33 Unique & Funny Bachelor Party Decorations For Every Budget

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Getting in charge of planning the bachelor party is a big job. It’s the occasion that deserves a theme, mood, and bachelor party decorations to match. Let Viva Wedding assist you in organizing the most memorable stag or bachelor party ever. Check out our choices for a theme and some options for decorations. Then you can combine it to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

What Exactly Is A Bachelor Party?

The literal goal of a bachelor party is to celebrate the groom’s upcoming marriage and help him say goodbye to his single life. In the past, only men have been invited to this ceremony. Even though the meaning of a bachelor party hasn’t changed much over the years, it’s no longer a rule to invite only men.

Our Top Ideas For The Best Bachelor Party Before The Wedding

Here are some ideas if you don’t know what to do for your bachelorette party yet. Once you decide on a concept for your party, finding suitable bachelor party decorations will be easy.

  • Las Vegas

Las Vegas bachelor party decorations
Las Vegas Ideas For The Best Bachelor Party

Send the soon-to-be-married man to an extravagant Las Vegas theme bachelor party. Spend some time in the casinos and other attractions at this top destination for bachelor parties. You may purchase mini-version machines in casinos if you don’t have the funds to go to Las Vegas. There’s little doubt they’ll be the party’s hit, ensuring everyone has a great time.

  • Bar Crawl

Bar Crawl Bachelor Party Ideas
Bar Crawl Bachelor Party Ideas

It’s quite OK if the groom-to-be doesn’t want to try out some crazy new activity on his stag night. You may have a great time with your friends and have a few drinks by going to a bar or pub crawl. Take a tour of your favorite places in your hometown or plan a weekend getaway to a city the groom has always wanted to see.

  • Laid Back BBQ

Laid Back BBQ bachelor party decorations
Laid Back BBQ

A low-key party is perfect for celebrating the forthcoming wedding of the groom. Make it a laid-back backyard BBQ with his closest relatives, friends, and plenty of food and drinks. Need a place to have a BBQ but can’t locate a suitable yard? Step it up and entertain in style by booking a beach home for the weekend. This is an excellent opportunity for the bride and groom’s friends and family to spend time together before the wedding.

  • Night In With The Video Games

Night In With The Video Games
Night In With The Video Games

Not everyone indeed envisions a night out as the perfect bachelor celebration. Prepare the perfect game night if your groom would rather spend the evening playing video games at home. Make it a night to remember by ordering pizza, stocking up on munchies, and opening a few beers.

  • Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports bachelor party decorations
Extreme Sports Bachelor Party Ideas

Is the future husband a thrill seeker, or does he merely want to go out and exercise? If he wants to test the boundaries of his sanity, he and his bros may try skydiving or bungee jumping. But there are plenty of other extreme activities, such as zip-lining, hiking adventures, and paintball, if they want to try something less likely to give them a heart attack. When making preparations, remember to take the weather into account.

  • Golf Trip

Golf Trip bachelor party decorations
Golf Trip Ideas For The Best Bachelor Party

Ever wanted to go on a golf trip over the weekend? Now might be the perfect time to make that dream come true. A bachelor party is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so why not play golf on a course that is also once-in-a-lifetime? You could also plan a 36-hole event in the hometown of the groom. This can be a fun way to invite dads, uncles, cousins, and any other family members you may want to. Call ahead to set up a tee time for everyone and find a fun course for people with different experience levels.

  • Water Sports

Water Sports Experience Days
Water Sports Experience Days

A weekend at the lake is the ideal summer getaway since it allows for relaxing and exciting activities. Waterskiing, wakeboarding, white water rafting, and tubing are all very well-liked water sports. We are sure that the groom and his bros will be excited.

Best Bachelor Party Decorations That Will Match Your Theme

Unique Bachelor Party Decor Ideas For Every Budget

1. Bachelor Party Venmo Card

Bachelor Party Venmo Card bachelor party decorations
Bachelor Party Venmo Card

This bachelor party Venmo card is both creative and perfect for tech-loving men. Give one to each guest so that you can keep track of who is who. The scanner opens with your customized QR code next to your profile photo when you press “Venmo Me.”

