Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples for Perfect Invites

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When hosting a bridal shower, one of the initial stages is creating the perfect invitations. As the first thing your guests will associate with the event, they’re not just a means to provide basic details but to set the whole tone for the celebration. However, finding the right bridal shower invitation wording might not always be easy. To help you in this process, Viva Wedding Photography offers a guide for handling invitation wording, complete with examples of real bridal shower invitations.

Bridal Shower Invitation Examples

There are numerous approaches you can take when it comes to shower invitation wording. You can maintain simplicity by providing only the essential details or unleash your creativity and infuse a personal touch into the invites.

Traditional bridal shower invitation wording examples

formal bridal shower invitation examples
Examples for formal bridal shower invitations – Photo by: Wedding Wire

For those seeking a more traditional approach to their gatherings, it is customary to go with carefully crafted invitation wording. Here are some formal bridal shower invitation examples that exude elegance and grace:

  • Help us shower [name of bride] with love.
  • Come celebrate [name of bride] before she ties the knot.
  • [Name of host] is thrilled to announce [name of bride’s] bridal shower.
  • Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of [name of bride].
  • Join us for a bridal shower in celebration of [name of bride] and her forthcoming nuptials.

Funny bridal shower invitation wording

Funny Bridal Shower Invitation Wording
Bridal shower invitation sample that would make your guests laugh – Photo by: The Knot

To add a whimsical touch to your invitations and make your guests burst into laughter, consider incorporating playful elements. Here are some examples of funny bridal shower invitation wording that you can use or modify for your event:

  • [Name of bride’s] is getting hitched – time to raise a toast!
  • Join us in giving [name of bride’s] a bridal shower she’ll never forget.
  • Brunch and bubbly! Join us in celebrating the Bride-to-be [name of bride].
  • Sip, sip, hooray! Come to celebrate [name of bride’s] upcoming big day.
  • Pop! Fizz! Clink! Twirl! Help us celebrate our favorite girl!
  • Let’s help this Miss become a Mrs.
  • A toast to the soon-to-be Mrs.

Surprise bridal shower invitation wording

Surprise Bridal Shower Invitation Wording
Bridal shower invitation examples to keep the event secret – Photo by: Pinterest

Are you planning to throw a surprise bridal shower? Consider using these surprise bridal shower invitation wording samples that tell guests to keep it under wraps!

  • A surprise bridal shower for [name of bride]. PS: Be sure not to spill!
  • Shhh! It’s a secret! Please join us in showering [name of bride] with love!
  • You’re invited to a surprise bridal shower for [name of bride]! Keep our secret safe!

Couple’s wedding shower invitation wording

wedding shower invitation wording
Couples shower invitation wording – Photo by: Etsy

Sometimes, couples may choose to do a joint shower. Here are a few wording suggestions for that situation:

  • Please join [name of host] in celebrating the love of [name of partner] and [name of partner]!
  • [Partner’s name] and [partner’s name] invite you to celebrate their upcoming wedding.
  • We’re throwing a party for the happy couple-join us!
  • Save the date to celebrate [Partner’s Name] and [Partner’s Name]’s upcoming marriage!
  • Please join us for a couple’s shower honoring [Partner’s Name] and [Partner’s Name].

Garden-themed bridal shower invitation examples

Garden-themed bridal shower invitation examples
Wording for bridal shower invitation with a garden theme – Photo by: Etsy
  • [Name of bride] is blossoming into a beautiful bride! Join us for a garden-themed bridal shower to celebrate her upcoming nuptials.
  • This honeysuckle has found her bee! Let’s celebrate with a shower and a shot of whiskey.
  • Join us for a garden party in honor of [bride’s name], who’s ready to plant the seeds of love. Let’s shower her with gifts and flowers before she walks down the aisle.

