How Much To Spend For A Bridal Shower Gift Without Blowing Your Budget

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If you’re wondering how much to spend for a bridal shower gift, you’re not the only one. Many bridal shower guests face this dilemma, as they want to show their love and support for the bride but don’t want to overspend or underwhelm. We understand that finding the right balance between being generous and being sensible might be extremely stressful. 

That’s why Viva Wedding Photography is here to help you navigate this tricky situation. In this article, we will give you all the tips and tricks to spend just the right amount of money. As a special bonus, we’ll also cover some related bridal gift etiquette, such as what kind of gifts are appropriate, how to coordinate with other guests, and how to present your gift. Let’s get started!

How Much Should You Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift?

how much to spend for a bridal shower gift
General advice on how much should a bridal shower gift cost – Photo by: Brides

First things first, keep in mind that bridal shower gifts are typically less costly than those given at a wedding. The average you should spend on a bridal shower gift is between $50 and $75. If you are especially close to the bride, such as a family member or a maid of honor, you may spend on the higher end of your budget, but it is advisable to land somewhere around $100.

Also, chances are, you’ll be wrapping a wedding gift soon, so make sure to strike a balance between the two. If you intend to purchase a more expensive wedding present from the couple’s registry, you might want to give a less expensive one for the bridal shower.

how much to spend for a bridal shower gift ultimately 1
Bridal shower gift etiquette on how much should spend on a gift – Photo by: The Budget Savvy Bride

Generally speaking, rules of bridal shower etiquette about gift cost aren’t set in stone, so the amount of money spent on a bridal shower present is ultimately up to you and your relationship with the bride-to-be. Regardless of how much you spend, finding something useful, personal, or meaningful to celebrate the bride’s upcoming wedding matters. The bride-to-be will undoubtedly appreciate whatever you give her.

How to Choose an Appropriate Bridal Shower Gift?


Make sure to check whether or not the bride has a registry list, as this will give you a good idea of how much you should spend on a bridal shower gift. If she does, you just need to stick to it and buy something from there. This way, your shopping experience will be much easier, and you can be sure the bride will like and use your gift.

how much to spend for a bridal shower gift registry
The registry will give you ideas of how much to spend on a bridal shower gift – Photo by: Bridal Guide

Another thing to look out for on the registry wish list is if it offers items for the bridal shower only or for both the bridal shower and the wedding. If the registry is for both the two celebrations, it can be fun to make them related. For instance, you can give coffee mugs for the bridal shower and then gift a fancy espresso machine at the wedding. Last but not least, when shopping from the registry, it is crucial to avoid buying a duplicate present; no one needs ten toasters!

Bridal Shower Theme

If nothing from the registry fits your budget or you want to get something really unique and meaningful for the bride-to-be, you can shop for an off-registered present. The only thing to remember is that some objects may not be suitable for all types of bridal showers.

how much to spend for a bridal shower gift lingerie
Bridal shower gift etiquette suggests considering the party theme before buying a present – Photo by: The Garter Girl

For example, sexy underwear or bedroom toys are appropriate for a lingerie shower but may not be appropriate for a tea party shower with younger or more conservative relatives. You don’t want to make anyone blush or cringe, do you? Shower parties are supposed to be fun and festive, not awkward and embarrassing. So, simply follow the theme and the guest list. 

The Bride’s Preferences

In the absence of a registry, theme, or specific suggestions, you might feel a bit clueless as you don’t know what to buy and how much to spend for a bridal shower gift. No need to panic! You can still find a great gift for the bride based on what you know about her preferences. If you’re close to her, that shouldn’t be too hard. But if you’re not, you might want to do some detective work and ask one of her family members or closest friends for some hints. Don’t be shy! They’ll probably appreciate your effort and interest.

how much to spend for a bridal shower gift homeware
Think about the bride’s preferences will also help you find out how much to spend for a bridal shower gift – Photo by: Denby Pottery

It’s also a good bridal shower gift etiquette to give a present to the couple, not just the bride. A shared gift for both the bride and groom is wonderful as they begin their new life together. For example, get them an air fryer or a smart speaker that will make their lives easier and more fun. Just make sure they don’t already have them, or you might end up giving them a duplicate or a trip to the store!


how much to spend for a bridal shower gift homemade
How much to spend on a bridal shower gift also depends on the sort of present – Photo by: Sam Allen Creates

How much to spend for a bridal shower gift also depends on the type of gift you choose. If you don’t have the money to go over budget, or maybe you have a unique crafting talent, homemade presents would be a terrific option. The bride-to-be will absolutely adore anything heartfelt and homemade. It might be anything from a scrapbook of your shared memories to a personalized mug, pillowcase, or a bunch of homemade goodies. Don’t feel “cheap” for opting for homemade gifts. These are often remembered and appreciated for much longer than shining silverware sets, for instance.

