21 Best Engagement Party Games to Make Your Guests Laugh

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By Chloe Grace

An engagement party symbolizes the blissful commemoration of a couple’s commitment to a lifelong union. Engagement party games can be incorporated into the festivities to amplify the event’s delight and leave a lasting impression. These games serve the dual purpose of fostering a comfortable atmosphere among guests and facilitating interaction between attendees and the couple. Within the scope of this article, we will delve into a collection of imaginative and enjoyable games to keep your guests entertained throughout the party. Hence, let’s check with Viva Wedding Photography!

Fun engagement party game ideas

1. Put A Ring On It

Playful and competitive, “Put a Ring on It” is the perfect addition to any engagement celebration. Not only does this game fit with the party’s theme, but it also represents the love and devotion shared by the engaged pair. Nothing reminds the sweet proposal more than the gesture of putting a ring on someone’s finger, right?

Hilarious engagement party games: Put A Ring On It
Hilarious engagement party games: Put A Ring On It – Photo by: Town & Country Event Rentals
  • How to play:

Place the designated target in a central location where all party guests can easily participate. This target could be a miniature model of a finger, a decorative stand, or any other creative representation. Then, provide each participant with a small ring made of plastic, metal, or any suitable material.

During the game, guests will take turns trying to put the ring on the target. To add a layer of fun, you can introduce challenges like blindfolding the participants or having them stand at a certain distance from the target.

  • Number of players:

We suggest having at least four players to ensure healthy competition and interaction among the engaged couple and their guests.

2. Jenga love notes

“Jenga Love Notes” is a delightful combination of the classic Jenga game and a romantic twist. This is one of our favorite engagement party game ideas as it infuses sentimentality into the festivities, providing a platform for guests to share well-wishes, advice, or even funny anecdotes with the happy couple.

Engagement party games with Jenga
Engagement party games with Jenga – Photo by: Discount Party Supplies
  • How to Play:

Encourage guests to write a note on a Jenga block at some point during the party. The notes can range from marriage advice to congratulations or humorous stories. As guests write their messages, they contribute to building the Jenga Tower. The game progresses as in traditional Jenga, with players taking turns removing a block from the tower and placing it on top. When the tower becomes more unstable, the engaged couple takes turns removing blocks and reading the messages aloud.

  • Number of players:

This is a game that can be played by a small group of close friends or a larger gathering of guests. Having a minimum of four players participating in the game is recommended.

3. Flip Cup

If you enjoy drinking games, you can’t go wrong with a perfect engagement party game like “Flip Cup.” The game’s objective is to determine which team can consume their beverage, whether beer or water, in the shortest amount of time, thus earning the esteemed title of “flip cup champions.”

Engagement party game ideas with plastic cups
Engagement party game ideas with plastic cups – Photo by: Gina & Ryan Photography
  • How to play:

Place plastic cups filled with a drink of choice (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) on a long table in a row, one for each participant. Divide the guests into teams and have each team line up on opposite sides of the table, with members standing next to their designated cup.

Each player must drink the contents of their cup. Once empty, they place the cup upside down on the table’s edge and attempt to flip it right-side up by flicking the rim with their fingers. The relay continues until all team members have successfully flipped their cups.

  • Number of players:

It is suitable for engagement parties with 15 attendees or more.

4. The Shoe Game

This game is a perfect fit for an engagement celebration as it allows the couple to showcase their compatibility, sense of humor, and shared experiences, all while keeping the guests entertained.

Fun engagement party games for the couple
Playful games for engagement parties – Photo by: Brides
  • How to play:

The couple sits back-to-back, each holding one of their shoes in one hand and one of their partner’s shoes in the other. A designated host then poses questions such as “Who took the initiative in starting the relationship?” or “Who has a better sense of style?” The soon-to-be-weds respond by raising either their shoe or their partner’s shoe to indicate their answer, unaware of their partner’s choice.

  • Number of players:

This fun engagement party game is made for the engaged couple. However, its charm lies in the engagement of the entire audience. To create a lively atmosphere and maximize the entertainment value, we recommend having a moderate to large group of guests take part in the laughter and enjoyment.

5. Ring Hunt

Ranked among the most hilarious engagement party games, Ring Hunt resembles a classic Treasure Hunt. In addition to capturing the celebratory spirit, this game also incorporates a sense of adventure, making it our top pick.

Hilarious engagement party games: Ring Hunt
Classic engagement party games: Ring Hunt – Photo by: Etsy
  • How to play:

In Ring Hunt, you gather rings in various forms, such as candies, inflatable props, or drawings, and cleverly conceal them throughout the venue. Guests are then invited to embark on a quest to uncover all the hidden rings. The participant who successfully discovers the highest number of rings wins a prize.