2. Photo Backdrop

Photo Backdrop Bachelor Party Supplies
Photo Backdrop Bachelor Party Supplies

Even while having a photo booth at a bachelor party might be entertaining, why limit yourself to a simple background? Personalized photo backgrounds are great bachelor party decoration ideas that will enhance the quality of your photos.

The bride and groom’s names, the wedding date, or even the bachelor party venue can be added to the backdrop. Adding accessories like amusing hats, glasses, or fake mustaches can improve your photos. A memento photo can help your guests remember how much fun they had at the party.

3. Personalized Poker Chips

Personalized Poker Chips Bachelor Party Decorations
Personalized Poker Chips

With these personalized poker chips, the groom and groomsmen will undoubtedly have a great time playing their favorite card games. The name of the groom, the party date, and any other information you choose to include can be added to the chips to make them uniquely yours.

These chips are not only a hilarious and original touch to the bachelor party, but they also make beautiful souvenirs that the guests can take home.

4. Playful Pinata

Playful Pinata Bachelor Party Decor Ideas
Playful Pinata Bachelor Party Decor Ideas

Why not use a pinata at the bachelor party as well? Pinatas are frequently used during bachelorette parties. This amusing piñata, which resembles a sizable bottle of tequila, is a terrific way to increase the party’s enthusiasm.

Your visitors will enjoy taking turns attempting to open it and get the delights inside. The groom’s name and the specifics of his bachelor party can be easily added to the pinata’s label for a more personalized touch.

5. Straw Tags

Straw Tags Bachelor Party Accessories
Straw Tags Bachelor Party Accessories

These straw tags not only give the beverages a special touch, but they can also make it easier for visitors to keep track of their drinks all night long. The tags can be customized with the groom’s name and the event’s date, making them a wonderful souvenir for everyone to take home.

6. Husbands To Be Banner

Husbands to Be Banner Bachelor Party Decorations
Husbands to Be Banner

This banner’s elegant style and bold typography make it ideal for a contemporary bachelor party. It will be a wonderful decoration addition and contribute to the festive and energetic atmosphere.

This banner will ensure that everyone knows it is the groom’s special night, whether you are organizing a night out on the town or a more relaxed get-together with close friends. Let the fun begin by hanging it on a wall or draping it over a table.

7. Team Groom Balloons

Team Groom Balloons Bachelor Party Decorations
Team Groom Balloons

Using this gold balloon banner, you can let everyone know that you’re on “team groom.” It is one of the most wonderful bachelor party decorations, regardless of the location of the celebration.

8. Creative Drinking Game

Creative Drinking Game Bachelor Party Decorations
Creative Drinking Game

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun game of cornhole? This game is great for a bachelor party because it puts a funny twist on a traditional activity. Even better, you can customize it by including any text you want.

Viva Wedding Tip

Set up the cornhole boards at the proper distance apart (27 feet for official rules) and on a level area. Furthermore, cornhole bags should be fashioned of a strong material, such as duck cloth, and filled with corn or plastic pellets. Use bags of appropriate size and weight (6 inches by 6 inches and 1 pound each for official rules).

9. Casino Balloon Garland

Casino Balloon Garland Bachelor Party Decorations
Casino Balloon Garland

It’s easy to make an eye-catching décor for your bachelor party with the help of this balloon garland. Whether having a casino party or just celebrating in Las Vegas, it’s the ideal way to add a festive touch to any celebration.

10. Team Groom Caps

Team Groom Caps Bachelor Party Decorations
Team Groom Caps

These Team Groom hats are the ideal bachelor party item for making your party stand out. Your guests will look beautiful in these hats, making it easier for everyone to identify the members of the groom’s party. Furthermore, these hats will create wonderful images and be popular on social media. Pick up a few of these to round out your party ensemble!

11. Mr. Balloons

Mr. Balloons Bachelor Party Decor Ideas
Mr. Balloons Bachelor Party Decor Ideas

Regarding decorations for a bachelor party, balloons are an obvious choice. To get the event started, we recommend using these funny Mr. balloons. You may choose from many colors and sizes to match the party’s theme and space. You can also consider them funny bachelor party gifts to bring joy to the day!

