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There are few occasions in life that merit as much attention as a couple’s engagement. On the other hand, shopping for engagement gifts for friends is more difficult than shopping for yourself! Even though gifts aren’t required, it’s always nice to bring something to a party. A perfect gift to mark the engagement will make the couple remember for years to come. With this in mind, Viva Wedding has put together a list of funny, touching ideas for your best friends.

Gifts For Engaged Female Friends Ideas

1. Perfect Engagement Gift Photo Frame

Wooden Photo Frame For Best Engagement Gifts For Friends
Best Engagement Gifts For Your Friends With A Wooden Photo Frame

This gift is ideal for your best friends who value a touch of sentimentality. You can give your friend who just got engaged a special gift idea by putting a cute picture of the couple in this personalized frame. It’ll instantly transform a desk, nightstand, or end table corner into something more stylish.

2. Handy Jewelry Cleaner Gift

Engagement Gifts For Friends - Handy Jewelry Cleaner
Handy Jewelry Cleaner For Thoughtful Engagement Gifts For Bridal

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Don’t be afraid to think about what she will use when choosing the best engagement gifts for a friend. This engagement rings cleaner can be used for more than one thing. It can also be used to keep them as shiny as their favorite gems.

3. Wedding Planning Survival Kit

Engagement Presents For Friends With Wedding Planning Survival Kit
Wedding Planning Survival Kit For Engagement Presents For Friends

This package will not only make your female friend smile, but it will also help her with her wedding planning process. There are diamond-shaped paper clips, an eye mask, and other useful things in the box. As a result, this kit will help the couple plan their engagement party with a little less stress. You can include it in your list of a thoughtful engagement gift for friends and give it to any newly engaged girl.

4. Something Blue Sweatshirt

Engagement Gifts For Friends - Something Blue Sweatshirt
Something Blue Sweatshirt For Female Friends

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What do you think of these cute engagement gifts for friends? This soft sweatshirt will become their new favorite thing to wear when they’re relaxing after the wedding.

5. Bridal Pajamas

Engagement Gifts For Friends - Bridal Pajamas
Gifts For Newly Engaged Friend – Bridal Pajamas

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White pajamas that are comfortable and look good for an engagement party will help the bride look her best on her big day. The casual fit makes the shirt as comfortable as possible. The cuffed sleeves and bottom keep it from falling off the shoulders. This set is available in sizes and colors as a perfect engagement gift for friend.

6. Jewelry Cleaning Device For Female Friends

Engagement Gifts For Friends - Jewelry Cleaning Device
Jewelry Cleaning Device For Engagement Gift

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There’s little doubt they’ll want to keep their new bling looking as pristine as it possibly can. This handy jewelry cleaner is simple to use to polish their other favorite pieces of jewelry. What’s not to like about this? It is definitely one of the best engagement gifts for a friend that a bride-to-be with the new engagement rings could get.

7. Velvet Ring Box

Wedding Velvet Ring Box For The Best Engagement Gifts
Best Engagement Gifts For Friends For Velvet Ring Box

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For a best friend who just got engaged, the beautiful velvet ring boxes would make a lovely gift. She always has their new ring on her finger, but sometimes she takes it off to do housework. What better place than this pink box to keep her valuable jewelry safe during those times?

8. Ready-To-Ship Engagement Gift Box

Ready-Made Engagement Gifts
Ready-Made Engagement Gifts

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The box of ready-made engagement gifts for friends makes your life easier. This set includes personalized engagement ring dishes, decadent chocolate gifts, scented candles, and heart-shaped photo frames. Don’t forget to give your best pals funny engagement wishes for newly engaged couples.

9. Meaningful Beaded Bracelet

Engagement Gifts For Best Friend With Beaded Bracelet
Engagement Gifts For Best Friend With Beaded Bracelet

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We have a lot of cute bracelets at reasonable prices that would make great engagement gifts for friends. Choose a bracelet that shows both your friendship and their new commitment to partner.

