Engagement Party Outfits Guest – Guide To Dress For The Occasion

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The search for the perfect engagement party outfits guest is not limited to the reception. In many cases, intimate friends and family of the couple will be asked to an engagement party months or years before the wedding. Celebrating the happy couple with a glass of champagne is excellent, but it might be challenging to decide what to wear.

Guests of an engagement party might not know if the same rules for wedding attire apply, making it hard to know whether to dress casually or formally. While engagement parties are often more relaxed than wedding receptions, you may need to dress up more than expected if the hosts are going all out. Viva Wedding Photography has some beautiful tips and outfit ideas to consider, so check out our post now!

What should guests and should not wear to an engagement party?


  • Please adhere to the dress code. To be polite, you should adhere to the couple’s requested attire for the engagement party. However, this is by no means required.
  • Dress appropriately for a family outing. It’s a fair bet that the couple’s relatives will attend the engagement party if it’s held in a public place like a restaurant, house, or garden. Avoid wearing anything too revealing for a family gathering, such as a low-cut neckline, a plunging V-neck, or a short skirt.
  • What you wear is up to you. Pick an attire that allows you to move freely, eat, drink, and socialize without restricting your ability to have fun.


  • Under- or over-dress. The engagement party is a special occasion, so consider what to wear to avoid feeling out of place. Don’t show up in your Sunday best, but don’t wear sweatpants either if it’s a semi-formal affair.
  • Use denim. Don’t wear jeans, even if it’s a backyard barbecue. Putting some effort into your appearance can demonstrate to the couple how thrilled you are for their wedding day.
  • Be too bold.  Avoid wearing anything that could make you the focus of attention unless you plan on spending the night clubbing to celebrate (as many engaged couples do!).

Some Factors Should Be Consider When Choosing Engagement Party Outfits

If you dress appropriately, you might feel more comfortable and confident in your appearance during the engagement celebration. It’s a kind gesture that shows you care about the couple and the atmosphere they’ve set for the celebration. Whatever the dress code, looking your best at the party is essential.

There are a few things to keep in mind while picking out an outfit for an engagement party:

  • Venue: The location of the celebration is a good indicator of the appropriate attire to wear. Some places, like nice restaurants, may call for more dressy attire, while others, like a backyard BBQ, may be more casual.
  • Theme: Consider the party’s theme, if there is one while deciding what to wear. For a beach-themed party, a breezy sundress might be appropriate.
  • Time: The time of day is also a factor in deciding what to wear. Lighter colors and textiles may be more acceptable for a daytime engagement party, while darker hues suit evening celebrations.

Fashion Trends For Guests At Engagement Parties

Engagement Party Guest Outfit Ideas For Women

1. Black And White Dress

Black-And-White Engagement Party Dresses For Guest
Black-And-White Engagement Party Dresses For Guest

A black-and-white ensemble is an acceptable alternative because the bride-to-be could also be wearing white at the engagement party. A basic white shirt with black pants for a man, or a black dress with white bows for a woman, is always a good choice, whether the occasion is a black tie or more casual.

2. Mixed-Color Outfit

Colorful Block Engagement Party Outfits Guest
Colorful Block Outfit For Engagement Party

Engagement party outfits guest might also be a colorful block of several bright and vivid hues. Wearing an outfit like this to a classic cocktail party would be perfect.

Viva Wedding Tip

When wearing a mixed-color outfit, choosing colors that complement each other is essential. You could choose colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange or green and red, or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as pink and purple. Also, choose neutral accessories like black or nude shoes and a simple clutch or purse.

3. Unconventional Attire

Non-Traditional Guest Engagement Party Dresses
Non-Traditional Guest Engagement Party Dresses

Depending on your mood or personality, you may not feel like following the established tradition for this gathering. In this scenario, you might decide against wearing a dress to an engagement celebration. Wearing shorts or a jumpsuit may be more comfortable than slacks and a blouse.

4. Dress For Outdoor Party

Engagement Party Outfits Guest For Outdoor Event
Engagement Party Outfits Guest For Outdoor Event

The engagement’s nature has a significant impact on the dress code for the celebration. A park, a beach, or a garden would be the perfect locations for an outdoor engagement party. Dressing in loose, comfortable garments and footwear is essential.

5. Elegant Ruffles

Engagement Party Guest Outfit Ideas - Dress With Ruffles
Engagement Party Guest Outfit Ideas – Dress With Ruffles

When you think about how romantic an engagement party is, a dress with ruffles or other feminine details is a great choice. Ruffled maxi dresses, which are also more flouncy, are ideal for a garden or brunch engagement party.

6. Bright Summer Sundress

Summer Sundress As Engagement Party Outfits Guest
Summer Sundress For Backyard Engagement Party

A bright sundress is an excellent choice for an engagement party that isn’t as formal in the summer. These engagement party outfits guest look like they belong in a fairy tale. They’d be great for a backyard barbecue or a formal high tea.