  • Number of players:

It works well for both small and large engagement parties. For a more engaging and interactive experience, it’s better to have a moderate to large group of guests participating in the hunt.

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6. The Nearlywed Game

Another engagement party game for future bride and groom is “The Nearlywed Game.” Inspired by the classic “Newlywed Game,” this game challenges the engaged couple to answer questions about each other. The game often reveals amusing anecdotes, differences in perspective, and, most importantly, the strong connection between the couple.

Fun engagement party games for couples
Fun engagement party games for couples – Photo by: Fuller House Wikia – Fandom
  • How to play:

Distribute mini dry-erase boards to each pair and present them with questions like, “What dish would your partner choose for their final meal?” or “What subject does your partner believe you should take a class in?” Proceed to read each question aloud, allowing both partners to respond and compare their answers to see how closely aligned they are.

  • Number of players:

This engagement party game involves only the engaged couple. However, having a group of guests who can actively participate by reacting to the couple’s answers and sharing in the fun would make the game more exciting.

7. Karaoke Singing Showdown

The “Karaoke Singing Showdown” will turn the engagement party into a lively stage where guests take turns showcasing their singing prowess. It’s a fantastic way to create a festive atmosphere and bring everyone together through the universal language of music.

Hilarious engagement party games with Karaoke
Hilarious engagement party games for the couple and the guest – Photo by: Musical Mum
  • How to play:

Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app with a display screen. Next, create a playlist of songs related to love and marriage. Ask guests to choose their preferred songs or provide a list of options related to love and celebration. After the performances, attendees will vote for the individuals who deliver the most soulful renditions of the set.

  • Number of players:

These engagement party game ideas are ideal for both intimate gatherings and larger parties. The more, the merrier, as a diverse group of participants adds to the entertainment value. Ensure there’s a fair rotation to give everyone a chance to shine on the karaoke stage.

8. Two Truths And A Lie

“Two Truths and a Lie” injects a sense of intrigue and laughter into an engagement party, making it a perfect icebreaker and a fun way to involve everyone at the event. Notably, it’s also among fun engagement party games that encourage storytelling and shared experiences, fostering connections among the engaged couple and their friends and family.

Fun engagement party games for intimate parties
Engagement party game ideas to break the ice – Photo by: Zola
  • How to play:

Participants will share two true and one false statement about themselves with the audience. Then, the other guests have to guess which of the three statements is a lie. To deepen the connection with the participants, you can encourage them to elaborate on the two true statements, allowing everyone to become more acquainted.

  • Number of players:

We highly recommend having at least six to eight participants. This provides enough variety and entertainment for the audience without making the game overly lengthy.

9. Guess The Famous Couple

If you want to test guests’ knowledge of celebrity relationships, this game is one of the most common engagement party game ideas. The game involves presenting a series of clues or descriptions related to famous couples. This game is particularly suitable for an engagement party as it complements the joyful theme of love and partnerships.

Hilarious engagement party games for lively gatherings
Hilarious engagement party games for lively gatherings – Photo by: Flanders Family Homelife
  • How to play:

To initiate the game, allow your guests to write down the names of approximately ten renowned romantic couples, whether real or fictional, together or divorced, living or deceased, on individual slips of paper. These chits are then placed into a bowl.

Next, divide the guests into pairs. Taking turns, each pair will designate one partner as the clue-giver and the other as the guesser. The clue-giver selects the name of a famous couple from the bowl and attempts to guide their partner in guessing the correct name. The guesser can ask the clue-giver up to 20 yes-no questions to unveil the mystery couple.

  • Number of players:

This game is especially effective when played with at least 10-15 participants.

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Printable engagement party games

10. Bridal Bingo

“Bridal Bingo” puts a wedding-themed twist on the classic bingo game. Instead of numbers, the squares are filled with wedding-related words or symbols instead of numbers. It encourages guests to pay attention to details and participate in a shared experience, making it an ideal icebreaker for those who may not know each other well.

Games to play at engagement party: Bridal Bingo
Games to play at engagement party: Bridal Bingo – Photo by: Amazon
  • How to play:

Create custom Bridal Bingo cards adorned with popular wedding symbols or words. Distribute the cards to each guest along with markers. As events unfold during the engagement party (e.g., speeches, toasts, anecdotes), guests mark off the corresponding words or phrases on their bingo cards. The game continues until a guest successfully completes a row or pattern on their card and shouts, “Bingo!”