Spa-themed bridal shower invitation wording

Spa-themed bridal shower invitation wording
Spa-themed bridal shower invitation examples – Photo by: Pinterest
  • Join us for a relaxing spa-themed bridal shower to celebrate [name of bride’s] upcoming marriage. We’ll have all the fixings for a perfect day of pampering. Hope you can ‘soak’ it up with us!
  • You’re invited to a spa day in honor of [bride’s name], who’s getting ready to say ‘I do.’ Let’s treat her to a day of beauty and bliss before she becomes a Mrs.

Brunch-themed wedding shower invitation wording

Brunch-themed wedding shower invitation wording
Brunch bridal shower invitation wording – Photo by: Etsy
  • “Join us for a lovely brunch to celebrate [name of bride’s] upcoming marriage.”
  • Before the bride throws the bouquet, let’s gather for brunch and give her best wishes!
  • Let’s toast to the bride-to-be! You’re invited to a Champagne and Croissants Bridal Brunch in celebration of [bride’s name]. Join us for a morning of elegance, laughter, and delicious treats.

Tea party bridal shower invitation wording examples

Tea party bridal shower invitation wording examples
Wording examples for tea party bridal shower invitation – Photo by: Minted
  • Before this Miss becomes a Mrs., let’s enjoy a cup of tea on this very special day.
  • While the bride is still a Miss, let’s sip some tea and share her happiness.
  • Let’s ‘par-tea’ and celebrate [bride’s name], who’s about to tie the knot.

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What to Put on a Bridal Shower Invitation

The Guest of Honor’s Name

Mention the bride's name in your bridal shower invitation wording
Mention the bride’s name in your bridal shower invitation wording – Photo by: Paperless Post.

Include the groom’s name on the invitation for a co-ed or couples shower so that guests know it is not a girls-only event. If the party is for the bride only, it’s better to keep the bride’s partner off the invitation. Your intention to include them in the celebration is sweet, but doing so will cause confusion for the attendees.

The Date, Time, and Location

When it comes to what to put on a bridal shower invitation, these three details are a must. It is highly recommended to include the day of the week on which the shower will take place. To make sure the date is crystal clear, spell out the month rather than using numerical form. For instance, write out September 24th, 2023, instead of 9-24-23.

date, time, and location are what to put on a bridal shower invitation
Bridal shower invitation wording examples – Photo by: Oh Happy Printable.

Depending on the venue, you may choose to include a start and end time for the bridal shower. If you have booked a specific location for a limited time (say, from 1 to 4 p.m.), be sure to add this information to the invites. But if you’re having the shower at your or someone else’s home and don’t mind about the ending time, then just simply include the start time.

When providing location details, it is advisable to mention both the venue’s formal name as well as the full address (number, street name, city, state, and zip code). This gesture will not only enhance the overall guest experience but also eliminate any confusion regarding the event’s location.

RSVP Information

You should include a deadline for RSVPs so that your guests know when they need to respond. By doing so, as the host, you will have plenty of time to plan based on the number of guests attending. We suggest setting the “RSVP by” date at least one week before the shower, though ideally two weeks. 

Include when and how to RSVP in your invitation bridal shower wording
Include when and how to RSVP in your wedding shower invitation wording – Photo by: Etsy

Alongside the date to RSVP, in bridal shower invitation wording, it is essential to provide guests with a convenient contact method for their responses. It’s up to you to include a way for people to RSVP, whether that’s a phone number, email address, or even a link to an online RSVP form. If including a phone number, make it clear whether you want responses to be sent via text message or phone call. Don’t forget to include the person guests are RSVPing to so that they know who they should contact if they have any questions. 

The RSVP information can be included on the invitation or printed on a separate card that guests can fill out and return.

Here are a few instances of how to ask for RSVPs:

  • “If you can attend, please respond by (date).
  • Please RSVP by (date) to (phone number).”
  • Kindly RSVP by (date) to (email address).”

Registry of Gift Information

Registry information is what to put on a bridal shower invitation
Registry information is what to put on a bridal shower invitation – Photo by: My Registry.

