37 Delicious Bridal Shower Cookies To Sweeten Up Your Party

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In the bridal shower planning checklist, once you’ve ticked off the box of choosing the main food and beverages on the menu, it’s time to think about the desserts. Of all the options, what better way to sweeten up your party than with some lovely and delicious bridal shower cookies? But we know that with various cookie options, deciding which one to serve at your party might not be easy. That’s why Viva Wedding Photography has nailed down 37 of the best cookie ideas that are sure to swoon your guests.

Simple Bridal Shower Cook Ideas

1. Rosenmunnar

Bridal shower cookies ideas: Rosenmunnar
Bridal shower cookie ideas: Rosenmunnar – Photo by: Food52

Thumbprint cookies, or “Rosenmunnar,” are desserts that will make your bridal shower guests’ mouths water. Who would not like to recall the flavors of childhood that make them dream and fly? 

These tender, buttery cookies can be made with just a few simple ingredients and filled with any sort of jam, so it is a great place to get creative. Try them with caramel, Nutella, or speculoos spread, or think about an elegant and surprising jam choice like rose petals or quince.

2. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

Cranberry pistachio Biscottis can be served as cookies for a bridal shower
Cranberry pistachio biscottis can be served as cookies for a bridal shower – Photo by: Tutti Dolci

Biscottis, also known as twice-baked cookies, are a delicious option for any gathering. Cookies are great dessert year-round, but there’s something about special occasions, like a bridal shower, that brings out the magic in them. These pistachio cranberry biscotti are all you could want and more. They are wonderful crunch but also very tender. 

Traditionally, they’re made with simple ingredients like almonds or raisins, but for this joyous celebration, you can add a modern twist to these bridal shower cookies. Consider including dried cranberries and pistachios in your recipe to make these sweets more flavorful and interesting. 

3. Cat’s tongue cookies

simple bridal shower cookies: langues de chat
There are many ways to enjoy langues de chat cookies – Photo by: Delish

Cat’s tongue cookies, or langues de chat, are light and delicate, making them among the greatest bridal shower cookie ideas. These thin tuile-style French cookies are shaped like cat’s tongues and have a crisp texture. Consider dipping them in melted chocolate or sandwiching them with jam or buttercream. They also pair well with tea, coffee, sorbet, or ice cream. So, we recommend serving these additions alongside these cookies to give your guests the best culinary experience.

4. Authentic French Meringues

French meringues are well-liked cookies for a bridal shower
French meringues are very easy to make – Photo by: Recipes.net

If you want something a bit lighter on your bridal shower dessert, then these little cloud-like meringues are just the thing. French meringues are light and airy treats that melt in your mouth. These simple bridal shower cookies are made with just two ingredients: egg whites and sugar. Consider adding food coloring to the meringue for a pop of color.

5. French Macarons

bridal shower cookies: french macarons
Opting for macarons is one of the greatest bridal shower cookie ideas – Photo by: Pinterest

Get a little bit of Paris to your bridal shower with some irresistible macaron desserts. These meringue-based sandwich cookies are a tasteful, classy, and innovative statement at any party. Traditionally French-inspired, macarons are a popular dessert that guests can enjoy at the celebration, as a cake alternative, or even as a take-home gift. The brightly colored sweets are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, making them an ideal dessert for your special day.

6. Rolled Sugar Cookies

bridal shower cookies: rolled sugar cookies
Unleash your creative spirit with these rolled sugar cookies – Photo by: Fresh April Flours

There are times when all you need is a cookie to use as a canvas for your creativity to take wing. These rolled bridal shower sugar cookies are the perfect place to begin if you fancy decorating cookies with icing and want to make some unique treats for your guests.

