantic vibe, you might want to choose a rose-scented bath salt with a pink hue and some dried rose petals. 

To enhance the allure of your bath salt test tube, you can also incorporate some delightful elements, like glitter or shimmer, that will make your gift more attractive and fun.

24. Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb is a tea party bridal shower present for guest
Bath Bomb Favor for Tea Party-Themed Bridal Shower – Photo by: Team Hen

A bath bomb is an indulgent and pampering favor that will make your bridal shower tea party more memorable and enjoyable. You can choose a bath bomb with a shape, such as a heart, a flower, or a cupcake. In addition to that, you have the delightful option of selecting a bath bomb with an aroma and color matching your theme and style, such as vanilla, lemon, or strawberry.

25. Tea Bag Labels

Tea bag labels are inexpensive tea party bridal shower favors
Tea bag label gifts for bridal showers – Photo by: Etsy

Tea bag labels are inexpensive tea party bridal shower favors. You can choose tea bag labels that match your theme or personalize them to align with your preference. Imagine your guests sipping on a cup of tea with a label bearing the bride’s name, the shower date, and the exquisite flavor of the tea. It’s a small but meaningful detail that adds a touch of memorability to any bridal shower party.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip:

Remember to wrap gifts in cute packaging or bags to make them more attractive and appealing.

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Hosting a tea party bridal shower allows you to create a charming and elegant celebration for the bride-to-be. By incorporating these ideas, decorations, games, menu suggestions, and tips, you’ll be well-equipped to throw a memorable event that celebrates love, friendship, and the joy of tea. Remember, the key to a successful bridal shower is attention to detail, creativity, and making the bride feel loved and cherished. Viva Wedding Photography hopes you have a fun and successful party!

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