12. Light-Up Sign

Light-Up Sign Decor
Light-Up Sign Decor

One more suggestion for a sign: a version that glows in the dark that the groom may take home and proudly display after the big celebration. That is a regret if this item is used only once to decorate a bachelor party, right? We bet that any guy will be impressed by it.

13. Gold Garland

Gold Garland Bachelor Party Decorations
Gold Garland Bachelor Party Decorations

If the groom likes glitter, this banner is one of the best bachelorette party supplies to get. We are sure this is the most special way to honor the groom.

Viva Wedding Tip

Hang the gold garland securely with tape, twine, or hooks. Keep it away from heat sources and open flames. Mix gold garland with other party decorations like balloons or streamers to create a coherent design.

14. Groom Squad Towels

Groom Squad Towels Bachelor Party Decorations
Groom Squad Towels

These grooming towels are ideal for a bachelor party at the beach or pool. The towel set includes a relaxing ocean-scented hair and body wash, face cleanser, and lotion. These towels will come in handy after a swim in the ocean or a game of beach volleyball.

15. Golf Decorations

Golf Bachelor Party Accessories
Golf Bachelor Party Accessories

Bachelor parties with a golf theme are pretty common these days. This décor package includes everything you’ll need to decorate for a golf-themed bachelor party, from banners to paper chains to photo booth accessories. This kit would be the most appropriate for men obsessed with golf.

16. Groom’s Crew Shirts

Groom's Crew Shirts Bachelor Party Decorations
Groom’s Crew Shirts

As bachelor party decorations, these matching T-shirts will help you look like a team. These high-quality t-shirts, which come in many different colors and sizes, are also a great bachelor party gift for the groom or the groomsmen when you ask them to be at your wedding.

17. Inflatable Dartboard

Inflatable Dartboard Bachelor Party Decor Ideas
Inflatable Dartboard Bachelor Party Decor Ideas

Add some party colors to the wall with a big inflatable dartboard. We love this because it is a fun game for a bachelor party and can also be used as an unusual decoration for the bachelor party. Furthermore, it may be used repeatedly for future celebrations such as birthdays.

18. Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette Bachelor Party Supplies
Shot Roulette Bachelor Party Supplies

Shot roulette may be a drinking game and fun decor for any gathering. Play a few rounds of this game at the bachelor party by setting this up as the centerpiece of a table and filling the shot glasses with tempting beverages.

Funny Bachelor Party Decorations Make Your Guests Giggle

19. Mustache Balloons

Mustache Balloons Bachelor Party Accessories
Mustache Balloons Bachelor Party Accessories

These balloons will be a great addition if the groom and his bros wear a mustache at the party. Mustache-shaped foil balloons, and latex balloons embroidered with a white or black mustache, are both adorable and elegant. Using your creative skills, you can make latex balloons into characters.

20. Party Hats

Party Hats Bachelor Party Accessories
Party Hats Bachelor Party Decorations

These funny party hats include an embroidered portrait of the soon-to-be groom. You also can personalize it by adding your groomsmen’s faces. We are sure that your guests would appreciate these bachelor party decor ideas.

21. Tuxedo Men’s Flower Vase Centerpiece

Tuxedo Men’s Flower Vase Centerpiece
Tuxedo Men’s Flower Vase Centerpiece

Whether it’s a bachelor party, a casino night, or a wedding, this Tuxedo men’s flower vase centerpiece is perfect. Remove the tuxedo from the vase if you like. This tuxedo is composed of cotton, which makes it easy to iron and dry. Vases may hold various items, including flowers, candles, chocolates, and cigars.

22. Custom Face Sticks

Custom Face Sticks Bachelor Party Decorations
Custom Face Sticks

Hold these personalized face sticks as the groom walks to the party to make him laugh. He will probably find it hilarious, and you can use them as fun bachelor party supplies for the rest of the night!