7. Italian Cannoli

Cannoli is a great bridal shower cookie idea
Cannoli with different fill flavors – Photo by: Sip and Feast

Cannoli is a classic Italian dessert. The pastry dough is shaped into a tube, fried, and subsequently filled with sweet cream. Indulge in the timeless charm and refined allure of this exquisite dessert, which can be savored in its purest form. Plus, you can make these bridal shower cookies more festive by dipping them in chocolate, adjusting the cream color to complement your party theme, or adding sprinkles or glitter for extra flair.

8. Spanish Alfajores

Alfajores are simple bridal shower cookies
Alfajores are simple bridal shower cookies – Photo by: Imperfect Blog

Alfajores are a delectable and distinctive treat that would be an ideal sweet treat for your bridal shower! Alfajores are a type of sandwich cookie that is traditionally enjoyed in Spain, as well as in various regions of Central and South America. The perfect sweet pairing involves sandwiching a light and crumbly cookie with dulce de leche. You can add different types of nuts or fillings to create unique flavors that your guests will love. They also look beautiful when displayed on a dessert table!

9. French Madeleines

Madeleines are among cute bridal shower cookie ideas
A madeleines tower – Photo by: The Knot

Madeleines possess an undeniable charm. These little cookies are like miniature versions of a light and airy sponge cake. Baked in a shell-shaped mold, their cuteness truly sets them apart from other bridal shower cookie ideas. For those seeking an elevated experience, we suggest dipping them in luscious chocolate or sprinkling them with delicate edible flower petals.

10. Polish Kolaczki

Kolaczki can be served as bridal shower cookies
Kolaczki is a simple bridal shower dessert – Photo by: Delish

Kolaczki are known for their delicate, flaky texture. This adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to your dessert table, making them the perfect fit for a bridal shower where elegance is often a key theme.

While certain cookies are common at many events, Kolaczki might be a unique and memorable choice that sets your bridal shower apart. Guests might appreciate the opportunity to try something new and different. Who wouldn’t love the delightful contrast in flavors created by the combination of the sweet cookie dough and the tangy fruit preserves?

11. Linzer Cookies

simple bridal shower cookies: Linzer cookies
Beautiful linzer cookies for your dessert table – Photo by: Cooking Classy

Linzer cookies have the perfect balance of buttery sweetness and crunch. The cookies are already delicious, but sandwiching them with a layer of fruit jam would take these simple bridal shower cookies to the next level. The top cookie typically has a charming cut-out design in the shape of a heart or star, dusted with powdered sugar on top.

12. Churro Cookies

Churro cookies for a bridal shower
Churro cookies for a bridal shower – Photo by: Dash of Sanity

Churros have gained popularity as a trendy and fun dessert. Transforming them into cookies brings a playful twist to a classic treat, making them a unique and memorable addition to your bridal shower. The warm tones of cinnamon sugar evoke a cozy and festive atmosphere.

In addition, with their enticing appearance and trendy appeal, they can make for great photo opportunities. If you and your guests enjoy sharing moments on social media, these bridal shower cookie ideas can be a visually appealing addition to your event.

13. Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

Simple bridal shower cookies with cranberry
Simple bridal shower cookies with cranberry – Photo by: Heinen’s Grocery

Cranberry Shortbread Cookies are a great choice for any bridal shower! The combination of the buttery shortbread and the tartness of cranberries creates a well-balanced flavor profile. This can appeal to a wide range of tastes, satisfying those who enjoy both sweet and slightly tangy treats.

Not to mention, cranberries are often associated with celebrations and festivities. Including them in your bridal shower will add a symbolic touch, representing joy and togetherness.

Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies

14. XO Cookies

XO decorated bridal shower cookies
XO-shaped cookies for bridal shower – Photo by: Brides

If the symbolism of hugs and kisses resonates with the atmosphere you want to create, XO-decorated bridal shower cookies could be a delightful choice. They are really versatile when it comes to design. You can customize them to match the overall decor. Whether displayed on a dessert table or as part of a party favor, their aesthetic charm can enhance the visual appeal of the celebration.