10. Delicious Snack Selection Box

Delicious Snack Selection For Engagement Gifts For Friends
Delicious Snack Selection For Engagement Gift Ideas

Send a Sugarwish to a newly engaged friend as a tiny, congratulatory symbol of your good wishes. You have entirely customized the size of the gift box, the wedding date and the style of the card as long as you find it cute enough to give as a fun engagement gift for a friend. From nostalgic candies to gourmet biscuits, you can choose something different for your sweet gift box.

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11. Self-Care Journal Gift For Bridal

Engagement Gifts For Friends - Self-Care Journal
Self-Care Journal For Great Engagement Gift Idea To Your Friends

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When thinking of fun engagement gift ideas for friends, you care most about their health and happiness. Therefore, a wellness diary will be an excellent option for their soul. It encourages your friend to take time for themselves, connect with their feelings, and set realistic life goals.

12. New Nail Polish For Female Friend

New Nail Polish Engagement Gifts For Her
New Nail Polish Engagement Gifts For Her

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If your best friend just got some new shiny jewelry, likely, no one has ever paid so much attention to their hands. However, a little highlight on her fingers will make her more beautiful and attractive. So a nail polish set will be a wonderful gift idea that you should include in your list of engagement gifts for friends.

13. Engagement Custom Photo Book

Custom Photo Book For Engagement Gift Ideas For Friend
Custom Photo Book For Best Engagement Gifts For Friends

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Nothing goes wrong with a custom photo book and it’s the perfect choice for your unique engagement presents for friends. Decide on a cover they’ll like and then fill it with wedding photos of them. You can also use the engagement photo frame you and your best friend have taken over the years to make a keepsake for their home.

14. Champagne-Inspired Engagement Cake

Champagne-Inspired Cake For Engagement Gifts For Friends
Champagne-Inspired Engagement Cake For Friends

A slice of this dessert is the best way to toast a friend’s recent engagement. The pink champagne cake from Caroline’s Cakes is light and airy, just as a glass of bubbly should be. A delicious rosé-colored buttercream is used to decorate engagement gifts for friends as an artistic finishing touch.

15. On-Theme Candle

Engagement Gifts For Friends - On-Theme Candle
Engagement Presents For Friends – On-Theme Candle

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Everyone will like the reference on this list of funny engagement gifts for best friends, even if they aren’t big fans of custom candles. Choose their favorite smell, then select the appropriate scented candles for their home decoration. From there, you’re ready to go gifting them these adorable candles.

16. Bride-To-Be Subscription Box

Bride-To-Be Subscription Box For Engagement Gifts For Friends
Bride-To-Be Subscription Box Friends Engagement Gift

If you want to go all out, you could give the bride-to-be an engagement subscription service as the perfect engagement gift ideas for friend. This box has fun and useful items like wedding photos, nail polish, planners, and other accessories.

17. Homesick Collection Candles

Homesick Collection Candles For Engagement Gifts For Friends
Homesick Collection Candles For Engagement Gifts For Friends

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This candle smells like citrus and champagne grapes, which makes it perfect for a happy occasion. On the back of your friend’s engagement gift, you can write a note to let them know who you are and why you are celebrating.

18. Vintage Spoon Engagement Rings Dishes

Vintage Spoon Ring Dishes For Engagement Gifts For Friends
Vintage Spoon Engagement Ring Dishes

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You know that your best friend will have some new jewelry to look at after the engagement party. Thus giving them a chic way to keep it safe as engagement gifts for friends. Add the couple’s names and the wedding day to the card for an added meaningful touch.

19. Romantic Rose Delivery

Engagement Gifts For Best Friend - Romantic Rose
Gifts For Newly Engaged Friend – Romantic Rose

Flowers are a beautiful way to tell a best friend who just got engaged that you’re happy for them. If you want to give a gift to a friend who is getting married, you could send her a beautiful preserved rose in a stylish display box. Once the rose is opened, the innovative design allows it to pop up into the air.

