Shizuka Chan

Shizuka Chan
Shizuka Chan

About Shizuka Chan

Live in: Los Angeles

Education: University of Southern California


Shizuka is an experienced SEO Content Writer in weddings and anniversaries and has been with the company since 2020.

She tasks responsibilities for researching and creating high-quality content to assist people in finding gifts and tips for their wedding day or other special events.

She’s previously been a freelancer for some famous social platforms such as Reddit…


With more than 3 years in the position of SEO Content Writer, Shizuka Chan’s now worked for Viva Wedding Photography where she can utilize her skills and knowledge to create and optimize many helpful contents to help people choose the perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries and other.

Previously, Shizuka worked for many social platforms as a content freelancer. Along with weddings, she engaged in different topics to meet the readers’ needs.

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