15. Champagne Cookies

champagne bridal shower sugar cookies
Champagne-inspired cookies for a bridal shower – Photo by: AliExpress

Champagne is synonymous with celebrations, and the bridal shower is a joyous occasion. What a perfect match, right? If you plan to serve actual champagne or other beverages at your bridal shower, the champagne-shaped cookies create a thematic and aesthetically pleasing connection. They might also be a fun and stylish accompaniment to the drinks.

16. Bridal Gown Cookies

bridal gown cookies for a bridal shower
Bridal gown cookies for bridal showers – Photo by: Etsy

Bridal dress cookies can serve as a conversation starter among guests. They might admire the creativity and artistry of the cookies, fostering a warm and engaging atmosphere at the shower. Beyond their visual appeal, these decorated bridal shower cookies can also hold sentimental value. They represent a tangible connection to the upcoming wedding, creating lasting memories for both you and your guests.

17. Bride & Groom Bone

Cute decorated bridal shower cookies
Cute bridal shower cookie ideas – Photo by: Etsy

If you and your partner share a love for pets or have a particular fondness for animals, the bride and groom bone cookies can be a personalized and symbolic choice. It’s a fun way to incorporate your interests into the celebration. Moreover, the inclusion of bone shapes adds a humorous and unexpected element to the classic bride and groom theme.

18. Diamond Ring Cookies

Bridal shower sugar cookies in the form of rings
Bridal shower sugar cookies in the form of rings – Photo by: Etsy

A diamond ring is a universal symbol of commitment and love. Serving diamond ring cookies at your bridal shower aligns with your upcoming commitment, adding a sentimental touch. If your bridal shower has a specific theme, such as a classic romantic theme or even a glamorous “diamonds and pearls” theme, diamond ring cookies can contribute to the thematic consistency of the event.

19. Toile-Pattern Cookies

bridal shower cookies with toile patterns
Cookies with toile patterns – Photo by: Sprinkle Bakes

Preparing for a black tie event? Elevate your dessert spread with something like bridal shower sugar cookies decorated in a sophisticated design, such as toile patterns. Toile-pattern cookies can seamlessly integrate with your table settings and overall decor. They can be displayed on dessert tables or used as elegant placeholders in individual settings, enhancing the visual appeal of the party.

20. Scrabble Tiles Cookies

scrabble tile cookies for a bridal shower
Decorated bridal shower cookies with letters – Photo by: Martha Stewart

If your guests enjoy games and interactive elements, scrabble tile cookies can be a fun addition. You could set up a cookie station where guests can create words or messages with the cookies, fostering a playful and engaging ambiance. These cookies can also be customized to spell out words or messages that are meaningful to you and your partner. This allows you to add a personal and sentimental touch to the cookies, making them uniquely yours.

21. Tinder Cookies

decorated bridal shower cookies with tinder icon
Bridal shower cookie idea with Tinder icons – Photo by: The Knot

If you and your partner met through a dating app, especially Tinder, using Tinder-themed cookies can be a whimsical and personalized way to tell your love story. These decorated bridal shower cookies will likely be a conversation starter among guests. They can spark laughter and stories about how you and your partner connected, fostering a light-hearted atmosphere at the celebration.

22. Heart-Shaped Cookies

Bridal shower cookies in the shape of heart
Cookies in the shape of heart for your bridal shower – Photo by: Etsy

There’s nothing sweeter than heart-shaped treats, especially when they’re incorporated into a bridal shower. Cookie cutters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to construct whatever shape or size you desire. You might want to use bridal shower sugar cookies and decorate them with royal icing. For an even more dazzling appearance, sprinkles or edible glitter are great additions.

Custom Bridal Shower Cookie Ideas

23. Lemon Cookies

Custom bridal shower cookies with the lemon theme
Custom bridal shower cookies with the lemon theme – Photo by: Etsy

What better sweet to serve at a lemon-themed bridal shower than these cookies? Enhance your classic cookie recipe with a delightful burst of citrus by incorporating the essence of lemon zest and juice. In addition to that, one can beautifully adorn these sweet treats with either a luscious royal icing or a tangy lemon glaze.