  • Number of players:

It’s suggested to involve a significant portion of the guests. Aim for at least 10-15 participants, but feel free to adapt based on the overall size of the gathering.

11. Mad Libs

“Mad Libs” is a word game where players fill in the blanks of a pre-written story with various parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.), often without knowing the story’s context. The result is a humorous and sometimes nonsensical narrative revealed once all the blanks are filled. If you want a party full of laughter, look no further than this printable engagement party game!

"Mad Libs" is among games to play at engagement party
“Mad Libs” is among the games to play at engagement party – Photo by: Amazon
  • How to play:

Create Mad Libs templates with blanks in a short story or narrative related to weddings, engagements, or the couple’s love story. Instruct guests to fill in the blanks on their Mad Libs sheets with words of their choice. Once everyone has filled in their words, collect and compile the sheets. Select a guest (or the engaged couple) to read the completed Mad Libs story aloud to the group. Finally, enjoy the laughter as the unexpected and often amusing story unfolds.

  • Number of players:

To facilitate a dynamic exchange of creative ideas, strive for the involvement of as many guests as possible.

12. Find the Guest

“Find the Guest” is a game that challenges guests to discover interesting facts about one another. It’s one of the printable engagement party games that add a social and interactive element to the celebration, making it an ideal way for your guests to get acquainted.

Printable engagement party games for large celebrations
Printable engagement party games for large celebrations – Photo by: Modern MOH
  • How to play:

Create a compilation of enjoyable and captivating details about every guest attending the engagement party. Distribute a copy of this list to each guest and encourage them to mingle and discover the identities behind the facts. As guests find individuals who match the descriptions, they write down the person’s name next to the corresponding characteristic on their list.

  • Number of players:

In these games to play at engagement party, the more participants, the richer the interactions and the more opportunities for guests to connect.

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Unique engagement party games and activities guests will love

13. TikTok Dances

Games to play at engagement party with TikTok
Games to play at engagement party with TikTok – Photo by: Brides

If you and your friends are enthusiastic about the latest viral dances on TikTok, consider creating a designated space where everyone can showcase their videos for the social platform. You can turn this into a competition and determine who performed the dance the best. Alternatively, you can create a compilation of the engagement party and share it later.

14. Memory Lane

“Memory Lane” invites guests to contribute their favorite memories or anecdotes involving the bride or groom. It’s one of the engagement party games designed to highlight the couple’s journey and celebrate the relationships they’ve built with their friends and family over time. Especially, who knows the bride and groom the best would be also revealed after this engagement game.

Memory Lane is a sentimental engagement party game idea
Memory Lane is a great engagement party game idea – Photo by: Wedding Wire
  • How to play:

Ask your guests to jot down a memory they have of the couple (or of each individual, depending on their relationship) and collect these memories on index cards. Mix all the index cards in a bowl, and then have the couple take turns reading them out loud. As each card is read, ask your guests to guess who the memory belongs to. The game continues until all the cards have been read. The guest who correctly identifies the most memories wins the game.

  • Number of players:

This game is particularly enjoyable in smaller groups where most attendees at the engagement party are already familiar with one another, as they can guess and reminisce about each other’s shared experiences.

15. Bridal Jeopardy

“Bridal Jeopardy” takes inspiration from the classic TV game show but is customized to focus on wedding-related trivia and facts about the engaged couple. These engagement party game ideas will transform your celebration into an interactive and spirited event, encouraging laughter and friendly competition.

Engagement Party Games with Bridal Jeopardy
Hilarious Engagement Party Games with Bridal Jeopardy – Photo by: Bridal Shower 101
  • How to play:

Construct a board with six categories (or any desired number). These categories can encompass famous couples, brides, grooms, weddings, showers, parties, or other relevant themes. Each category can feature multiple questions, which you can tailor to align with the party’s theme. The game proceeds with participants raising their hands to select a category and determine the wager amount. The guest who provides the most correct answers emerges as the game’s victor.

  • Number of players:

Have a significant portion of the guests, at least 10-15 people, to ensure a lively and competitive atmosphere.

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16. Beanbag Toss

“Beanbag Toss,” which is also commonly referred to as cornhole, is one of the classic lawn games. In this game, participants throw beanbags toward a target with the objective of landing them either on or inside a specific scoring area. We’re really into these outdoor engagement party game ideas as they are easy to set up and suitable for guests of all ages.

Unique Engagement Party Games with Beanbag Toss
Unique Engagement Party Games with Beanbag Toss – Photo by: Me in baby
  • How to play:

Set up the beanbag toss boards in a designated area. The boards typically have a hole and a scoring platform. Players or teams will take turns tossing beanbags toward the opposing board. Common scoring includes 3 points for a bag through the hole and 1 point for a bag on the platform. The player or team with the highest score at the end of the game is declared the winner.

