20 Best Engagement Party Games to Make Your Guests Laugh

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An engagement party symbolizes the blissful commemoration of a couple’s commitment to a lifelong union. Engagement party games can be incorporated into the festivities to amplify the event’s delight and leave a lasting impression. These games serve the dual purpose of fostering a comfortable atmosphere among guests and facilitating interaction between attendees and the couple. Within the scope of this article, we will delve into a collection of imaginative and enjoyable engagement party games that will elevate the celebration and ensure its success. Hence, let’s check with Viva Wedding Photography!

20 Amazing Engagement Party Games And Activities

1. Engagement Party Gingo Bridal

Bridal Bingo follows a similar format to traditional Bingo, but the squares are filled with wedding-related words or symbols instead of numbers. Create custom Bridal Bingo cards adorned with popular wedding symbols or words, and the first person to mark off all the symbols on their card wins.

Engagement Party Gingo Bridal
Engagement Party Gingo Bridal – Photo by: Amazon

Symbols commonly chosen for Bridal Bingo include an engagement ring, wedding cake, bridal dress, flowers, garters, and suits. You can seek inspiration from online templates and designs to craft your unique Bridal Bingo cards.

2. Engagement Party Mad Libs

Engagement Party Mad Libs
Engagement Party Mad Libs – Photo by: Amazon

Transforming the couple’s story into a game of Mad Libs offers a playful twist. To enhance the humor, feel free to embellish and exaggerate the details. And, of course, leave spaces where guests can contribute ridiculous adverbs, verbs, adjectives, and nouns to complete the story hilariously and unexpectedly.

3. Find the Guest

Engagement Party Games with Find the Guest
Engagement Party Games with Find the Guest – Photo by: Etsy

Create a compilation of enjoyable and captivating details about every guest attending the engagement party. Distribute a copy of this list to each guest and encourage them to mingle and discover the identities behind the facts. This activity serves as an excellent icebreaker, allowing your guests to acquaint themselves with one another and gain a deeper understanding of each other’s backgrounds.

4. Jenga

Engagement Party Ideas with Jenga
Engagement Party Ideas with Jenga – Photo by: Discount Party Supplies

This beloved classic game never fails to bring joy. Create an unforgettable experience by inviting guests to sign a tile with their name and a heartfelt message for the newly engaged couple. By incorporating this personalized touch, every time the couple plays Jenga, they will be reminded of their cherished friends and the incredibly enjoyable moments shared during the engagement party. To elevate the game and make it suitable for an outdoor gathering, consider using giant Jenga blocks for added excitement and entertainment.

5. Engagement Party Shoe Game

A beloved choice for engagement parties and wedding receptions, the wedding shoe game is a delightful test of the couple’s understanding of each other and their relationship. Here’s how it works: The couple sits back-to-back, each holding one of their shoes in one hand and one of their partner’s shoes in the other.

Engagement Party Shoe Game
Engagement Party Shoe Game – Photo by: Brides

A designated host then poses questions such as “Who took the initiative in starting the relationship?” or “Who has a better sense of style?” The soon-to-be-weds respond by raising either their shoe or their partner’s shoe to indicate their answer, unaware of their partner’s choice.

6. Memory Lane

Ask every guest to jot down a memory they have of the couple (or of each individual, depending on their relationship), and collect these memories on index cards. Mix all the index cards in a bowl, and then have the couple take turns reading them out loud.

Games Engagement Party with Memory Lane
Games Engagement Party with Memory Lane – Photo by: Wedding Wire

As each card is read, all the guests must guess who the memory belongs to. The game continues until all the cards have been read. The guest who correctly identifies the most memories wins the game. This activity is particularly enjoyable when most attendees at the engagement party are already familiar with one another, as they can guess and reminisce about each other’s shared experiences.

7. Bridal Jeopardy

The game’s title provides a clear indication of how it is played. However, for those unfamiliar, here’s a brief explanation: construct a board with six categories (or any desired number). These categories can encompass famous couples, brides, grooms, weddings, showers, parties, or other relevant themes.

Engagement Party Games with Bridal Jeopardy
Engagement Party Games with Bridal Jeopardy – Photo by: Bridal Shower 101

Each category can feature multiple questions, which you can tailor to align with the party’s theme. The game proceeds with participants raising their hands to select a category and determine the wager amount. The guest who provides the most correct answers emerges as the game’s victor.

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9. Beanbag Toss

Engagement Party Games with Beanbag Toss
Engagement Party Games with Beanbag Toss – Photo by: Me in baby

Beanbag toss, commonly called cornhole, is an ideal game choice for an outdoor engagement party. You can fully embrace the bridal theme using customized boards or opt for a more traditional approach. One delightful suggestion is to add a playful twist by making the couple share a kiss whenever a player scores.

10. Ring Hunt

Ranked among the top wedding engagement party games, Ring Hunt resembles a classic Treasure Hunt. However, there’s a delightful twist to this game! In Ring Hunt, you gather rings in various forms, such as candies, inflatable props, or drawings, and cleverly conceal them throughout the venue. Guests are then invited to embark on a quest to uncover all the hidden rings.

Engagement Party Ideas with Ring Hunt
Engagement Party Ideas with Ring Hunt – Photo by: Etsy

The participant who successfully discovers the highest number of rings emerges as the victorious player. To enhance the excitement, be sure to select unexpected hiding spots that inject an element of thrill into the game.

11. Photo Station

To cater to guests who adore capturing fun-filled moments, it’s essential to set up a photo station. Consider incorporating a lighthearted theme and assembling an assortment of props that invite playful poses, such as hats, sunglasses, flower leis, and clip-on bow ties. Guests can select their desired props before striking a pose against a vibrant backdrop.