20. Comfy Waffle Roben

Engagement Presents For Friends - Comfy Waffle Roben
Engagement Presents For Friends – Comfy Waffle Roben

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Still, stumped on what to get unique engagement presents for friends? The bride will love this waffle robe, for sure. She can wear them while getting ready for the wedding, from now until the big day. Has it been made just for them by having their initials embroidered on it for a stylish touch?

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Engagement Presents For Male Friends Ideas

21. Imaginative Coffee Mug As A Gift

Imaginative Coffee Mug 
Imaginative Coffee Mug For Male Friends

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Have you seen this adorable coffee mug printed with a unique design? It’s a cute engagement gift for friend that will bring a smile to their faces every time they see it. Tasting a hot cup of morning coffee with this unique mug will be a perfect time together for newly engaged couple.

22. Sentimental Wall Road Sign Art Print

Sentimental Wall Road Sign Art Print For Engaged Couple
Sentimental Wall Road Sign Art Print As Engagement Gift

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Your best friend and her husband will appreciate the unique engagement gift ideas for friends like this. It is a meaningful piece of art personalized with their last names and an important milestone in their relationship. The intersection street signs are a cute reminder of when their paths crossed for the first time.

23. Personalized Bottle Of Wine

Engagement Gifts For Best Friend - Bottle Of Wine
Engagement Gifts For Best Friend – Bottle Of Wine

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Does the engaged couple enjoy to spend time tasting a glass of fine wine in hand? You could give your friend or groom to be a bottle that has their name and the date they said “yes to forever” written on it. Hence, these unique wine bottles are great engagement gift guides if you include a set of crystal champagne flutes.

24. Valuable Wedding Planner

Valuable Wedding Planner For Friends
Valuable Wedding Planner For Friends

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It’s never too early to start planning a wedding. Our newly updated guide is full of ideas, checklists, and tools to help them through the whole process. This wedding planner is always at the top when it comes to the best engagement gifts for your close friends. So don’t hesitate to add it to your gift list right away.

25. Countdown Blocks

Countdown Blocks For Engagement Gifts For Friends
Countdown Blocks Unique Engagement Presents

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These wooden countdown blocks with a rustic look would be a great engagement gift for friend for home decor. They will be a nice way to remember the engagement party that is coming up. The couple can also use the countdown to remember anniversaries, their honeymoon, or other important life events.

26. Monogrammed Golf Balls

Engagement Gifts For Friends - Monogrammed Golf Balls
Monogrammed Golf Balls Friends Gift

Trying to come up with an idea for a recently engaged golfer? Find unique engagement gifts for friends that will make your soon-to-be-married friend happy. For example, choose a dozen high-quality golf balls with their faces printed. Plus points if you plan a small engagement party to celebrate their new status after your next round of golf.

27. Unique Family Tree Photo Holder

Photo Display For Best Engagement Gifts For Friends
Unique Photo Display For Engagement Gift Ideas For Friends

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By putting a clip on top of a desktop family tree photo holder, the newlyweds can show off their favorite photos in their new home. The clips make it easy for them to switch out photos whenever they want. This is a great idea for an engagement gift that you should consider for your friend.

28. Unique Wine Tumbler

Engagement Gifts For Friends With Wine Tumbler
Wine Tumbler Gifts For Engaged Friend

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A wine tumbler with a theme about planning an engagement party is a satisfactory engagement gift for your friend. It will make sure that your engaged friend has a funnier time when they are drinking champagne together.

29. Fund Money Box

Engagement Presents For Friends - Fund Money Box
Engagement Gifts For Friend – Fund Money Box

Giving your friend a beautiful money gift box will be a lot more fun for them to save for their wedding. You can make it even more special by adding the engagement date and the name of their soon-to-be spouse. This money box on a stand is a fun and useful gift for anyone planning a wedding.

30. Fancy Toiletry Bag

Fancy Toiletry Bag
Friend’s Gift With Fancy Toiletry Bag

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With the pre-engagement party activities coming up, your friends and family will need a place to keep their grooming and beauty supplies. Therefore, on a friend’s big day, the best engagement gift for friend would be a leather kit with a vintage look. It can be personalized with their initial or last name in metallic letters.