If the bride has curated a registry that she wants guests to purchase from, you’ll need to include this information in the bridal shower invitation wording. There are two ways to provide the bride’s registry on the invitation:

  1. Directing guests to the couple’s wedding website: “For registry information, please visit [insert the website here].”
  2. Name the stores the couple is registered at: If you wish to get something for the happy couple, they are registered at [store name(s)]

In case the bride prefers a cash gift, you can go with: “We would appreciate a donation to the honeymoon fund in lieu of a physical present.”

If the bride doesn’t want to receive gifts, you can always include a note that says:

  •  “No gifts, please!
  • “Your presence is the only gift we need.”

The Host’s Name(s)

include the name of host in the bridal shower invitation wording
Include the host’s name(s) on the invitation – Photo by: Yeah Weddings.

While not strictly required, including information about who is hosting the party in the wedding shower invitation wording is always a lovely touch, especially if multiple individuals are involved. This way, guests will know who to thank and have more than just an RSVP contact to reach out to in case they have any questions. 

You don’t have to provide contact information for each host, but it would be nice to include the hosts’ names if they are relatives. “Hosted by Aunt Rachel, Aunt Anne, and Aunt Lily,” for example. If all of the bridesmaids are throwing the shower, instead of listing each host, you can simply add a sentence at the bottom of the invitation that says, “Hosted by her loving bridesmaids.”

Shower Theme 

The theme is an optional detail in bridal shower invitation
The theme is an optional detail in bridal shower invitation wording – Photo by: Wedding Wire.

It’s a good idea to let guests know what they can expect at the event, especially if you’re hosting a themed party. Your invitees will appreciate knowing in advance whether they should bring a gift or wear an outfit that fits the theme or not. 

Dress Code

Include the dress code in your wedding shower invitation wording
Include the dress code in your wedding shower invitation wording – Photo by: WeddingBazzar

A dress code is not required, but it can be helpful to include if you are having a more formal event. Or, if the shower has a specific theme, you can provide dress code suggestions like: 

  • Please wear pink!
  • Cocktail attire is requested.
  • Florals welcome!

Printed vs Email Invitations: What’s better?

How to Decide Between Printed vs Email Invitations
It’s okay to send email invitations – Photo by: Digibuddha

In the bridal shower planning world, there is always a discussion regarding printed and email invitations. It can be confusing for hosts to decide which method of inviting guests is preferable.

Check out our list of benefits and drawbacks for both types of bridal shower invitations if you’re having trouble deciding which one to use:

Printed Invitation

Traditional and formalUnfriendly to the environment
It can serve as a memento of the brideIt may require to be addressed and hand-sealed
Easier access for those who aren’t tech-savvyUsually more costly than an email invitation

Email Invitation

Environmentally friendlyConsidered more casual
Guests can respond more easilyIt may be difficult for senior guests to access
Typically cheaper than a printed invitationThere is no hard copy to give the bride

For us, there is no clear right or wrong choice; rather, it is a matter of personal preference. The most important aspect to consider is finding the type of invitations that align with your budget, style, or guest list.

For instance, if the bridal shower is for the bride’s close friends only (no family), it is fine to send email invitations. If the shower includes family members, like grandmothers, older family, or older family friends, it would be better to use printed invitations.

When to Send Out Bridal Shower Invitations

when to send out bridal shower invitations
Time to send out your bridal shower invitation – Photo by: Digibuddha

It’s generally a good idea to send out your invitations at least six weeks ahead of time. If you have many guests coming in from out of town, you should mail out the invitations as early as three months in advance. In this way, your guests will have enough time to RSVP and make the necessary travel and lodging arrangements to attend.

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Bridal shower invitations are more than just a way to inform your guests about the event’s date, time, and location. They also set the mood and expectations for the celebration. Whether you’re planning a traditional, modern, or surprise event, you can use these examples to craft personalized and creative bridal shower invitation wording that reflects your style and personality. A final tip Viva Wedding Photograph would like to give you is to include all the essential information and make your wording as clear and concise as possible!

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