24. Boho Cookies

Boho bridal shower cookies
Bohemian cookies bring outdoors into your bridal shower dessert corner – Photo by: Playing with Dough

If you’re planning the menu for a boho-themed bridal shower, you can’t go wrong with these sweet treats. You can use a variety of cookie cutters to create different shapes, such as feathers, arrows, and dreamcatchers. When decorating your cookies for a bridal shower, earthy colors simply cannot be overlooked. Add hues such as brown, green, and gold to these treats to create harmonious and natural beauty for your dessert table.

25. Rustic Bridal Shower Cookies

Rustic bridal shower cookies
Custom bridal shower cookies with rustic theme – Photo by: Pinterest

Rustic cookies are an impeccable choice when planning a bridal shower with a country theme. You can utilize classic sugar cookies as your canvas, which is the perfect foundation for creating a visually appealing dessert. 

By adorning your cookies with charming designs such as stripes, playful polka dots, or gingham patterns, you can effortlessly infuse them with an extra touch of artistry. Let your creativity soar as you embark on this journey of transforming ordinary bridal shower sugar cookies into edible works of art.

26. Tea party cookies

Tea party cookies for a bridal shower
Cookies for a tea party bridal shower – Photo by: Etsy

Tea party cookies are dainty and elegant treats that are perfect for a bridal shower. Use flower or tea cup-shaped cookie cutters to make cookies with this theme. One decorating option to consider is incorporating a palette of pastel colors. The soft and gentle hues of pink, lavender, and yellow can bring a touch of elegance and tranquility to any dessert, and cookies are no exception.

27. Future Mrs. Cookies

Custom bridal shower cookies with the phrase "Future Mrs."
Custom bridal shower cookies with the phrase “Future Mrs.” – Photo by: Pinterest

“Future Mrs.” cookies present a delightful and whimsical way to celebrate the soon-to-be bride during her shower day. One delightful way to add a personalized touch to your cookies is by utilizing letter-shaped cookie cutters. 

By skillfully arranging these cutters, you elegantly spell out the endearing phrase “Future Mrs.” on your treats. This creative technique not only adds a charming aesthetic appeal but also allows you to infuse your cookies with a sense of excitement. So, why not embark on a culinary adventure through these delightful bridal shower cookie ideas?

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28. Simple Cookies with Monogram

Monogram bridal shower cookies
Monogram cookies are a sweet touch for your bridal shower dessert table – Photo by: Etsy

Let’s customize your shower desserts in the sweetest way! Find a skilled sugar cookie decorator for a bespoke design, or you can decorate them yourself. We love the idea of incorporating a wedding crest or monogram of the first letter in the bride’s name. By doing so, you give your custom bridal shower cookies a simple yet unique look.

Creative Cookies for a Bridal Shower

29. Cookie Cake

bridal shower cookie cake
Cookie cake for a bridal shower – Photo by: Reddit

Are you interested in serving cookies but still want to incorporate the idea of a bridal shower cake? Both are in your grasp! Please ask for a giant cookie cake from your baker. This option consists of round cookie layers with frosting in between, creating a unique treat.

30. Ladyfinger Cookies

ladyfinger cookies for a bridal shower
Creative idea for bridal shower dessert – Photo by: Brides

Ladyfingers are delightful sponge cookies that can be utilized in a multitude of charming desserts. Certainly, they can be used in the traditional preparation of tiramisu. However, we find great delight in embellishing them even further. Imagine bundles of ladyfingers filled with a luscious cream and perfectly complemented by an abundance of fresh, juicy berries.