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Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette

Do I Have to Buy a Gift for the Bridal Shower and the Wedding?

The answer is yes. There is a common misunderstanding about the difference between the gifts given at bridal showers and those given at weddings. Some people think that if you give a present at the bridal shower, you don’t have to give another one at the wedding. However, this is not the case – there is no link between gifts for these two occasions. According to traditional bridal shower gift etiquette, you should still buy a wedding gift even if you have already given a present at the bridal shower. 

how much to spend for a bridal shower gift wedding gift
Being invited to multiple pre-wedding events will affect how much to spend for a bridal shower gift- Photo by: Brides

We understand that several challenges can arise when considering your budget, so it’s important to set an overall spending in advance. We recommend the 20-20-60 rule for guests invited to multiple wedding celebrations. This rule suggests that you divide your gift budget as follows:

  • 20% for the engagement
  • 20% for the bridal shower
  • 60% for the wedding

In case you’re only invited to one pre-wedding event, you can break down your budget into: 

  • 30% on the bridal shower gift (or the engagement gift)
  • 70% on the wedding gift

By doing so, you will know exactly how much to spend for a bridal shower gift while still having money for other wedding celebration gifts.

Is It OK to Give a Group Bridal Shower Gift?

how much to spend for a bridal shower gift group
How much to spend for a bridal shower gift as a group? – Photo by: Digibuddha

In short, YES. If you want to splurge on a lavish gift for the bride but don’t want to empty your wallet, bridal shower gift etiquette still allows you to team up with other guests and give a group present. This way, you can afford to treat the bride to something more extravagant, such as a spa day, a trip, or a piece of jewelry. Just make sure to talk to your fellow gift-givers beforehand and agree on the budget and the item. As it’s a group present, remember to write everyone’s name on the card so the bride will know who to thank later.

Can you give Gift Cash or Gift Cards as Bridal Shower Gifts?

Offering money or a gift card in lieu of a physical present has become increasingly common bridal shower gift etiquette. However, you should probably ask the bride-to-be beforehand if she has a specific preference. Does she plan to use a bridal shower registry cash fund? If this is the case, sending a monetary gift through the registry is the most convenient way to give gift cash. 

how much to spend for a bridal shower gift cash
How much should you spend on a bridal shower gift card? – Photo by: Jennings Trace

Similarly, with gift cards, it’s recommended to check out whether the bride already has any on her wish list. You can then determine which stores they would most appreciate a gift card for. The registry might also give you some ideas for the present. If the soon-to-be newlywed has registered for many housewares or furniture, a Crate&Barrel gift card, for example, will most likely be appreciated. 

Should I Buy a Gift if I Can’t Attend the Bridal Shower?

You won’t be blacklisted from the wedding if you can’t make it to the bridal shower. But you should still show the couple you are happy for them by sending a small gift in your absence. It’s not mandatory, but it’s a nice bridal shower gift etiquette to show your support and congratulations.

how much to spend for a bridal shower gift mail a card
Bridal shower gift etiquette about sending congratulation card – Photo by: Southern Living

Regardless of whether or not you choose to send a present, do be sure to mail a card or a heartfelt handwritten note letting the couple know that you are looking forward to celebrating with them on their wedding day.

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As you have scrolled at this point, you may figure out how to spend for a bridal shower gift and some related bridal shower gift etiquette. Viva Wedding Photography hopes this guide has assisted you in choosing a thoughtful and appropriate gift for the bride-to-be. Remember, a bridal shower gift is a way to express your love and friendship, not a competition or an obligation. There’s no need to go overboard with your spending; something that conveys your warmest congratulations is more than enough!

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