Mother Of The Groom Etiquette: Top Tips for Your Son’s Wedding

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As the groom’s mother, you must understand the basic mother of the groom etiquette when arranging and attending your son’s wedding. There are certain do’s and don’ts that every mother of the groom should be aware of, from what to dress to how to behave with the bride’s family. This guide will teach you all you need to know to be a courteous and respected wedding party member. Whether you’re a first-time mother of the groom or need a refresher on wedding etiquette, this article is a must-read. Let’s check with Viva Wedding Photography!

Essential Guide For Pre-Wedding Mother Of The Groom Etiquette

mother of the groom etiquette pre wedding
Pre-Wedding Mother Of The Groom Etiquette – Photo by: Bride

As the groom’s mother, you must be aware of the dos and don’ts of wedding planning because you will most likely be involved in the process. Besides, you will need to assume specific tasks as the mother of the groom, depending on the family and finances. So, these are some wedding rules that you should remember throughout the pre-wedding celebrations.

Communicate with the bride’s family

As the groom’s mother, you must cultivate a positive relationship with the bride’s family. So, call out to them, introduce yourself, and offer to assist with any wedding planning tasks or events.

Offer to host a pre-wedding event

You may provide a rehearsal dinner or other pre-wedding function for the bride and groom and their relatives. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better while showing your support for the couple.

Follow the dress code

To avoid fashion faux pas, double-check the dress code for pre-wedding events. Dress requirements can range from serious black-tie affairs to more informal outdoor affairs, so knowing each event’s formality level is crucial.

Respect the couple’s wishes

While you may have your own views about how things should be done, remember that the day is ultimately about the bride and groom. Hence, honor their wishes while remaining flexible and accommodating.

Offer to help

Offer to assist the pair with anything they require. This could include anything from siding with wedding preparation to running errands or assisting with set-up on the wedding day.

Be supportive

Weddings may be stressful for everyone involved, so offer the newlyweds your support and encouragement. Let them know you’re thinking of them and looking forward to their special day.

Keep communication lines open

Throughout the wedding planning phase, keep in touch with the couple. Inquire how you may assist them and offer suggestions or guidance as needed. Being available and supportive can aid in the smooth running of the wedding preparation process.

The Ultimate Mother of the Groom Etiquette Guide On Wedding Day

mother of the groom etiquette wedding day
Mother of the Groom Etiquette Guide On Wedding Day – Photo by: The Knot

Our mother of the groom etiquette guidance doesn’t end with pre-wedding planning and parties. Here are some pointers on how to approach the big day.

Coordinate with the bride’s mother

Connecting with the bride’s mother is critical, so you’re both on the same page. Explain your plans for the day, such as when to arrive, where you’ll be getting ready, and any tasks you’ll be taking on.

Follow the etiquette mother of the groom dress

To avoid the embarrassment of being over or underdressed on the wedding day, ensure you are informed of the dress code for the wedding day and follow the instructions offered.

Attention: According to traditional wedding outfit etiquette, the bride’s mother should purchase her wedding day outfit first and then inform the mother of the groom about the chosen color, length, and formality. If the groom’s mother has not received this information by the four-month mark, she should ask the bride-to-be what to do next.

Arrive on time

Being on time is essential, especially on the wedding day. Attend any pre-wedding events, such as the ceremony rehearsal or pre-wedding photography, on time. This will allow you to avoid delays or problems and guarantee that the wedding celebrations begin on time.

Stay in the background

While you may want to assist and participate in wedding day events, remember that it is ultimately the bride and groom’s day. So, be in the background and let the pair take the lead.

Offer emotional support

Weddings can be emotional, so be there for the bride, groom, and other family members as required. Let them know you’re thinking of them and looking forward to celebrating this great day.

Help with any last-minute tasks

If the couple requires assistance with any last-minute duties, offer to assist. This can range from doing errands to siding with setup and cleanup.