31. Rice Krispie treats

rice krispie treats can be served as bridal shower cookies
A novel twist on traditional bridal shower cookies – Photo by: The Hungry Lyoness

Rice Krispie treats are not precisely classified as cookies, but they do share many similarities. We suggest serving them at your bridal shower with a creative idea. What about offering heart-shaped rice crispy treats that have been elegantly coated in smooth white chocolate? These creative bridal shower cookie ideas would definitely make your guest’s mouths water.

32. Apple Pie Cookies

Apple pie cookies for a bridal shower
Apple pie cookies for bridal showers – Photo by: BubbaPie

If you’re into both apple pie and cookies, why not combine these two delicious sweets into one bite-sized package? We must mention that these bridal shower cookies are incredibly adorable. They resemble miniature apple pies, and their taste evokes feelings of comfort and home, making your bridal shower feel cozy and welcoming.

33. Chocolate-Covered Oreos

Creative bridal shower cookie ideas: Chocolate-covered Oreos
Chocolate-covered Oreos are a perfect bridal shower sweet treat – Photo by: Pinterest

When considering the cookies for a bridal shower dessert, one might hesitate to include Oreos on the menu. While it may initially seem unusual, serving Oreos at a bridal shower can actually bring a playful and nostalgic element to the event. With a few simple modifications, you can definitely turn these classic cookies into a decadent shower dessert. Give the guests a taste of what they know but with a twist. 

These cookies can be made as easily as a breeze, and you can even totally make them on your own. Simply dip the Oreos in melted chocolate and let them cool on a sheet of wax paper. For a more festive touch, dress them up with gold detailing or sprinkles.

34. Floral Cookies

Floral bridal shower cookies
These floral cookies are too pretty to eat, aren’t they? – Photo by: Camille Styles

A bridal shower held in the spring or summer would be the ideal time to serve floral cookies. To realize these bridal shower cookie ideas, you can either use edible flowers or cookie cutters in the shape of flowers. If you want your cookies to have an extra burst of flavor, think about using cookie dough with a lemon or lavender taste.

35. Custom Fortune Cookies

custom bridal shower cookies with messages
Custom fortune cookies are an interesting sweet treat – Photo by: Better Homes & Gardens

What could make the dessert table at your bridal shower more entertaining than customized fortune cookies? For a delectable treat that is truly one-of-a-kind, consider including handwritten notes with words of love or words of wisdom. By incorporating these small gestures, the bridal shower cookies can serve as more than just a sweet treat but also a medium for creating enduring memories within the attendees’ hearts.

36. Almond Love Knots

Bridal shower cookies: almond love knots
Almond love knots are a meaningful bridal shower dessert – Photo by: Madeleine Kitchen

These cookies in the form of knots, characterized by their soft texture and buttery flavor, are known as almond love knots. With each bite, you’ll be transported to a land of bliss as the delicate flavors of almond and butter dance harmoniously on your palate. In addition to being delicious, these cookies are guaranteed to be a hit at your party, and their message of gathering and connection will resonate with your guests. 

37. Petits Fours

Petit Fours can be pretty cookies for a bridal shower
Petit Fours can be pretty cookies for your bridal shower – Photo by: Ricardo Cuisine

While traditional Petits Fours are not cookies, they share similarities in being small, bite-sized treats that are often served on special occasions. If you’re open to a creative twist, you can certainly incorporate a cookie-like variation of this dessert for your bridal shower. Instead of the traditional sponge cake, you can use a cookie base for your Petits Fours. Shortbread or sugar cookies work well, as they provide a sturdy foundation.

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Bridal showers are all about celebrating love and friendship, and what better way to do that than with some delicious cookies? Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or a guest, you can’t go wrong with some cookies as a bridal shower gift or treat. Cookies are versatile, easy to make, and can be customized to match any theme or style. From classic chocolate flavor to fancy macarons, there is something for everyone on Viva Wedding Photography’s list of bridal shower cookies. So go ahead and indulge in some sweet treats – you deserve it!

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