23. Letter Board

Letter Board Bachelor Party Decor Ideas
Letter Board Bachelor Party Decor Ideas

One of the cutest ways to decorate for a bachelor party is to use a heart-felt letter board to welcome guests as they arrive. And if things get a little crazy during the night, it’s easy to rearrange the letters to make funny messages that will make everyone laugh.

24. Foldable Beer Pong Table

Foldable Beer Pong Table Bachelor Party Decorations
Foldable Beer Pong Table

Let’s start the party off with a friendly game of beer pong! This beer pong table folds up so it can go with you anywhere, whether you’re going far or just in your house.

Viva Wedding Tip

Beer pong cups should be made of sturdy material, such as plastic, and filled with water or beer. Choose cups that are the appropriate size and shape for the table.

25. Custom Face Confetti

Custom Face Confetti Bachelor Party Decorations
Custom Face Confetti

Certainly, the smallest things can significantly impact the entire experience of a bachelor party. This groom-shaped confetti can add fun and flair to the occasion. Spread them on tables, include them in invitations or gift bags, or use them in a party game. These simple details can help make the party feel more customized and enjoyable.

26. Life-Size Cutout

Life-Size Cutout Bachelor Party Supplies
Life-Size Cutout Bachelor Party Supplies

We feel that this life-sized cardboard cutout of the guest of honor will be a part of some fantastic pranks throughout the bachelor party. And that it may even make an appearance at future birthday parties and other occasions.

27. “She Said No Strippers” Groom Sash

“She Said No Strippers” Groom Sash
“She Said No Strippers” Groom Sash

With this “She Said No Strippers” Groom Sash, you’ll have all you need to make your bachelor blush. The length of one side is roughly 3 feet, and the width is 3 inches so that anybody may wear the sash.

28. String Lights

String Lights Bachelor Party Decor Ideas
String Lights Bachelor Party Decor Ideas

An outside area may be transformed with a few patio lights. These beer-themed lights would be one of the most fantastic bachelor party decorations for any outdoor stag party, whether in a garden or elsewhere.

29. Funny Beer Can Cooler

Funny Beer Can Cooler
Funny Beer Can Cooler

With these beer can coolers, there’s no way your drinks will get mixed up with your friends. It was made for camping trips in the summer and fall, and it can handle the rough conditions of the outdoors. They are not going to fall apart like cheap foam can coolers. Because these standard beer can sleeves are made out of neoprene.

30. Cake Topper

Cake Topper Bachelor Party Decorations
Cake Topper Bachelor Party Decorations

Cake toppers not only provide a personal touch to your dessert but may also be used as a fun party decoration. The bachelor party cake toppers are intended to make guests laugh and feel at ease.

You may personalize the topper with a humorous statement reminding the groom of all the fun he had with his buddies during the party. It will undoubtedly be a memorable moment throughout the party, particularly when cutting the cake!

31. Stag Party Glasses

Stag Party Glasses Bachelor Party Supplies
Stag Party Glasses

Are you looking for funny bachelor party accessories? In the spirit of the occasion, these comical stag glasses are the perfect accessory for any bachelor party. “Mummy’s boy,” “babe magnet,” and more is available!

32. Custom Baseball Jerseys

Custom Baseball Jerseys Bachelor Party Decorations
Custom Baseball Jerseys

Replace standard groomsmen T-shirts with personalized baseball jerseys for a unique and memorable party look. You’ll make a striking sight when you go out wearing them. Plus, they’re a great souvenir for guests to take home as a reminder of the joyous occasion.

33. Hangover Kit

Hangover Kit Bachelor Party Decor Ideas
Hangover Kit Bachelor Party Decor Ideas

The hangover kit serves as a decorative accessory and a practical aid in a hangover. If you’re throwing a party where alcohol will be served late into the night, you’ll need this. Put together a hangover kit station and label it, so guests know to arrive after the night ends. The guys will enjoy taking home this unique piece of décor.

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Viva Wedding hopes this list of the most fabulous bachelor party decorations for every taste and budget will help you. We wish you the most memorable single event before the wedding! Please read our other blog posts to learn more about bachelors or weddings.

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