31. Unique Barware For Engaged Male Friends

Engagement Gifts For Friends - Unique Barware
Engagement Presents For Friends – Unique Barware

These creative engagement gifts for friends will be a special touch to his collections. This high-end barware set is perfect for a low-key celebration because it has an elegant set of crystal champagne flutes.

32. Map Of Their Love Story

Map Of Their Love Story
Map Of Their Love Story Engagement Gift

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Engagement gifts for friends are a great way to celebrate if they got engaged while on a romantic trip. A brightly colored heart will be placed where they got down on one knee to remember the event. The couple’s names are written in cursive over the location and date of their engagement.

33. DIY Couples Hand Casting

DIY Couples Hand Casting For Newly Engaged Best Friend
Engaged Gifts For DIY Couples Hand Casting

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This kit makes excellent DIY engagement gifts for friends looking for a thoughtful gift. A commitment has been made, and soon they will become legally married. Hence, this unique hand-casting is a gorgeous addition to a desk or coffee table

34. Stainless Steel Champagne Ice Basket

Champagne Ice Basket For Best Engagement Gifts For Friend
Champagne Ice Basket For Best Engagement Gifts For Friends

Since they are likely to get a lot of champagne, why not give them a beautiful stainless steel bucket to put the bottle in to keep it cold on your big day? This ice basket with platinum accents and a retro look is a great option when it comes to unique engagement gift ideas for friends.

35. Mr & Mrs. Passports Holder

Mr & Mrs. Passports Holder For Engaged Friends
Mr & Mrs. Passports Holder For Engaged Friends

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Your friends won’t be able to go on their honeymoon until you give them cute passport holders as engagement gifts for friends. These items are made of genuine leather and will be a practical gift to their luggage tags. They will remember your gift and affection for them every time they travel together.

36. Couples Engagement T-Shirts

Couples Engagement T-Shirts
Gifts For Newly Engaged Friends – Couples Engagement T-Shirts

It’s a good idea to have a perfect couple of T-shirts for your male friends! See, one of the most thoughtful engagement present ideas is a pair of matching t-shirts for the two of them!

37. Fun Gift Box For Male Friends

A Fun Engagement Gifts For Male Friends
A Fun Engagement Presents For Friends

Getting engaged is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. Allow your closest buddy to relax and soak it all in with this engagement present box. It includes an essential oil diffuser and a blank diary so that he can enjoy his favorite tastes with his bridal.

38. Creative Diamond-Shaped Bottle Opener

Diamond-Shaped Bottle Opener For Engagement Gifts For Friends
Diamond-Shaped Bottle Opener For Unique Engagement Gifts For Friends

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As an engagement gift for couples gives their favorite bottle of champagne along with this diamond-shaped bottle opener. They’ll be grateful that you paid attention to their needs. You should consider this one along with a champagne gift for your friends.

39. Travel-Sized Luxury Fragrances Gift

Travel-Sized Luxury Fragrances Gift For Male
Travel-Sized Luxury Fragrances Engagement Gifts For Friends

Malone perfume and fragrance sets make excellent and luxurious engagement presents for friends. With many scents from the collection, he can choose the best scent he loves for his engagement day.

40. Mr. And Mrs. Sparkly Glassware For Toasting

Engagement Gifts For Best Friend - Sparkly Glassware For Toasting
Engagement Gifts For Best Friend – Sparkly Glassware For Toasting

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Why celebrate once a year when you can rejoice throughout the year? With these confetti tumblers, any drink, from water to beer to soda, will feel like special moment. It’s one of the useful engagement presents for friends that you should consider.

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After the big news, it’s time to enjoy the moment before getting serious about the engagement party. These just-engaged presents are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for engagement gifts for friends or want to treat yourself, it’s also great. Remember that these aren’t the same as traditional engagement gifts. Viva Wedding hopes the ideas above will help them through this strange, but amazing time in their lives.

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