Games Engagement Party with Photo Station
Games Engagement Party with Photo Station – Photo by: Shaadidukaan

Alternatively, you can create an enchanting floral backdrop and offer wooden hearts and signs adorned with heartfelt messages about love, adding an extra touch of romance to the photo station.

12. The Nearlywed Game

Put the couples’ knowledge of each other to the test by organizing a live rendition of the Newlywed Game (or the Nearlywed Game in the case of the engaged couple).

The Nearlywed Game
The Nearlywed Game – Photo by: Fuller House Wikia – Fandom

Distribute mini dry-erase boards to each pair and present them with questions like, “What dish would your partner choose for their final meal?” or “What subject does your partner believe you should take a class in?” Proceed to read each question aloud, allowing both partners to respond and compare their answers to see how closely aligned they are. The couple with the most correct answers emerges victorious in this entertaining competition.

13. In the jar, how many kisses are there?

In the jar, how many kisses are there?
In the jar, how many kisses are there? – Photo by: Etsy

Add another enjoyable activity to your engagement party by filling pots with delectable chocolate kisses and challenging guests to guess the number within. Enhance the presentation by preparing beautifully designed signs, guess cards, and other printables. To encourage participation, offer enticing gift vouchers as prizes for those who make accurate guesses.

14. Signature Cocktail Game

To kick off the game, form multiple teams comprising guests, each armed with an identical selection of cocktail ingredients called “Fixin’s.” Present the challenge of crafting a distinctive signature cocktail that embodies the couple’s essence. The drink should either possess a robust character, symbolizing the strength of their bond, or incorporate ingredients that hold personal significance to the couple.

Engagement Party Games with Signature Cocktail Game
Engagement Party Games with Signature Cocktail Game – Photo by: Hitched

Afterward, the couple will have the enjoyable task of sampling each creation and determining the winner. For added amusement, consider raising the stakes by guaranteeing the winning cocktail earns a coveted place on the wedding menu.

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15. Match Perfect Puzzle Test

The “Perfect Match Puzzle Challenge” is an exceptional group game for a lively engagement party. Organize the guests into multiple teams and provide each team with a personalized puzzle featuring an image that holds significance to the couple.

Match Perfect Puzzle Test
Match Perfect Puzzle Test – Photo by: Hummingbird Wedding Advice

This image could depict their first date venue, initial photograph, a beloved pet, or even something whimsically obscure. Instruct the teams to assemble the puzzle while guessing the importance of the image. The group or team successfully solves the puzzle and correctly deduces the significance wins the game.

16. Put A Ring On It

If you’re seeking an outdoor engagement party game, including this one. Set up a delightful activity by arranging bottles within a soda crate and inviting guests to earn points by successfully tossing plastic or rope rings around the necks of the bottles.

Put A Ring On It
Put A Ring On It – Photo by: Etsy

To make it more exciting, assign additional points to soda bottles of a specific brand, adding an extra level of challenge. After the game, allow guests to slip heartfelt messages into each bottle, creating cherished keepsakes for the couple to cherish.

17. Two Truths And A Lie

If you need engaging icebreaker engagement party games, look no further than this ideal option. It’s a timeless classic, and the rules remain unchanged.

Two Truths And A Lie
Two Truths And A Lie – Photo by: Zola

Participants will share two true and one false statement about themselves with the audience. The challenge for the other guests is to discern which of the three statements is a lie. To deepen the connection with the participants, you can encourage them to elaborate on the two true statements, allowing everyone to become more acquainted.

18. Karaoke Singing Showdown

Engagement Party Games with Karaoke Singing Showdown
Engagement Party Games with Karaoke Singing Showdown – Photo by: Musical Mum

Transform the engagement party into an enjoyable karaoke competition called the Karaoke Singing Showdown. Request the couple to curate a playlist of their beloved romantic songs, which will be transformed into a heartfelt karaoke set. Participants will select a song from the set and showcase their singing talents through karaoke performances. Attendees will then vote for the individuals who deliver the most soulful renditions of the set.

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19. Pop The Questions

To engage in this game, compile customized questions about the couple. These questions should revolve around their experiences and dynamics, such as “Who is more adventurous?” or “Who initiated the relationship?” Write each question on a slip of paper and insert it into an individual balloon.

Engagement Party Games with Pop The Questions
Engagement Party Games with Pop The Questions – Photo by: Parade

Use two distinct colors of balloons or confetti to signify which member of the couple the question is directed towards. Pop the balloons to unveil the questions, and guests will record their guesses. The couple will then disclose the correct answers, and those who guessed correctly earn a point.

20. Guess The Famous Couple

To initiate the game, allow your guests to write down the names of approximately ten renowned romantic couples, whether real or fictional, together or divorced, living or deceased, on individual slips of paper. These chits are then placed into a bowl.

Guess The Famous Couple
Guess The Famous Couple – Photo by: Flanders Family Homelife

Next, divide the guests into pairs. Taking turns, each pair will designate one partner as the clue-giver and the other as the guesser. The clue-giver selects a name of a famous couple from the bowl and attempts to guide their partner in guessing the correct name. The guesser can ask the clue-giver up to 20 yes-no questions to unveil the mystery couple.

Set a timer for a minute or two to heighten the excitement, challenging the pairs to guess as many famous couples as possible within the specified time frame.

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Engagement party games serve as an excellent icebreaker, fostering guest interaction and offering insights into the couple’s story. If you’re still contemplating how to add a touch of fun to your celebration, look no further than the suggestions in this article. By incorporating these enjoyable games into your party, you can ensure your guests have a splendid time, revel in each other’s company, and create cherished memories.

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