7. Fabulous Evening Dresses

Cocktail Engagement Party Dresses For Guest
Cocktail Engagement Party Dresses For Guest

Put on your best cocktail outfit and celebrate with a classy couple you know who are arranging a chic cocktail engagement party. Any silhouette that makes you look elegant and put together is perfect for a cocktail dress.

8. Fashionable Jumpsuits

Stylish Jumpsuits For Outdoor Engagement Party Outfits Guest
Stylish Jumpsuits For Outdoor Engagement Party

Wear a jumpsuit to stand out at an engagement party without sacrificing style. If the party includes an outing, like going to a brewery or a botanical garden, jumpsuits are another great choice of engagement party outfits guest. Look for a jumpsuit made from a lightweight, breathable fabric like cotton, linen, or silk. These fabrics will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the party.

Viva Wedding Tip

Depending on the weather and the party venue, you may want to layer your jumpsuit with a blazer, cardigan, or denim jacket. This can add extra dimension to your outfit and keep you warm if the temperature drops.

9. Casual Dresses

Casual-Style Guest Engagement Party Dresses
Casual-Style Guest Engagement Party Dresses

Some couples, though, choose a more low-key party by having guests over on the weekend for an open house-style party. This is the most laid-back style of an engagement party, so feel free to show up whenever it is convenient for you and stay for as long as you like.

10. Sexy Dress For Nighttime Party

Sexy Engagement Party Outfits Guest
Sexy Engagement Party Outfits Guest

Don’t be surprised if your wild party animal friend throws their engagement party in a club, on a party bus, or anywhere similarly lit; everyone has at least one friend like that. Dress to impress at an engagement party by wearing your most daring evening gown, complete with a bodycon silhouette, nude illusions, sequins, and more!

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Engagement Party Guest Outfit Ideas For Men

11. Tartan Suit Jacket

Engagement Party Guest Outfit Ideas - Tartan Suit Jacket
Engagement Party Guest Outfit Ideas – Tartan Suit Jacket

This tartan suit jacket, cut for a slimmer silhouette, is calling all you trendy dudes. That would go great with an engagement party in the summer. A tartan suit jacket can be a statement piece, so it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit understated. Pair it with a plain shirt, trousers, and shoes in neutral colors like black, grey, or navy blue.

Viva Wedding Tip

If it’s a casual event, you can dress down your tartan jacket with jeans and sneakers, but if it’s a formal event, you’ll want to wear dressier shoes and trousers.

12. Khaki Pants

Khaki Pants For Engagement Party Outfits Guest
Khaki Pants For Engagement Party Outfits Guest

These khakis, a pastel button-down, and a blazer would be great for an outdoor engagement or cocktail party by the water. The stretchy chino material will also keep you at ease day and night.

13. Gingham Shirt

Engagement Party Guest Outfit Ideas - Gingham Shirt
Engagement Party Guest Outfit Ideas – Gingham Shirt

This button-down shirt in a classic gingham print in teal will be perfect for any formal occasion. This formal shirt is perfect for any occasion and can be worn year-round with a blazer or jeans.

14. Slim-Fit Jeans With Basic Shirt

Dark Slim-Fit Jeans With Basic Shirt
Dark Slim-Fit Jeans With Basic Shirt

Enhancing your appearance for a pub wedding party is as easy as adding a few accessories. For a sharp look, pair dark indigo slim-fit jeans with a white, light blue, or striped oxford shirt. Wear it with an unstructured blazer, boots, or sneakers for a stylish look. Instead of a traditional wool blazer, go for a more relaxed shape in a neutral color like taupe or navy cotton. These engagement party outfits guest will help you maintain a low-key but put-together appearance.

15. Shorts Combined With A Shirt

Engagement Party Outfits Guest With Shorts And A Shirt
Outfit With Shorts And A Shirt

Nothing beats a Sunday barbecue in the backyard for a low-key engagement celebration. Combining a button-down collared shirt with fitted shorts in a striped or checked pattern can give your casual attire a more put-together look.

Here’s your chance to wear bright colors; try to find some shorts in a deep crimson, a deep blue, or a deep green. A cable knit sweater draped over the shoulder, and a pair of boat shoes will complete the retro style. Wear stone or blue chinos throughout the fall and winter, and spice up your outfit with colorful sweaters and shirts. You may make your outfit stand out by including details like a canvas loop belt.

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Choosing an appropriate engagement party outfits guest will help you thoroughly enjoy all the joyful moments. The outfit doesn’t require any deep consideration. To dress, select an item that appeals to your sense of style. You don’t want to steal the spotlight from the bride and groom, so play it safe at the party. Viva Wedding Photography hopes you find the best outfit through our tips and suggestions.

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