  • Number of players:

For a lively and engaging atmosphere, it is recommended to involve a minimum of four to eight players or two to four teams.

17. Photo Station

The “Photo Station” is not a traditional engagement party game with rules but rather a designated area or booth equipped with props and backdrops. It’s a fantastic way to encourage social interaction, capture the joy of the celebration, and provide the engaged couple with a collection of fun and unique snapshots.

Unique engagement party games for guests at all ages
Unique engagement party games for guests of all ages – Photo by: Shaadidukaan

Set up a variety of props, costumes, and backdrops that align with the engagement party theme or the couple’s interests. Examples include signs with funny messages, oversized engagement rings, or themed accessories. If feasible, consider hiring a photographer or setting up a photo booth with a camera and backdrop. Alternatively, encourage guests to use their smartphones or cameras to take photos.

18. In the jar, how many kisses are there?

“In the Jar, How Many Kisses Are There?” game is one of the most delightful and engaging games to play at engagement party. The element of surprise, along with the promise of a tasty reward, makes this a delightful and fitting activity.

Fun engagement party games with sweets
Fun engagement party games with sweets – Photo by: Etsy
  • How to play:

Fill pots with delectable chocolate kisses and ask the guests to guess the number within. Enhance the presentation by preparing beautifully designed signs, guess cards, and other printables. To encourage participation, offer enticing gift vouchers as prizes for those who make accurate guesses.

  • Number of players:

To ensure widespread participation and a lively atmosphere, encourage all guests to make a guess. The more guesses, the more engaging and exciting the game becomes.

19. Signature Cocktail Game

The “Signature Cocktail Game” is a charming and engaging activity that allows guests to celebrate the engaged couple. This is an ideal choice among unique engagement party games as it adds a personalized element to the party and allows guests to participate actively in the celebration.

Engagement Party Games with Signature Cocktail
Engagement Party Games with Signature Cocktail – Photo by: Hitched
  • How to play:

To kick off the game, form multiple teams comprising guests, each armed with an identical selection of cocktail ingredients called “Fixin’s.” Present the challenge of crafting a distinctive signature cocktail that embodies the couple’s essence. The drink should either possess a robust character, symbolizing the strength of their bond, or incorporate ingredients that hold personal significance to the couple.

Afterward, the couple will have the enjoyable task of sampling each creation and determining the winner. For added amusement, consider raising the stakes by guaranteeing the winning cocktail earns a coveted place on the wedding menu.

  • Number of players:

Encourage as many engagement party guests as possible to participate. The more contributions, the more diverse and exciting the signature cocktail can be.

20. Match Perfect Puzzle Test

The “Perfect Match Puzzle Challenge” is an exceptional group game for a lively party. Few engagement party games that can foster teamwork and communication among your guests like this one.

Unique engagement party games with puzzle test
Games to play at engagement party with puzzle test – Photo by: Hummingbird Wedding Advice
  • How to play:

Organize the guests into multiple teams and provide each team with a personalized puzzle featuring an image that holds significance to the couple. This image could depict their first date venue, initial photograph, a beloved pet, or even something whimsically obscure. Instruct the teams to assemble the puzzle while guessing the importance of the image. The group or team successfully solves the puzzle and correctly deduces the significance wins the game.

  • Number of players:

This game works well with a minimum of 10-15 participants, but it can scale up based on the size of the party.

21. Pop The Questions

If you’re looking for a whimsical and celebratory activity, this unique engagement party game is definitely the right choice. It combines the joy of popping balloons with the excitement of answering questions related to the engaged couple.

Engagement Party Games with Pop The Questions
“Pop The Questions” is one of the great engagement party game ideas – Photo by: Parade
  • How to play:

To engage in this game, compile customized questions about the couple. Write each question on a slip of paper and insert it into an individual balloon. Use two distinct colors of balloons or confetti to signify which member of the couple the question is directed toward. Pop the balloons to unveil the questions, and guests will record their guesses. The couple will then disclose the correct answers, and those who guessed correctly earn a point.

  • Number of players:

The more participants, the more laughter and interaction will contribute to the festive ambiance.

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Engagement party games serve as an excellent icebreaker, fostering guest interaction and offering insights into the couple’s story. If you’re still contemplating how to add a touch of fun to your celebration, look no further than the suggestions in this article. By incorporating these enjoyable games into your party, you can ensure your guests have a splendid time, revel in each other’s company, and create cherished memories.

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