Don’t forget about the small details

Take care of any matters that must be resolved on the wedding day. This could involve double-checking the groom’s boutonniere, keeping track of the wedding bands, or assisting the bride with last-minute touch-ups.

Be respectful

Remember to be courteous to everyone involved in the wedding festivities, including the bride and groom, other family members, and vendors. Everyone should be treated with love and respect.

Enjoy yourself

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! This is a memorable day not just for your son and his new wife but also for you. Take time to enjoy the occasion and celebrate with those you care about.

Responsibilities Of The Mother Of The Groom

mother of the groom etiquette
Responsibilities Of The Mother Of The Groom – Photo by: Harper’s Bazaar

In addition to these mother of the groom etiquette above, The mother of the groom has several responsibilities throughout the wedding planning process and on the big day. Some of these responsibilities include:

Set Up The Rehearsal Dinner

The groom’s mother usually prepares and hosts the rehearsal dinner a day or two before the wedding. This event’s planning should begin roughly 5 to 6 months in advance.

The rehearsal dinner is a more intimate gathering that allows the bride’s and groom’s families to meet and mingle before the big day if they haven’t already. According to the couple’s preferences, this can range from a formal supper to an afternoon picnic.

Provide A Guest List From The Groom’s Side

You may be requested to offer a list of family and friends the groom’s side to invite to the wedding as the groom’s mother. But, before inviting everyone you know, you should ask the couple how many guests they would like.

Depending on the scale of the wedding, the couple may wish to invite only immediate family and close friends, or they may want to invite extended family members as well. Before sending the couple your guest list, double-check with them to confirm the number of guests on it is reasonable.

Follow On Late RSVPs

You may be asked to contact any of your wedding guests who have yet to RSVP for the big day. Following up with everyone on the guest list, on top of everything else involved in the preparation process, may be time-consuming for the wedding couple. Taking this burden off their shoulders could be tremendously beneficial.

Assist Guests With Wedding Registration

You may assist the couple after they have sent out invites to their guests by spreading the word about the pair’s wedding register. Some family members may be unfamiliar with technology and will require assistance locating the information they require for the couple’s wedding website, including the registration. Besides, others may prefer to offer cash or checks; consequently, you can assist them in determining the best manner to do so.

Support With Any Family Traditions

Your family may have passed down wedding traditions for decades. So, inform the couple about these customs and offer to assist them in incorporating them into the wedding preparation process if they are interested. Besides, if special items are needed for the ceremony, bring them and assist in their setup on the wedding day.

Provide Assistance With Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a lengthy, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process. If the couple is open to recommendations, you might assist with venues, vendors, and other resources you are familiar with.

If you don’t want to overstep your limits or your role as the mother of the groom, then make any assistance a suggestion rather than a plan. The couple may also welcome assistance ensuring that all vendors receive their tips at the night’s end

Stay In The Receiving Line

You may be invited to stand in a receiving line with your husband, depending on the formality of the ceremony. Typically, this entails smiling and shaking hands with visitors as they congratulate you and the happy couple on their special day.

The wedding party may also be formally announced at the reception, which could involve stating your name as you enter the reception area. This is an excellent occasion for your son and daughter-in-law to highlight you and express their gratitude.

Support Mother-Son Dance

A mother-son dance is usually performed at some point during the reception. Like the father-daughter dance, this is a heartfelt custom to recognize important persons in the couple’s lives.

Some grooms let their mothers choose the song, while others chose it together. Hence, choose a song that reflects both of you from your beautiful times with your son. Besides, according to wedding tradition, the mother-son dance comes first, followed by the father-daughter dance.

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Following proper mother of the groom etiquette is critical to ensuring the smooth running of the wedding planning process and the big day. Besides, as the groom’s mother, it’s critical to understand your position and obligations, which include supporting the pair, communicating effectively, and honoring the bride and groom’s desires. By following these principles and expressing enthusiasm and joy for the happy couple, you may help to make the wedding day beautiful and unforgettable for everyone.

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